December 30th, 2008

Ivan [Rampage]

[FANART] Happy birthday, Russia + other assortments

Wasn't supposed to be posting here yet, but i can't really help it considering it is already the 30th here at where i am. So i made a little fanart just to celebrate the occasion. I also include some sketches made from a art meme prompt i did on my lj recently as well.


Title: Happy Birthday, Russia.
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, as for the sketches would be America, Korea, China, Japan, UK, Hongkong, Italy and Germany. Also Lithuania.
Rating: G. Despite having Belarus.
Warnings: None i suppose. Except a lot of images? Lol.
Summary: Birthday pic for Russia + hetalia art prompt meme + a little Russia misc at the end.


I am a-okay about iconing etc if you want to do so, just as long as you inform me about it and crediting. That's all i ask for.

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That's all i guess. Thank you for taking the time to view them~

Oh, nearly forgot this one last image.

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[Scanlation] Something Written as the Immediate Effect

Another comic for all of you wonderful people! :D
This one seems to take place almost directly after the end of the Chibitalia chapter.

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[Edit] The title for this in the scanlation indexes was "Something Written on the Gutter", but the word "Sokkou" can also be translated as "Immediate effect" depending on the Kanji used. Thus, I've retitled it with a title that.... makes more sense.

[FANART] Dec 30, Happy Birthday to Russia!

Title: Happy Birthday, Russia!
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine.
Rating: G, I suppose
Warnings: Um, Belarus being creepy?
Summary: birthday pics of Russia
I'm so glad I could finish this in time OTL

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thé de haute classe

[QUESTION] Regarding icons...

Hey guys, I was messing around in Photoshop and ended up creating my current LJ icon ...
Just wondering, since I'm considering making more of these, does anyone have any requests/ideas for characters + foods they'd like to see as these icons? (I've already made US+cheeseburger and N.Italy+pasta :P) I just like the steam effect.. it's mesmerizing..

(I hope this doesn't count as spam!)

N&White :: I don't want this weekend to
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Hi~! I just got into Hetalia like. Yesterday but I am so completely in love with it already ;o; So naturally I made some icons. Not many this time but expect more from me in the future--!

Axis Powers Hetalia
[+]7 America&England
[+]1 France

( More? )

A-also, I would like to offer myself as a beta for translations and an editor for scans. I have some skill with Photoshop so adding text will be simple enough, and I've noticed some of the translators don't speak English as a first language so I will be happy to help with grammar/spelling and the like! Although I don't know any Japanese.... You can email me at joanna.ingles [at] if you would like to use me.

Yeah just thought I'd... put that out there |D;; ♥
Teito Love plz
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[Fanart] It's still 11:45 in California!

I epicly fail for not getting in a birthday picture for Russia earlier. D: BUT at least i did it. <3 
Title: Communists are COOL
Author/Artist: Lowah
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, China, and N. Korea
Warnings: NONE :D
Summary: It's the communist trio~! It's not really birthday related, but at least Russia looks happy. :)

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UK Bright by realbooted
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I finished my Gilbert cosplay for January's Gasukan (a monthly cosplayer meetup in Washington) meetup today! BECAUSE HE'S SO BATSHIT CRAZY AND I'M SO NOT BUT I TRY TO LOOK LIKE I AM IN PICS.

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Once we have our meetup in Jan, we should have more pics up of nearly EVERYONE from the Hetalia series. =3 So stay tuned!


Oh, question, does Prussia wear gloves? I've been seeing him with and without.
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[Fanart] Happy Birthday Russia and Happy New Year!!

First, I have to say "happy (belated) birthday" to Russia. I wanted to give him bunches of sunflower as a birthday gift, so I drew this picture. ^^

Title : Happy Birthday!!
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Russia
Rating : G
Warning : none
Summary : Russia and sunflower field.
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Next, I bring you (Russian style) new year card.
Title : Matryoshka dolls
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Russia,Lithuania,Estonia,Latvia,Belarus and Ukraine
Rating : G
Warning : Doodle
Summary : Ivan-sama and his family, as matryoshka dolls, bring you new year blessing.
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Title : Nii-sama??
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Belarus
Rating : PG-13?
Warning(s) : blood and violence
Summary : Scary Belarus is approaching.
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