January 8th, 2010


[Fanart] Xmas dump!

Here I am again with my selfproclaimed art!!! Did you guys miss me?*wink wink*

now, let's leave that to France, I'm here with an holiday-themed mini dump...hope you like it!

Character(s) or Pairing(s):Germany/Italy, Prussia/UK (only if you want to see it that way),Russia, SuFin + Sealand, LietPol (again only if you watch it upsidedown)
Rating:G...maybe PG for some naked chest?...don't really know..
Warnings:a lot of Xmas outfit!...and Rudolf!Prussia needs its own warning!=3=
Summary:everyone is helping Santa in their own way..

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[Fanart] The Hetalian Tarot Part 3

Title: The Hetalian Tarot Part 3
Author/Artist: GothicDancer
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Rating: PG
Warnings: Poland is being fabulous, Latvia looks like he's having a seizure, and Switzerland will not hesitate to shoot if you...Scratch that, he just won't hesitate to shoot.
Summary: Part 3 of my Hetalian Tarot Cards series. This part contains the cards Justice, Wheel of Fortune, and Judgement.


Part 1: http://GothicDancer.deviantart.com/art/The-Hetalian-Tarot-Part-1-149148037
Part 2: http://GothicDancer.deviantart.com/art/The-Hetalian-Tarot-Part-2-149148859
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[Anime] Preview for Episode 50



Today he is an American game and I'll tell you, America went to Japan in the midst Civilization. Turning tables 』and『 confident they 占Eru Japanese people try to do anything with a question that is asked in the United States. Surprise, Japan is totally believed, confessed to starting their own troubles in America.

Today saying that the American teaching the game, America which visits Japan which is civilization civilization midst. 'When with table turning' it can forecast with anything, self-confidence being urged by America fully, Japan which tries asking. The surprise, Japan which is believed completely start confessing your own trouble to America.

[FanVid] USxUK: My Love

Title: My Love
Author: MoonShadow [http://animemp3s.org]
Pairing: America & England
Warnings: Fail-lipsync, and uber-cheesiness for non-AmeRisu fans (enough to supply every McDonalds across the fifty states for one year)

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Please credit when sharing, and let me know if I should cross-post this to usxuk or whether this should be completely relocated over there instead; for those who are curious about my other projects (Hetalia and otherwise), I have moved them from my journal page to the Memories section, though I may post them in my journal again if I happen to expand across more anime series
Once again, many many thanks for everyone's support *bows deeply*
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[FST] We're Transcontinental - England/Canada

Title: We're Transcontinental
Author/Artist: futuresimple + people, the ones who make songs and stuff
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/Arthur Kirkland + Canada/Matthew Williams
Rating: ummm IDK PG13 just to be safe?
Warnings: what a crap. Cute sort of crap. Horrible cover. Emo lyrics. And, well, it's England/Canada, duh.

x-posted to ukxcan =3=

Project England Update

Project Igirisu is a WIP Ren'py-powered Visual Novel. The controllable character is none other than England.

We have an update.

Voice audition deadlines have been extended. We need more auditions for a couple of characters, especially America, Austria, Grandpa Rome, and Germania. So if you thought you never had the chance because you were too busy back then, weeell, here's your chance! Please to be telling your friends and family as well.

More volunteers for scripting and drawing and music composition (or just, you know, suggestions of where to get the music) are needed.

Thanks for all the support you guys have given this project! ♥

[Fanart] Wintertime Belarus

Title: Winter Belarus
Author/Artist: Meee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: So, while I enjoy the idea of Summer Hungary better, I'm feeling more winter...in that it's winter and I'm freaking cold. BRR. So here is another Season bookmark picture ^_^
Belarus! More on the way.


Actual picture:  triaelf9.deviantart.com/art/Winter-Belarus-149628365



[fic] Streak of Silver Sea

Title: Streak of Silver Sea
Author: tiger_azul
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England/France
Rating: G (General / Fluff)
Warnings: None
Summary: The English Channel… La Manche… whatever you may call that stretch of water dividing England and France, it holds a lot of history for both of them.
Notes: for hetalia_contest, Prompt 027: Water (free length). Cross posted to hetaliafic and what_the_fruk.

