February 1st, 2009

FANART prussia/japan/germany

russia mikochi

[FANART] Random Russia Sketches and Italy x Germany~!

Gawd I hope I did this right.. DD=~ I don't really use JL.. like.. AT ALL.. though I should start.. That being said.. I donno how these things work ^.^'.....
I saw the petition to keep the Hetalia anime so I wanted to sign.. and since im gonna go that i thot y not share my crappy sketches too~~ DD= hehehe XDD~
All these are work safe XDD.... unless... 2 guys hugging is not.. then the last pic is... not?
Pairing: Italy and Germany on the last one
IM GOING THROUGH A RUSSIA OBSESSION PHASE... I can't stop drawing him!!! DD=~~
Hope you guys like em!! <3<3

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z big fingaaaa

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Delurking with sketchy comic!

*shivers with the intensity of 5000 Latvias*

I've been lurking here since late December and thought it was high time to post...>////>; D-don't eat me!

Since I still don't know how to work this newfangled Livejournal (*joined mostly for this community*) have some dA links.

A comic on immigration, ohoho. Featuring America, the Italy brothers, France, and a conveniently placed houseplant! <3

I'd post some of my fanart, but the only decent one is of an OC. You can dig around my RP account there and you'll see him. Speaking of which, I'm gonna take this opportunity to pimp the dA Hetalia RP. 8D Most of our canon characters are taken, but you're very, very welcome to make an OC!



[FANART] Yet Another (Slightly Less Mammoth) Art Dump

Title: Art Dump #2!
Author/Artist: miiko_ashida
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Norway, Iceland, Lithuania, Poland, Finland (+ Hana Tamago~), Denmark, Belarus, Hungary and Austria (with a guest appearance by Queen Jadwiga of Poland!)
Rating: all are G (except for some PG implied violence in one of the sketches)
Warnings: a little bit of sad history ;_;
Summary: no plot, no point, just pictures~! 8D

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As always, thank you very much for looking. :)

[my previous art posts: 1/2/3/4/5/6 my DeviantArt]
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[Fanart] COLOR~!!! + Art trade anyone?

Previous Posts: / 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. /

I finally have some colored pictures to share with the community! :D It's been such a long time(since i've really colored a picture).
Information about art trades under the cut!

Title: THE HETALIA WFC!?! + Hug Project contribution~
Author/Artist: Lowah
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, France, UK, Japan, ASIANS
Rating: G
Warnings: omg it has colors this time?!
Summary: Only 2 pictures : My contest entry for the ID contest at the HetaliaWFC. And my contribution to the hug project. X3

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(FANART) 4 piccies

Author/Artist: [info]Volitanthearts
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America and Iraq, Italy and Germany
Rating: pg-13-15ish pervish
Warnings: shirts off =3
Summary: um yeah some of my other hetalia pictures.

< img src=”http://fc67.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/008/8/5/HOLLYWOOD_by_volitanthearts.png” > You'll understand if you saw 1941
< img src=”http://fc94.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/009/4/a/Iramerica_by_volitanthearts.png” > one of my favorite pairing X3
< img src=”http://fc50.deviantart.com/fs34/f/2008/304/d/2/america_id_by_volitanthearts.png” > My id for deviantart
< img src="http://fc12.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/022/c/2/nene_Germany_lets_go_bed_by_volitanthearts.png" > GermanyxItaly kinda nude lol arttrade
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My contribution to Hug project


Title: From Spain with love
Author/Artist: DMaula
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: no warnings
Summary: Antonio supporting the author.

I finally finished my Spain fanart to support Hiramuya. Do you recognize him? He's inviting the author to have some paella. (Typical spanish riz dish).
Click on the pic to see a bigger version.


Fanfic that I didn't think would do as well in Hetalia-kink

Title: The bet
Author/Artist: ME lol
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England+France+America/Canada
Rating: Not sure but I'll say pg-13 for now (the summary is suggestive but I'm not to lewd in this)
Warnings: Yaoi
Summary: So America, France and England somehow started talking about Canada which lead to talking about Canada's 'untapped' resources with in turn turned into 'Canada's virginity'. How these convo's get like that we'll never know... Now they've made a bet to see who can take the cute Canadian's virginity first.


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[FANART] I'm new here

Ok, I have been lurking around this community for weeks now. XD And I finally think its time to post a couple of arts from myself.

