July 7th, 2009

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[Fanfic]Independence is hallucination

Title: Independence is hallucination
Author: Kanon @ winters18
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: USUK
Disclaimer: If I owned Hetalia, I'd own the entire world. I don't.
Summary: After America gains his freedom, England throws him sideways. America will never know what has hit him.
Timeline: Post America Revolutionary War.
Warning: Ignores all the historical events and relationships after the war. OOC!England?? A little but not much. Implied sex but nothing described.

( Because no one, no one, leaves England. )
Princess and his Knight

Teensy, weensy Icon Post.

So my computer had a mental breakdown on Friday, so I haven't been working on anything like I was before. These are from before the Great Crash [what I've decided to call the tragic event], Thursday to be exact, so I had to post them up.

Gomen~ for the small icon dump.. I gotta make sure to salvage the icons I already had and these where the only Hetalia ones I had finished.

Anyway, here's a preview:

Collapse )
Eliot Sparkle

[FIC] Bitter Ice

Title: Bitter Ice
Words: 564
Rating: PG
Pairing: US x UK
Warnings: Angst! Lots of it! And me trying to be poetic.

A/N: Yes. Well. It's my first time writing US X UK...as well as Hetalia angst, so I would love some feedback.

Some kind soul has to teach me what the hell a fake-cut is, and how to do it, since the FAQ help as much as a caterpillar can. A caterpillar with NO livejournal experience.

Link: http://0mohni0.livejournal.com/6429.html

[Fanfic] Of Tight Leather and Punk Rock (4/?)

Title: Of Tight Leather and Punk Rock (4/?)
Pairings and Characters: AmericaxEngland, Canada/Fem!France
Rating: PG-13 for now
Warnings: AU! Also, sex in next chapter. Language plays a factor too. Canada abuse too.
Summary: An AU!fic featuring our favorite countries in an office environment. Alfred can't wait for the dinner, but when everything starts to go wrong, he has to wonder what exactly happened. Why's Arthur ignoring him? Why does Matthew have a black eye? Why does Francine have such a low voice all of a sudden?

Alfred smiled as he led the smaller man into his house, only to watch a knife go flying through the kitchen.

As always, my fanfic archive is located here.
[YW: Books]

Icon Dump~

First post here! This is the result of boredom and an inability to sleep.

Regardless, some icons for ya;

22 Hetalia - mainly colored character profiles
6 Misc. (Disney, Tsubasa, Loveless, Chobits, D. Gray-Man)



(the rest be here!)

-doesn't really know what she's doing, sorry Dx-

don't worry about it

Hetalia Sims Download!

Title: Hetalia Sims (German dudes)
Author/Artist: me, floatinginjoy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia, Germany, Austria
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Being myself in The Sims 3 was getting much too boring, so I went ahead and made some fellas I knew I would stay interested in (*sob*).

(Fake cut to my community!)

Hetalia One Coin figures re-run~


Good news for anyone who missed the first run of the figures, because there's going to be a second wave made!
If anyone plans on getting them, I suggest getting them on Hobby Search, because they are slightly cheaper than other sites. XD

edit: Added the YesAsia link~
edit2: Added Hobby Link Japan link!
edit3: Reservations on Hobby Search are closed. D:

[fanart] An Illustrated Guide to North American Birthdays.

Title: An Illustrated Guide to North American Birthdays.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, England, France, Seychelles
Warnings: None. Well, a lot of ridiculousness. And drunk America.
Drawings and sketches of Canada’s and America’s birthdays.

YES, I am very late, but it’s okay because I was just trying to commemorate America’s birthday by being extra American. And procrastinating.


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Fanart dump

Title:..erm, art dump?
Author/Artist: Myself
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, AmericaxCanada, RussiaxLithuania
Rating: pg
Warnings: n/a
Some doodles of Ivan and a pic of America and Canada for their birthdays.

Here's some Hetalia art from me, I just joined the group, so I thought I'd contribute.

The other art can all be found here: theinfamouscapegirl.blogspot.com
UK holding pillow

Fanfic:Down At Loch Ness

Title: Down At Loch Ness
Author: meh
Rating: PG
Pairing: US,UK, a quick apearence from Scotland,Nessie
Summary: America can't find England anywhere, he asks Scotland and apparently  hes at Loch Ness
Warning: I switch between there human names and country names once in a while so ^_^

link to my journal ----->kuro-ko.livejournal.com/1903.html
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[Fanart] Barely a spam~

Title: Barely a spam
Author/Artist: Emruki
Character(s) or Pairing(s): slight KoreaxJapan and HRExChibitalia. Includes Seychelles, France, Pirate!UK, America
Rating: G
Warnings: None. :]
Summary: I thought I'd have more Hetalia stuff to post, but I didn't. Just some stuff from my deviantART. :< Happy belated birthday, Alfred.

