May 18th, 2009

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[FanArt] My first Post here

Hi, I'm Ducky :D
This is my first post ever here on LJ. I hope I'm doing everything right...
Sorry if I mess up and sorry for bad English.

Title: Arthuer + Eurovision Doodles
Author/Artist: Me :D
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Denmark, Norway, Prussia, Germany, Turkey, Greece
...PG? I'm not sure, but there's nothing 17+.
Some crossdress and happy!England
Summary: Arthur and his friends, and some of my thoughts on the Eurovision finals.

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A Video and a Fanfiction

Title: HRE/Italy Fic
Author/Artist: Oneezumi a.k.a. Myself
Characters: Holy Roman Empire, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Prussia and Germany
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Blood, death...historicly inaccurate?
Summary: A fanfiction I wrote after seeing a sad Hetalia MAD with HRE.
+C: Mariebelle

[ official site ] Japan's Character CD Cover Preview

I don't think this was posted already so . . .

Himaruya already has his copy of Japan's CD!
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and the release is on the 27th, right?

but wait, is Japan's cover already shown before? It's my first time seeing it, so I thought it's something new ^^; Ehehehe . . . I'll delete if it was already out long time ago somewhere.

[ off-topic ] ugh . . . why can't I remove the wrong tags ;_;

Gig from Soul Nomad

H-help? ;w;

I just realized I lost the audio track of Doitsu's version of Maru Kaite Chikyuu. Can someone provide me the download link? Q-Q

That reminds me, I need to download the Hetalia Maru Kaite Chikyuu CD as well.

Not sure if I put the right tag. :/

Late post. [GIFS!]

As promised in one of the latter posts, I made GIFS based on someone's awesomely-made vid. [Yes that's what AMV means.]

I sort of forgot who made it and where, so if anyone can link me so I can give proper credit...

kagami222  made the awesome vid here!

I forgot to post under a cut. OTZ Sorry;
I'm sort of pissed because my original Russia wouldn't work for some reason and when I fixed him he became pixelly. OTZ Apologies.Collapse )
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[fanfic] Just one more and I'll get back to work, I promise...

Title: This Cannot be Good
Author: sayasama
Character/Pairing: Russia/Latvia, some England and Sealand on the side.
Warnings: Teacher!Russia, Student!Latvia.  Use of human names.  Kirkland abuse. un-beta'd.
Summary: There are plenty of reasons why they shouldn't, but the one reason they should is more important.  
Hello my favorite community~!  So, originally this thing was big and planned out and written in a normal way.  The whole Baltic trio was gonna be there along with Su-san and Finland and it was gonna be a detailed AU. 
...And then I decided I liked this way better :D 

The story is told twice, once from Ivan's perspective, and once from Raivis'.  Enjoy~!

(All your fake cut are belong to me.)
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[FST] Windsong: A Estonia/Finland Fanmix

Title: Windsong
Compiled by: yuuago
Pairing: Estonia/Finland
Rating: 13+ (Just to be safe. If I recall correctly, all the lyrics are clean)
Summary: A fanmix for my favourite pairing. Outside forces tore them apart; what resulted was years of separation and longing punctuated by brief periods spent together.

Click the image, or follow this link to my journal!


[Fanart] Alfred and Matthew: This is the kiss

The title sounds familiar to you? Well, is not a scene of the fic, but it was inspired by it so I slapped the same title (yeah, I'm not big at crafting titles for my fanarts/fics, so sue me XD). Not my usual style, you can blame this delicious little fic that a wonderful writer posted here today for the title and the theme of this doodle. So this is dedicated to miaoujones !!

Click to go to my DA, hope you like it!


[Chapterfic] Descend with me [1/3]

Title: Descend with me
Author: SutekiKage
Characters: One-sided RussiaxCanada; (mutual?) AmericaxCanada; FrancexUK; Germany & Austria; various other characters (A free for all?)
Rating: PG for now, but planned as a R
Warnings: Graphic, with a hint of torture in the pain and pleasure department to some very unwilling victum. Also 1 Hetalia character death, even though I had planned so much more...
Summary: [AU!] The Thymes Society is an exclusive club that is named after the river it's main branch is located by. It is a society that has numerous members in high ranking positions, mostly in Europe, but some around the world. Yet there are a handful of people in this exclusive club that don't seem to belong; mysterious beings who come and go as if on a whim, sometimes never returning at all. This is the story of one such boy, with curly blonde hair and glasses to boot, a marksman of sorts, an assassin.

