March 26th, 2009

[Fanart] Tegaki E Dump again

Author/Artist: Me DDD:<
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Prussia, Prussia, Canada, Austria, Belarus, Finland/Sweden
Rating: PG - PG13
Warnings: Chicken scratch pictures, implied violence, Language
Summary: I'm a whore with my art. Ha. But 4 pics I drew just for this community. Hence the post.

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[Fanfic] Exploration of the nature of nations

More kink meme stuff, this time, without the kinks!

Title: Five Thousand Years
Author: Aries Draco
Character: China
Rating: PG
Warnings: Reflections on existence may induce feelings of depression.
Summary: Trying to reconcile the loves-cute-things Hetalia-verse China with his long, and often dark history, I end up with this depressing little drabble.

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And after that, please have something a little lighter on the angst and a little heavier on the geek.

Title: It's Quantum!
Author: Aries Draco
Character: America
Rating: G
Warnings: No cats were harmed in the production of this drabble.
Summary: America finds the perfect way to explain himself.

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nicolai white

[Fanart] Demark dumpdumpdump.

Hi guys~

Title: Tegaki dump and some pixel dolls
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly Denmark, Sweden, Norway and others. Russia too.
Rating: PG13, I think o_o
Warnings: Cracks, and not so funny too at that...
Summary: So I created an RP account in Tegaki. And also I rediscovered elouai pixel doll maker.

Have a preview pic of my account pic 8D

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Request: Maru Kaite Chikuu translation.

I know someone just posted the CD single of the Maru Kaite Chikuu full song. I was wondering if anyone had the full romanji, or even kanji, lyrics to it. I want to be able to sing along and show my lameness to the world.

Anyway, it'd be suparkool if someone could post the Kanji lyrics, then someone could translate those to Romanji, then someone could translate those to English. It would make my dark little heart full of light.
Shiro ♪ my very best friend.

yes, another lame icing post (。◕‿◕。)

this is totally belated!!

: Me (xxtakusenxx )
Character(s) : Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan (ASIASIASIASIASIASIASIASIA)
Rating: None
Warnings: None, except you may get hungry : ( haha~
Summary: So I've grown bored with normal/colored icing and moved on to...CHOCOLATE. Yes, Chocolate~
Previous Posts:
2. (RUSSIA, UK/England)

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Next is:
Sweden/Finland, Canada (both by massive request), and PRUSSIA since he freaking dominated the polls seized everyone's vital regions and won.
The winners after Prussia in order:
Austria, Spain, Poland, S.Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Sealand, Hungary.

alright, i'm out! :D thanks for looking!! Hope you enjoyed!

p.s. - i need to do some HRE/CHIBITALIA icing at some point. : |

[FST] Queer as Hetalia Volume 2


presented by sprkledragon86 & stephanie

NOTE- We made this like, two or three weeks ago. There is a ton of Disney shit on here. stephanie is fucking gay for all disney channel artists, and both are way too in love with their childhood (stephanie is still kind of in hers, y'know, despite almost being.. 20) Other than that, woohoo! Sorry if any songs are offensive, and I was totally PMSing while we were working on this, so mood swings ahoy! Have fun guys! Also, there is no "safe" version of the soundtrack. Rated M for mature. Your parents will get angry if they're like that. The cover art is by sprkledragon86 and you can see her previous art post here.

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First Real Contribution--Fanfiction

Title: Only in America
Author/Artist: Me~  XP
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, France, Spain, N. Italy, S. Italy
Rating: PG-13 for Language (and, honestly, for the following notes/explanations)
Warnings: Language, mentions (but only mentions) of violence, nudity, sex.
Summary: The romance countries of Europe have been kind enough to invite America to the movies.  But what else do they have planned?
Background: One of my classes this semester is "The History of American Popular Culture."  We had a lecture on censorship in the motion picture industry, which, as per usual, ended up going a wee little bit off topic.  XP  In the process, this idea was spawned.  Some notes after the fic will sorta explain parts of the lecture.


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[fanfic] There's Even a Bit with a Dog

Title: There’s Even a Bit with a Dog
Author: Mithrigil “Endless Conversation” Galtirglin
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: England, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Italy, Hungary
Words: 1100
Rating: PG, so many swear words.
Timestamp: World Cup 1966

Summary: England is a gracious host and a gentleman. Now let’s play some fucking football. The real kind.

((England's half-forgotten why he's hosting the damned thing at this point.))


[First Post] 26 random facts about Russia

Author/Artist: Me, but dear sayame gave me the idea
Character(s) : Russia, with references of other countries
Rating: None
Warnings: None
Summary: 25 random facts about Russia

Fact one: Russia's 'breast' does not belong to S. Korea.

Fact two: If you hear someone screaming "GO HOME!" I means that both Russia and Belarus is near, do approach them both with caution.
Especially if you name is Lithuania.

Fact three: Russia is not fat, he's big-boned

Fact four: Russia's faucet is not only for show

Fact five: Putting England in the same room with Russia equals girl-like screams and slaughter

Fact six: Everyone will become one with Russia, whether they want to or not.

Fact seven: Trying to invade Russia will end with an chilly terror.

Fact eight: If you won't come to Russia, Russia will come you you.

Fact nine: Sarah Palin may see Russia, but Russia cannot see her.

Fact ten: Even if he may look cute and innocent, he is not.

Fact eleven: Russia's vital Regions cannot be taken over by Prussia.

Fact twelve: Iraq's manhood is the SCUD, America's is the TOMAHAWK, Germany has the TAURUS, but the true manhood is Russia with his BURYA and BURAN.

Fact thirteen: Russia's kills isn't fast and painless, he makes sure that they are slow, painful and mentally scarring.

Fact fourteen: While Chuck Norris can do roundhouse kicks, Russia can do roundworld kicks.

Fact fifteen: Whatever you do, do not remind him of Bloody Sunday. Just, don't.

Fact sixteen: Give Russia a sunflower and he'll be all smiles.

Fact seventeen: Give him bread that contains sunflower seeds will make him choke on it.

Fact eighteen: Russia's capital will never be Warsaw

Fact nineteen: Stealing Russia's scarf is a big No-No.

Fact twenty: If you think you are being stalked by Russia, do check the nearest corners or the panda suit that have randomly appeared.

Fact twenty one: Russia laughing + Lithuania screaming = You shouldn't find out.

Fact twenty two: Anything can be put in Russia's faucet.

Fact twenty three: If the APH cast would be pokémons, Russia would be a Sunflora (Hey, it even as the stomach)

Fact twenty four: When Russia is smiling , it doesn't mean that he won't kill you.

Fact twenty five: The consequences of having Russia as a pet is not pretty.

Fact twenty six: You can't spell slaughter without laughter ((I love you so much for this one Lithuania~~))

 [Edit: Added another fact]
How commenting about a keychain leads to this is beyond my understanding O_o
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