December 17th, 2009

FST: Germany

Title: Behind Blue Eyes
Author/Artist: thecupcakebat
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ludwig Beilshmidt
Warning: Language, most likely. I listen to rather vulgar music at times, but I don't think this FST contains very harsh content. The FST is rather solemn, but there's at least one upbeat, cheerful song!
Summary: Basically a FST focusing on the darker times of Germany's past. This is my very first FST, and hopefully my music taste is good enough for the majority of you. I'd like to think my music interests vary.

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[Event] Photos from the SoCal Pasadena meet up

I'm posting this via my Italy rp account (this is yaoi_queen , btw), so if anyone wants to add me there, they are more than welcome. ^_^ The post is, of course, written like Italy would, so be prepared. ;) Nation rpers are welcome, of course.

Last Sunday was the SoCal Xmas Hetalia gathering. It was located at the Pasadena Ice Skating Rink. It was SO much fun! :D I made many new friends. <3 As you can imagine, I went as Italy.

Journey with Italy to his fun filled day with other nations~ ^_^

[FST] In My Arms

Hey there, fellow Hetalians! Finally officially delurking to put up my very first FST! Title: In My Arms Author/Artist: hetalia17 Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/Baby America Warning: Nothing but fluff...and a little flangst...but it's very subtle. Summary: No one has done an FST focusing on England and young!America yet, so I thought I would! They're just so sweet...OTP baby! <3     Collapse )

Last call! Christmas Eve Hetalia Meet-up [San Antonio, TX/USA]

I am merely the messenger for the organizer of this event.

Hey, y'all! This is the final reminder for the HETALIA meet-up that will take place on December 24 (That's one week away!). On next Thursday, there will be a meet-up filled with holiday fun, friends, new faces, and more!

If you are interested in attending, take a moment to read the post. ♥

Where? San Pedro Park
When? December 24, 2009 (That's a Thursday)
Time? 12PM-3PM (If desired, people are allowed to stay later)

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come hither france

[Fanfic] 7 Christmas Drabbles

Title: 7 Christmas Drabbles
Author: nike2422
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America, Australia, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Prussia, Canada, Hungary, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Warnings: Romano's mouth of course, otherwise this is all pretty clean.
Summary: 7 short stories of Hetalia characters enjoying the Christmas traditions of their countries, written for Hetalia fans as part of their Christmas cards.

Older Stuff

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News Flash for the Washington D.C Meet!! SNOW!

Just found out that D.C and southern maryland is supposed to get hit with a big snowstorm on Saturday! It MIGHT miss us, but if not, I need your opnion-

Would you like to try for Sunday, the 20th?


Another weekend in January?

Plus side for Sunday is SNOW PICS! But it would also be cold (Although Saturday will be cold as well)

Another weekend would have NO snow, but people might be busy and it no longer would be a Christmas party thing!

If your new to this meet, please look here-
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London Christmas Meet-up [UPDATE]


Open event for Hetalians as part of a larger public cosplay event in Hyde Park. The original plan was to meet on the Friday, but then i heard something so much bigger was going on the very next day. So this is more of a tag along meet. People going to the anyone cosplay event in Hyde Park, wanna join up there and have a Hetalia Christmas? Wanna cosplay? Or just tag along taking photos? No problem.

This is a side meet with the public cosplay event, though i haven't heard much about the actual meet, it seems like it'll be rather big and lots of fun. :D

The date: Saturday 19th December
The place: London Hyde Park.
The Meeting Place: Apsley Gate, which appears to be just opposite the Hyde Park Corner tube station. Map Here.
The Time: If we arrange to meet up at around 12, And then go on until people decide to leave? 12 -

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Who's interested in coming? Who will you be cosplaying as? I'll keep updating this post and feel free to friend/send messages. XD

Also, if anyone wants my number, give me message~

4181 - Military!UK
TheGrackle - Denmark
Lynxbell - Sealand Lynxbell's Friend - Greece
Silverbrumby123 - Spain
Starrose17 - Russia
elanor gilmor - Chibi!England
Chocotomatoe & co - Seychelles, England, France, Iceland, North Italy, Russia
batty angel - Panda!Russia
sarmander - UK
couldbeonfire - Military!Igiko

marzikin - Chibi!Arthur
the new thing
painopleasure - some sort of UK
shannon the cat - Photographer and/or Ukraine
starting from now

I've put the people who commented and seemed interested in coming. Let me know and i'll put you up; move you around! :D Phew~

Missouri/Arkansas Hetalia Fans...?

Alright, Christmas Break is coming soon, meaning two free weeks to do just about nothing... or hang out with your family, I don't really know. But, I was wondering if any of you might wanna meet up or something?

