July 9th, 2009

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[Fanart] Greek Firewalking

Title: Dancing on Flames
Author/Artist: Sheilkuroi
Character: Greece
Rating: PG-PG13 (for burnt toes?)
Warnings: Fire, standing on fire so...toasty toes
Summary: had this in my mind since I saw a special on Anastenaria - "a traditional fire-walking ritual performed in some villages in Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria." - Nat. Geographic
So I thought mmm Greece fire walking..yum X3
so i drew it. First drawing in a long time. so I hope it looks okay *bow*


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kagura, gintama

[Fanart] France, England and Hungary

I'm back with more horrors!
Since I don't have a scanner I have to take a picture of my drawings. Sorry ;_____;

Title: Give me a kiss
Artist: RoengenAmoeba
Character(s) or pairing(s): France, England
Rating: G
Warnings: France looking like a maniac :''D Also, a bit poor quality because of my camera.
Summary: France, dressed like a French lady, wants England to give a kiss to him.
You can see it here:

Title: My imagination
Artist: RoengenAmoeba
Character(s) or pairing(s): Hungary
Rating: G
Warnings: She might not look like her at all. Not the best quality because of my camera.
Summary: Hungary with her frying pan in my fantasy world.

[Fanart] Igirisu Maid

Have been watching this community for a while, but haven't post anything ;P

So, this gonna be first post here...it's a fanart too!!!
Title: Igirisu Maid and Mochi America
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England + Mochi America
Rating: N/A
Warnings: Shoto/Loli
Arthur-sama in a maid costume >w< with Alfred mochi trying to pull out the skirt XD

click here for higher resolution

Hope you guys like it!!!!


Selling stuff!

Hi everyone, couple of weeks ago I posted a link to my LJ's post where I'm trying to find new homes for stuff that are lying around at home. I've just updated that list with more Hetalia items, and also...

while stocks(stamps) last, I'm offering free shipping for surface mail, and 50% off for airmail!

If you wish, take a quick look here~

(If this sort of post is not allowed, delete away! ^^)

[fanfic] Les Pantins (The Puppets)

Title: Les Pantins (The Puppets)
Author/Artist: danceoffate
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, England (implicit France/England)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some french sentences (translated at the end of the text)
Summary: 1940, France is invaded. Can we be considered as lost when we have friends.. ? Are we the puppets of the hazard ?
Translated by: my sister, lamaryllis

(His heart missed a beat at the sound of this voice. A last , he was there, standing near the now opened door.)


Chapter seven (a conflict in ideologies, and wine).

Title: He's funny when he's angry. Until he puts me in a headlock, that is.
Characters/Pairings: Feliciano/everyonething, Arthur/Ludwig
Rating: PG-13 for mild language.
Summary: A couple of pseudo-anarchists get together in Berlin.
Warnings: OOC, AU, anachronisms, and fail!history.
A/N: ... I've got nothing. Give me feedback, please!

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
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A/N: Ta-dah! Fascist-anarchist arguments! Always a good thing.
Japan - Work

[VID/Cosplay] Did some one say AWESOME?! (Prussia Post)

Well, Hello there everyone! It's me again and I come bearing gifts!
(No, it is not the updated Profile list, I promise I will get on it though ; o ;!)

I hope everyone at AX09 had a blast,
I know I did loosing my con-virginity! Lucky for me, I got to tag around with the Nation Corp crew which included the Epic Prussia, Austria, and Switzerland I keep seeing posted here~ Speaking of that!

Remember that Epic Prussia? Would you like to see them do the Pocky Dance?

Prussia's IRL Pocky Dance Synched up with the Song and with a Comparison Prussia Mad Video!
Yes, it is that epic!

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Are you AWESOME enough to survive?
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Well, that is all for right now...

Love and Peace!

US Grin

[Fanfiction] Project Pandora's Box (1/?)

My muse attacked me while I was watching Warehouse 13 a couple nights a go. ._.; I mean, I've been meaning to write some murder mystery/occult story, but this is ridiculous. I really hate my muse sometimes. orz Anyway, first chapter is supposed to be fast-paced and I only divided it into parts because of the freakin' LENGTH. Dx So, I hope you enjoy reading this and my Tales of Hetalia fics. :) (PS: This fic is only going to continue whenever I'm unable to play the XBox, 'cause that stupid thing is in the same place my dad works at [he works at home].)

Title: Project Pandora's Box
Series: Hetalia
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.
Warnings: Language, violence, AU, boy love, POV shifts (maybe?)
Pairings: US x UK (primary), France x Canada, Germany x Italy (implied, for the most part)
Summary: Arthur, Matthew, and Francis are the best agents in their countries. When they get transferred over to a top secret, high security branch in America, they begin to have their doubts.
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A/N: X-posted to usxuk
Jareth Bitch

[FANART] I'm here to bother you, nyonyonyonyo~

Lol, seriously, Prussia, ilu for that.

