January 7th, 2010


[Fanfic] E Pluribus Unum

Title: E Pluribus Unum
Author/Artist: [info]seraphoftales
Genre: Friendship, Action-Adventure
Character(s) or Pairing(s): ????
Rating: PG
Status: In Progress
Warnings: Nothing for this chapter
Summary: Once upon a time, the world ended. Everything we know and everything we are reduced to mere rubble. And then, they were born. Only question is... What are they?

Part I

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[fanart] ART DUMP.

Title: -
Author/Artist: softeis (me.)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USxUK, SpainxRomano, RussiAmerica.
Rating: NC-15
Warnings: The USxUK- & the RussiAmerica-Pic include a little bondage. :'D
Summary: Three fanarts I drew. Don't know if I should color them or not... D:

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Art dump part deux.

Title: This is Art Dump 2: I Drew You Five Things.
Author/Artist: Some chick I beat up on my way home... I mean, pcthirtyone
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hungary, America, England's Hand, Michael Jackson's clothing, Prussia, girl!Russia, Austria
Rating: PG 13?
Warnings: Eye scarring is possible, but I'm the one that drew it. Keep that in mind.
Summary: Genderbending, horrendous 80's references, and craptastic backgrounds. Wait, switch this with warnings.

I spent too long on this post. DX
Prussia - dat back

[Hetalia mmorpg] We need some help with the maps!

Hello, I hope you remember this post, we had some great ideas regarding this game, we started drawing the map, but we need help since I found out I fail at geography :3

So, we have been thinking to pick people from America, Europe, Asia, etc to draw those continents on the map editor. It's not that hard, it's like drawing on MS Paint, I can teach you! I'll send the files (map editor installer and the map I have been doing) to the ones who are willing to help

we only need the silhouettes of the continents, I'll work on the towns after.

So, anyone willing to help?

Also, mods, if this is not allowed, delete it


Title: Curse my ever changing drawing style.
Author/Artist: allyoucaneater
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England, FrUK, Greece, France, Prussia
Disclaimer: Hetalia… Mine..? You’re kidding right?
Warning: None that I can think of... There's only like... 6 pics anyway ;;

( There's a pic of Greece in Himaruya's Christmas Chibi style..? *fail tempting* )
smirk izaya

[Cosplay] Various Things on Liechtenstein's Head

So, I got my wig in today from HK, and after some cutting and styling, I thought you all should see.
At first I was just going to take a picture of me wearing the wig in a casual Liech outfit, but then it turned into, "how many things can I find to put on my head."
Also, I couldn't find my pesky blue ribbon, but whatever.
I also wish that when it snowed outside it actually stuck, which would of provided cute shots...but again, whatever.

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[FANART] America, England (USUK)

I have a comic! :D

Title: Let's Be Humans!
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America, England, USUK
Rating: PG
Warning(s): America's being a cute little douche. But then again, he usually is one.
Summary: England and America have a day off, so they decide to hang loose and pretend to be regular guys. America sort of sucks at it.
hell yeah!

Russia/America fic: The Rooms in His House (Chapter One)


Title: The Rooms in His House
Author: [info]dogstardreams 
Characters/Pairings: Russia/America
Rating: PG/K+
Warnings: None so far.
Summary: America must be feeling a remnant of holiday spirit, or something like that, because on his way back from spending New Year's at England's house, he decides to pay Russia a visit. Russia may act friendly, but his house is terrifying...
Author Note: Written as a Christmas present for [info]kittyebony13, and considering that today is the day Russians celebrate Christmas, I figured it's not technically late.  I recently read the novel A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore, and was so tempted to make Russia add "like bear" to the end of one of his sentences.  This is a continuing story, so maybe...

Chapter One
Russia: Freezing Balls

Ivan's house did not yet have a fancy electric doorbell...

Ivan says merry Christmas!
Jeanne d'arc

[fanfic] oh dear, two fail oneshots

Title: A watchful protector
Fandom: APH
Characters: Francis, Arthur, Jeanne d'Arc
RatingL: PG
Summary: No matter how long it took, if he just waited for her, one day she'd be back to him.
Notes: Well, beware of confusing present tense. And, hum... I really, really dunno where the hell this comes from. Maybe the latest Kobato episode is to blame. A little.

