August 28th, 2009

The next episode is...

We know that is

I can't wait for monday xD

Google Summary:

One night, awakened to the寝苦Shi Germany. Unasare while before one's eyes open, was a strange man standing. The man identified himself with the Roman Empire of the past winners of the Mediterranean, also in Germany wary馴Re馴Reshii violently and profusely. Germany faced in the face of the head, was selfish, keep talking.

Matta ne



Hello all!

Just a quick question! I haven't as of yet found a source of Hanatamago's gender. Does anybody know for sure what it is? With proof to back it up? It's for RP reasons.

I think the puppy stip is down, too, so I haven't even got to read that one.

Please delete this is it's not allowed! Thanks in advance!

[Questions] about Indonesia and Himaruya's blog

I have some questions, please respond them because I want the answers, I want the truth…

umm, his blog is open for anyone to see, isnt it?  that "he's not gonna let anyone see his blog without his own permission" is not true? well we can browse his blog easily and freely, cant we? i have to prove that my friend is wrong!


And, has himaruya ever draw sketches of Indonesia? My friend showed me a picture of a boy, drew by himaruya-taken from his blog, and my friend keeps telling me that he is Indonesia. But when I checked his blog (newest entry), Himaruya typed


I want the truth. Who is Sage, anyway? im so confused.


[Question+Fanart] Just need a Belarus detail cleared up for a future comic idea

Sorry if I'm bumping anyone's awesome entry down the page for this but I need this cleared up for my next comic idea. lol


When Belarus is going around creeping Russia out does she make the "KOL KOL KOL" sound like her brother or does she have her own creepy sound effect?

And so this post isn't completely worthless...

Title: Random sketches.
Author/Artist: k3llyb3an
Characters: England, France, Canada, America and other random nations scribbled down
: E! For everyone!
Warnings: I only repeatedly torture France because I love him.

Here's some random sketches :
(I'm pretty sure I haven't posted any of these here before. The last one is on my DA though.)
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queen of everything

[Fic] Gibraltar

Title: Gibraltar
Author: artillie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Romano. Mention of Morocco. Spain/Romano if you feel like squinting.
Rating: G
Warnings: None.

Summary: These for-old-times'-sake sailing weekends were a pain in the ass at best and disastrous at worst. Romano witnesses a curious incident on Isla Perejil.

They left Algeciras just after noon in Spain's boat. "Are we going to Tangeri or Ceuta?" Romano asked, tossing their box of food down into the cabin. Something glass in it broke, and he winced.

[FANARTS] Long time no see, eh?

Artist: usual
Characters/Pairings: America, Russia, England, Prussia, Italy, Lithuania, France, China, Japan, Germany, Canada-ish...and US/Liet :3
Rating: PG-13...?
Warnings: Lots of swearing, mooburgers, an American's guide to Europe and Asia, and America in a speedo. Also, CAPITALISM.
Summary: stuff that made sense while I was drawing it, but no more. And commission hawking.

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[AMV] Hetalia fan opening Blue Bird

So, I did it gain...yeah.  So here's another fan opening I made a while ago, this time with the third opening of Naruto Shippuden XD


Characters/Pairings: A lot.  Pairing wise...I don't know....US/UK, GerIta, Switzerland/Liechtenstein, and others I guess


Rating: PG
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dancing, England

[FANFIC] Voyeur and Land Masses

Title: Voyeur
Character/Pairings: FrUK, a whole bunch of the other nations.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some swearing, lots of drinking, allusions to sex, and hangovers?
Summary: France is a voyeur in the truest sense, and has figured out the patterns of nations and humans alike. So why can't he figure out England? And an equally decent question, why on earth had he taken him up on that challenge?!

Title: Land Masses
Characters/pairings: England/Ukraine (that's right. Your read right), some non-consensual Russia/Belarus, quick appearance of America, and mentions of France.
Rating: pg-13-15?
Warnings: Boobs. Lots o' boobage. And allusions to Belarus having her way with Russia. And, um, England being a pervert? Also, possible OOC-ness?
Summary: Little did England know that that day, when he would wonder down a hall, he would meet the gal of his dreams. And even get to feel her up.

For all those awesome peeps I saw at the Seattle meet up. I demanded fanfiction and fanart by morning, received none, and decided to just do it myself. Because crack pairings are fabulous.

[linking] Hetakaki - Hetalia Oekaki

The Hetalia Oekaki

I had noticed that there was another oekaki on oekakiart, but that it was closing down... so I decided to start up a new one.

So please JOIN us. (please read the rules too.)

We can fun weekly themes, exchanges and collaborations. The rules are generally lax. Mostly the pictures just have to do with Hetalia. It's just a place to doodle something out when you really feel the urge to draw.
I'd like to affiliate or link with other Hetalia related sites. So please let me know if you have one!


Title: I should have been writing my essay.
Author/Artist: me
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Russia/Lithuania, implied America/Lithuania, Prussia/Austria/Hungary, Spain/Romano -- Russia, Lithuania, China, France, America, England, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Japan, Austria, Prussia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, South Italy, Kaliningrad
Rating: PG, I guess
Warnings: crossdressing (because I forgot to warn once and someone fell into a trap :C), but only a little; Prussia molesting Austria?
Summary: I doodle instead of writing my AP English essays :C

[Fanfic] The Rise and Fall of Chaos [1/?]

De-lurking with a little fanfic I've started.
Dunno if I'll continue it or not, but I plan to as of now.

