December 10th, 2009

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[fanart] yet another dump

Artist: me
Characters: (lots of) Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, China, Russia, USA, France
Pairings: bit of UK/Japan, mostly gen
Warnings: Japan nearly losing his clothes, crossdressing and... blushing a lot
Summary: small art dump plus a meme~
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here @ zureruze
dura || balloons

[FST] An Alfred F. Jones FST!

Title: 5'O Clock Whistle
Author/Artist: paperanmitsu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred F. Jones
Rating: G
Summary: My first attempt at an FST! It's some songs that I think Alfred would listen to, and this is the first part going up to about the middle of the 1960's. It's a mix of instrumental and vocal arrangements... and please...don't mind the ultimate camp of some of them!

[he's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company b!]

[Comic] What if...

Title: What If
Artist: k3llyb3an
Rating: PG 13
Characters: France (Francis), Fem!France (Marianne), England (Arthur), Fem!England (Igiko)
Warning: FRANCE being FRANCE...
Summary: What would happen if the Hetalia characters were to meet their genderbended nyoitalia counterparts?
Cross posted as an entry in this weeks aph_artcontest theme: COMIC WEEK.
It's been too long since I've posted something. ;3;

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[fanfic] Rompere and [fanart]

Title: Rompere
Author: me
Warnings: implied but non explicit smex times
Pairings: Bad Touch Trio/Romano aka epic orgy
Summary: Romano lived in Spain's house, but that didn't mean it was all tomatoes and sunshine.

Spain cared first. France confessed first. Prussia kissed first.

Title: Sexy Wait(tress) England
Artist: me
Warnings: Igiko. Waitress. Hmm. But sort of WS
Pairings: none.

No nosebleeds, please, America.
France - Likes to watch
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[HELP] Buying advanced tickets for the Hetalia Movie (Anyone going to Comiket...)

Hello, Community!

First, thank you for your help on my Hetalia sale, and there is still a good amount left still~. Second, I will soon be releasing all the mp3s of the sound clocks, so please be patient. Third, I will also soon be conducting a Hetalia taste testing with pictures, so wait for it~ (Of the cookies and assorted drinks, btw)

Is anyone going to comiket this December? I really had wanted to go but didn't end up being able too after very graciously being invited to spend oshougatsu (Japanese new year) with my old host family. Thus my dilema!

ALL THE INFO ON THIS IS HERE and the ticket can be found at the ANIMATE booth, while the strap is at the FRONTIER WORKS booth which this year is 222

I really wanted to buy an advanced ticket to the Hetalia movie from the Animate booth at comiket in Tokyo, but as I will be nowhere near Tokyo, I am completely unable too. When you buy the advanced ticket, it comes with a poster of Prussia the almighty. Thus, I was curious if anyone might be going and could pick one up for me (along with a strap of the Allies from the FRONTIER WORKS BOOTH, one of Axis too, if they could.) I would pay them for it AND for the time they spent on getting it with of course the shipping, which shouldn't be too bad since I am IN JAPAN! Please help me out!

Hetalia RP~

I've been wanting to do more Rps of Hetalia and I thought the easiest way to find more RPers was to post to this community~
Sorry if I'm not allowed to post this here.. I'll delete it right away

I don't have any ideas for a story yet but I do want to RP a romantic one, angst would be fun too and humor xD
So here are the couples I like:

AmericaxEngland, RussiaxPrussia, RussiaxAmerica, GermanyxN.Italy

and uh yeah.. I like more than these, but these are the ones who I'd like to RP the most.
If you want a different couple, just ask and I'll think about it ^^

So I hope there are some active RPers out there~

Here are my contact thingies.. whatever you want to call them:
MSN: (same as my e-mail)
AIM: LunaTenshixx
Yahoo: LunaTenshi

Oh, and I'm Dutch so pardon me for my English :)

[Fanart] Have a Canada, why dont you~

Hey everyone!~ Long time no post, huh?
I drew a Canada today, And thought you should have it.
Cause you can never have enough of the little guy~ <3

Title: .:Better Than Maple:.
Author/Artist: Tonya, Me, LOS, Yazu-x-Kiba (I go by many names)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada/THE WORLD... (You heard me right)
Rating: G <3
Warnings: None at all~
Summary: The worst thing about being attacked by Canada, Is you never see him coming...

And I cant remember how to do the cut thinggy, so...
Click this



Yes, on DEC. 12

aphcosplayvid is on the very last wire. We are almost done collecting all the pictures, with the video already in the works!

But guys! We need your help still! We need your photos, your videos! Now is the last chance you can turn them in! Don't miss out!

For anyone who forgot:

APHCosplayvid is dedicated to the creation of cosplay global mashup. Similar to Where the Hell is Matt?

Except it's not just one guy dancing in 42 different countries. It's us. All of us. In our home countries, doing what we loved to do. COSPLAY! Of course, cosplay in Hetalia specifically, but I think you get it.

