September 30th, 2009

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[vid] Another Challenge! This time it's Prussia!

I bring you another challenge!!          Prussia's Ten Minute "Kesesese" Challenge!                   I dare you to take it and so does he!

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hetalia_tweets Wants You!

hetalia_tweets Wants You!

hetalia_tweets is a place where Hetalia obsessed RP-ers go to indulge themselves in the world of Hetalia using Twitter!

The list of characters taken were cleaned out today, pruning out characters who were inactive for an extended period of time.
As a result, one group of players, Circle 2, have MANY openings to be filled!

On Twitter, you can talk to anyone on your "Circle," or group, start conversations, friendships, relationships, and even fights if you so decide. It is a very tight-knit community, and you are sure to find friends!
(There are even AIM chatrooms set up so the members can converse and have fun off Twitter- always very populated!)

We welcome the whole spectrum of newbies and experienced RP-ers (heck- I'm a mod and I was a complete newbie!). All you have to do is to take a look into the Master List and find a character open that you would like to play, post your request in the comments, friend everyone in your circle, and your name will be added onto the list!

Updates are fairly rapid due to the nature of the platform- twitter, so there is always something going on! If not, feel free to jump in and start. Someone is bound to play with you!

If you are interested, a more complete group, Circle 1 also has a few openings!
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[fancomic] The Comic In Which Finland Became A Woman (part 0~9 of ?)

itle: The Comic In Which Finland Became A Woman (added part 9 of ?)
Artist: hime1999
Characters: Finland, Sealand, Denmark, Norway, England, US, China, Russia. More will follow.
Rating: PG for boob jokes.
Warning: gender flip, boobs, tasteless jokes.
Summary: So one day, Finland found himself the, umm, wrong gender. In this part: Finland is given a poiso-- I mean, potion..

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Hetalia Sporcle Quiz 2!

It's called 'Hetalia Characters Relation' quiz, and it's about the relationship between the characters, obviously.

Previous quiz:

Hetalia characters:

This quiz is prone to troubles and errors, so please notify me when you find any.
Oh, and give me suggestions for the next quiz.

Edit 1: Fixed Estonia's issue, added 4 more questions.


Title: Of Murder and Magic

Author: me

Rating: PG-16?

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Romance

Characters/Pairings: England, Seychelles, America, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and others. US/UK, one sided France/Seychelles, one-sided France/UK, Spain/Romano and Germany/Italy if you squint.

Summary: Gakuen Hetalia AU. When a student is found murdered, and Arthur is named the next victim. Arthur takes it upon himself to solve the mystery. But will it take his life to solve it?

Warnings: AU, violence, boy love, human names, swearing
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(no subject)

Of all the Hetalia Characters, who do you think is the handsomest of them all? And why?

I'm curious what the fandom thinks. :D
I dunno if this was already asked, so please tell me if it is. :D It's hard purging through 497 entries under the q&a tag. D:
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[FIC] Over the Years (or Five Times America Falls in Love)

Title: Over the Years (or "Five Times America Falls in Love and One Time He’s Not Quite Sure")
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Word Count: ~2000
Rating: PG
Summary: In which America falls in love with his presidents.
Notes: Thank you to happy_duck for beta work!

( The first time America falls in love, it is with a very tall and very intimidating military man... )
Akira Rin: Photo

I've a wicked picture for you all~

Ff. So today was theme day at my school and ... well, seniors got "Safari" ... I decided I'd sneak in and dress up as England! The only change was this magnificent Indiana Jones style hat!! I really liked how it turned out, though the Gorilla man won the costume contest~ ...

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And that will be all, my good friends. Have a fantabulous day~ Do comment if you wish <3
Sorry mods if my tags don't show up .. THEY NEVER DO.


hey! I dont know if this was asked before but...

what do you guys think about Hetalia's 3rd volume?

So far we've seen the past two volumes were adaptation from himaruya's webcomics and new stories... but If there was going to be a third volume... does that mean new stories? (or maybe more adaptations?)

also... New volume means new characters?

would nordics have more strips? (or probably... hk, taiwan, australia, belgium? *characters he has created but yet need strips*)

any comment about this would really interest me

(also I dont have the manga volumes... so I dont know if hk or taiwan had strips of their own)
Gilbert Prussia

[Fanart] - America - America's Stars!

