October 22nd, 2009

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[fanfiction] three ficlets.

Title: One-sided. Emperor Washington. Sweetest sort of sin.
Author/Artist: rocketsciences c:
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria, France. America. France (France/Jeanne of Arc). +various historical figures~
Rating: G, I'm pretty sure it is.
Warnings: none!
Summary: three very short ficlets: countries attend a marriage. America receives a pleasant 12-ton surprise. France wonders.

Delurking on this comm and posting fics :'D Right, hope you guys like c:

One-sided: Austria, France

Emperor Washington: America

Sweetest sort of sin: France

Pixiv taglist + fanart

I don't know why I'm posting, but whatever.

I've been working on this Hetalia Pixiv taglist for quite a while now, and it's finally finished.

The link: kaedemirumo.webs.com/incompletepixivtaglist.htm

If it just so happens the site crashes or whatever, inform me. I'll go...put it somewhere else. (I do know there is another Hetalia Pixiv taglist existent, but the reason I made this new one is due to a lot of new tags and stuff.)

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Title: wut
Who else?
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Hungary/Chibitalia, I guess?
It's safe.
Eh, I don't think there is a need for it.

It's in a link, yes.

Here: kaedemirumo.deviantart.com/art/APH-Hungary-Chibitalia-130570862

That's all.

Asian countries fanart~ <3

Title: APH- CHIBIBI <3
Author/Artist: me (:     Sabakugaara on DA
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  Taiwan, Japan, China
Rating: G ARUUU
Summary: just a quick doodle that was cute enough to make me want to color it XD <3


YAAAY :'D second post in LJ!! <3

Really quick entry >< and this week there's a Con in Shanghai,China and i'll be going with a group of friends as the Asian Countries from Hetalia! expect some Cosplay Photos soon (: !! <3

Ciao, Aki


[Event] Hetalia Day Event Update: Alabama

Hello again! Since Hetalia Day is drawing closer (two days!) I wanted to update everyone attending the Alabama event in Auburn with time and location for the picnic.

TIME: 12:00-2:00 PM Central Time
PLACE: On the campus of Auburn University

At this point the current weather forecast for Saturday is sunny with a high of 64 degrees. As long as good weather holds, we will be holding the picnic on Samford Lawn, which is at the corner of College Street and Thach Avenue. However, if it should happen to rain, the picnic will be held in the Auburn University Student Center, which is accessible via Donohue Drive. I have a map of campus below, showing both possible locations and parking near each. Remember, I will be bringing bottled water but food is your responsibility. I'll also have a camera for taking pictures, so feel free to come in costume or bring any Hetalia-related items you may have!

If anyone has any questions about the event, please feel free to reply here or e-mail me at phantomjunkie2006@yahoo.com.

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{FANFICTION} Breathe Me {1/Who Knows}

I'M BACK! With more fic. Whoo.

Title: Breathe Me (AKA Why Puffi And Bing Should Not Be Allowed To Roleplay. Ever.) - Part II
Author: puffitheinsane as Lithuania, alchemistofbing as Denmark
Characters/Pairings: Denmark, Lithuania, mentions of... Well, pretty much everyone. Denmark/Lithuania (yes, seriously.)
Rated: PG-16, but will be NC-17 later
Summary: Help, I have done it again, I have been here many times before. I hurt myself again today; And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame... In which Lithuania finally gets a break, and Denmark gets cockwhipped.
Warnings: Crack, mentions of past abuse, OOC-ness in some parts xDD

Lithuania stumbled after the energetic nation, panting slightly from trying to keep up despite his much smaller stature.

America and Russia doodles.

It's me again. xD

The America one is finished, and I spent a lot more time on it than the Russia one (although it's wonky because I'm no good with drawing straight. The Russia one I didn't really mean to post up here but I thought I may as well even though I'm not happy with it and I didn't even use my good pens for it. D:

Title: Untitled
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
America and Russia
Art in boxes. ART IN BOXES.

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Where The Flowers Bloom (Chapter 4)

Title: Where The Flowers Bloom
Author: [info]rissa_ichigo
Characters/Pairings: RussiaXAmerica
Rated: Teen
Summary: As Alfred hits rock bottom in the Russian prison camp, he meets a young man named Arthur from the other side of the fence. The two begin to form a strong friendship, but it's not just a fence tearing them apart.... USXUK, RussiaXUS, and other pair.
Warnings: Violence, cussing, and a epic Awesome Gilbo in this chappy! XD

what was that?

