December 29th, 2008



Title: Koru!☆
Author/Artist: kuromitsu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia (supposedly)
Rating: G
Warnings: inappropriate usage of the Soviet Red Star.
Summary: The Kira!☆ meme has been done to death but I haven't seen it in this comm yet and I felt compelled to fill the void. :D Alas, I drew this without a single reference so there are numerous inaccuracies... in fact, he doesn't really look like Russia... orz
(This is what I get for trying to be creative. I should've just traced the original image and stuck to b&w.)

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Title: More Nicovideos!
Warnings: MANY VIDEOS = POSSIBLE LAG , chibis on crack, BAAAAAAAAWW factor
Summary: More video transfers from Nicovideo ! Including:

UKXJapan x 2
HetaliaXsmooooch <-----beatmania! x 2

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[Cosplay]Finished UK!!

Oh Mine! I feel like spaming the commu for some reason. lol Anyway, My UK Cosplay is done!!!!! Took me three week altogether because I was lazy. DX And I also work 12 hrs everyday ;__; But I have to finish UK before New Year cause I want to cosplay at my work! XD Yeah I have to work on New Year Eve/Day ;____; So I asked my boss that Can I cosplay while working. lol They allowed me So I want to cosplay UK this Wednesday Night XDDDD

Okay.....Enough Ranting DX Let's go see some sample pics!


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Seychelles outfit

So I'm having this little doubt ^^;
In all Seychelles official pictures I've seen, she's holding fishes, so I cannot see the front of her blue dress really well. In fanart I see the sleves of her dress differing (I see short sleeves, puffed sleeves, the dress tied behind her neck...) and sometimes I see a little ribbon in front of her dress. I wanted to know which one is official? I also would like to have some pictures from the clothes she's using in Hetalia Gakuen. I wanted to know which kind of shoes she's using there, but I have a mac and it doesn't play the game ;0;
Thank you very much *bows*
Yo Soy Shrimp

[Fanart] I'm Here to Abuse Iceland Again

Title: Iceland for Sale, plus an untitled bonus picture
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Norway, Denmark, Iceland, England, Spain, S. Italy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Bad parenting
Summary: A comic about Iceland, and an entirely unrelated picture
Notes: Researching for my term paper taught me too much that can be turned into comics.

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