Title: America - America's Stars!
Author/Artist:[info]watercolourrain / NightmareTease
Characters/Pairings: America/ Alfred
Warnings: It's a chibi?
Notes: Dedicated to one of my friends on DA <3. It's part of the Hetalia chibi series I've started to work on~ So far only this one and Romano have been done ^^ - I thought they're quite cute, so I felt like sharing with you~ I hope you'll check it out, thanks!

Please click the preview to go see the picture!


Thanks so much! <3
[Hetalia] OTP *U*

[AMV] Milkshake

Title: Milkshake
Author/Artist: pokingmadness
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Axis Powers (Kiku, Feliciano, Ludwig... and a little bit of Gilbo and Roderich), Allies (Alfred, Arthur, Francis, Ivan, Yao), Neutral Powers (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Spain) [Yes there is such a thing]
Rating: PG? (pff no idea)
Warnings: A little seizure, I guess...
Summary: Just some delurking with my tribute to the awesome Hetalia~

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[Fanart] APH/Eddie Izzard: Smell of Europe

Title: Smell of Europe
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England
Rating: PG
Warnings: slight language and America being creepy :P (personal bubble invasion!)
So, this is the last one I had sketched and ready to ink, and I wanted to save my favorite for last ^_^ (hopefully I'll get more ideas at some point, but for now, here ya go)
I REALLY wanted to draw America smelling ALL the European countries...but after going through the list, I realized that would KILL me. So yes. Though if you go with the sketch, it's really England he's interacting with, soooo it works ^_^

Part this is from (from Dressed to Kill): "So by the time America came in - ‘cause you were watching a U.S. cavalry film, ‘cause the U.S. cavalry always comes in right just towards the end of the film - ( sings charge melody ) 'Ok, let's go America!' ( charge melody ) 'I love the smell of Europe in the morning! So, how're you doing?', we were going, "Fucking ‘ell, where've you been?' 'Ah, having breakfast. So, what's going on, hey?'


Link to comic:


[fanart] Desperation Leads to This

Title: Desperation Leads to This
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/Belarus
Rating: PG? (dunno how to rate)
Warnings: Extermely short skirt and Ugly coloring... > . <
Summary: So technically...This is my post of my fanarts here in please be nice? It's up to you guys to imagine how the hell this happened...XDD

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[fandub] Marukaite Chikyuu Europa *full* ver.

Hi minna~
Finally~ we [tomo-dachi-ka?] done marukaite chikyuu europa full version~!


All comments are welcome :D
That was rly funny! ^^


[fanart] Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy~

Title: Bonjour~ Je m'appelle Francis Bonnefoy~
Author/Artist: Me~!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France
Rating:... G? XD PG?
Warnings: Slight brightness may kill your retinas~! :D
Seriously so in love with "Embrace The Très Bien Moi". Maybe a little too much. I had an hour long break between classes and couldn't help draw Francis while listening to the song. Couldn't be happier that his CD is finally out!

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Hetalia Day STL meetup

So my friend and I have been planning on doing something for Hetalia Day, and we decided "Hey, why not?" So I'm just seeing who would all be interested that is in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

Most likely we'll be going to the Magic House since that place is fun to play around in...Unfortunately, there is an entrance fee of $8.50. We also were thinking maybe going to the Sonic or something down the street for lunch, since the café they have at the Magic House fails at food.

Cosplay isn't required, casual or no cosplay would be best unless you're good on the whole ignoring-the-stares-of-children thing.
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Fic: Race Ya (1/1)

Title: Race Ya (1/1)
Author: Amy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: Fluff, Maybe slight OOCness for Russia.
Summary: America and Russia visit Tomorrowland.

Notes: After reading a bunch of really beautiful, really depressing Russia/America related fanfics and looking at a bunch of really heartbreaking Russia related fanart I decided the two could use a little break from the angst train and enjoy a bit of a fluffy moment. I remembered the Nations go to Disneyworld prompt over at the kink_meme and thought what better setting for a brief respite from their real lives. Russia might be a touch OOC in this but...I think it's not too overdone.

