February 4th, 2009

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[Fanart] Happy Birthday Greece

Title : Happy Birthday Greece and some fanarts
Artist : me
Character(s)/ pairing(s) : Greece, UK, Switzerland, Prussia, Chibitalia and HRE
Rating : G
Warning(s) : heavy images
Summary : 1--Greece and kittens
2--Drunk UK
3--Switzerland in various emotions
4--Prussia and chibi Prussia
5--Prussia in Pocky commercial (animated)
6--Sketchy Chibitalia and HRE

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Hetalia - Iceland DNA
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Denmark - Norway - Iceland | TO APPEAR IN ANIME

I have stumbled upon some exciting news in a blog!

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Along with the picture, the AMAZING voice actors for the three characters have been announced. VERY, VERY talented seiyuu's here, guys. Iceland and Denmark's happen to be two of my favorite seiyuu in the entire industry.

Iceland: Mitsuki SAIGA
Norway: Miyuki SAWASHIRO
Denmark: Tomokazu SUGITA

EDIT:: While I agree that the seiyuu announcements may be simple speculation; I have faith in the actualy appearance of the three Scandy characters. If it IS fake, I tip my hat to whoever can copy the anime style to such an amazing extent. The way I see it, even if the seiyuu information is false... The announcement of the three characters is greatly exciting in itself. If you don't want to believe it, that's up to you. I won't judge you. I think it's way more fun to be optimistic about this.

EDIT:: Yeah, okay, it's fake. lmfao. Was fun while it lasted.
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Greece's late b-day present...

Partially my fault. I didn't think about something for my Greece plush but I saw everyones fanart and since Greece is my favorite character, I wanted to do something... really late I might add you. I also wanted to see if I could do something
A) outrageously tiny
B) without a pattern
And thus, I made a a birthday present for Greece-san!

So let's pretend I live on the West Coast or Hawaii or something!


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Oh Hai! Please enjoy this edit I made :3

DAAWWWW....okay, so it was removed due to "copyright" *tear*...I've noticed that there aren't any APH anime videos on Youtube...due to them being all removed...is there a way...not to have this happen? Because..it's only a little clip...not like it's the whole thing o_O

Fanfic + Fanart

Betaread by the gracious meicdon13, and sorry for stealing your idea! >_<;;;
Also my first work in this fandom, so please be gentle. ^_^

Title: Childhood Sweethearts
Author/Artist: Stalkerbunny aka. Keraaminenkettu aka. Maarit ^_^
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy (and based on the unofficial theory Holy Roman Empire => Germany. Yes, I couldn't stand the tragedy *is a wimp* >3>;)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing worse than a kiss, really.
Summary: Amnesia? Can you eat that?

But some things never change.
Loving cactus!

[Fanfics]4 little drabbles

I can't write fanfics to save my life T ^ T But I thought I should atleast attempt to pump out 4 drabbles 8D Mentioned Thailand in one of them, o'course. Even though I just heard of him liek...this morning *SHOT*

Title: Regret, Pink, Morning, Food
Author/Artist: Siren
Character(s) or Pairing(s): (VietnamxChina), (VietnamxTawain), (USxUK)x2
Rating: G to PG?
Warnings: >: I suck at writing. 8D;; *lowbow*

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WELL. That's pretty much it 8D; I apologize in advance for the horribleness that is my writing. .3. I do take suggestions (suggestions, not requests. XD ) so feel free to fire a few my way, I may or may not use them when drawing or writing Hetalia related things. :] <33
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[Fanfic] Russia's personal demon

Title: Russia's personal demon
Author/Artist: wasafool
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belarus, and russia... try squinting and turn your head to the side...know you can see the pairing Belarus and Russia XD haha
Rating: G..maybe PG?
Warnings: Belarus (being herself) and slightly crack-ish (?)oh and Russia being sweet for a moment O..o (no way! :D)
Summary: Russia is taken care of by Belarus, but regrets ever calling her a lady.

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other fanfic: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/323029.html =Belarus/Russia +Angst+Ukrain
X: My b.

[Fanfic] For the Sake of God and Country

New to the community, so hey there guys! I've been lurking for a bit but only finally polished something off. I hope it's not too bad of a start, at least!

Title: For the Sake of God and Country
Characters: UK and US
Summary: Some things they can't help but relive, again and again, and they're horrified like true patriots.

Go go, Hetalia rangers!

Chibi!Germany Fanart -___-;;

I totally fail at photobucket so I tried with Deviantart instead :D;

Okay. I tried to draw Germany, and I agree with a majority of this community - he is hard. His hair is hard to draw (had to make sure that his head didn't look misshapened) and his uniform...well, I tried to draw it using his character profile as reference, but I just gave up once I reached his chest and after many failures at drawing his arm, so I kinda just...left him as a bust 8D *is bricked for laziness*

Yosh. So, here's an attempt at a preview (never done it before and I can't use photobucket :/) and a link under it to my DA account.

A screw it. I can't do a preview (I dunno how), so the piccie can be seen under the fake cut (hopefully 8D)

If not: Here

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APH Russia/Finland

I was wondering doeas anyone have anything with Russia/Finland pairing or about Finnish War where Sweden lost Finland? I have tried to look for these, but hadn't really had any luck :( SO anybody?
Honda [Battle] Icon by pandarosi of LJ a

[Fanfiction] Baked.

[X-Posted to hetaliafic]
Title: Baked.
Author/Artist: Lynn Stardragon (Happy Dragon)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden, Finland, Sealand, Hana-Tamago, UK
Rating: (Crack) G PG-13 for international swearing. . . Unless you don’t know what they translate to in whatever languages you know, then it’s right back to ‘G’!
Warnings: CRACK! TOTAL AND UTTER CRACK-FLUFF-HUMOR! (Which should tell you something about me if I consider THIS cracky.) And failing at British speech patterns, because I’m horribly AlfredianAmerican. Oh, and failing at (British) personalities in general, but this is Crack!Fiction, so I think I get leeway, right?

Summary: Sea-kun will do -Anything- to get that JerkUK to recognize him as a Nation, including cook up a batch of ‘Faerie Biscuits’ [magick Cookies for us ‘Yanks’] that the Brit has given the poor Naval-Base a recipe for. It’s a good thing Sweden is there to keep him from either burning down the house or making them inedible . . . . Isn’t it?
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[FANART] Delurking (ish?) with batshit Gilbo

Author/Artist: Kyora
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Gilbo/Prussia <3

Okayokay so I don't think I'm really delurking, since I've been commenting and stuff BUT I HAVEN'T REALLY MADE AN ACTUAL POST. I don't know if that counts or not so uhhh... 8D; WELL HERE I AM NOW.

Anyway, since I got sweeept into the Hetalia fandom I've been wanting to do some fanarts but with BUSY SCHEDUAL + INCONVENIENT LACK OF SCANNER IN MY DORM ROOM, it's been kinda difficult.

...But apparently when I'm FORCING myself to study, I found myself doodling batshit Gilbo. I... don't know. I also doodled Ivan on the back of my orgo exam.


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