March 8th, 2009

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Hi, everyone, I'm Dawn. This is kind of my first LJ post ever. I'm probably doing it all wrong. Um, please don't eat me. ^_^;;

Title: Apocalypse
Author/Artist: My friend, who wanted me to post it for her because she doesn't think she's a good writer, even though she's wrong.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, with Sealand, China, France, Japan, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Hungary in passing. Maybe America/England, Russia/Lithuania, Sweden/Finland, and Austria/Hungary if you squint.
Rating: PG-13 or thematic R
Warnings: Violence, pain, some language, angst, and, well, the apocalypse.
Summary: Even as the world burns, even when all is lost, through the pain, there is always hope.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even this fic. It's my friend's, and she asked me to post it here for her.

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[Linking] APH Indonesia Forum

With the rising popularity of Hetalia in Indonesia and due to some of the existing Indonesia Hetalia fans that i find here, i would like to promote...

APH Indonesia Forum

For mostly discussions about Hetalia and topics outside of that as well. Of course, as the name suggests, language used will primarily be Bahasa Indonesia. We hope to see and is looking forward to some of you Indonesian fans signing up! Any questions may be directed here if you wish.

ETA: For those who already joined yesterday but was not able to post, we apologize deeply for the board technical problem. However, after some tweaking, the board is now fixed and members could now post!

[fanart] Battle time in Neverland

Title: Peter vs. Hook
Author/Artist: Meeeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America
Rating: PG (teensy bit of blood *gasp*)
Warnings: teensy bit of blood *gasp*
Summary: Peter and Hook battle on the rock (scene from the book)

Fending off the term paper with a cattle prod (give you a hint, it's resistant against cattle prods), but I managed to get this done really late last night. It was too late to put it up then, so here it is!

Basically, this is the part right after Peter saves Tiger lily and he fights Hook. At one part he feels he has an unfair advantage, so he offers Hook a hand, and Hook claws at him, really injuring Peter. I made the actual clawing fit more of a Russia attitude (more sadistic :P). And I'm totally feeling cold war here...also, ignore the real age difference btwn peter and hook b/c that's creepy. But yes. closer in age here *looks awkward*

Peter: America
Hook: Russia

(more as soon as I finish that paper up today)

[Fanfic] Show them No Mercy! 1/5

Title: Show Them No Mercy. (1/5)
Rating: 15+? 
Warnings: Violence and some very crazy nations.
Characters: Canada (Matthew), Finland (Tino), N. Italy (Feliciano) and S.Italy (Lovino).
Summary: Done for anonymous on the Hetalia Kink-Meme. [Italy (N)/Finland/Canada- Italy and Canada finally snap (what causes it is up to anon) and join with Finland to show the world how much made of badassery they really are.]

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There's more to come, because this is probably one of... five?
Anyway, if anyone has any comments, I'd be grateful. And if I'm doing something wrong, please tell me, because I'm a total newbie at this...
mon cher this is not a pipe

[fanfic] City of Light

Title: City of Light
Author: byzantienne
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia, all_he_ever timeline
Characters: France. America, Russia, Germany, Italy; Antonin Artaud and Carl Theodor Dreyer.
Words: 3200.
Rating: PG-13, thematic.
Timestamp: 1929-1938.
Summary: AU. France, and the 1930s. The treachery of images.

( "Ceci n'est pas une pipe?" America says. His accent continues to be atrocious. "France, that is totally a pipe." )

[Fanart + Fan..chart]

Rating: PG-13, light R.
Warnings: Wierd ships, adult concepts, links to kinky places... and only under the chart.
Summary: Jumping on the shipping chart bandwagon.

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And because I feel bad on posting only a chart...

Title: Why You Don't Mess With Italian Lovers
Author/Artist: liverdatt
Character/Pairing: Italy, Prussia, Germany, Italy/Germany
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Possesiveness and implications of incest, language, bad mental images
Summary: Italy is not amused.

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Merlin & butterfly

[Fanart] UK

Title: UK (Yes, I know, title failure. xD But I couldn't think of anything else.)
Author/Artist: ME!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK
Rating: PG (Is this the right one? The lowest one? I really don't understand the ratings... -__-;; )
Warnings: None.
Summary: I was doodling flags on a piece of paper (don't ask why, I have no idea!) and I thought I should draw a flag on a mug or a shirt or something like that. So I drew the British flag on a shirt and the decided to add pants, and then the head and arms and then the guy turned out as UK (a slightly modified one, with piercings and stuff, but still). xD And I decided to pixelate him.


UK Preview

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[FANART] allied powers dump

OLD STUFF: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Title: General long art dumpage + some HWFC stuff
Artist: introject/my DA
Character(s)/Pairing(s): US/UK, France, China!Cameo, Canada
Rating: R for Francis butt/language :V
Warnings: Failure at drawing robots, large large files, copious amounts of bad French, EGGS (?!)


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multi teukie

[FANART] A cell phone charm, some sketches, and some WIP

So I've been lurking here for QUITE awhile now, and I think I've gathered up enough stuff to make a post. I'm not usually one for fanart, but sheesh Hetalia!

Title: Art dumpage mostly kinda, and some fail cosplay
Artist: lilrockfrekshow (me)/ MY DA
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England (lots), and France/Egypt
Rating: PG for chest groping?
Warnings: Fail cosplay, bad WIP, and sketchiness

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And as of right now, I am working on the Hetalia meme, I'm just really really slow with memes in general.