September 16th, 2009

[Fanfic] Tea Kettle [England/France]

Title; Tea Kettle
Author; x-x-x
Character(s) or Pairing(s):; France/England (use of real names)
Rating/Warnings; PG, I think.. fluffly, light swearing. Loving!Francis.
Notes; It started as a drabble, but it ended up being 4 pages.
Summary; However, because of that Francis always took it upon himself to add a little flare to the Englishman’s life, though Arthur would never admit it.

Meeting be damned. It was just not his day. )
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[Chapterfic] You Can't Take the Sky From Me 18/? (AmericaxEngland)


Title: You Can't Take the Sky From Me [FF.NET LINK] [ Writing Journal Previous Chapters ]
Author/Artist: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/England, Germany/Italy, Poland/Lithuania, Spain/Romano, Prussia/Switzerland, Belarus--->Russia, other pairings in future chapters. Pretty much the entire cast will be appearing in this fic.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warnings: None
Summary: Ace Pilot America is on a mission for the World Military when a chance encounter with a group of Sky-Pirates leads him to team up with their captain, England, against a malevolent group that wants to fill the sky with zeppelins. [Steampunk AU]
Chapter Summary: It was cute the way England was flushed deep when they pulled away; the crimson stain spreading across his face and he swore, all the way to his ears. His eyes had been wide, their brilliant green only accentuated by the red of his cheeks.

After he’d leapt away, and he knew he’d looked at England as if he, America, had done something terribly wrong.

He hoped he hadn’t given England the wrong idea by reacting in such a manner.

…Whatever the hell the right idea was anyway.

Well you’d better get up in the air again, so you can steal some more tea kettles for your stove or something... )


The Sims 2 : As random as it can get

Rating: T
Pairings/Characters: France / England, Russia, Estonia, Prussia, Lithuania, Austria
Warnings: lameness[?]
Disclaimer: I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia, or The Sims 2. The modsims were made by our awesome friend here: 
Summary: My first attempt at 'siming' Hetalia. After I finish all my commisions and posters I'll play more.


Sorry for my lack of sense of humor D':
Persian Girl

Iran's story: The Girl Between the Two Seas - Part 3 [FANFIC]

Title: The Girl Between the Two Seas
Author/Artist: Countess_k
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Iran, Persia, (later) Arthur, Ivan
Rating: PG
Genre: Historical, Angst, Romance
Warnings: Violence, original character death, religious notions.
Summary: Iran's story from her days as the granddaughter of the ancient Persian empire to being dubbed a terrorist state.

Here is the third installment of my Iran saga. You can find Parts 1 and 2 here.
As always, feedback is much appreciated.

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Is that so? *glare*

Delurking with a Fanfic

Title: Russian Peace
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Chibi!Russia, a little bit of Chibi!Ukraine and mentions of Chibi!Belarus.
Rating: I've seen kids watch more mature things on Saturday morning cartoons! But, just to be safe, let's call it a Dark!Fic.
Warnings: Mentions of Death, Life, bar fights and bloody gore. And if that's not enough, we have a four year old drinking vodka!
Summary: Done for Hetalia Kink. Russia's history is defined by an endless tale of cyclical violence and bloodshed. By the time Bloody Sunday comes along, Russia can't help but to think about moments in time only he can remember and the elusive peace they gave him.

“You know мама, da?” The little Russian peered up at his nameless companion. “Is she coming back?”

The dark man’s grin looked almost fatherly. “She’s not. I won’t let her.”

Gintama || Kagura - chocolate heart?

Calling all Roleplayers!

I've noticed there have been a lot of requests for RPs and posts about RP communities, but there was no community like dgm_connect or fma_rp_direct which saddened me. So I made one just for Hetalia.


:D If you're familiar with those two communities or rp_me then you'll know exactly what this is.

The community is specifically for roleplaying advertisements and for people who are looking to find other Hetalia fans to RP one on one with or whatever the case may be.

