March 24th, 2009

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[Event] Hetalia Radio Show at TAF 2009

I went to Tokyo Anime Fair this past weekend and attended the public recording for the new Hetalia Web Radio Show.
It seems like the main personalities will change each time.
Each show has a different version where the greeting is said depending on who is the main personality.
They recorded for two shows.  So first was the Italy version (Namikawa Daisuke as host) with the greeting Buongiorno! And the second was the England version (Sugiyama Noriaki as host) with Good Afternoon as the greeting.
For the full report check here.

One extra tidbit I forgot to mention in the report was that Orikasa Ai who plays Sealand found out about how you can purchase a certificate to become an official lady of Sealand.  She expressed her desire for the title and Sugiyama placed the order and apparently the certificate is on its way.^o^

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[Fanart] Tick, Tock, Croc - Peter Pan/Hetalia

Title: Tick, Tock, Croc
Author/Artist: Meeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Lithuania, Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary:Croc!Belarus is (duh) stalking Hook!Russia, while Hook!Russia tries to escape. Smee!Lithuania can't really do much... ^_^;; (I added in the "married" thing to make it really obvious who it is...also it adds to the creepy ^_^)

(And i really should be working on other things, but there were a few requests to do this pic quickly, so I did. Now, back to real work! ^__^_


Hetalia gets peas

Chemistry is a boring, boring place, sometimes.

Because of this, I doodle on whatever is available (lined paper, which coincidentally all my best work is drawn on,, ignore the lines, ja?) and the result was me constructing a very abstract metaphor for the movement of particles in the rate of reaction.

i.e. England being chased by an angry horde of shooting stars -_-;

And because I am retarded when it comes to posting piccies on LJ (it always goes horribly, horribly wrong for me), clickity click click for the DA version~


heh heh this should do

bookmark sale (and fan arts >w< ) (EDIT)

This was actually for school club art sale -v- but since almost all of my stuff were APH i thought i'd open a thread here. 

sets of APH bookmarks for sale -v- here's a preview image, click under cut to see sample photo of bookmarks and fan arts >w<


title: bookmark arts

artist: me ^_^ 

characters: china, france, england, russia, america, italy, england, japan, korea, prussia, austria, canada

rating: for all -v-

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[FANFIC] Servant of Evil (First Post)

Heh, It's my first Post and first Hetalia fanfic, so I hope you enjoy ^_^
Title: Servant of Evil
Author/Artist: i_animez_freakz
Character(s): Feliciano (N.Italy), Lovino (S.Italy), Antonio (Spain), Roderich (Austria
Rating: T
Warnings: Character Death, and a bit of OOC
Summary: Feliciano, Lovino, Two twins brought up in two different classes, One a Prince, the other a servant, Revolution is brought upon, and one of them is to be killed, but which one
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[Fanart] Want some Turkey ?

Title: Oops I forgot~
Author/Artist: Me damnit
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Turkey \o/
Rating: ffff...G. Or PG ? (you need parental authorization for a shirtless hot babe guy ?)
Warnings: you might want to rape some mediterranean guy after this. Or am I the only one ?!  (oh and sketchy pic)
Summary: Turkey... and a cat.

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[FANART] Arthur and the Fairy

Erm, here I come again... this time with a quick doodle I did at work, and then tried (operative word being TRIED) to make it better by doing some scribbles and coloring it in PS. Arthur with a... green fairy XD


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If you want to see the thing bigger (dunno why would you want to) in all of its imperfect and so simple glory, you can visit it at
lightbulb, liet, poland, lithuenia

[fanfic] Request fill 8: Russia/Lithuania, Russia's reoccupancy of Lithuania

Title: Warped
Author/Artist: </a></b></a>sayasama
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/Lithuania, mentions of Estonia and Latvia
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Some vague descriptions of violence, as always with Russia/Liet. Janie'sLiet's got a gun. What is love? Well, you'll only find the question here, not the answer.  A bit of OOC and unbeta'd.  Nit-picking is love!
Summary: Before Toris can do anything, he must first break away, because this cannot go on.
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