Name: The Rise and Fall of Chaos
Artist: Me, aka Synoran.
Rating: PG-16 for language and implied sexual advances in later chapters.
Characters/Pairings: America, England, Russia, and China, with mentions of France and Japan. Implied US/UK and Russia/America.
Summary: America's story is one of both trial and error, and eventually leading to its fall. Various countries look back at the impact Alfred made in their lives, illustrating his story of the past 150 years.
Chapter Summary:
This is just an intro for now. England takes center stage here, but the narration will switch several times throughout the story. I take certain parts from canon, but it will be far more AU in later chapters.
Warnings: Potentially controversial, bat shit crazy Alfred, swearing, more -dere than you can shake a stick at, probably a ton of (minor?) historical inaccuracies... my suckishness, of course. AAAAAAANGST, AU.

(Right now, we're here in Boston...)
Ger/Prus Sleep

[Fan Fiction] Of Princes and Parasites

Title: Of Princes and Parasites
Author/Artist: Sami-Fire (Me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia
Rating: PG/PG-13, depending on how much some swearing bumps the rating.
Warnings: None, other than the swearing
Summary: Prussia does a little introspection on his birthday.

(Another de-anon-ing from the kink meme. I'm really just curious to see what people will say about this; angst isn't really my typical fare, and I think the story gets kinda clunky at points. Don't let my opinion sway you, though. Take a look and tell me what you think. In other words, comments are very much wanted. Thanks in advance!)

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Hetalia: England Happy Dancing

Fiction: UsxUk: One-Shot: Name That Tune

Title: Name That Tune
Author/Artist: conjure_lass
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UsxUk
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: Mindless fluff! Boy Bands! Ass Slapping! Slightly Cracky!
Summary: When Arthur's dreams of going to the Take That concert are dashed, his ever-present hero is there to make sure he gets to go.

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Please forgive this jaunt into crackiness. I couldn't help myself.


Princess and his Knight

49 Hetalia Icons. :D

I'm back~! Wow. It took me forever to get these out... Mostly because I had to move my PS to my laptop and clean my home computer up. :3
It seems I've used a lot of England and Russia <3. Hmm.. Anyway, on to the icons! :D

Note: These contain FrUK and RusAme. ;)

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Hetalia sketch dump!

Title: Sketch dump!
Artist: Me! otherwise known as miss_aztec57
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Britannia angel, Spain, UK/US, Poland/Lithuania, Fem!America
Rating: PG
Warnings: Boys kissing, some blood, badass!Spain and very large images!
Summary: basically the same as the warnings and pairings. XD



So why do you build me up, buttercup baby...

[Meme] Delurking with Song Drabbles

Title: Song Drabble Meme
Author/Artist: Mimanekiyoshi (me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
1) America/England
2) Switzerland/Austria, Hungary/Austria, Switzerland/Liechtenstein
3) France/England
4) America/Canada
5) Germany/Prussia
6) Hungary/Prussia
7) France/England
8) Romano (+ others)
9) America/Canada
10) Spain/Romano
Rating: G to PG-13
Warnings: CRACK.... Lots of crack, language, and a partially suicidal!Canada .__.
Summary: Um, I'm not exactly sure what this is anymore. It's a lot of hyperness and crack. Nothing. Makes. Sense! (except maybe one or two)
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT MY WRITING! I wish though...

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Your boobs are far too close.

UW Allied Forces cosplay shoot

After talking about it since January, we finally managed to have our Allies shoot at the University of Washington.

Photographer: Al

America - chaoticvein
UK - thechessycats
France - Gary
China - cold_in_siberia
Russia - hazel_secrets
Canada - sailorkagura07
Australia - pimpyuki
Hong Kong - sumthinlikhuman
Lithuania - comechatcha
Spain - ayamesai

Warnings: Image heavy; Arthur's boxers

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Last Notice- SacAnime Gathering.

I tried my best to contact all members who replied to my last three posts. But just in case there are some stragglers, here's the info:

-Meeting at the front entrance at 3:00pm. (We may move for pictures and food, mostly so we aren't in anyone's way.)
-Please bring a food to share. We elected to do this picnic style instead of the long trek to find a restraunt.
-If you have any questions, I'll be the Hetalia Gakuen Poland. If you think you may be late, or get lost, or otherwise need to contact me, feel free to ask for my phone number in a comment.

Thanks, and I hope to see you guys there!
tomato Spain

[Fanart] Hello Daddy! Comics and doodles

What if America was a daddy?

Title: Hello Daddy! Comic + doodlez & doodles.Author/Artist: moi

Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, France, America, S. Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Prussia

Rating: All ages.

Warnings: None/ large post!

Summary: Daddy US, daddy Denmark and Finland are showing us how to raise our kids. Horay! (+ a dramatic comic of Romano and Spain)


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[FST]- "Something There"

Title: Something There
Author: Moi
Characters: Denmark/Finland
Rated: P...G?
Warnings: Randomness.:o
Summary: Fanart on the cover is by the lovely
Your resident DenFin freak is back again.:) I figured since I've made a DenFin comm
denfin_sunordenfin_sunor *plug*plug*plug*..and written many a DenFin fic, I might as well make
FST! I went for variety when it came to the artists and genres, some songs are popular, some not. Take a look
not for the DenFin, for the music!:)
Feeback is greatly loved.♥

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Whew, thanks for reading everyone!:)