December 23rd, 2008

We'll Paint It Red

[Art + Comic] Holiday Dump

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Title: Doodle Squares + Cold War Discussion
Artist: kasugai_gummie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK/US (sort of), China, Shinatty-chan, Japan, Korea, America, Russia
Rating: PG-13 for... uh, sexual implications
Warnings: Dirty humor. Cold War--bad language is involved somewhat.

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Artist(s): kasugai_gummie & nittle_grasper
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belarus & Lithuania
Rating: PG-13 for implied violence
Warnings: Humor/crack.
Summary: Belarus has an epiphany. Inspired by these scanlations.

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ICON POLICY: Feel free to use my art for iconing purposes. Just make sure to credit and provide a link to or my DevArt account. As for nittle_grasper's art, you'll have to run it by her. :3

Thanks for looking and happy holidays! ♥
  • adesso

[fanart] countries and their dogs.

Author/Artist: adesso
Character(s): France, Germany, Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: hahaha it is my drawings, so they are not safe for eyes. Other than that, nothing!
Summary: Okay this is... kind of. Kind of really silly! It's basically what happens when you work in a dog grooming salon and you have too much time to read the AKC book.

(Also, not colored, because I don't have my photoshops. :C )

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[Scanlation] A Kind of Aristocratic Comic

Hey everyone! I come bearing my pitiful first attempt at scanlating! :D JOYOUS WONDERS.
I got some help from my senpai and a friend of mine, but I don't know if either of them have a lj to link to, so I'll just say thanks to them. :3
This is kinda rough in some places, so if anyone spots some places where I could improve on the translation or whatever, please feel free to correct me where necessary.

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[FANART] Epic dumpage

Title: Dump Dump DUMP
Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, Korea, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, China, Sealand, Japan
Rating: G
Warnings: I made most of these doodles either when I was standing/walking in the middle of the supermarket, during a museum tour or while in the car/SUV...In other words, they are crappier than usual.

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  • ohdeko


Hey hey, first time posting and I'm already risking my asian dignity by attempting to write chinese dialogue in my drawings ahahaaaa;;

Author/Artist: chancake
Character(s): Hong Kong, China, UK
Rating: G
Summary: 3 pictures, 2 of which are on the preview and the 3rd is a large sketch dump of HK.


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Thank you for viewing :)

[Scanlation]TECHNICOLOR! Meeting of the World

Translated by : madhatterarashi (Japanese -> Italian, Italian -> English), minako85 (Italian -> English).
Edited by : minako85
Scans provided by : mighty_mu_mu
Warning : Image heavy! And if you click on them, they'll became even more HEAVY!

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First contribution for this comm

Russia cosplay by me. The fastenings killed me dead. T_T But it was all worth it. Alllllll worth it. Had a Lithuania, but I'm waiting for the photos, so, here's a preview first.

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I promise better photos at a later date! Because I really, really, really love him.

More photos courtesy of some members here!

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Title: Bestest OTP ever created.
Artist: Moi
Pairing: America/Latvia
Rating: PG, unless crack pairings scare you
Warning: Crack Pairing banzai! XD
Summary: Inspired by the craziness that happens in the gmail RPs. In it, somehow, Latvia and America somehow became an item. It is made of so much win...
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