April 10th, 2009

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Delurking with a Germany/Italy vid

Title: This Is My Idea
Characters and Pairing:
N.Italy/Germany, Chibitalia/Holy Roman Empire, with brief appearances of Hungary, Austria, America, Japan, Estonia, China and France
Rating: PG for boys love
Warning: Nothing really, just everyone singing
Summary: An AMV of N.Italy and Germany falling in love to the last 1:34 "This Is My Idea" from The Swan Princess


Yeah, a few nights ago I was up late doing homework and listening to my Zune on shuffle. I started listening to "This Is My Idea" from the Swan Princess and because of how late it was, my brain just put Hetalia images to the song.

Last night I was up late again and made this vid with the last 1:34 of "This Is My Idea." I didn't have clips to do the rest of the song.

Basic plot:
Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire were in love and years later Italy and Germany (yes i believe Germany is older!Holy Roman Empire) find each other and realize who they were. Meanwhile, other countries have been looking forward to seeing the childhood lovers reunite.

If nothing else this vid is proof of why I should not be able to listen to my Zune past midnight XD

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France <3

France beckons you with kissies and hearts; you can not resist, mon crotte~

Title: Spanish Succession
Author: stillfindinggod
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Antonio/Francis (SPAIN/FRANCE)
Warning(s): Frustration over who will rule Spain now that the Hapsburg's are gone; angsty-ish.
Summary: Spain believes the balance should not be upset but France can not stand by and watch the Spaniard be tore apart. Now complete with mini-history lesson goodness!

( "You know I am not to be ruled." Antonio pulled his hand away, seeing this going nowhere fast. )

Espurr, Pokemon 5

[Fanfic] Four For Dinner

Because honestly, I needed to write a double date fic with these two pairs.

Title: Four For Dinner
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor
Rating: PG
Pairing: America/England, Germany/N.Italy
Summary: He almost had to laugh at the pair across the table from them, so clearly together but trying so hard to deny it. Then again, Germany thought as Italy nudged him to taste a breadstick, perhaps dealing with the northern Italy just jaded him to constant affection.

Not everyone finds McDonald's to be the pinnacle of fine dining. )


[Question] Well...Who's that.

This is my first time posting in Hetalia Community. Sorry if I mess up or anything.

I found a fanart on Pixiv, HERE! and I couldn't recognize some of the people. Like...the left top (girls), right top (boys? I am really curious about that boy on the very right of the corner, I have seen him being with Switzerland and Liechtenstein in some fanart) and the front girls ( the chinese girl with the bun, and the girls above and below her plus the two look-alike American girls at the front)I was wondering who are they, are they the original character or some fan character.

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[FanFic] US/UK Foriegn Policy

Well. I'm sorry in advance for anything I mess up

Title: Foriegn Policy
Arthor: Amani Kayzo
Characters and Pairings: America/England, Obama
Rating: T for angst and a kiss
Warning: Angst and a kiss :)
Summery: America thinks of the past and some advice from the founding fathers and how that's affeted him. but at a meeting with his new boss, things change



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America ▌america-kun!

[fanfic] Unexpected Visit

Title: Unexpected Visit
Author/Artist: midori_lover
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/N. Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: The author wrote this fic at 1 am while under the influence of sugar. Please forgive her (lack of) writing skills.
Summary: Germany decides to pay Italy a visit. Italy tries to hide his previous visitor from Germany.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the song "Bit Stupid" by Acid Black Cherry. :D First time poster...not sure about tags...:D

(Italy started babbling strange excuses. “My sister must have left that, Germany!” “You don’t have a sister.”)

[FANART] The Cold War

Artist: MOLD
Characters: All of those that will be involved. {RussiaxChina}
Rating: For all
Warnings: Oh my gad, the facts!~

The Cold War was an era of tensions between the democratic and communist societies of America and Russia. It was a strive for advancement, but also a determination of the world's next superpower. The once called "Allied Forces" will no longer be allies, as the conflict between containment and expansion tears them apart. Though the world is fearing the outbreak of a nuclear war, not all would be lost, however...


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Question: How much Hetalia is there?

I don't read any japanese, so I just wondered this... How much more untranslated material exists for Hetalia right now? Roughly how often is the site updated?

Mainly I'm curious if there are a lot of "important" strips that haven't been translated yet. By important I mean where things are revealed, like the Valentine strips, or new characters are introduced or anything else that affects the entire canon, compared to the more "one-joke" strips.

thanks in advance for an answer! I'm really happy that someone is bothering to translate Hetalia at all, I just wonder how much more there exists in total =)
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[Fanart] Ivan

Title: Ivan
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Rating: none
Warnings: A little bit of blood splatter
Russia running with his faucet.


dA link for image!

Fanart of my favorite character Ivan!
This is the first time I've posted anything on this community, I hope I haven't made any mistakes.

