December 24th, 2008

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[fic] And There Was Music

Title: And There Was Music
Author: Mithrigil, with corrupting influence from Puel
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia, crossed with The Sandman
Characters: England, cameos from America, China, France; Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Delirium, Desire, Destiny; King Arthur, Richard II Plantagenet, General John Burgoyne, Ed Sullivan.
Words: 4900 before footnotes
Rating: R, and it’s a medium-hard R, thanks to Desire.

Summary: Empire is not sane.

Cut goes to my journal.

((It is never his time. It is always his time.))

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[Fanart] Merry Christmas!!

It's Christmas time!! So I bring you Christmas art (as a gift). ^3^

Title : Merry Christmas
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Sweden, Finland
Rating : G
Warning(s) : doodles, (and perhaps, poor language ^^'')
Summary : Finland gives Sweden a Christmas gift.
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Title : Animal cosplay
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Greece and Japan
Rating : G
Warning(s) : Greece looks funny XD.
Summary : Greece and Japan wear animal suits.
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Title : n/a
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Spain
Rating : G
Warning(s) : none
Summary : Spain is humming cheerfully.
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[avatar] Fly Appa FLY! *giggle*


Hello, this is your mod, hailing from sunny Okinawa, where she is having her vacation!

According to the Hetalia Animation Site, there are more Hetalia Character Designs up!

The anime opening theme song has also been decided! It will be called "The Rotating Earth," and will be sung by our own Italy!

Also according to Himaruya on his blog, the PV for the anime will be airing starting today. I am still looking for it...

ETA: Also, Himaruya has put all of his CGs and doodles in one convenient gallery so that we don't have to sift through his blog entries anymore! See the Gallery here!
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[ FANART ] Russia & Latvia : Not your soldier anymore

Title: No Longer Yours
Artist: Shahnida@Deviantart
Pairing: Russia x Latvia
Rating: G
Warnings: ANGST
Summary: Raivis returning the Latvia SSR flag to Ivan, but where he should be smiling...

It's a solemn image that wouldn't leave my mind, and when the muse calls, it calls! Since Latvia was the last of the Baltics to get freedom from Russia, I imagined that would be a truly bitter moment for them both after having spent so long together. Shush, I had a thoughtful day today. :3

Iconing?: Yes, linkbacks to this entry/credit would be nice and no graffiti-ing the art, as usual. :3


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Someone remind me not to listen to depressing songs and draw. :c Deviantart version is up Here!
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Hey guys, I KNOW ITS A LITTLE LATE BUT here is a sloppily put together holiday gift for the community. I scrambled like a mad person last night due to just iRL being way overbearing to attempt to put together some holiday songs, namely Christmas, with different languages in mind, and this is what I could come up with. To be honest with you, no I don't know what is what right now in the play list, and no I can't begin to tell you were I got them from, it's been an all over search! ♥ The playlist is below of what I have, it's a rather large file with a good handful of songs but hopefully for those of you in the holiday spirit it will raise it a bit! There are some doubles of songs since I had such a hard time in attempts to be selective and choose different songs from each culture, but here is a rundown of what I got language wise;

Italian, German, Danish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Korean, English, French, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Latvian, Ukrainian, Polish, Finnish, Spanish, Hungarian

I tried desperately to find Turkish and Japanese, but I could find not Japanese and the Turkish collection my friend sent me did not like my computer very much and would not transfer into a MP3 or any other file off the CD, while the Danish and Lithuanian music is actually in VLC format due to my converter being a dirty stinking whore right now, so if you don't have the correct player I will prostrate myself at your feet. I apologize if some of them have a religious connotation to them, but many of them just by default fall under that category.


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Yesterday I give you icons; today I give you fanfic of the USxUK variety because really? I will never ever have enough USxUK. =| (Yeah, I know; I'm sad. But that's okay with me.)

Pairing: USxUK
Rating: G
Word Count: 909
Worksafe: Yes
Warnings: Short; badly written. Ice. Scarves. Fluff.
Author's Note: Written as a small drabble to try and get my back into my writing weehah-ness. \o/ As a partner to krazeydiamond's fic right here.


[fanart] Merry Christmas <3

Hullo! So I thought I'd stop my long time lurking and introduce myself by means of bringing my favorite comm a fanart for Christmas.

Title: Baby, it's cold outside~♪
Author/Artist: kehrilyn
Character(s): Sweden 'n Finland
Rating: G
Warnings: BL if you squint? and that cheesy title...i just like that song XD *hides*
Summary: Santa Finland gets ready for his long trip around the world tonight.
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