January 16th, 2009

[Fanart] A sad occasion

Today, it is exactly 200 years since Finland and Sweden got divorced.
In 1809, Sweden was too weak to maintain his colonies and territories outside of the actual country. Because of this, Russia started a war with Sweden, won, and claimed Finland as his own.
After this incident, Sweden never made war again. Not ever.

pchat between me and my friends, in memory of this sad occasion :C

[EDIT]: nighteevee pointed out that this wasn't Su-san's last war after all. This was. CB
[school days] LOL CHAINSAW

[fanart] RCMP, Reporting for Duty

I was reading this one fic on the hetalia_kink meme and the letters RCMP showed up, and admittedly, I googled it after not knowing what it meant (in my defense, I've always called them "Mounties").

...and I decided to draw something.

Title: RCMP, Reporting for Duty
Author/Artist: youkofujima
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada (+bear)
Rating: PG (PG-13 if you SQUINT)
Warnings: Canada in a quirky pose.
Summary: RCMP. Pants optional.

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Also, I realized that I forgot to include this pic in my previous Russia+Romanov post.

Title: Let Sleeping Nations Lie
Author/Artist: youkofujima
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Anya, and Alyosha.
Rating: G
Warnings: Russia with historical characters.
Summary: When our nation sleeps, does that mean we should, too?

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Feel free to icon these pics as you wish.
heh heh this should do

[suggestion] Project "we love hetalia"

*edit* i love the hugs project and will participate in that one as well, but this is of a different nature. see, the hugs project is a personal thing sent directly to himaruya, this is a public message to the world . this one contains actual voice, i want people to express how much they like APH through voice, and this is not only to himaruya-san, but also, to tell the world that people who love APH are there, and that APH isn't a bad thing, that many are supporting it.

*EDIT!* technically we're not in a rush here. while the hug project is to comfort himaruya which needs to get to him as soon as possible, this is rather to send a general message saying we exist, we support APH, thus there's not too much of a deadline, however personally i'd like to have this done within let's say a month.

well, censorship has had their voice heard for sure.

i think it's good time we let our voices be heard, by Himaruya-san, and to spread this so the wider community of Hetalia fans.

This is only a suggestion so far, feel free to say yes or no as a comment so i can know if this is possible to go ahead with.

I suggest that, from as many countries as possible, select one person, they can have 10 seconds teach to speak, in their own language (but i'll need the translated script as to do subtitles)  , telling Himaruya-san anything they have to say, why they love  hetalia and such. and then, in the end, say "I love hetalia" in their own language, then, separately, in english. that way, we'll have (insert number of countries involved) of voice strips giving him a message, ending with "i love hetalia" in their own language, and at the end of the video, a put-together chorus of "we love hetalia" in english.

also, a small collection of 4-5 pictures of the character/country speaking as each person speaks, this is open to anyone.

This is not to only tell Himaruya-san of our support, but also to show the world that hetalia isn't a bad thing, that we support it.

I can be in charge of putting it together and putting it onto Youtube, but if someone else wants to do it i'm completely fine letting this off my hands so they can take it.

how does this sound to people?  we can have a vote on thebackground music (which probably will have to be more than 1, considering the length but this depends on how many people are in.

*edit again*
the video clip which is to go with this voice clip, i was thinking, is that for each country's 10-15 seconds, there will be a slideshow of 4-5 fan arts of that country. this is under the consideration that not everyone wants their face to be seen publicly, also, I was planning to make this using flash, and don't know how to work with actual video clips orz  however if someone else who knows wants to take over and lots and lots of people (at least one from each participating country) wants to video themselves, then that possibility is open too. ^_^

*edit yet again*
one person per country may cause competition but this thing can't go on for hours lol. right now what i'm thinking is that, there is a hetalia community online in lots of countries, for each country, someone can bring the news and they can work it out amongst themselves, either this or first come first serve on LJ. other ways you can participate is to draw the fan arts for the slideshow used with the sound clip (of individual countries) or contact and help the speaker (work amongst yourselves) with the script.

*edit yet again and again*
if your country is not in hetalia THIS SHOULDN'T PREVENT YOUR COUNTRY FROM BEING IN THE CLIP. SHOW US SOME LOVE LOL every possible country who wants to particpate may do so.

*final edit*

I will open another entry later for sign-ups, which will include two categories  1) voice contribution or 2) picture for the slideshow contribution (old fan works or recommandations (for recommandations, make sure you get the artist' permission before telling me and giving me the picture) are welcomed, but it'd be good if the artwork is drawn by that particular country speaking)

the voice contribution i figured can be just on a first come first serve basis, seeing as other methods wouldn't be fair, and i'd appreciate it if you can only sign up for your native language. however this may not be a requirement.
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[Fanart] Hetalia postcard and few recent pictures

I haven't posted anything to this community for a long time since I have been quite busy lately.

Title : n/a
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Austria, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, America, UK, France and Russia
Rating : G
Warning(s) : heavy images
Summary : Pictures I have drawn since new year.
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heh heh this should do


The new community is ready, please go to http://community.livejournal.com/voiceofhetalia/  to find sign-ups, rules, and such. please read the FAQ and RULES and request for mods thread before replying or asking questions ^_^

This project will be a message from all around the world, to Himaruya-san, and to the world itself. It's time the APH lovers spoke up, WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE HETALIA!

I will not take any video clips, as to now show faces to prevent those who originally can't take the series from harassing the people. instead, it will be a clip of love-filled fan arts and voice clips. It is to tell the world, in the face of the sea of protests which got the anime cancelled from airing on TV, that WE LOVE HETALIA!

everyone may sign up to contribute, but only the first signers from every country gets to speak in their native tongue for 10 seconds, everyone else speaks in the chorus. IN ORDER TO GET THIS PROJECT TO SOUND ITS LOVE WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE FOR GENERAL VOICE AS WE CAN, SO PLEASE SIGN UP~  This also means, please spread the word of this project to your local hetalia community, in Russia, in Germany, in everywhere. we'd like as many people as possible ^_^


Fanart- America and Russia's alien defense force

Author/Artist: Me, Christoph
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America and Russia
Rating: Completely fine, all ages
Warnings: None
Summary: After Hidekaz's hilarious summary of war films produced by different countries this needed to be done.
"American War Movies: They are fighting the Russians when suddenly aliens attack,
so then they band together with the Russians to exterminate the aliens."

My first time posting to here so sorry if I got something wrong;
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apple love

[Art]: Random doodlings

*de-lurks* Why, hello there~! Posting here for the very first time and feeling very, very nervous since everyone's art is soo pretty and skillfully done... Ah, but what the heck~! Vorwärts, Männer~! (and yes, you're dealing with a language-obsessive fangirl)

Title: Random Hetalia art
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USA, (a lot of) UK, Japan
contains cuteness (courtesy of America); randomness and drawing without reference (courtesy of the fanartist); also, quite large files...
a bunch of drawings made during my lectures at the uni

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