March 6th, 2009


[Event/Gathering]Hetalia @ AnimeNEXT 09

Because It's like 3 months away from the con! (and believe it or not spring pass so fast you might not even notice it!) So I'm here to call fourth people who live in NJ/NY/PA areas and someplace else who will attend AnimeNEXT in Somerset, NJ on June 12-14. And planing on Cosplaying/Stalking Hetalia Cosplay! Some of us have posted on the Con forums/ forums but since here is a great place to aske other people who don't go into those forums.

I'm planing on Dinner meet-up on Friday night, cosplays are welcome. if not but you just simply want to talk/rant about hetalia, you are always welcome too.
And the Photoshoot will probably be on Sunday afternoon, to avoid all those Photoshoot Traffics on Saturday that is. -w-""

So anyone else is going? Raise you hand!!! XD I'm still open about times and place to meet up! don't hasitate to state your opinions!

Ps, I'll be there for the meet-up as Romano(I'm pretty sure) and England on  Sunday Photoshoot! XD My friend(ex gf) will be America and I'll have North Italy with me also. XD

Papercraft Dolls: Photoshoot with Arthur :)

About two days ago I took a trip to the seaside at Wollongong (I live in Sydney hehe) with the boyfriend and little papercraft England for a day out and to do a test photoshoot! So here's what happened:

[Click to see the original size]

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EDIT: にーび is the original artist of the paper templates and you can see the originals here:

Dino: Surprised
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[FANART] Japan-centric post; Some Comics (GeGeGe no Kikurou)

Title: Japan Lotus (Plate Experiment), GeGeGe no Kikurou
Author/Artist: bomb4y
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan; FrancexJapan, FrancexUK
Rating: G, PG
Warnings: None, France being France
Summary: Plate experiment from a week ago. Kiku takes up the task of protecting mankind with his sidekick, France. "France niichan" is a type of ghost.

( Some reference notes, personal findings, work in progresses. )

( In Ghostly Japan... )
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[Oneshot Fic] Swing Sets and Picnics (AmericaxEngland)

Woohoo, I'm on a roll.

Title: Swing Sets and Picnics [FF.NET]
Author/Artist: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: “I cannot believe,” England spoke between swings, the wind muffling his words, “that I came across the pond to play on a blasted swing set with you.” [US/UK- Fluff]
Note: This fic is based on the following linked article, which just happened on the fourth of March! Obama surprises daughters with new swing set.

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[FANART + COSPLAY] Am I doing it right?

Title: iScribble fun + Cosplay previews
Myself and a friend
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
America, Canada, Belarus, Russia, Germany and Austria
PG for bloody Ivan
Crack/Insanity driven pictures under link
America plays with his new friend, Russia is...Russia and Belarus is being a weirdo + Bonus closet!Cosplay.

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[Fanart] Sketches done by candle light (I kid you not O_o)

Title: Sketches done by candle light (oooh, poetic! But the are sure isn't)
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, S. Italy/Spain, China, Japan, Taiwan
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um... they're sketches done in near darkness? Oh, AND ONE IMPLIES SEX! But doesn't show anything (sorry)
Summary: SO! This past Sunday, we got some snow down here in the south of the US! And it caused massive power outage, too~ Logical decission? Draw Hetalia with the last remaining power my lap top had, despite it being pitch black out and only having two candles in my room. ^_^

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[meme] Hetalia Song Drabble thing

Author: Meeeee o course
Characters/Pairings: Vietnam, America, Russia, Lithuania, England, France, Germany's mentioned ONCE
Rating: Um...T for Teen. o_o
Warning: Gratuitous swearing. And political themes. I'm so sorry. orz Also my terrible music choices. Oh and mooning?

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[q&a] Thailand's name; [fanart] Assorted - requests, anyone?

...This is basically a sketch dump orz;;
Sorry if it's rather large, I wanted to consolidate as much as possible since this comm already gets a lot of activity. x3

Serious(er) stuff
Author/Artist: NumaFace (myself)
Characters: Russia, Lithuania, Thailand, Greece, Prussia
Pairings: RussiaLiet
Rating: PG
Warnings: None of it's actually, like, finished.
Summary: WIPs. D:

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For-Fun stuff
Author/Artist: NumaFace (myself)
Characters: Austria, Russia, Japan, US, UK
Rating: PG
Warnings: Messy messy sketchy
Summary: Bad jokes? D:

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As always, feel free to use my work for icons as long as I'm credited.

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[fancomic][meme] Back when Finland became one with Russia...

Title: Fancomic x 3 + meme
Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland, Sweden, Russia, America, Canada, England, N. Italy, Lithuania, China, Spain, USA/UK, Russia/Lithuania, Finland/Sweden
Rating: PG
Warnings: Image-heavy!
Summary: Three comic strips about Finland and his language + little historical background. Also includes meme.

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karioke superstar

[Papercraft] Denmark + Photo Fun

No, of course I don't have homework or a musical to practice for. Noooooooooooo. *cough*

Title: Denmark Papercraft Pattern + England and America's Adventures with my Breakables
Artist: Original patterns by にーび at I edit and make new pieces to fit the style.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Denmark, England, America
Rating: G

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[Fanfic] Five Drabbles

So, I tried to do the oh-so-popular song meme. And uh...failed miserably. What I ended up with in the end were these five long-ish drabbles loosely inspired by various songs.  

Title: Five drabbles
Author/Artist: boscaresque
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, France/Seychelles, Ukraine, Ireland (OC)
Rating: G-PG
Warnings: Excessive use of figurative language, not beta'ed, a stylistic nightmare
Summary: The World's Columbian Exposition, an unforgettable summer in Paris, the loneliness of immortality, and more.

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Thanks for looking! Comments are greatly appreciated!


[FANART] Mama Greece's Pottery Portrait Time! (+some bonuses)

Title: Mama Greece's Pottery
Author/Artist: me, zee_tee, on my Mama Greece tegaki account
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Oh snap... Russia, Mama Greece, Greece, Japan, America, Rome, Turkey, Sealand, Liechtenstein, Anubis (Egypt's dog), France, Mama Egypt, Hungary, a Portugal OC, HRE, Vietnam, Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, Seychelles, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England/UK. ...oh and Germania, in the bonuses. *pantpant*
Rating: All G
Warnings: really really nerdy post? 8D;
Summary: Portraits of various Hetalia characters done in the style of Ancient Greek pottery, plus an extra pic or two from my Mama Greece account.


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Drabble Music Challenge

Title: 10 Song Drabbles
Author: Me
Characters/Pairings: Non-Hetalia OCs, Belarus/Russia, mention of Russia/Lithuania, America/England, France/England, mentions of Canada
Rating: Worksafe, 'cause I'm boring
Warnings: Belarus being scary as usual, mention of English cooking, momentary fail with the Sex Pistols
Summary: In which I appear to be a traitor to my OTP. Blame it on the music. Aside from that, you all know the deal by now. Shuffle, 10 songs, write.

Fake cut to the journal.