We are hiring! We need technicians! We lost one! Please PM me because this video cannot be done without someone with video editing experience!

Also, if you have any suggestions for the video. Tell us now!

To submit your photos/videos, go here please: VIDEOS!!

If anyonre's curious, we have 23 countries. Just about. willing to contribute more?LAST

voice actors welcome

Hello fellow friends! and countries!

do you think that "Hey! Hetalia is awsome! But i really want to see the english dubb of it!" well how about we do just that? We will start with the first episode of corse and see if it goes ok....we need voice actors for

England: taken
chibitalia narrator:
Holy RE:
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[Fanfic: Finding Arcadia: December 24, 1941]

Sharing a Christmas fic a tad before the relevant date. I hope you enjoy~!

Title: Finding Arcadia: December 24, 1941 [ link]
Genre: Drama/Light-Romance
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: England/America
Summary: Green eyes went wide, and England inwardly berated himself for not realizing it sooner. He'd just been so caught up with his own problems in the war... By God, it had only been seventeen days since the attack; no wonder America wasn't acting like himself.
Notes: Written for tokene as part of himitsu_santa.

And so I am asking my associate, my old and good friend, to say a word to the people of America, old and young, tonight... )
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[Fanfic] LaCRYmosa

Title: LaCRYmosa
Author/Artist: insanityin3d
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Austria, Hungary
Rating: PG
Warnings: CLASSICAL MUSIC! MIXED WITH ROCK! But wait, isn't this a fanfic? Nothing really to warn you about except for maybe a kiss. And human names used. :3
Summary: Austria can only express himself though music, and he hopes Prussia gets the message. Austria's POV, 1st person.
Disclaimer: Obviously, I own none of these characters. And Austria didn't really write that song. Mozart did. And then Amy Lee did.
A/N: Techinically, this is a song fic. The song in question? "Lacrymosa" by Evanescence, which is a rock cover of a movement from Mozart's Requiem. It's a beautiful piece and recently, I had this image in my head of Prussia in a music hall, watching a concert of the song with Austria conducting and Hungary singing Amy Lee's solo. I just had to get it down in words some how and this is the result.

If you want to hear the song first or while readin the piece, listen to it HERE!

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Thanks for reading!!! :D

[Fanfic] "All To Myself"

Title: "All To Myself"
Author: pyrrhiccomedy and wizzard890
Rating: R for sex.
Characters or Pairings: Russia/America
Summary: 1957 - In which there is the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students, jazz, dancing and, um, foreign relations. Also Nat King Cole.

This is a chapter from The Chosen End, a Russia/America collaboration spanning from 1780 to the present day. You can read all of the fics in this story at the Index.

[fanfic] Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Title: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Rating: PG-13
Characters: England, Scotland, Wales
Warnings: None
Summary: An Englishman, Scotsman and Welshman go on holiday to the Lake District.

Twenty-odd years later, they still wasted their August bank holiday weekend holed up together, failing to improve their relationship in any appreciable way, because they were all too bloody-minded to admit that it had been an appalling, unworkable idea in the first place.
Esp - Sheep

[fanart] Waiting

Title: Waiting
Artist: hime1999
Rating: E
Characters: Finland
Warning: Umm, smoking Finland?
Summary: Finland would like you to know that while he knows that he is a sitting duck sitting there smoking, he is also a damn country, which means a mere bullet would not bloody kill him anyway, so please.

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Other works can be found here

*runs away before the mob gets her*
Prussia/Austria maid

[Icons] 84 mixed pairings and characters

Here's another set of icons :) This set includes some rare pairings that I didn't list below, including Spain/Austria, Italycest, Spain/Italy/Romano, England/Canada and Switzerland/Austria...because these pairings need more love <3

Germany/Austria [10]
Prussia/Austria [22]
Germany/Prussia/Austria [4]
Prussia/England [7]
Other pairings [15]
Austria [14]
Prussia [4]
Other characters [8]

If you use, please comment this post and credit me when you upload the icon/s (if you don't know what I mean by credit, see this FAQ to find out how to link to my profile in the 'comments' of the icon when you upload it...or, if you fail at code, just write something like 'made by chibi_spork' in the comments, I'm not fussy). If you want the original image for any of the icons, ask and you shall receive~ All images found on pixiv except #27 and #28 which are by prussiablue


PrussiaAustria GermanyAustria Austria

(Fake cut to my journal)
Pigeon says hi.

[FANFIC] "Love in Seasons"

Had an hour to write something fluffy and romantic for my dearest friend, and this is what came out. ♥ Hope someone enjoys it. (It proves I am an incurable softie.)

Title: Love in Seasons
Author: kay_cricketed
Rating: R
Pairing: Canada/America
Warning: One paragraph of nongraphic sex. Hence the "R."
Summary: [Ficlet] The story of how Canada did not fall in love with America. But remember, sometimes a story is only part of a whole, and the pieces aren't so important as their meaning.