Title: N/A
Author/ Artist: klied_aus_rosen
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Just trying out different styles and practicing drawing chibis.

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I hope this lj cut works. *crosses fingers*
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[SCANLATION] Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy

Hello folks! WHAT'S UP.

Here is part 1 of "Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy", a cheerful romp with our favorite Spain and chibi!Romano! Guest appearances by Austria and France.

Translation/scanlation by me (nisecal), cleaning of strips by a_liger *_*
* Thanks to inquisitorial for the edit on the ¿ and ¡  XD

(Is there really no Romano tag? Sob, sob.)

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I don&#39;t pretend to understand-

[roleplay] cityofdesai looking for more hetalia characters (france, austria, spain, etc)

cityofdesai needs more Hetalia players!!

The game has a unique premise (multiple fandom characters all meeting in an interim world with accessible travel.. Basically meaning its a panfandom game that you character can visit in between their own canon world) BUT REALLY IT WORKS OUT JUST FINE. There are always lots of plots going on and you cannot ask for a more active Hetalia crew!

Currently we are finishing up a plot where characters were accidentally reverted back to their previous selves-- so in Hetalia this means we had Pirate!UK, White Revolution!Russia, 12 Kingdoms!China with Holy Roman Empire and others! It's all fun, but wrapping up completely Tuesday.

Like I said, cityofdesai has a GIGANTIC Hetalia crew, but we are missing some great key figures! So if you're looking for a great panfandom game with fun plots and a strong Hetalia cast, I really don't get what you're waiting for.

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Please keep in mind the application process at cityofdesai standard but the mod has the right to be selective with their choices. Please do not apply for characters without knowledge of the country's history of current news and events. DONT HALF-ASS THESE APPS, WE WILL KNOW.

Looking forward to playing with you!
[Star Trek]: lips

[Hug Project] Greece-san plushie

Title: Greece plush for the Hetalia Hug Project
Author/Artist: yours truely :)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Greece
Rating: G
Warnings: wonky plush doll and Hello Kitty

So this is my very first post to the comm (there's been a lot of that since the whole Hug Project started!) and I decided to make a Greece doll since he's my favorite character. I would have also made a Russia-san doll since I'm studying Russia but I ran out of time :(


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[AMV] HRE/Chibitalia, Germany/Italy fanvid

Title: Makka Na Ito
Author/Artist:  Video by: www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm5181926
Comic strip by.... I think the creator of APH, but I'm not sure :P but it wasn't by me (if you know who drew it, tell me so I can edit it and give proper credit! ^^)
Song by Plastic Tree
Character(s) or Pairing(s): HRE and Chibitalia, Germany and Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: You will cry. It's that touching and amazing.
Summary: A fan video someone made of an APH strip; the song and the visuals are utterly gorgeous and touching

Since the embed code doesn't work, the video is located HERE

(((my first entry! try not to kill me if I screwed up the format XP)))

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[FANART] Fairy England (Step-by-Step); Three weird comic strips (USxUK)

( In LiveJournal With Step-by-Step Process )

Title: Fairy England 01, Russia:Denizen of the Sea, An American Dream, UK meets his Match
Author/Artist: bomb4y
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, Russia, Maito Gai, Ronald McDonald
Rating: G, G, G, G
Warnings: None, Something Latvia should not look at, Greasy Romances, Thick Brows
Summary: England and his Hawt Ride. Russia shows us how it's done. England's newfound love has it all - looks, height, and cooking skills. Browther in arms.

Some weird comics (they're fan art):

( Russia and Playboy: Latvia's biggest fear. )

( Blimey, I'm Bloody Lovin' It! )

( Browther, my Broooowther )

And, if you haven't seen the Save Hetalia Petition yet, since many posts have pushed it down: Save Hetalia Petition @ This Community
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[fic] Fingers - Russia x China

Title: Fingers
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia x China
Rating: R
Comments: Present day, sequel to Douse out the Funeral Pyres
“Ten children,” he held up one of his hands and grabbed Ivan’s wrist to make him hold up a hand as well, “play together,” Yao twisted their fingers together like children wrestling, “with tiles on their heads.”

