September 10th, 2009

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Photos in London!

Okay, when I posted earlier with the latest ASK ENGLAND video, I figured that I'd put up the photos that were taken too, because it was great fun.....and I'm so very proud of my friends~! X3
I uploaded them to Flikr. There's nothing else on my account atm; I made a new one specally for occasions like these, as Photobucket is a bit of a pain sometimes so I thought I'd try something else~

Photo credits go to my mate Andy-sama, once again~ <3
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Doujinshi for sale! [PrussiaxGermany]

I can't believe I have to sell some doujinshi! ;O;
For those on my F-List, you'd know I'm to attend a convention next month in another state. So i need money to pay for plane fares and jazz. ;O;
For shipping, please leave your country. Shipping starts from $10USD and the max will be $15USD. [Aussies $5USD]
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(FanArt) Art-Dump

Title: Art-dump
Author/Artist: Hotaru (me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hong Kong, GermanyItaly, SpainRomany, JapanSwitzerland
Rating: G
Warnings: Not any, really. But there is this on blurry one, though.
Summary: Random Pictures of some of the nations.


Gone like an airplane~

[Fanfic] Just Because You're a Nation...

Title: Just Because You're a Nation... [FanFic.Net Link]
Author: tanya_tsuki
Characters: Veneziano is the main one. There is a bit of HRE, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, and France. Spain, Romano, and Germany show up but don't speak.
Rating: G
Warnings: None; This is meant to go with the theory that HRE eventually became Germany
Summary: Full title: Just Because You're a Nation Doesn't Mean You Have to Tell the Truth. The Thirty Years' War is over, and Veneziano just wants to know what happened to HRE.

Written for this week's prompt of "liar" at hetalia_contest

( We'll meet again... )
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[Fanart] APH/FMA crossover

Title: Let's just go with Fullmetal Hetalia, because I am lame like that.
Artist: futuresoon
Characters: America, Canada, England, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus
Rating: PG
Warnings: Creepy Russia is creepy?
Summary: Well, it's not like Hetalia doesn't have a pair of blond brothers, is it.


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[Fanfic] The Bitter Vintage

Title: The Bitter Vintage
wizzard890 and pyrrhiccomedy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America.
Summary: 1946 - America approaches Russia in the hopes of ending the danger of nuclear warfare forever.
Rating: PG-13.

This is a chapter from The Chosen End, a Russia/America collaboration spanning from 1780 to the present day. You can read all of the fics in this story at the Index.

Crossposted to russiamerica.

(For anybody who's interested in this kind of thing, uh, we have our own comm now! Check us out! Like grownups!)
Yay~ ADHD~

Just dishing out some more amvs ^-^

Title: Hetalia scrub edition 1, I think my brain just exploded, The heist,
I cant decide, and Nations: its whats for dinner.
Author/Artist: Lady_rebellion
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Rome,
Germany, Italy, Japan, England, France, and America.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Language, Cruddy excuses for amvs, and A yandere russian.
Summary: Lithuania starts a band, My brain explodes and produces and amv,
Italy breaks up with japan, Russia sings a very fitting song, and France explains
the food chain to america.

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[Fanart]Art Dump + a question

Art Dump
Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, Romano, Italy, Spain/Romano, Allied Forces, Axis Powers
Rating: G

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So, I have a question concerning this doujinshi: Sweet Tomato.
Have it been scanned or is anyone planning on scanning it?
Because I remembered there was once a poll and this djs had actually gain quite a lot of votes...
Well, umm. If it haven't been scanned yet I was thinking that I might then scan it.
Would anyone be interested?</div></div>

since when was hetalia a reason to kill a friendship?

I don't even know if I'm supposed to be posting this crap, but I thought it was worthy of ranting discussing.

I can't be the only one who lost a friend due to Hetalia, right? Because I'd feel a whole lot better if I wasn't the only one wallowing in butthurt caused by someone else's butthurt. Or perhaps you could just tell me about your Hetalia fantard woes. Anything would work, really.

I just am going through some rough times because my friend decided that hating Hetalia was more important than respecting me. Cool, isn't it?

( oh, and just in case, I'll post something actually worthy. Like these Hetalia banners. )

Alfred Spinny Chair

[fanfic][fanart] Have Some More - Omake

Everyone remember my last post?

Well, here's the follow-up omake (as per chromatic_coma's request :3), with some fanart (3, actually) from the first part as well.

Title: Please, Sir, May I Have Some More? (Omake)
Author/Artist: Me!
Characters/Pairings: France, UK, little!America, little!Canada (well, in the art. In the omake they're adults.) FrUK family, so I guess implied FrUK?
Rating: PG, just to be safe (there's really nothing there)
Warning(s): Uh... a weird and awkward situation? You should probably read the first part. Also, I really don't think I draw guys well, but that could be just me. ;A;
Summary: Continuation of this post; present-day, at Arthur's house. The fanart is snippets from the first part.

Art Preview:


(Clicky clicky the link~)
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Hetalia Fortune's

hi! we're collecting hetalia-inspired forunes (for fortune-cookies), and need some help^^ it'd be awesome (ohsnapinPrussiamodeagain) to have different countrys "write" their own messages that they sneak into Yao's cookies >XD

this far, we've got...