“The sea has made me who I am.”
i'm not sure if i'm a sexy man or a hot, with jugs like these who needs enemies

One fic and decrepit cosplay pictures

Scapegoat (because I haven't pushed it on people enough yet)
Summary: (908 words) Japan’s only dating Russia to “protect the innocent”, but Russia doesn’t believe a word of it and would take advantage of the situation either way.
Characters: Russia, Japan (mentions of Lithuania and Latvia)
Pairings: Some strange Japan/Russia monster.
Warnings: Um. Slight, unphased implications of past and future unhappiness? Really abnormal and arguably unhealthy relationship? Also, no Beta.

And you felt bad when you turned in your homework a day late.
Summary: Pictures from Anime Mid-Atlantic. From, uh, mid-June. 2009. Better late than never Better this late than even later, right?
Warnings: After a while, I stop it with the Hetalia, so there are other fandoms. Also, SO effing late that I almost wonder why I'm bothering.

Appologies for anything incorrect ever.

[Translation] RomaHeta 7 & 8 (1/2) scripts

More two scripts! They're pretty short, though... This time, I put the English lines on the middle column rather than on the right one, so that they're closer to the column that says which character is speaking. I hope that makes it easier to follow them. ^^

Part 7
Part 8 (1/2)

By the way, I promised I would post a list of the characters' classes, but later on I realised that part 7 already has all the playable characters' profiles, including their classes. :D

ETA: One more thing. After the profiles, there's a filler with some kind of Xenosaga parody using Hetalia characters, but the tiny font was beginning to give me a headache and it didn't seem to be very important, anyway, so I didn't translate it.
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DATE: January 30th, Noon
PLACE: Volunteer Park, Seattle. (Click here for further info) (Bus Routes are here)
*I'd suggest bringing 5 bucks for the museum, if you want to go in. (That would be the entrance fee for 13-18 year olds, and older students with a school ID). Anyone younger is free. Anyone older is 7 instead.
*You may want to bring extra warm things. And perhaps an umbrella. There is a bit in the way of undercover areas and indoors, but not tons. So keep that in mind.
*We need some things to do this time! Suggestions?

souvi   Little!Russia
peacebone  Italy
harusamemosuke  Kimono!Japan
lthemilkeater Spain
riceball Norway
rebornhayatofan  Belarus + Iceland
hazel_secrets  Russia
sailorkagura07 Canada
captain_catfish Denmark
haradamiri  Camera
tutu_hippo  South Italy
quaxicoffelees  France
nels_snape  China
pharaoh_dust  Camera
v_i_d_e  Finland
mizuki_mino  Mafia!Romano
sado_nishi Norway
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Damn it, this has been in my head for a while and I never bothered to ask :\ Anyway, question that's been floating in the old noggin since last New Year in '08.

In the Christmas Special for '07, France mumbles 'Iggy' over and over in the final segment. Now, around the time after the whole 'Iggy' thing I usually read fanfics where America calls England 'Iggy' and as you can predict France 'Angleterre' (this started out as a fanon amongst  western fans though I'm not sure if France ever called him such in the comics). Here's my question:

Has America ever called England 'Iggy'? 'Cause I feel as though in the western fandom Iggy's become America's official nickname for England. I ask this because if America's never called him such, shouldn't it be France's nickname for him?

Please don't think I'm starting a fandom war here, I have nothing against any pairing, I just wanted to be clarified.


Soooo... I just got my Italy wig in and wanted to go for a test drive. Didn't actually have anything very Italy looking, so there's only this face shot.

But really, I was wondering if I make a good Italy, ve? And, I kind of also want some way to get my eyebrows to match the wig color. Any recommendations for this besides dying? Maybe penciling it in? But since my hair is so black I don't know how well that would work. >.o

But anywho, here's the pic~ Just wanted to share the love. Actually, Hetalia is the first anime that has made me want to cosplay. I can't wait to get his WWII uniform together. I'm attending MTAC in Nashville, TN this year and it's my first time. Super excited. :D

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POSSIBLE manga license; TokyoPop poll

TokyoPop has been posting tweets relevant to Hetalia on their official Twitter account.

MP:Cheers to our friends @ FUNimation for licensing HETALIA anime! If only someone would license the manga now ;) http://tinyurl.com/yea8hnt

VN: We want to know, if you had to side with one of the Axis powers, who would you pick? Take the poll! http://tinyurl.com/yek882h

KP: I just bought a Polish Hetalia figure on ebay: http://tinyurl.com/ydnbjbo http://yfrog.com/4gbuyinghetaliapolandfiguj

The letters at the beginning of each tweet refer to the TokyoPop staff member who posted it.
Whether or not this actually means the Hetalia manga is licensed is yet to be seen, but it seems likely.

