December 28th, 2008

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Okay, so in my last news post I said that there was going to be the anime PV (promotional video aka commercial) for Hetalia, yes?

Well...I saw it, but you kind of have to be in Japan to see it. It's being broadcast only in the Animate stores here in Japan. I have searched Youtube and NicoNico and I have yet to find it. It essentially has Italy narrating the idea of having Hetalia animated, and he bothers Germany about his excitement.

In the PV, we see clips from
-Meeting of the World
You see a flash of several characters, including Spain, Belgium, and a pissy-looking Germany screaming his head off.
-Main Story Chapter 1
Germany attempts to open the tomato box.
Chibitalia remembering the days with little HRE and France Oniichan.

Tomorrow is Hetalia day at Fuyu Comiket, and I sell at se60b. I am very, very nervous. O_O
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82 Hetalia icons

[60] Axis Powers Hetalia
[12] Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4
[19] Shadow Hearts: Covenant
[30] Persona 4
[18] Kuro Shitsuji (all Ciel)
[05] Misc. (Twilight, Tales of Vesperia)
[254] RP Icons (Tales of..., Persona 4, Ga-rei Zero, Hetalia, Hiiro no Kakera, Will o'Wisp)

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I need a little help

Hello! I've been lurking in this awesome comm for a while and I hoped that my first post would be a bit more substantial, but-- I have to bother you with a question first.

I'm looking for references for Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgary. I've only seen them mentioned in the Japanese wiki page and the eyes/hair color scheme that was posted here some time ago, but I can't find anything else and have no idea how they look like! Could somebody point me towards the strips they appear in? (I have the feeling the blonde girl who appears in one panel in the "Meeting of the world" comic could be Belgium, is she?)

Thank you :)
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Few icons, I hope you like it~

[05] Casshern Sins 【episode 6】
[07] Casshern Sins 【fanarts】
[32] Kannagi 【episode 8 at 12】

[09] Axis Power Hetalia 【fanarts (UK/FRANCE, US/UK)】
[06] Axis Power Hetalia 【MAD】
[20] Axis Power Hetalia 【MAD】

here @ dividedicons
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Question about the anime

I'm sorry but I have a burning question about the amount of episodes for Hetalia's anime.
I've always taken the community under my sight for each news, but I didn't find any about the quantity of them.
BUT one day on the MyAnimeList Hetalia's page I saw 26 written as the number of  the episodes.
Is this a real information or is it just a mistake?

I'd like to know the answer, thanks for reading!

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