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[fanfic] The International Awesome Pirate Weekend


Title: The International Awesome Pirate Weekend
Authors: Mithrigil and Puella Nerdii
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Ensemble. As pairings go there is a little implicit Germany/Italy, Poland/Lithuania, England/America, France/Seychelles, and Spain/Romano, but none of this is really the point.
Words: 6600
Rating: PG-13, a fair amount of swearing and sex in the margins.
Summary: For one weekend only, England hoists the Jolly Roger again. The world weeps.

(("We need a good adventure, you know? Something fun, for a change."))


[fanfic] trapped ; PG

Title: Trapped
Author/Artist: erogenous
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/Latvia, mention of Liet and Estonia
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Hair pulling
Summary: Out of all the Baltics, Raivis had the most beautiful hair.
written for shahni!

( raivis had the softest hair.... )

This is a very short fic, admittedly. It links to a new community, shakinglove, dedicated to the pairing Russia/Latvia! Feel free to join <3
almost like a daydream

[Cosplay] Question! Reference Needed~

So I tried to look around as much as I could before actually having to ask (since at the moment I'm still up in the air if I will be cosplaying Hetalia at Fanime 8D;;), but I'm going cosplay shopping this weekend and thought I would give it a shot.

Does anyone have reference pictures of Belgium? I know Himura posted the chibi of her recently, and that there has been a colored version or two floating around here. I also think she's in like... a panel in the Meeting of the World/one second in the 1st episode. But I'd love to see if there were any better. I thought there used to be some reference pics but I can't find them again, and if I had any saved, my laptop took them with it when it crashed a few months ago :'D

So yes, any help would be welcome! Or even if you don't have pictures, like... any description would help 8Db
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[Fanart] Light on the history, heavy on the nonsense.

Title: Directionless sketch/comic post
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, France, England, assorted others
Rating: PG
Warnings: Large images to make my atrocious handwriting legible! Also Communism.
Summary: Just a few comics and musings, plus one more finished colored image. My sketchbook is a little chaotic these days.

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Moe Butler


I made him for one of my friends so I figured I'd show him off... And also see if anyone would want to buy one? Every one would be made to order so they'd all be a little different, but they're about 9" wide and 6" tall and made out fleece so he's extra squishy and huggable. (You can see a couple more pics in keikanas's journal if you want a better idea of what he looks like.)

If you'd like to order one, they're $10, which includes shipping within the US (if someone outside the US wants one I'll have to figure out shipping costs at the post office but I'm willing to send one). Payment is over paypal only, for the time being. (I'll also make the other countries as mochi, I just need a ref, but if I have to buy more fabric I may charge a bit extra. Likelihood of this is slim since I have so much fabric in boxes right now though lol)

Oh right. Ordering. If you want one, go ahead and comment with your paypal address. :3

De- Lurking with a fic and a meme

I FAIL at cuts, and I've not the slightest idea how to make one, so please don't yell at me if you can't put links.  Also, if someone could tell me how to make a cut, I'd be much obliged!  God, I'm such a noob...

Title: America's Hero
Author/Artist: xleslitax
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Obama family
Rating: PG
...depressing Alfred? Oh, and right-wing bashing. But if you don't know what that means, you won't care.
He hadn't been much of a hero lately. "You really are a hero, Mr. President."



And now the song meme!

Title: Song Drabbles
Author/Artist: xleslitax
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Listed above drabble
Rating: ...PG- PG13?
Warnings: Some drabbles have almost nothing to do with the song.
Summary: You all know this meme...





[FANART] Confederate!America

Oh goodness, this is a crazy late art trade for x_haphazard_x .
(Please forgive me, I had so much school work...)

Title: "I Wish I was in the Land of Cotton"
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, America and England
Rating: G-PG13
Warnings: If the Confederate flag offends you, and America w/out a shirt and low pants, and HUGE images...
Summary: Confederate!America

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Hetalia ★ miu
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Tegaki dump

Author/Artist: Suikka
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria, Russia, Latvia, Prussia, Lithuania, Poland
Rating: PG? Wtf, I don't know.
Warnings: Obligatory crossdressing warning for Poland. Very mild blood.
Summary: A small dump of Hetalia Tegaki E doodles. :D Also includes one Kuroshitsuji pic because they're posted at my art journal.


Here @ zureruze 

APH: Dance England! Dance!
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sakuracon attendees!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the Hetalia fans and cosplayers who came by my booth in the Sakuracon dealer's hall today. You guys were totes adoreable and I apologize for my less than optimal energy level. I am quite ill, but I loved seeing all your amazing costumes!

If you are here at Sakuracon, please come by and see me! Kingdom Arts, booth 710. I'll be the England that looks like that looks like they got hit by a truck. XD