Author note - This is my first time writing in a VERY long time since I left so please excuse my horrible grammer. I just felt like Canada needed more love, therefore I wrote this. It's also my first time posting on LJ so I'm stil learning as I go along =D

If there's any questions about this story please ask in the comments, I will not answer anything that gives away the story plot though, I've already planned out EVERYTHING cause I wanna FINISH THIS!! Let's just's as complicated as Arthur and Francis'  not so imaginary relationship.

P.S. I'm sorry if the cut didn't work, cause I'm not sure if I did it right or not xP

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[FANART] Moar Random Sketches!

Title: Another Round of Sketches
Artist: Colevic = me!
America, Canada, England, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, Iceland, Germany, Prussia.
Rating: PG? It's got
Prussia in it, so I'm not sure.
Warnings: Vagueness and...nipplepatch?
Summary: Alfred and his airplane, dramatic
England, Prussia stealing Germany's eyepatch, Angsty!Canada, a random group sketch, and a Pirate!England. :D I hope my vagueness inspires. Also, a mention of[info]historyblitz under the cut.

Link to my journal. Yeah, I know:


[roleplay] LJ Hetalia Roleplay

An advertisement was posted here earlier, but it didn't provide essential information.


New roleplay is starting up.  LJ Hetalia Roleplay

It's an IRC based roleplay that's so far been active, but small.  We're friendly, so please join us for some fun!
MANY canons left, and there's ALWAYS room for OC's.

If you have additional information, Please message: That1Kiid or failedcontent
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[Doujin] Allied Powers Heroica: Do Not Want; Lone Star

Title: Do Not Want; Lone Star
Doujinka: fusakugyoku
Characters: America, Hong Kong, Texas (OC)
Rating: G
Warnings: Read RIGHT to LEFT, sorry!
Summary: Two pages from my upcoming doujin, Allied Powers Heroica; Do Not Want: America discovers one thing Hong Kong is famous for and one thing he is infamous for. Lone Star: America gets to know one of his most misunderstood states.


( Backstroke of the West? )

( Cacti, mesquite trees, and barbeque steak )

4 pages left! The doujin'll be available at AnimeBoston, A-Kon, and online purchase.
Other words in Allied Powers Heroica:
Insert illustration: Allied Powers Herotica
Legend of Chop Suey (China)
Try Speaking American (France)
American Pie (Italy)
Nyoro~n Americha-san
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Title: Ranma 1/2 Crossover and the usual asian brotherly stuff
Author/Artist: chancake
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand.
Rating: G
Warnings: Korea has star nipples, HK is in a leotard, China had too much baozi.
Summary: 1 CG, 3 coloured sketches, one black/white sketch.
Past entries: [1] | [2] | [3] | [4]


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Thanks for viewing!
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[FANFIC] Extreme Ways

Title: Extreme Ways
Author/Artist: syusuke_kun31
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USxUK, GermanyxItaly, France, All Nations, Tony the Alien
Rating: PG
Warnings: cursing, mochi!America
Summary: In which America uses a discovery as a ploy to get England for some bonding time.
Prompt: "To the Batmobile, Robin!" for the usxuk 2009 Spring Fever

Click the ([6]w[6])
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ICON BRAWL!!!!!! Hetalia icon contest hosted by hetaliagraphics!

(beautiful banner by ryutsuki_sama !)

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce that hetaliagraphics  will be holding an icon brawl!

The Icon Brawl is a graphics contest that functions like a last-man-standing fighting challenge. We will start sign ups today (Monday, May 18, 2009) and sign ups will close next Saturday (May 23, 2009) at midnight (US central time).

For all information about the contest and it's process, as well as the sign up sheet to compete, visit here @ hetaliagraphics 

This is an extremely fun graphics contest to enter, so I highly urge you to check it out! Plus, the winner gets a very shiny prize pack (all hetalia related of course)!

I hope to see you on the battlefield!!!


MOAR Chilean Cosplay *o*!

Well, team grown up a few *-*uuu We did this cosplay in the con "Nasaru Sakuhin 4ever" in Santiago, Chile.

Hope you like it!


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Video under the cut =x

Sry for my ingrish XD! *headshoot*