June 18th, 2009

[VIDS] Crack Clip Dump!

So, first of all, MAJOR thanks to caedya for providing the community with such wonderful high quality RAW episodes. They were my sole motivation to make these clips.

Though I did also get the audio for these from mad_bomber75, so I guess I should thank her too. Maybe. Just kidding Nat. Love you!!

Beware...these clips contain copious amounts of Eddie Izzard, with a little bit of John Pinette. That means swearing, kiddies. ((Also lots of random nation crack!!))

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[Chapter Fic] The Awesome Pauper and the Not-So-Awesome Prince 3/?

Title: The Awesome Pauper and the Not-So-Awesome Prince
[ Previous Chapters ]
Pairing:AmericaxEngland (main pairing) with some CubaxCanada, PolandxLithuania, GreecexJapan, and GermanyxN. Italy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived two very different young men, both unhappy with their lots in life. Luckily for America and Canada, they looked exactly alike. Swapping places, the pair end up having to deal with each other's problems. America must deal with Canada's involuntary engagement to a pissy prince in drag, and Canada has to deal with, well, acting like America.
Chapter Summary: An "evil" plot is brewing and things are getting interesting for America and Canada. America and England spend quality time together, Canada has a rude awakening, and America gets the assistance of a fairy. Well sort of.

( “Oh! I must have missed the memo about the princess tea party!” )

Two more AMVs coming your way

Title: 'I will not be ashamed' and 'Bruno'
Author/Artist: Lady_Rebellion
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, Japan, America, England, France, China, Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some light language, maybe a sexual theme?
Summary: The bruno trailer staring italy, and the hetalia characters have a hangover.
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what you say

[fanart] sort of 8Db

...I, uh, don't know if this merits a real post? definitely Hetalia-related, but I don't have a lot of sketches and new stuff this time--busy trying to make stuff for the con. D8 I'M SORRY I promise I'll make it up later--

Title: n/a
Artist: evercelle | jahyuu @ deviantArt
Characters: England, America, France, Japan
Rating: G
Warnings: None~
Summary: 4 bits of art & 2 photos of handmade keychains
Previous Posts: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

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I'm gonna be at table E14 for all four days of AX, so those of you that are going are should totally drop by and hang out with me. 8Db
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Metal Gear Hetalia (comic)


I am currently entertaining myself with this.
I'm sorry that it's so blurry and horrible, but scanning and resizing does not help. I'll try improve and practice drawing too, have not done it in quite some time.
My RAM crashed a bit yesterday, so I might be slow at this...
Oh, and I already assigned every country to characters throughout the Metal Gear series 1-2-3-4.
Hope it can entertain you too..
I'll be posting in DeviantArt, since I have no idea how to post it pretty in Livejournal.

hetalia-SuFin OTP

[Fanfiction] Outcast {Chapter 6}

Title: Outcast
Author: Angelsaurus
Genre: AU, Adventure
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland & Sweden, whole cast
Rating: PG-13
Status: In progress
Warnings: none for this chapter, mature situations I suppose
Summary: Tino, a naïve and sheltered boy, is called away from his peaceful home in Finland to attend St. Hetalia Academy For Boys, a mysterious school he has never even heard of. There he finds that scandalous affairs between students and a seemingly omniscient student council are least of his worries when he catches the eye of the school's frightening outcast, a boy said to bring death to those closest to him.

Previous Chapters: {introduction}{1}{2}{3}{4}{5}

{Chapter 6}
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Kansas City Area Hetalia Gathering/Picnic

Hello everyone!

A couple of friends and I are interested in hosting a Kansas City metro area Hetalia gathering/picnic. There's lots of great parks in the area that would be fantastic for a picnic, although right now we're thinking of doing it at Loose Park or Penn Valley Park. Both locations are in a well accessible area of Kansas City proper, so it should be easy enough for anyone from the area/suburbs (Kansas or Missouri side), to attend.

We're considering sometime in mid-August. We've already hosted one Hetalia party amongst friends, but we'd absolutely love to meet up with more local fans and do something bigger! Cosplay would be optional, but encouraged if you have a Hetalia costume to wear. We're posting here before setting up a formal date, because we do want to make sure there are actually enough local fans to make this work. Please reply and let us know if this is something you may be interested in!


selling hetalia doujinshi

Hello~ I do want to sell the hetalia doujinshi ^_^

サイズ:B5  / 68p
price : 23USD (not include shipment)

sold out!!
thank you ^^

xxxHolic - Watanuki

[fanfic] plot bunnies

ok, So I should be packing my stuff. Really. So, to get my mind away from the next chapter of missing memories, I started listening to music... and guess what? I ended up writing a fic. I have no self control. Anyway, I blame it all on Felix Gray.