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[fanfic] the reddest night (denmark/norway)

Title: The Reddest Night
Author: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Words: —1,000
Characters: Norway ; Denmark (one-sided Denmark/Norway, mentions of Sweden)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kissing
Summary: Written for hetalia_contest's week 015 prompt, "Red." “Morning red gives wet days; evening red gives sweet days.” : the story of the Kalmar Union

( "Yo, Norge! Still sulking up here?" )

Delurking by tossing an idea out there...

Okay so just an idea as of now but anyone in the southern NH /maybe northern Massachusetts area interested in doing a cosplay day type thing at Canobie Lake Park? Don't have any specifics yet 'cause that all depends on if there's any takers on this. =) 

I'm not so used to posting things on here so if I'm missing anything mods please let me know.
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[fanart] northernerrrrsssss and niisan love xD

artist: ameru
characters: NORDICS & canada & france
rating: G
comment: Nordics brotherhood colored ^^. A somewhat sad Canada and doodle France~ ehhh the preview pic is something i will be working on soon muhahahah small post ;u;

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other posts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 |

Thanks for viewing!!

[Event] Halloween Cosplay Meet-up in Los Angeles - LOCATION FINALIZED!

Sorry for the SUPER LONG title. But we've finally finalized all the details and got this thing completely organized after two whole months of planning. Follow the fake cut to the Halloween cosplay event~

(In This Town We Call Home, Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin Song!)
kuroko looks at you

[fancolor] Ukraine

To be honest, I don't know if I should place the format, since I didn't draw it; I don't really consider it as fanart, so please tell me if I'm doing it wrong. Also, if this is not allowed, please feel free to delete my post.

So in a previous post, Hidekaz uploaded a really cute image of Ukraine. <3 So I decided to color it once I saw it and I decided to place it here. Hopefully I'm doing this right.

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[Discussion] When Hetalia Fantarding goes too far...

Have you ever stopped and come to your senses long enough to be disturbed by your own fangirling/fanboying?

Realized how weird it is to be shipping countries? (regardless of whether these are fictional renditions or not)
Been talking to a fellow Hetaliatard in public, only to have someone overhear and give you an odd look?

I'm just as much of a Hetaliatard as the rest of you, but every now and then you have to look at something from an outside perspective. I can understand where some people are disturbed by/dislike Hetalia fans...

So yeah, this is just a little question that popped into my head... I've had all of these situations happen to me; so now I'm just wondering if any of you have gotten to the point where you too managed to weird yourselves out.
hoodie (US)

[Fanart] US & UK Dump

Title: US & UK Dump -- Oh, and plus a Canada. How is he always forgotten?
Artist: yours truly, made of berries & kisses
Characters/Pairings: America, England; USxUK, AmericaxCanada (if you squint)
Rating: PG-13? Nothing really naughty in here, just suggestiveness.
Warnings: SHINY & BRIGHT. x:

Been having problems with LJ-cut, so I hope this works...

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[YW: Books]

[fanfic] The First Stain on the Snow White Soul

Title: The First Stain on the Snow White Soul
Author:  [info]fallenxembers17
Young variations of: England, France, America, Russia, China.
Word Count: 175~250 each, total of about 1,100.
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, gore, non-explicit rape, unsavory ideals & histories. Un-beta'd.
Summary: 5 drabbles detailing the first kills of the Allies. Various time periods.

( The blond and blue boy watched, heart pounding and stomach turning, as the life oozed out of the man, black and languid in the cold darkness. )

[amv] America loves Orange Soda (See Edit X'D; )

[b]EDIT: Crap, I got beat to it XD;;;;; but I'mma post this anyway okay? :'D[/b] Title: APH Kel Author/Artist: me and Kel Mitchel I guess :D Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England Rating: G Warnings: none Summary: Well, I was reading some of the conversations in this thread: and what with this week's episode and everything....I just couldn't resist :'D So, um; enjoy! There's more besides the orange soda bit too xD