March 25th, 2009

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[fanart] huge dump

Artist: Suikka
Character(s): Poland, Lithuania, Italy, UK, Hungary, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Sealand, Belarus
Warnings: Some blood. And crossdressing. Also don't look if you can't stand moeblobness.
Summary: A relatively big fanart dump. Image heavy.


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[FANFIC] Yet Another Author Meets Country

Title: Patriotism
Characters: Alfred and author
Rating: G
Warning: Blatant self-insert, suspect characterization of America, excessive patriotism, personal beliefs
Summary: Author meets America in the nation's capital and finds it's the best and worst day to meet him.

I blame all the same people as everyone else does for this particular type of fanfic, but mostly
thecurtain 's beautiful piece. I'd do one for my ancestry, but alas, we don't have Ireland quite yet. I've poked and prodded this thing for days now, and I can't decide whether this is reasonable or needs to be completely rewritten, but for better or worse, here it is. Please don't hit me for jumping on the bandwagon.

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Kol kol kol...

I don't think any of the translators had ever found out what Russia's 'Kol kol kol kol kol' lines mean, so I thought I'd post what I'd found. If this isn't allowed, you can go ahead and delete this. ;;

First, I tried to translate it in Babelfish (using the Cyrillic letters, yes.), and came out with 'stake'...

But then I asked my [totally awesome] friend, who's fluent in English, German, and Russian, and she said it meant 'community', like 'hanging out with my friends'. So if I were to translate it, I'd say 'buddies' or something like that.

[Fanfic] - I'll not Use the White Flag

My first fanfiction!! 8DDD Enjoy it.

Title: I'll not use the white flag.
Author/Artist: ger_rank 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): North Italy (Feliciano), South Italy (Lovino), America (Alfred), England (Arthur), mention of Germany (Ludwig) and Germany/N. Italy stuff.
Rating: R
Warnings: Contains a bit of violence between brothers, anger and upset situation. Historical facts.
Summary: 1943. N. Italy didn't know what happen and S. Italy demand him to surrender. And he must choose between his brother or the desires of his heart about his ally Germany.

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Alfred - Relax

[Fan Art] US and UK chibi-things

Title: US & UK chibi-things
Author/Artist: xale_sanx
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America and England
Rating: PG
Warnings: nothing, I think
Summary: In my first class of animation, last week, I had those digital pen to use directly on the pc's screen, so I drew US~ and then, yesterday I did UK x3

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See you!

*runs away*


Prussia wallpaper

I decided to make some Prussia wallpaper from random pics found on the Internet and... Here it is... Although, it's not very good... But I'm Prussia fanatic fangirl, so please forgive me ^^'

You can find it on my LJ. Hope you will like it :) Credits for all pics go to their artists (don't know their names, though :( )

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[Cosplay] LBM - England, Russia (x2), Lativa (x2) & Sealand

Last weekend there was the Leipzig Book Fair and the day before I suddenly felt like cosplaying England XD I wasn’t expecting enjoying  the role that much and even finding a few other APH-Cosplayer ^_^ The little photo-shooting we had was all improvisation and just having fun, so please excuse the poor quality of the most photos, I was trying my best to edit them up to a tolerable level ^.^“

Here we go~

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The rest can be found at:
And you can although stalk me at


Now I have to go but I'll try to post a few more photos later ^_^
fem!sweden nyotalia hetalia

[Fanvideo] Hetalia Numa Numa

Hi guys! It's me again. But this time, I'm here to post my first AMV! I tried to make this video as if they were singing the song, but in some parts it just completely fails. It's been a VERY long time since I've made a AMV (two years) but I hope you guys like it. ^^

BTW, there is a bit of a problem with the song at the start but it's fairly minor. I hope it doesn't bug you guys at all. ^^;

Let me know if you run into any problems!

Hetalia - Gilbert Weillschmidt (Prussia)

[Fanart] DS Colors art dump + paperdoll pics

Title: DS Colors art dump II
(I lost the link to my first fanart post in this comm =3=)
Artist: me xedosarthea
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US/UK, Germany and Prussia, China
Rating: PG-13 to be safe?
Summary: see preview/s
Warning: uh, semi-image heavy post? O_o though the pics aren't really that big..