Follow the cut?
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[fanfiction] We See As We Hold

Title: We See As We Hold
Author: liverdatt @ uncompact
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters/Pairings: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia ; Israel.
Rating: PG, for I am incapable of writing anything completley G-rated.
Warnings: The second one deals with some touchy themes.
Summary: Oneshot with two ficlets based on the prompt 'mirror'.
Notes: Written for hetalia_contest .

(Together, they look in the mirror- two almost identical faces stare back at the two, similar jaw lines and the shape of their noses and eyes)
Hetalia ★ miu
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[fanart + paperchildren] dump

Artist: me~
Characters: Japan, Korea, China, UK, Poland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Hungary
Pairings: Slight Korea/China and UK/Japan
Warnings: a tiny bit of crossdressing
Summary: Two fanarts with Asian countries and 10 paperchild photos C:
Previous posts: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][video]

here @ zureruze 

Bad Friends Trio, Nandarou-ne..., Durr...

[Anime Expo] Hetalia Algorithm March ( + Bonus Karaoke)

After much wandering about to find the illusive Friday gathering, the Bad Friends Trio decided to make up their own molest other nation's game mini-gathering instead...! This is a piece of it. XD

Song: Algorithm March
Anime Expo - Karaoke Mic - 2009

( Oh My !! Fake Cut !! )

(Bonus: The very last performance of "I'll Make a Man Out Of You" at AX. Yes, they banned the song after this piece of awesomeness!)

(Anime Expo 2009) America's Birthday and the Second Wife Carrying contest video

here is the first video which I uploaded before on myspace but this time in on youtube!


and Here is the gathering for the July 4th, Alfred's Birthday! and the Carrying contest! 



...And it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Voiced, then fiddled by me~ (reddens) Made half in WMM, then Sony, then WMM again! (You can thank my 5 GB of free space left...)

Anyhoo buckos! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHNcsrqkI4o

Enjoy Prussia's awesomeness, Liechtenstein's creepiness, Italy's epic fail (seriously it's of ITALIAN ARMY PROPORTIONS) and dear America's douchebag-ness~

(Don't worry if you don't get the ending. Will upload the rest tomorrow.)

 A/N: OH GAWD, THE BEGINNING AND THE END ARE SUCH ROUGH EDITS GAHH. WMM made it look so cool, but now../rages


Oh so dynamic

[Fanfiction] Passing

Title: Passing
Artist/Author: olynthus
Rating: G
Iceland, Norway; light Iceland/Norway
Warnings: None, really.
Summary: It's been a while, so Iceland should be able to tie his own bow now.
Okay, so, some explanation: basically, Iceland regards being able to tie his own bow/bowtie/neck lace/whatever as something important. Since it is something Norway can do, he sees it as a sort of link between Denmark and Norway, like something that has passed between them. Written for hetalia_contest .

(This is not right.)



Alternative title: Why Alfred Likes Liet

Sorry for posting again! ^_^

Toris is quite the masochist, da? Considering how at the end he seemed to have given up to protesting. :D

Love the new layout! :D (fangirls over mods' awesomeness)

But the ending for my other vid really got me peeved...it wasn't as awesome as WMM edited it...I should've waited till next Tuesday, but I can't stand the thought of my awesomecakes being thrown out faster than English scones! /flails

So here's the full, Vegas version~


Liet, let me tell you al the reasons why I like you~
You have beautiful light blue eyes,
long brown hair,
a great atheletic body...

[hetalia] &lt;3

NorCal Picnic Reminder!

Just a reminder/notice for those of you who were down at AX and may have missed it and those of you who just lost the update post in the flood of posts this community gets!

There is an update post about the NorCal Hetalia Picnic over this-a way, with tons of details and directions and new info and such, so please check it out!

As decided, it's this Saturday, July 11th, in Golden Gate Park; see the post for details as to exactly when and where~ I can't wait to see you guys there! <3

[fancomic] The "The Baltics Are Crazy" Saga

Title: The "The Baltics Are Crazy" Saga
Author/Artist: hi_no_neko
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/America if anything. Lithuania/Poland if your goggles are on right. Russia, America, Latvia, Estonia makes a cameo, Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus.
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Russia being weird, ginormous images, a swear or two, burger-print underwear, and Belarus.
Summary: A friend kind of requested something. I drew it. We giggled. Things went downhill from there.