More info on the profile page here!

So join, have fun meeting new people and rping~!

Illinois Hetalia Picnic.

I have a Latvia cosplay I would like to debut thus I am planning a Hetalia cosplay picnic!

What; Hetalia Picnic.
When; November 14th @ 11am -3pm
Where; Lake Arlington in Arlington Heights
Cosplay; It's preferred but casual and no cosplay is ok.
Food; As it's a potluck picnic, it'd be nice if you brought something. Please do!
Anything else; If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please tell me so I can inform people not to bring anything bad. :D

Any real time updates and more info is right over here on the Acen thread

[Translation] Gakuen Hetalia v2

It's me again with more of Nosuri's translations. By 'v2', we mean more of the script than before. There's no game out yet or anything for it (I think?). Here's what she said:

"So it seems I was the only one not knowing the scripts for Gakuen Hetalia were actually available on Kitayume.
But they're a little strange.
So I can't tell if they're supposed to show up on the game, in which case I'm stupid enough to get stuck at "level" 6, or if Himaruya kept is as a project and never worked those into the game.

Also, scene numbers are not mine. So don't blame me if they don't make sense, are missing, or whatever. I think it was a work in progress for Himaruya too.

A brief note on "flags": apparently, when the player makes a choice that influences their "affinity" with another character, they get a flag. Okay? Let's start, because it's pretty LONG!!"

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[Cosplay] Dragon*Con 2009

So, over Labor Day weekend (September 4-7), Dragon*Con was held in Atlanta, GA. I had such an amazing time meeting other Hetalia fans and cosplayers, especially since this was my first time really cosplaying. I wanted to share some of the pictures that were taken during the con. ^_^

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butterfly effect, Japan

[fanfic] Come Not Between 1/3

Title: Come Not Between
Author: me~
Characters: Hong Kong, China, Russia, UK, Japan.  Brief mentions of other Nations.
Pairings: Uh, not in this chapter.
Rating: PG, just to be safe.  (May go up in later chapters.)
Warnings: ...Brief mentions of alcohol?  But no one's drunk.  This part's pretty tame; later chapters will be a tad darker (but not unbearably so).
Summary: set in 2008, when China hosted the summer Olympics.  An unexpected guest shows up to the celebration and decides Hong Kong's not quite ready for independence yet.

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Love me Eliza?♥ ♥


It came out alot better in my head but....

Title: America and England - Right Round
Author/Artist: catmenrulz (me!)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US/UK
Rating: PG-15 for language and one suggestive picture
Warnings: for language and a suggestive picture
Summary: Alfred and Arthur spin eachothers head right round



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[final call for Pre-Order] Ludwig and Gilbert's T-shirt ~~~~~~


Now is near the end of the Pre-order for  Ludwig and Gilbert's T-shirt~~~~~ 

And there is a change on the Gilbert's T-shirt.

(just the words is changed from "Ich bin so geil"  to "Ich bin der Größte!" which mean "I am the Greatest!" )

now the Ludwig and Gilbert's T-shirt is selling $20, and will push the payment due day till the beginning of Oct.

If you are interested to get one, plz go to HERE to order one.


[ Cosplay ] Prussia Cosplay

[ Sorry. First time posting here Dx And Roddi asked me to write somehow inchara lol Dx ]

I thought about postin my awesome cosplay.
Don't cry 'cause I look so damn great. I already know that I'm handsome ;D
Neither Austria nor West can stop me showing the world my awesome body !

So follow this awesome fluffy cut to see the awesome me
(and don't forget to kneel down in front of me to kiss my feet !! )



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Sorry for being kinda annoying . __.
Chibi Me

My US X UK sketch comic

US X UK sketch! Enjoy! I will be doing some US X UK doujinshis! XD

Clear version here>>
Title: Arthur is drunk
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): us x uk
Rating: PG (i guess)
Warnings: None

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