The poll, which is user-created [edit: user Robofish is part of TP.com staff] but officially linked to and thus endorsed by TokyoPop, is so:

If you had to side with one of the Axis of powers, whom would you side with?


Delurking with a request~

Hi there! I plan to do a Hungary cosplay in the midst of 2010, but I want to be a little original and saving her default outfit for later. it was then that I found this cosplay -

Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember seeing that version of Hungary anywhere [I figured it must be realtes somehow to the austrian succession, but I have no further info], and it is hard to rely on cosply images as your refernce pic, since everyone seems to do it differently.
Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!
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[Cosplay] Austria - Dei hohe Zeit, is lang vorüber - Der Winter beginnt wieder

I hope you aren´t sick of those picture posts just yet.
This is the second part of the photo shooting, I told you yesterday about.

It´s featuring a friend of mine who is cosplaying Austria. And sometimes (for me and Spain) Prussia. But her personality is more like Austria and she likes this cosplay the most.

(Please follow the fake cut)
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[fanfiction] Only You (IV) - (Complete)

Title: Only You (IV) (Complete)
Pairing: RussiaXJapan, EnglandXJapan
Rating: PG 13
Warning: Domestic Violence, Psychological, Broken Hearts
Language: English
Summary: Feeling threatened by a few words uttered by England, Russia confronts Japan after the world conference to set their relationship straight.

Chapter 1: here
Chapter 2: here
Chapter 3: here

FF.NET: here

(Nothing- he knew- no danger could permeate through to him. He needed only to stay here. He needed only to brave some of Ivan’s fickle moments. Once done, there was not a safer place anywhere else. He knew this.)
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Prussia's Chick?

I was in the mall and I found keychains that looked like Prussia's chick. They had a website and I followed it.

I don't think Himaruya got the idea of Gilbird from here but they're so adorable!!! I could imagine that this would be one of Gilbert's favorite sites XD

Press Enter to get into the site. On the navigational bar the third link are the animations. And the sixth button is just about the cutest thing you've ever seen~ Jumping chicks~ Just put your mouse over them.

I'm sorry if this wasn't allowed and I dunno what to tag this as. D:
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[Fanfic] Your Soundless Voice, Your Proof of Life

Title: Your Soundless Voice, Your Proof of Life
Author/Artist: Moi~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmeriCanada, ending has England, France, Germany, Prussia and Japan.
Warnings: Minor language, twincest if you see America and Canada as twins; if not then nothingto worry about that, ummm...Character death. Ummm...It took me 3 hours to write this...and when I finished I teared up...but I think that was a combination of the fact I finished late at night and the songs I was listening to. xD;
Summary: It was supposed to be a simple cold, what happened? Based off of Rin's Proof of Life and Len's Soundless Voice.

If I only could, make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places...

Cross posted to usaxcanada
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North Italy & Switzerland Costumes for sale!

I need to part with some of my Hetalia cosplays:

I'm selling my North Italy costume which was made by designed and made by me. It took over 25 hours to complete the costume, using 100% twill. I am only selling the actual jacket. The pants were made to fit me personally, so I would feel bad if they don't fit anyone else who buys it. The jacket is woman's medium (size 10/12). It comes with real, working pockets as well (which is handy for cosplay). I'm asking $70.00 or OBO for it. Free shipping within the US, but I can ship international. Paypal only please for payment.

Next up, is my Switzerland jacket:

I really don't want to part with this costume because it's by far my favorite Hetalia costume that I've made last year. It was worn only once at a con last October. It is made from 100% velveteen and lining. It took about 15 hours to sew after constructing the pattern. It's on the small/medium size of a jacket (between sizes 8-12). I'm asking $95.00 or OBO for this jacket. Velveteen is pricey, but it keeps you nice and toasty during the winter! Free shipping within the US, but I can ship international. Paypal only please for payment.

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[Selling] 1 FrUK/USUK / 2 USUK / 1 SpainS.Italy / 1 FrUK Doujinshi

Jan 9 2010 - UPDATED - Added 2 more Doujinshi (Antonio/Romano)
Jan 10 2010 - UPDATED - All Germany/Italy Doujinshi has been sold.
Jan 27 2010 - UPDATED - All sold out Doujinshi has been deleted, prices of the remaining ones are reduced.

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