( a child's riddle )

[Fancomic] Never Say Goodbye

Title: Never Say Goodbye
Author/Artist: Meh. XD
Character(s) or Pairing(s): I think this is a one-sided UKxUS. :)
Rating: PG for a kiss. XP
Warnings: Uhhh.. abusive use of "don't"?
Summary: This is based on the drabble I did on the Hetalia 100 Word Drabble Fest.

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Thank you for viewing! :)

I hope I placed the right tags. :D

Liz Gillies - Working

So - PLANNED on lurking forever then I was like, eh,here's some FANART

So, long story short, drew this to practice my inking for my inking class and uhh, it has a story behind it?

Title: A Lad in the River
Author/Artist: Me, Kurotoshi, or Josée, if you can read my signature
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America's there too
Rating: PG-13? I don't know, it has a bare torso and then my colourful commentary. Maybe R.
Warnings: It has a bare torso? And my language, yeah, I would warn about that
Summary: There's a lad in the river~

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OH GREAT MODS, does a bare chest deserve a mature tag? I assume no, correct me if I'm wrong! Or does my language? I don't know

[linking/icons] hetalicons

Man, I was supposed to have this up ages ago, but I forgot and remembered only now. I'm so sorry, gomimushi!

h e t a l i c o n s

hetalicons is an icon community inspired by the Olive Branch Project at hetalia.

As the name suggests, this community is dedicated to the fandom Axis Powers Hetalia, created by Himaruya Hidekaz. The aim of this community is to make authorized icons and graphics easier to find and by that means, reduce the usage of unauthorized and uncredited fanart.

Also, let me lump my icon batch together so I don't spam this community:

( Click me? ♥ )

Thanks so much for viewing! :D


Title: Don't have one... ^^''
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ummm drawing of UK and a cosplay of China..?
Rating: Ummm G
Comments: It's rushed... the cosplay was very rushed X_x I was trying to make it in time for the Huge Project, but I got sick and didn't get to go shopping until yesterday... I couldn't even find a panda!

I wish I was more prepared for my China cosplay (which isn't even done... I'm going to the april convention in Canada as Yao, but I still have yet to find a panda...) But here's a quick try at it...

Oh, and a drawing I did of UK when I was bored ^^''

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[SCANLATION] Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy, part 2

HELLO AGAIN, 5 HOURS LATER. Here is "Boss Spain's Control of Southern Italy part 2". This is the one that made me fall in love with Romano.


Translation/scanlation by me (nisecal WOOO), cleaning of strips by a_liger again (ILU BB)

Also, thank you kapusta17 .  You know why.  I  just.  I  don't.  ARGH.

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[FANART] Linearts 'n Comics!

Title: Line-dump
Author/Artist: ME!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Korea Hong Kong and China, Sealand and UK, Sealand and Canada, Roma/Germania, Chibi!US/Chibi!Canada, Chibitalia/Chibi!US
Rating: PG
Warnings: none : )
Summary: Lots of cuteness, Sealand does something nice for Canada, and Roma attempts to make Germania smile

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Aww TigerBunny~
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N-new F-fanart from Hesitant!delurker

[EDIT: Uhm I accidentaly pressed enter... >.> It posted it before I put my picture or LJ cut..)

[EDIT 2: aslfdasdfj LJ format isn't working for me... -sulks- Can someone help me...?]

-wibbles- H-hi there! -reads notecards- Uhm I think a few of you have seen me commenting, although this is my first time posting anything on Hetalia... -pokes fingers together- It's also my first time posting ANYTHING on livejournal really so -bows- Please take care of the newbie? (whose technically been on LJ for years...

Title: Thank you~~~! (My Hug Project submission)
Author/Artist:   Hehe MOI~~~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ivan Russia 
Rating: PG
Warnings: One crappy MSPaint drawing. D: (and an Ivan who doesn't look like an Ivan and very plain clothes and some sort of flower thing that was supposed to be a sunflower.)
Summary: My Hug Project ~! Just Ivan and his flag - wasn't sure if she was going to make it Soviet Union!flag or it's current flag.

-flailspazflail- W-waaaaah R-russia-nii is so hard to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. DDD:

NOTE: Uhm he's supposed to look like he's holding a sunflower (or whatever that flower looking thing is...) b-but.. I sorta messed up on that. ._. 

...I also have NO clue how big this will be..... Please bear with the LJ virgin. :x



...-gave up on the LJ format- I'll fix it in the morning.........