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And now for the mini-photoshoot at my room, with my Prussia, Spain, Japan, and Switzerland paper children XD;; credits to the artist who made/conceptualized these~

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Wonder Woman

[Fanfic] Arthur Kirkland & Mr Norrell

Title: Arthur Kirkland & Mr Norrell
Author/Artist: thewaterbandit
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Gilbert Norrell from Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Rating: G
Warnings: Crossover?
Summary: I have been wanting to write this fic for months and I finally caved. It's a crossover between Hetalia and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. England and Norrell meet at a dinner party and trade pleasantries. Or not.

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{Fanfic} The Tilt of the Earth part 3

Here I am, back again with just a bit more confidence this time! Continuing with my exceedingly long AUTHOR MEETS COUNTRY story. (Why can I never make what I write short?!?! TcT) The good news is I finally came up with a decent title!

Titile: The Tilt of the Earth
Characters: Author, Alfred, and... who could that be on  the horizon?
Rating: G (all my stuff is G....)
Word count: 639 (what so short?)
Warnings: None but a pouting Alfred


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[Fanart + Fancomic] An art dump for you!

Title: Art Dump
Author/Artist: QU
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, Russia, Germany, Prussia, Lithuania, Russia/Denmark (wat), England (/America but not really), half a Romano (really)
Rating: I'm not entirely sure. PG mostly.
Warnings: Upper body nakedness (it's tame), drinking
Summary: A variety of things I've been piling up for a while. Ranges from fully drawn pictures to scribbles and contains Tegaki and P-chat.

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{FANFIC} {RUSSIA, POLAND} Cystalline Bottles

Delurking with some fanfic. c:

Title: Crystalline Bottles
Characters: Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, mentions of Lithuania
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,878
Warnings: Light violence, mentions of violence, awkward situations, and a lot of vodka bottles.
Summery: Small overview of Soviet occupation in Poland, followed by German attack on Russia....

brittania angel! =D

[plushie] It's Russia~ (also taking a few fic requests!)

Umm, hey all! ^_^

So I made my friend a Russia plushie for her birthday, and I took some pictures. ^_^

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Oh, also, since I'm on spring break and I've been wanting to write a Hetalia fic but I have no idea what to write about, if you have any requests, I'll take three of them. Sorry about the really small number, I remember once I tried to take requests for a different fandom, and I got, like, twenty million and I couldn't finish them all and I felt so bad. T__T Sorry, I can't write smut. Just as an advance warning, they probably won't be very long, and I can't guarantee that they'll be any good but I promise I'll try my best. Thank you! ^_^

...I hope the cut worked. XD;; Sorry if it didn't.
Irrefutable Joy

[Fanart] Woad

Title: Woad (aka- Painted Blue)
Author/Artist: dmajor7th 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Rome and Ickle!England (aka Albion)
Rating: G (or PG if you count moody atmosphere).
Warnings: BIG IMAGES. A dial-up connection will not be happy with you. Rubbish, rubbish scanning/photography. Complete lack of bishi. However, there is a cute lil' chibi. 
Summary: Fanart for the awesome faerie tale The Littlest Brother by mithrigil 

Many many hours has gone into drawing, inking, oil-pastling, cutting, mounting, penciling and painting this. If you like it, your comment would make me very happy :) If you don't, please tell me- I'm always looking for ways to improve!

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Romeo Justice

[Fancomic] Nyoro~n Americha-san

Title: Nyoro~n Americha-san
Author/artist: minakichan
Characters: America, England, China, (North) Korea, Russia, Canada
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: America receives instructions from his boss to play diplomat and make friends with other countries so that, you know, they'll go out and do whatever we want them to do. Of course, America being America...


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Loving cactus!

[Fanart] Art/Comic dumps

Title: Art/comic dumps
Author/Artist: Siren ;D ngia la em (which is me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, Germany, Russia, Vietnam (aren't you suprised?), America, England, China, Taiwan, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania (pairings- RussiaVietnam, slight USUK, SuFin umm..disfunctional ChinaVietnam)
Rating: PG o_o suprisingly
Warnings: Desperate attempt at being funny?
Summary: I'm sorry to the world ;_;
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I fell in love with this artist and her songs. The song that a MAD artist used was the first of the song series, "Iro No Nai Machi." I liked that song, but since I could never do anything remotely close to what that person had done, I decided to stick to this other song.

Now... err... I can't draw, so all the images are from the official art. My first time making MMV, so please be... gentle. D;

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