Read the atmosphere.

That was chicken you just ate.

Your nipples belong to Korea.

Made in Korea.

Made with Russia.

You will become one with Mother Russia.

Time to find new job go to

(guess what's by/about/for who? ^^)



[Fanart] Hetalia Paperchild: Italy and Prussia <3

Hetalia Paperchild- Italy and Prussia <3
Author/Artist: Saruchan
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, Prussia and ItaXPrussia X3
Rating: R14 (maybe°w°''')
Warnings: Images large
Summary: It's result of an afternoon with heta-fan-friends. In this madness group there're: Saruchan, Haruhi, Gothic and sakura_clamp.
Fanart NOT mine, but it's by my friend Saruchan*w* (I've only done photosXD). Sorry for my bad english°A°'

Click Me <3


[fic] Diary of Letters

Title: Diary of Letters
Author: kit_pentagon aka taivaspoika
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sweden/Prussia
Rating: G
Warnings: Bit of language, but it's Prussia, hey! And, well, human names used.
Summary: Gilbert is bored. He writes a letter.

AN: Yes, so I did write another one. Might write another one, set after this one, maybe, I think, possibly. Also, posted on dA and


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Random Swedish
Kära - dear
Skriv snart - write soon
Jane, Tarzan, Deliciously Improper

[Fanfiction] Alfred Jones [4/16]

Yeah that's right I finished the story... XD; shows you how bored I am sitting at home waitingfor themonth pas so I can go to college. ;___;

Title: Alfred Jones [4/16]
Author/Artist: Me 8D
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, Australia, Sealand, England, Mentions of Russia. Minor AmeriCanada
Rating: G~
Warnings:Its fluffy~
Summary: Matthew was an ordinary 12 year old boy, well for the most part. He had his brothers, a home, parents who took care of him. Until the fateful night that a strange boy flew to his window...

( "Who are you?" )

[Fanart] sup LJ, I bring some stuff

Artist: me!
Characters/ pairings: China, Russia, Denmark, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, America/US, Finland, Japan, Prussia, Korea
Rating: PG-13? uhm I don't know but it'll be awkward too look at with your bro sitting next you haha
Warnings: Where to start OTL there is some some painful looking china because and also there is some slightly messed up turkey and greece taking part in a chibi pile and some halfnaked wrestling with a crocodile
Summary: Mostly doodles, tegaki, some finished works and I'm offering some wallpapers of past work of mine, because people asked me C': I'm only posting them here! There is also one crappy might-be-first-page of a doujin I'd like to do

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Cosplay related/Austria?

While looking around at some Hetalia cosplays I came across this image. Sadly, I don't seem to recognize this outfit or remember a time when Austria wore it. However it's gorgeous! Does anyone know of when Austria was dressed like this?
Default-The World is Quiet Here

[FANFICTION] Слова, как тихие дожди, осень (In the Wells of Silence)

Title: Слова, как тихие дожди, осень (In the Wells of Silence)
Author/Artist: Rea, or geogirl15
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, with mentions of Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Canada.
Rating: Light R, for implications of violence, religious imagery, implied yaoi, and because this is Russia.
Warnings: Violence, death, religious imagery, conquest, mentions of the Russian Revolution (nothing too detailed), zombies, light yaoi, and implied MPreg.
Summary: Ivan has a crisis of faith.
Notes: Another part of the 'H War Z' series of fanfics, though this one has less to do with zombies and the zombie war and more to do with Russia. It's basically an analysis of my Russia's mind and how he's been affected by everything, etc. It's actually kind of hard to describe...but I like it a lot. Russia's one of my favorite characters, so I can only hope I did him justice.

The title of this fic roughly translates out to 'Words, Like Quiet Rain, Fall' (in the Wells of Silence), which are inspired by lyrics from 'The Sound of Silence'. What this has to do with the fic, I don't know, but I thought it sounded nice.
I worked really, REALLY hard on this part, using an internet dictionary for the Russian in the fic (which may be off...)
It's a bit darker than the other bits, mostly because of the religion.
But I like it.

A NOTE- This fic was not made to offend anybody. I apologize in advance, and remind readers that this wasn't intended to be 'God Bashing'. I don't feel the way the characters portrayed here feel about religion, and my personal views are not reflected here. If you don't like it, then don't read it. I really am not trying to offend anybody.

...I am a monster...

Fanfiction: World/Hidekazu Chpater Three -Finally! ; A ;-

HAHA ALMOST 2 MONTHS. ; A ; Or something idk.

Title: World/Hidekazu
Author/Artist: IYBanKun
Character(s) or Pairing(s): W-World/Hidekazu
Rating: Rated PG13 for THIS chapter due to language~ (I think?)
Warnings: COUNTRIES ARE PEOPLE. D8 And the artist of Hetalia oya
Summary: Well, all these countries have to be maniacal, right? Or is Hidekazu just sick right now? Either way, he needs to get out of the house, and should probably take someone with. But why the country of passion?

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