February 5th, 2009

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[doujin] Don't Wait Up (cont.)

Continued from this post.

Since some people asked me to continue that previous three pages of doodled doujin done while bored, I decided to get more bored at work and churned out SIX PAGES within the past two days. I am EPIC. Or something.

Though most of the pages feel like a big-lipped alligator moment. I am sorry.

Also, due to some weird, BIZARRE reason, my bandwidth on Photobucket BUSTED (HOW) and now I am trying to re-edit my previous art posts:
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 (doujin)/12/13/14/15/16/17 (slightly NSFW)/18/19 (NSFW)/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/29/30/31/32/33/34/35

Title: Don't Wait Up
Artist: youkofujima
Characters/Pairing: America/Russia (+UK)
Rating: PG-13/R for drug use
Warnings: Slightly OOC Russia, drug use, sketchy. SIX PAGES
Summary: This was drawn as a small response to my own bunny from the America/Russia AU that I had swirling in my brain.

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TBC? Does anyone actually want to see the rest of this weirdness?! God, everything looks uneven and distorted and CROOKED. It looked fine flat on the desk TTATT
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[mod post] Scanlations Claims Change of Rules

Yes, I know I have another post under this, but this is so that you don't overlook the rules if you skim over all the other posts.

Hey everyone, first off, let me announce that our community has reached 5696 members and it's only about 3 months and 8 days away from its first year anniversary. Time sure flies by quickly!

Speaking of time, here is a thing that has been brought to my attention regarding scanlation claims.

A lot of people (yours truly included) have been sitting on scanlation claims for months and months. While I understand that a lot of you have things that come up, what ends up happening is that there is this strip that can be done by someone who does have the time but can't share it with the community because there is already a claim on it.

Therefore, the new rule to the Scanlations Claims Thread:

If you need an extension, you are allowed ONE (1) one week (that's seven (7) days) extension, no more.

To the people who have already made claims, your time starts TODAY. That way you don't have to worry about when you actually staked that claim.
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[Fanart] Another art dump D:

Author/Artist: Haku
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, UK, US, Sealand, Vietnam, Hungary, S.Italy, Spain, N. Italy (Chibitalia), Japan
Rating: Everyone :)
Warnings: Lots of images!!! Not kidding when I say its an art DUMP hahha
Summary: Chibitalia CG, UK timeline, other weirdness and sketches

Haha i need to stop procrastinating from hw ):


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Chibitalia - DN
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[QUESTION] Is Vietnam an Official Character?

Hello again, all!
Hope you are in a warmer climate than Iam right now!

I have a question to ask that has been plaguing me, and apparently others as I have been asked more than a few times, for the past month.
Upon releasing the Full Hetalia Character Chart, I have been getting a few questions about a certain missing character:


My question is: Is VIETNAM an official character now (despite not being listed in the character area on the official Japanese site) or is he/she just a passing fanart character?

I have seen a sketch that is supposedly from Hidekaz-sensei, which is official enough for a character in my book, but I need it to be verified before I add it to my character chart.

[EDIT: 2/5 @ 3:53PM est]
This picture was found and confirmed to be in Hidekaz-Sensei's Official Blog.
I can not verify that this picture, while it is official, is depicting Vietnam. (Proof Please :3)


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Please help me out if you can!

(PS. I will be adding Thailand to the Character chart in a few moments. WELCOME THAI-SAN!)

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[Fanart] Reciprocal fangirling.

Title: Illustrationstravaganza?
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, US, Canada, Germany, Prussia, Russia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Blood and excessive hatching.
Summary:mithrigil wrote fantastic fic for me, and I respond in kind with a few sketches based on some of her other works. Let's see how this looks in my style.

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[Fanart] Art Trade Dump

Previous Posts: / 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. /

In my last post i asked for art trades. I got most of them done; i still need to do two more which i will get to soon. :) lol I have no life. orz

Title: Art Trade Dump
Author/Artist: Lowah
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Switzerland, GermanyxItaly, Japan, Canada, SpainxItaly(S), SwedenxFinland, Hungary, UK, ASIA
Rating: PG... i guess
Warnings: a little vulgar language, and small reference to drugs/alcohol. ;) LOTS of images...again
Summary: Art trade (sketch) dump, and an Asia group picture.

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And last thing before i go, I'm still accepting art trades. =] So if you want to do an art trade with me, just ask! <3

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[fic] Chain Link Fence - Austria x Hungary

Title: Chain Link Fence
Author: haipollai 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria x Hungary, Prussia, mentions of the other Soviet satellites
Rating: G
Comments: Post WWII until 1956, previously written for hetalia_kink now new and improved
Ivan and Alfred had built the fence across their property. It was an ugly thing that if Elizaveta had had any say about it would never have existed. But that was the problem these days. No one had any say anymore.

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[Fanart] Austria

Title: Roderich-samaaaa
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria
Summary: simple sketch and cg practice

AHAHA. I WAS BORED OKAY? And I needed some CG practice. I'm still impatient with digital works as compared to traditional. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COLOR!!1! Photoshop hates me soooo much. I'll be posting some traditional works of APH afterwards.

Austria aka Roderich Edelstein is my fave in Hetalia, because he's so aristocratic! And he's fabulous! Just plain fabulous! WHY SO SEXY AUSTRIA?  BTW, new kid on the block Thailand looks a lot like him! Isn't that crazy? XD Still waiting for Philippines.

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[Fanart] Class doodles

Hello~ After seeing such neat art and fics on here, and like a fanart-dork I am, I've decided to doodle some Hetalia characters. :D

Title: Classroom doodles~
Author/Artist: Meeeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia (with cameos of Estonia and Latvia), Ukraine, and America
Rating: G
Warnings: Just a curse word in one of the doodles
Summary: what the title said :B

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[Fanfic] Refuse to Fall, chapter 5

Title: Refuse to Fall
Author: V for Valkyrie
Rating: T
Character(s)/Pairing(s): non-slash, main characters are Prussia and Germany
Warnings: OOCness, I suppose...
Summary: Agonized German brothers. Russia is not helping, either.
Time Frame: Starting from the year 1871 when the German Empire came into being, till present time?
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor the countries (although I wish!). This story is not for commercial purpose. Please don't sue.

Reviews are welcomed!


Gilbert was surprised to find himself being surrounded by nations in his own house. Roderich was determined to make himself a long-term tenant. Feliciano always popped in from nowhere. Kiku Honda sometimes dropped by to discuss a few things with Ludwig. Elizaveta was occasionally found hiding somewhere in the house with a suspicious camera in hand.

"And I thought I only had to put up with you!" Gilbert complained loudly to the country sitting across the dinning table from him.

(Read more... )

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[Fanart] Kiku Chan

I am more active as an icon maker, but I was watching this video repeatedly, and I felt like Kiku-Chan needed some love, too...

Now... I can't draw. XD So I don't draw, usually, but this is my attempt to show my.... lack of nationalism.

Title: He Smiled At Some Point...
Author/Artist: hirothepenguin
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan
Rating: G
Warnings: None... It's a rough sketch.
Summary: Just...a plain Kiku.

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*lurks away* I promise an icon post soon. ;3