Title: Soldier's blood
Character/pairing: America, mention of UK, a little bit USUK I guess?
Summary: America's thoughts during independance war
Type: songfic, angst?
A/N: the song was actually in french so I had to translate it. Anyone who guess what it is (and, most importantly, where it is from) gets cookies. Forgive the bad translation.

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now, plz help me get my mind away or I'll end up writing other songfics with Felix Gray songs... The bunnies are too strong...
Jumping Gastly/Gengar/Haunter

Fanart + Eyes

First off, I come bearing some unrelated fanart drawn by moi.

Does anyone else think that the official art of Italy with his eyes open is kind of...weird looking? (I really shouldn't be talking about Italy being weird with my idea of fanart derpderp)
He only has his eyes open once in the anime for like a second and I haven't seen them open at all in the comic. I was under the impression that his eyes were really just four lines above the half-D that's called his mouth and he saw through his hair curl or something.
Oh well, at least they aren't the huge soulless uguu-style eyes artists usually give cutesy little guys like him.

Speaking of OOC Italy, am I weird for really liking how his voice sounded at the end of episode 21? He sounded almost manly and almost like he had the potential to grow a spine, even if he was showing True Italian Spirit™
tap tap tap

[fanart] England: being the single unifying theme of this dump

Title: Sketch/artdump
Author/Artist: starstray
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, England, young America + Canada, Spain, Romano, France/England
Rating: PG, and one that's... PG-13?
Warnings: More bad eyebrow jokes, mockery of Mr. Arthur Kirkland. It's also kind of image-heavy.
Summary: It's about 80% France and UK, ahahaha. Subjects covered include false calves, Little Lord Fauntleroy, pirates and Rapunzel, not in that order.

Previous posts : 1 ; 2 ; 3
Previous dumps : 1 ; 2, 3; 4

Re art4icons: Everything I post is available for whatever you would want to use it for. Just don't claim as your own, credit, &c., &c. and do drop me a line if you use it. :)


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[ICONS]58 for Hetalia, plus some others.

So yeah.  Newbie to the comm (less than two days!) and here I am dumping icons on you guys.  ^_^'''   Hope someone likes some.

[58] Hetalia
[7] Fullmetal Alchemist
[7] Other (LOTR, Temeraire, misc)


Italy6b   Alfrred1b   Latviaaaaa2   TripFailDie2

All of them can be found >>>>here<<<<, at my livejournal, as well as snagging rules.  :)
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[Fanart] An Art Dump!

Title: Art Dump!
Author/Artist: odie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, Japan, Denmark, America, Sealand, Seychelles, Canada, Poland, Spain, Romano, Turkey, Rome
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, a bit of Genswitch
Summary: An art dump with an idea.

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[hetalia] snug snowfall

Nor Cal Hetalia picnic! Planning post part 2!

Hey ya'll! There are just a few things left to clear up for the NorCal Hetalia picnic!

It seems the weekend of July 11-12th works the best for everyone, but if people could say whether Saturday or Sunday works better for them, that'd be great.

The other thing is where the picnic will be held. Currently, there are two options which look best: Golden Gate Park in SF, or Cordonices Park, which is in Berkeley. For both parks, we have at least three people driving and willing to pick people up from BART stations and other various spots, as neither park is particularly easy to get to otherwise, and we will be working to make it easy for people to get to either park, wherever they're coming from (if you can drive/pick people up, please let me know). Cordonices is smaller, and is more forest-y than GGP, also playground; GGP has more little ponds and large open spaces, also sand.

Poll #1417929 Picnic Planning

Where would you prefer the picnic to be held?

Golden Gate Park (San Francisco)
Cordonices Park (Berkeley)

What day would you like the picnic to be held?

Saturday, July 11
Sunday, July 12

The final thing is food. We currently have about 40 people planning on coming, so we cannot rely on two or three people to bring all the food. Potluck-style would be the most ideal, so if you're coming, please plan to bring either food or drink for 3-4 people. This doesn't have to be a huge deal; a box of Cheez-its (or two, or three~), a bottle of soda, box of cookies, bowl of salad, entree, etc. (not all of these at once, lol). Also, if you can comment if you're allergic to any food, or have special food requirements (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), that would be great.

There will be at least one more post, with the exact date, time, and location, as well as directions, a list of who wants to bring what food, and other information.

FANART: This tegaki shit will fuck you up D:

Title: Tegaki dump
Author/Artist: </a>punpunichu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America, Prussia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia/Prussia, Russia/Warsaw pact states, (Breshnew/Honecker lol)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Psycho!gun-loving!America, Warsaw pact, Old guys kissing,
Summary: Alfred's favourite things, Ivan fanboying Gilbert and showing him a cute little painting, the Warsaw pact how I would see it hetalialized

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[Hetalia]AmCan- play fight!