I don't really have any plans for where we'd go or what we'd do yet, to be honest. It'd have to be in the Bentonville/Fayetville/Rogers area since my parents wouldn't drive me too far away. If anyone can make it to there in a convenient amount of time, I have a few questions.

Where do you think we should meet up? When should we meet up? And, what should we do?
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Lolicon or Shotacon ?

Here's a short comic i came up with upon learning that Netherlands/Holland is in fact, a LOLICON.

Netherland's odd hobby
Author/Artist: Lamunut
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Netherland/Holland and Spain, not romantic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Suggestive themes.
Summary: We discover a little about Netherland's (and spain's) ... interests.

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fanfic idea and request?

Ok, so my friend really wants a fic about the Peninsular War (mainly, about the English-Spanish relations at the time, no battle action, just the psychological background). But I'm not really confident enough about my English abilities to write it myself, since there's lots of history, and probably too many difficult words would need to be used.

So I'd like to ask, if it's allowed here, if someone could write it? I'd ask on hetalia kink meme, but requests are closed until January and I promised to get someone to write at least part of it before Christmas.

If no one can help, I'll try do it myself, but I think the idea deserves a better writer.
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I'm sorry to trouble you ;_; And I'll be super grateful for help! <3

[Discussion] - Pledge Controversy

Hey guys, an online friend of mine named Zoe is in the eighth grade and is having a bit of a problem. While I gave her my opinion, I was wondering what you all thought. :) In one of her classes, they say the Pledge of Allegiance, which she normally doesn't say at all. Recently, being the Hetalia fan she is, she came up with a silly little parody pledge.          I pledge allegiance, to a man, named Alfred F Jones, and the heroics, for which he stands, one nation, under oresama, divisble by two, with liberty and hamburgers for all.  Needless to say, her teachers were NOT thrilled with this. Of course, she's a little ticked off by the fact that they're giving her such a hard time because of something so silly and harmless. I want to know what YOU think about all of this and your opinions. Also, not just people from America, but others too please! My opinion under the cut... Collapse )

Jareth Bitch

[FANART] Let's keep the ball rolling, shall we?

Title: Lots of Lovely Colored Things~
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
America, England, sexy pirate England, Fem!Germany, Fem!Prussia, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, Spain, OC India
Arrrr... No, seriously, there's a nearly naked man in here. Twice.
Just sit back and relax. <3

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another fancomic and fanart

I'd like to share another fancomic and fanart

title : norway (uuhh...>,<)
artist : nga2
chara(s) : norway
rating : G

title : honda's diary
artist : nga2
chara(s) : japan
rating : G
warning : fanboy!kiku

dear, diary...

title : please don't give in, iggy
artist : nga2
pairing :USxUK
rating : G
warning : repeated words?

are you alright ?

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[Fanart] Ivan, Gilbert, Natalia and Toris

My first post here...
I want to apologize my bad english first >_<
These are just some Collaborations I made with friends - I still need to practise a lot
I made the coloration, I used the outlines with permission (of course).

Outliner: raikouminamoto (Sry, I don't know how to link to another LJ-acc >_<) and (She has no LJ-Acc)
I had problems with the LJ-Cut, I'm sorry >_<

No Romance?
Me (Coloration) und Outliner Kanta-chan and Kaktus-chan
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Snowrabbit, Natalia x Ivan x Toris
Not really.

Everything can also be found at

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[Anime] Preview for Episode 48

United Kingdom lying in bed painfully. England jumped into the room when the U.S. ran a hurry, I was in front of me was a whopping Death. United Kingdom 負Ttarashii Panjandrum injured during the making of the new development is 絶Edae breathe anymore. Americans put a voice mingled with the tears ... ....

England which so lies painfully in the bed. Being flurried, when America which it runs jumps in the English room, the fact that it is before the eye was how dead God. It owed the serious injury while producing the pan John drum of new development, England which seems is the obtaining where already also breath is becoming extinct. America uses voice on tear mixture, but .......
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[amv] Viva la Vida

Big fat change this song has already been done, but it was one of these idea's that got stuck in my head and wouldn't get out until I made it ._. (now if it had turned out just like I'd imagined it, that would've been nice :'D)

It turned out to be a bit more difficult song to use than had imagined it to be though. So the lyricsynching sucks at some points.

Some parts, however, just suck in general :D

But I kinda like the way the thing turned out in the end, so whatever :D

Song: Viva la Vida by Coldplay
Character(s) or Pairing(s): As much as I could fit in there. Which isn't enough and a lot of nations aren't in it T-T
None :3 ... I think ._.

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