Well, It Worked in the Movies (7-13/13)

Title: Well, It Worked in the Movies
Author: Me~
Rating: PG
Characters: America/Russia, England/France, Canada/Ukraine, mentions of others
Warnings: Dorkiness and too many romcoms continue

Summary: Alfred's in love, and he's not afraid to prove it.

Prompt: From the kink meme, After harboring a secret love for Russia for quite some time, America finally gathers up the nerve to tell him exactly how he feels...and it ends in disaster. America's never given Russia a reason to think he might be in love, so Russia assumes it's a mean spirited joke and shuts America down. America is temporarily disheartened...and then pours all his efforts into wooing Russia in every dopey, embarrassingly cute way he can think of, which eventually leads to him filling Russia's yard with an insane number of sunflowers.

Chapter 7-9
Chapter 10-11
Chapter 12 & Epilogue
misc ✧ nekomaker ✧ haley!

World Hetalia Day Update - Portland, OR

Some brief reminders and an update have been added to the World Hetalia Day Meet-Up post for Portland, Oregon.

Please check the post to make sure you're informed & updated!

The link is to the initial post because I am trying to keep all of the information about attendees in one spot. Thank you!!
Hercules, Zues, :D, smile

[Fanfiction] Alfred Jones 8/16

Title: Alfred Jones 8/16
Author/Artist: Me~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain, Sealand, Australia, Hungary, AmeriCanada
Rating: PG~ For crappy fight scene skillz
Warnings: I can't write fighting scenes. =D;
Summary:Matthew was an ordinary 12 year old boy, well for the most part. He had his brothers, a home, parents who took care of him. Until the fateful night that a strange boy flew to his window...

( Make Some Noise! Here and Now! Noise! )
☂ un

[FIC] Undercurrents (Turkey/Greece)

Title: Undercurrents
Author: frostberrytea
Rating: PG
Pairing: Turkey/Greece.
Warnings: Those squeamish about a little blood -- consider yourselves warned. Some would view this as OOC.
Summary: Established relationship. Turkey cuts himself while cooking.
Author Notes: Set in the future.

( Greece loves his philosophers but the Spartans are his people too. His hands have been soaked with blood before. )
  • amygirl

[Fic] Sharing is Caring: Epilogue (England/America/Russia)

Title: Sharing is Caring (Epilogue)
Author: Amy
Characters/Pairings: England/America/Russia,
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing really. Summary: England and Russia are acting strangely and America is not pleased when France gives him a reason why.

Notes: Originally written for the kink_meme.

Part 1, Part 2
(Both Parts are Locked)

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  • ibaly

[fanart] HURDURHUR

Yo, first art post 'ere. Just stuff I gathered that I like and think you would enjoy~ 8D

Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): North Italy, South Italy, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Hungary, Finland
Rating: PG because of Romano >:[
Warnings: ROMANO, BIG IMAGES, gaygaygay, lots of bright colors, so many cats, failed attempt at cute, retarded faces, messed up hand and such, ZOOLANDER
Summary: See above.


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Title: HRExItaly
By: yukimiya87 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Notes: I'm soo sorry!!! I messed this up BIG TIME. I mean, tons of mistakes here and there and I AM TOO LAZY to fix it! And this was supposed to be a birthday gift too for a very close friend! GAH!!! I'm so sorry! You asked for Chibitalia and I came up with un-chibified *not even a word, I know* version. But I hope you still like it.... it's the thought that counts, right? *teehee*

  • moirae

[fanfic] Paneuropäisches Picknick

Title: Paneuropäisches Picknick
Author: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Words: 750~
Characters: Hungary ; Prussia ; Germany ; Austria (Austria/Hungary & Prussia/Germany)
Rating: PG
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Written for hetalia_contest's week 018 prompt, "picnics." The story of the Pan-European Picnic, during which communist Hungary and Prussia are reunited with capitalist Germany and Austria for a scarce three hours.

( “We’ll find a way to tear the whole thing down,” he promised. “And not only for their sake.” )

Hetalia Day! - Israel



Hello, I know it is  kind of late now and that there isn't many israelis here, but I wanted to let the community know that even here in israel the Hetalia Day will be celebrated!

In the link below there's the detail of the gathering.


I wish all of us a Happy Hetalia Day!!