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*shy ♥ to you~*

Linking to RP site and Random Meme!!

Role playing has become so popular with Hetalia isn't it just fun... I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

This website here ----> is a roleplaying website but pretty much made of OC's for Hetalia.
Like you can roleplay as Mexico or The Philippines and a lot more since the world is pretty freakin' big.
Now you're probably thinking this has nothing to do with Hetalia but it does because your character can be related or has some kind of relationship with characters in Hetalia. Like your character can be a crack baby of something that makes sense in history but would be odd in the Hetalia setting. Like Russia and Canada's baby. *shrug* (It does work I searched it!)

I was thinking maybe I should also add that you can play the major characters in Hetalia but I need feedback on that.


Also My brother made up a Meme for Hetalia.

Seeing as how Alfred loves movies he went around making movie titles for other countries, either to try to remember them or to just mess with them. No one knows because Alfred is just odd.

He names himself first and makes it awesome for Americans. His title is "America Prime" obviously he thinks of himself as Optiums Prime and that is just plain awesome seeing Alfred's head on Optimus Prime's body with Optimus Prime's head as a helmet.

Now going onto Canada. He constantly forgets his own brother so to remember him Matthew's title is "America#2: Revenge of the North!" He also thinks of him as Canadia but that title seemed cooler to remember.

Next up is someone a bit further and but still cold we already know who is it. That's Russia. Alfred loves to mess with Ivan since they don't get along well so he makes him a title, which he thinks is too cool for him. "America#3:The Bitter Chill."

For some more fun Alfred goes to pick on Arthur. He calls England "America#4:The Prequel."
Arthur didn't like it and got sick. Alfred just laughed.

As for our pervy France, Alfred just recently heard a song from a musical and it made him think fondly of our Francis. "America#5:Je suis Whore." Francis didn't have a problem with the title just a problem with how the French came out.

After watching a bunch of Nihao Kai-lan he decided to use it for China's title. "America#6: Nihao Independence." Yao (Wang) was not amused and didn't understand his title.

He didn't make up everyone just the Allies so far. He's making up more so that the Axis powers get their titles and others.

I'd rather see other people make up titles of "America#?:Title"
He forced me to do this. *cry*
☆ kkm❦wolfram×yuri❦

6 Germany/France icons from official X-mas art

I created 6 Germany/France icons out of the recent official X-mas wallpaper on Himaruya's site. Because France's sexy pose and Germany's gaze not exactly directed at his book were pretty much begging for it.

These are hopefully predecessors to a number of pairing icons stuck inside my currently dead laptop...



(no subject)

Title: Romeo And Juliet Hetalia Style
Author/Artist: vampire_scooby
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Amreica, England, Italy, Germany, Prussia, Canada, hints of Russa/China, Sealand/Latvia, and others
Rating: T
Warnings: Butchering of Shakespear, Iggy's mouth, Prussia
Summary: A tragic love story between two teens from rival families...Hetalia style

(Chapter 1)
(Chapter 2)

(Fake cut to Chapter 3)
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[FANFIC] Down the Broken Path

Title: Down the Broken Path
Author: letovix
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Slight angst, Drama
Pairing: America/England
Warning: Mentions of very much non-graphic sex and probable historical inaccuracy, and it's in England's POV.
Summary: After America's Revolution, England is in a state of devastation. Taking pity on him, America comforts him with sex. Now it's become a habit, and every time one of them is stressed, they reach out to the other, but when England realizes his feelings for the American...what then?

If I got something wrong in the timeline, would someone be nice enough to tell me so I can fix it..? |D;;

It was something akin to a game, a game where the players both won and lost, all in the same breath.

Had to edit the link to go to my DA. There were some complications with my journal...

[Q&A] Blast Glass

Hey all, I wanted to ask a few things about selling hetalia stuff that I've made myself, rules I"m not sure of, and any who would be interested.

I've been making Blast Glass hetalia stuff from the official christmas wallpaper that himaruya san released. The point of Blast glass, is to cover the glass with tape and paper, put a picture over it (in this case one of the squares of the art) and with an exacto-knife, cut out lines of which you want to be drawn. When everything is done, you take off the picture and then, you blast it with sand.

This makes a white drawing on top of a clear glass, and it could be used as a decoration to hang on walls. I was wondering, if, getting Himaruya-san's art itself, and making something out of it is against the rules/ against copyright laws?

^-- I'm pretty sure that was a stupid question, but I'm not taking any chances, and want to know. I would also want to know if anyone is interested in buying something like this?

Of Ph-tan/s and One Giant Panda

Title: Of Ph-tan and One Giant Panda
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ph-tan, Ph-tans, China
Rating: No Rate! XDD Yeah!
Warnings: Still Ugly Coloring
Summary: Ph-tan's aftermath from Ondoy (Ketsana). Meh own version of Ph-tan and a very disfigured carabao. China takes a nap.

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Pardon the weirdness of it. Still haven't gotten used to posting here. Comment if you can't see.
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