.Dude, I am SO a true cut.

Title: Pirate vs Ninja war - the next level
Fandom: APH
Pairing: UK/Japan
Summary: It is war!
Warning: Most likely NOT what you're expecting. Fluff
A/N: another drabble! This time a request for an unusual pairing for me to write. This is why I did not manage anything beyond a drabble. Oh well. I should have posted this sooner. No, really. This has been sitting on mah computer for god knows who long. This is for you sista, although you already saw it ^^ Hope you have a nice time invading Francis' vital regions!

.I'm a true cut, I swear!.

[Discussion] HETALIA LOVE MEP rules, etc.

Following yesterday's discussion here, I've gathered that yes, people would paticipate in this "bisexual love monster" (hell I've already got entries!) So here's the rules and dates!



-Must be 20 seconds or less.
-Multiple entries acceptable.
-The audio must be readable by Sony Vegas (ex, .mp3, wav)
-The video must be readable by Sony Vegas (ex. wmv, avi). Preferably wmv plz
-A Hetalia pairing. No crossovers.
-Content may be anime, manga, flash/photoshop-drawn or slideshows.
-Sending it via download URL or email is acceptable. A youtube link will kill the quality, be warned yarrr.  


Prussia/Canada- t3hb33
England/Chibi!America- rainbowblowpops
Russia/America- zelocat
Sealand/Latvia- lady_rebellion
Japan/Taiwan- princesssarahem

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GiTS Motoko

hetalia_plurks Open Positions!

We have a lot of open places in hetalia_plurks !

Our community uses Plurk, a rather unknown yet amazing social networking site similar to Twitter. Many new friendships have been made so far, and you can join in the madness with the first Plurk based Hetalia role-playing group!

Below are our open positions. As usual, we have a first come first serve basis, and a few requests if you do decide to join up! We hope to see you!

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NW Florida / South AL Meet Up???

I wonder how many Hetalia fans are in this area?  From Pensacola to Panama City to Mobile?  How about a meet up?  A Photo Shoot?  A cosplay day? 
There's the NAS Museum in Pensacola and lots of historic sites around the area.
Maybe around Valentine's Day?

Respond back if you have any ideas.  Lets brain storm!


[Fanfic] One Day Without Love

Title: One Day Without Love
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Russia, Catherine the Great (though long before she becomes Catherine the Great and is still just a Prussian Princess named Sophie), Elizabeth I, other historical figures mentioned
Bloodletting, real people, some Russian that might make no sense because I suffer from acute language-fail.
The first in a series of oneshots about Russia and Catherine the Great. Chapter 1 - Blood: Russia meets with his future tsarina for the first time.

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[Fanfic] Speciosus Cruentus Animus

Title: Speciosus Cruentus Animus (Beautiful Bloody Soul)
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure
Author/Artist: VeKay (chaos-winged-valkyrie)
Rating: T
Status: In Progress
Character(s): Arthur, Kiku, Mattew, Alfred, Toris (techincally everyone at some point)
Warnings: AU, Swearing, fighting, blood/gore, slight fluff
Summary: Arthur, haunted by nightmares of a past and a future, tries desperately to hold onto the world that gave him life, but War is the very blood of life. It will not be easy to stop an empire that will stop at nothing to see the world thrown into chaos.

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Post-Christmas Doujinshi Clearance!

... Running out of space, as usual.

Circles include はこにわ (Miniature Garden), skull9, SAIKARE, TO-ZAI, LOVEPOTIONNO.9, Osoba, peco, Kaburaza, Kaiten Mokugyo, Kichijyouji Maki, IRISJACK, OZ, nido, 濃厚かがち, 本日晴天, perplexed, and KIRAGITO.

Pairings include: Ludwig x Feliciano, Ludwig x Gilbert, Antonio x Lovino, Francis x Arthur, Alfred x Arthur, Francis x Alfred, Alfred x Matthew, Arthur x Kiku, Denm@rk x Berwald...

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