Anime Evolution 2009

Goodness, everyone is posting up photos! ;A; I feel like a butt doing this, too.

But I have some photos that weren't in the posts made there and included a diary like thing of how the con was from a staff person's point of view!

The post is extremely image heavy and i didn't bother to resize the photos themselves since the quality of them weren't that great.

That's~~ About it!

(lotsa photos and stuff to say)

[fanfiction] When You Fell

Title: When You Fell
Author/Artist: erinilliana
Characters: Hungary, Prussia, Ivan, mention of Austria
Rating: PG
Warnings: A bit of history was probably tweaked here and there? I'm not a history wiz and I honestly wanted to finish this before I grew tired of it, ahaha.
Summary: Some time after Prussia as a state is abolished, Elizabeta finds Gilbert in a limbo. As her maternal instincts kick in, she resolves to provide for him, no matter the consequences.

( "This combined with her fatigue from having dealt with Gilbert's classic stubbornness earlier, she was indescribably tired." )

Public apology

Hello everyone.

I would like to apologize for my lack of good judgment in another mod post I made three days ago. I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding.

Three days ago, I temporarily switched on moderated posting for “various reasons” and made a mod post notifying the community. I hastily explained that it was due to suspected trolling and did not explain further. This quickly led to accusations and speculations of what was meant to be a private disagreement with the other moderator of this community, a_liger.

It was only much later on when things got out of hand that I admitted the real reason for the moderated posting: - I had to go to the hospital, and the community would be left unmoderated during my shift and the shift I was covering for youkofujima. As it were, there was internet access at the hospital, and the default posting settings were back on once I returned home, which was around 10 hours later.

I am sorry I was not forthright about this, because I was not comfortable discussing such personal details on a fandom community. Had I been home, moderated posting would certainly not have been switched on, because the existence of trolls would hardly call for it.

Secondly, I would also like to apologize to the community (and especially to youkofujima) for what transpired in the comments of my post. As a moderator I should not have answered/bantered with or humored those who wanted to cause irrelevant disruptions. I knew I could have used a different approach, but I chose not to exercise those options, and therefore I am responsible for this. I am sorry to those who felt discomfort and inconvenienced because of my actions. For these reasons, although I will continue to perform my default duties (as we are short-handed and it will take time to pick new mods), I have decided to withdraw myself from all decision/policy making indefinitely, both as a moderator and as a member of this community.

a_liger and I have already apologized to each other in private, and things have come to a close. I stand by my view that any discussion as to major reforms relating to this community ought to be open to all members of this community, not just a small privileged section of a sole moderator’s f-list. I believe this community is capable of mature unbiased discussion when the time comes for it.

Thank you.

[Fanart] I Shall Rise Again

Title: I Shall Rise Again
Artist: k3llyb3an 
Characters: Poland
Rating: PG-13
Warning: It's kinda sad but in a totally uplifting kind of way if that makes any sense. Oh and I drew him like realistically as opposed to anime-y. So... if that bothers you... Um. I dunno. XD (My language skills are so elegant.)
Summary: Poland shall rise again.


Click the above preview to view the entire image!
hai !Spain

[fanart] Some Giripan and Spamano

Previous posts: [1]

Hey there, its me again~ tried to delurk some time back, failed tho, since i left to Igirisu for a week not long after that~ Soanyway, this time I bring you some random sketches of my fave pairings? LABELS TIEM.

Title:Sketch tiem
Author/Artist: Irma-Aki @dA
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano and China makes random appearance
Rating: seems safe to me? PG? HOW DO THE RATINGS WORK ANYWAY. Is there some kind of a list where it says it?
Warnings: not much, just contains some kitty!Greece and Spain dying? >>;
Summary: Sketches i did and never intend to finish due to the lack of time, but i still felt like sharing them? + one fully colored pic of Spain I did while ago

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My other OTP eats sausage

Any Hetalia fans from Utah or Idaho?

I'm hoping that I'm not the only U.S. fan from the state of Utah in a community of 13,000 + people. But am I? Are there any more of you out there who come from behind "the Zion Curtain" kolkolkolkolkol? And would any of ya'll be interested in doing stuff like one of these cool picnics folks in more populated states are doing? (Not saying I can organize one, since I'm busy liek woah these days, but if there are enough people maybe we can all figure something out).

There's also Anime Banzai in October: http://www.animebanzai.org/

Now edited to include Idaho fans! If you're within driving/busing distance of Salt Lake City (which I think would be the best place to meet up, or maybe Ogden), you're more than welcome to post here. My guess is that you'd be in Southern Idaho, but if you're willing to come further, that's fine too. Oh, and fans from Southern Wyoming and Las Vegas/Clark County? I wanna hear from you, too :)