NYO NYO NYO (are you sick of it yet?!)
Author: Me!
Characters: Germany, Prussia, America, France, England, Russia, China, Italy, Japan, Lithuania
Rating: PG
Warnings:  China on opium, Lithuania getting chloroform'd, and England cursing.
Summary:  I'll never get over Hetalia, and I'm quite glad.

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Denne er en bilde av en fjord

[Fanfiction] DenNor ficlets

Title: Crackle
Artist/Author: olynthus
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Norway, Denmark; Denmark/Norway
Rating: PG for some vague violence.
Just try and find this a point in a historical timeline.
One of seven pieces that will be written for a challenge in which one writes seven oneshots passed on a prompt and including a snog. Yes. This piece is based on the seventh prompt, "Crackle".

And it always was like this.)

Title: Consume
Artist/Author: olynthus
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Norway, Denmark; Denmark/Norway
Rating: G
Strange fluff. |D
One of seven pieces that will be written for a challenge in which one writes seven oneshots based on a prompt and including a snog. This piece is based on the second prompt, "Consume". Plays a bit with the idea that Norwegians drink too much coffee.

(Why are they so...)

Closet cosplay? (Ukraine :D)


hahahhaaaa, .. so i cosplayed as a russia at fanime, and i was lookin at pitures .. an i was like .. wow .. that is like .. ukraine wig 8U ..


I really wish one of my buddies would've been here to take pictures for me, xD so you get myspace pictures of ukraine!

See you all at The Nor-Cal Hetalia Picnic ;]

(guess who needs to go get her eyebrows diiid?) 


you guys i am like livejournal retarded, .. how do you make those little links that lead to the entry? >_ >

[FANFIC] It's time for adventure!

Title: The World Before Me, Chapter One
Characters/Pairings: Alfred, Ancient Rome, random "muggles", more characters to come in later chapters
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Fulfilling his love of archaeology and adventure in a very unique sort of way, Alfred manages to build himself a time machine. As expected, shenanigans ensue when he decides to visit Grandpa Rome.
Warnings: Failed Latin, historical inaccuracy, a fair amount of crack, random OCs
A/N: This is my first multi-chapter fanfic ever. Please tell me if you want to read more of this. Also, tell me what I could do better next time.

We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.

[Fan Let's Play] Hetalia Sims!

Title: Hetalia Sims 2: From Veveve to Kolkolkol
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
Rating: An ESRB-enforced PG-13. My language is worse.
Warnings: I won't be held responsible if you decide you have to buy The Sims after this.
Summary: What's a Hetalia fan to do when they get The Sims 3 for their birthday? Create all the nations in one town to see who has sex with who, of course!

Part 1

[fanfics] only devils have ears; june twelve, july four

title: only devils have ears
author: konbini @ rihiten
characters/pairings: north italy, south italy, mentions of germany, spain, the vatican
rating/warnings: what, pg-15? swearing, character names, romano's distaste for protestants, biblical references? are most of these even warnings.
summary: Veneziano and Romano hide. Germany bombs the Vatican. Somewhat inspired by this fill from the Hetalia kink meme.

He's seen the old man Vatican try to make him listen and he never does.

title: june twelve, july four
author: konbini @ rihiten
characters/pairings: america, philippines, hong kong, mentions of england (a lot of those)
rating/warnings: pg, a lot of switching between country names and character names
summary: Yes, but that is not his birthday.

I'm making it for America. See? He's done a lot for me; I can never thank him enough.
John Egbert

[Fancomic] War of Spanish Succession

Ahaha, I haven't posted the rest of the pages in such a long time, I'll have to refresh everyone's memories again. XD

Well, I originally drew this for my European History project (I got a good grade, thankfully...) but I thought I'd share it with everyone here too! Sadly, I couldn't fix a lot of the stuff in this doujinshi, given my short time notice, so there are actually a lot of things that are wrong (i.e. proportions), so sorry! (I still hope you guys enjoy it....)

It's about the War of Spanish Succession, so here we go! (By the way, I post these up in this community in groups of five pages.)

(All links are to deviantART)
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AX09 day 1 Hetalia gathering part 2

(Continue from the previous post.) http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/2763617.html

as I promise, all day 1 crazy stuff is in here.
I must confess that I made a lot of weird and funny requests...

want larger picutres?
right click ---> properties ---> copy the img link ---> open in a new window

I just resize my pictures so it won't lag your computer too much.

Please make sure to watch your back as you scroll further downward.
Thank You.

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