A preview of the madness:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Collapse )

And that's why I should not be allowed near GIMP at 2 AM.

[FIC] Flatmates, ch. 1

First post in comm, God I hope I'm doing it right.

Title: Flatmates
Author: Metheor (me)
Characters (in this chapter): Prussia, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Austria. More in next chapters
Parings: Prussia/Poland, Germany/N.Italy, Austria/Hungary, US/UK and some others
Warnings: swearing, bad jokes, bad sex jokes, human names
Rating: M (for later chapters)
Summary: Ludwig decided to make a big step in his life which left Gilbert looking for a new house. But he never suspected who will he have to live with. AU.
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not mine.
Notes: Prussia/Poland paring is so unpopular... I wonder if anyone will read it ;p

Chapter one: In which there is a lot of beer and drama.

[FANART] some hetalia fanarts

Title: nevermind
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Japan, China, England, America
Rating: 15?
Warnings: 2 of 4 contains yaoi
Summary: i luv aph. hoho

this is my first time. so worried if i make mistake. i've read the rules, but because i'm still learning english so i can't understand it entirely=.=;;

this one i drew it by dragging n pointing with my mouse. lineart in ms paint, colour in cs3.

location: bamboo forest when they first met
i love seeing them in a good terms--as friends, as brothers...

reaaaally dissapointed with this one. UGLY. but i love this pairing so muchhh.

done traditionally. pencilcolours, pencil, eraser, paper.

that's all. hope u like it. hope i don't make any mistakes n keep following the rules.

kagura, gintama

[Fanart] My first time posting

Title: Valuva taivas - The Leaking Sky
Artist: RoentgenAmoeba
Character(s) or pairing(s): Finland
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angsty Tino and fire that doesn't look like fire : D Also, the quality isn't  the best because this is taken with my camera.
Summary: Finland is standing in a swamp and is surrounded by the leaking sky and the burning ground.

So, this is my first APH-fanart ever... This is supposed to be Tino but I'm a bit nervous if I made him look like him at all since I don't draw at any kind of manga style :'''D
And I can't draw fire!

I was inspired by a song called "Valuva taivas" from a Finnish band Neljä ruusua.

You can see the picture at my dA:

And please tell me If I made anything wrong!

u don&#39;t deserve to &#39;be.&#39;
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[FST] Prussia/Hungary

Title: One More Night
Compiler: tablo
Pairing: Prussia/Hungary
Rating: PG for a few suggestive lyrics
Summary: This is a little on the depressing side because there... isn't a whole lot happy about this pairing. I tried to play around with the idea of Hungary being trapped by Austria, and Prussia's conflict about having any sort of remorse for her. Some tracks are a little violent because their relationship wasn't exactly peaceful, but I'll stop babbling now and send you off to the link :3

And now the kingdom comes crashing down undone.

I'm scared D: [icons]

Okay so I just made my first ever icons, and about 15 of them are Hetalia.

I'd like constructive criticism on them if you find anything wrong with them (I don't have any stamps or fonts yet and I just started, so bear with me), and of course you're free to take some. :3

Over here~ (still don't know how to make a link say something on this site, orz)

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[APH] Ohio Conventions

Hi there!  Newbie making her first post in Hetalia!

Just wondering if I can find some fellow Ohio members that are interested in getting a panel/making a cosplay group for any Ohio conventions.  The only ones I'm aware of are Ohayocon (Columbus), A&G Ohio (Cincinnati) and Colossalcon (Sandusky).
I know they're not happening for a long time but I thought that if we want to get a panel or organize an event then it's never to early for plotting! :D

If anyone lives in the area or is intersted please leave a comment!

I'm putting the con dates up here for anyone who wants to know.
Ohayocon 10 - January 29-31 2010
A&G Ohio 2010 - March 12-14
Colossalcon9 - TBD (Nothing up for this one yet.)
Matsuricon - August 28-30 (Worthington, Ohio)
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[mod] New Layout!

As many of you can see, we have changed the layout of the community to something that looks more Hetalia themed! All of our tags are still there, in the tags link in the link space.

Thanks very much to erinilliana for making the layout, a_liger who organized the contest, and all of you who voted.

For those who are interested in submitting banners so that the comm can get a fresh, new look every so often, please go here!