January 9th, 2010


[[ MSN group ]] accepting members!

I know I've advertised here before but I currently cleaned out the members list so there are some previously-occupied positions now available!

We're a group about having fun, messing around, whatever. IM style rp or paragraph, do whatever you want with whoever you want. Our group chats will be in IM style 90% of the time though.

If you're interested, check out the characters list and then head over to the application. 8D

[fanart] Sketches

Title: Ummm SKETCHES~
Author/Artist: cherubii
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belarus, Germany, Estonia, Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warnings: Uuum, image files are kinda big, so there is a possibility for slow loading!
Summary: Just some random stuff, I guess BD

[ Previous art posts; o2 / o1]

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Also if you have a request for me to draw, feel free to suggest it! :D

Discussion: How do you ship? Historically? Crack? Everyone one with Russia? Explain

One thing I have noticied about Hetalia since I got into it this summer is the shippings are all over the place, so I curious how everyone ships.
Myself in anime have always ended up shipping canonly so I find in Hetalia I ship historically, in example JapanxTaiwan, AmericaxEngland, and the love triangle between Austria, Prussia and Hungary. I just become so intrigued by the history of them that I love the pairings even more which in turn I ship more. It's to the point where I'll see a random Hetalia pairing and discuss it with my boyfriend if would be historically accurate after looking up it's history.

How do you ship?

NorCal......Igiko and Boxer!France are getting MARRIED! Dates?!~

We still don't know about location...Fiance is tanking care of that, apparently. XD It's probably going to be in our "favorite" city of San Fransisco... If anyone else knows of locations where there are lots of spiffy trees that shall be blooming, that will be awesometastic.

So...as for weekends... Please pick the weekend you prefer....if you're available for several weekends, please make that into a comment. XDDD

OH. And PLEASE spread the word! The more people that come, the awesomer it will be!~ We are still looking for bridesmaids,and  flowergirl!America.
Ok...so the polling system isn't working. >< Just tell me the weekend/day you are free.

Date? Feb, Saturday, 27 Feb, Sunday, 28 March Sat, 6 March Sun, 7 March Sat 13 March Sun 14

<input ... ><input ... >
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[FANFIC] Pride Goeth Before the Fall -- Chapter Three (Complete)

Title: Pride Goeth Before the Fall – Chapter Three (Complete)
Author: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Words: 1,500
Characters: Turkey-centric (appearances by Egypt, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and numerous Arab/historical OC’s)
Rating: PG
Warnings: mentions of violence, some language, human names
Summary: The gradual decline and fall of the Ottoman Empire, beginning with the Italo-Turkish War and ending with the creation of the new Turkish Stare.
Chapter Summary: As World War I draws to a control, the Ottoman Empire is dismantled and destroyed. And the former Ottoman states gather to bid farewell to Sadiq. (The Treaty of Lausanne and the Turkish War of Independence)

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.

( “Because you want to be,” a woman responds knowingly. She doesn’t sound distressed or irritated, but there is a melancholy lilt to her voice. “because if you let this moment pass without saying goodbye, you’d never forgive yourself, Herakles.” )
Gig from Soul Nomad

Q&A: Help in sending request

It looks like Himaruya is still doing the requests. Thought he would stop till January 7th, which is the day of Russian's Christmas. But it looks like he won't stop doing them... for now.

I'm trying to send him a request but I don't know which of the two buttons is the sending one. :/ Little help here?
♪And what a beautiful mess this is
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[Fanfic] Cosca

Title: Cosca
Author: Arialyn
Character(s)/Pairing(s): North Italy, South Italy. Some itacest, if you want to take it that way.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Romano's mouth, of course. The f-word. Because really, this is Romano we are talking about. :D
Summary: Feliciano told Lovino everything that happened to him, from what he ate, to who he hung out with (he always mentioned Ludwig, even though he knew his brother didn’t like him), to what he had done, all the trivial little details that made up one’s day. But in turn, Lovino rarely told Feliciano anything.
Mentions of the mafia.

The smoke trails from the tip of his cigarette...

Russia &lt;3

Roleplayers Needed! Various canons and OCs

This is our roleplay forum, The Whole World Belongs To Us, a friendly cracktastic community full of personality.

Here's a list of some characters we desperately need or really really want. Mama Egypt and Sweden are in bold because we REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED THEM (our Egypt and Finland are ronery).

Mama Egypt

South Africa
Hun (as in Attila the)
Indus Valley Civilisation
Native America
Any other African nations

There are others but these are the ones we mainly want. Egypt feels lonely on his continent all on his own. Here's the member list if you want to check if a character's taken. I know it says Israel on there but they're inactive so we're going to delete their account.

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[Fanart] Holding hands

Title: Holding hands
Artist: Me
Characters/Pairings: Snowrabbit/Ivan Braginsky and Gilbert Beilschmidt
Rating: T
Warnings: No
Summary: This was supposed to be a B-Day-present for raikouminamoto. A little bit late, I know, but I hope she will like it =) The rest is written in the description at deviantart.

APH - Holding hands by ~Soumaru on deviantART

In the next time I want to draw something different (I always draw Ivan or/and Gilbert somehow)
Any idea?
(Because I don't have one v__v;)


[fanfiction] The Most Incredible, Awesome, Kick-Ass, Foolproof Date Plan Ever 1/6

Title: The Most Incredible, Awesome, Kick-Ass, Foolproof Date Plan Ever
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Hungary, France/Spain
Rating: T
Summary: It was foolproof. He had worked on every plan, every detail and each possible outcome almost guaranteed him Elizaveta's love. Until it was ruined by Gilbert's two cockblocking, fags of best friends. Gilbert/ElizavetaAU
Note: First multi-chapter that doesn't focus on France/UK. A gift for zulenha <3

a brief guide to snatching that Hungarian chick you've been pining after for years from right under that prick's aristocratic nose
watchin u

Hetalia Complete~

 Is back from the dead.

Sorry guys, finals and shit just ATE my life then when Christmas break rolled around two of my pets died so I was having to deal with that THEN Livejournal completely erased the entire original Hetalia download post and when I tried to rewrite it, it did it again, so I was just like "y'know fuck this" and I did something cooler.

I made a standalone site.

It's so much easier to update, so I'll probably not be so half-assed about it, plus it's also more customizable and I like that :D

Anyway, I'm sure you're ready for me to shut the fuck up and link you already, so here.

( have a fake cut that will lead you there )

[AMV dump] 1 feature-length & 2 teasers

My heartfelt thanks for the comments on my past projects, which has encouraged me to release this third music video. It happens to be another AmeRisu one, which can be watched as a stand-alone or as a prequel to my previous USxUK video, now compiled under the title ~Ever Since~ and telling the events following the American Revolution

If you can believe it, this actually spawned from a botched attempt at designing a USxUK wallpaper and after realizing that PhotoShop hates me more than Movie Maker, it became a music video XD;;;

Title: ~Ever Since~ Part 1: Drifting Away
Author: saplings
Song: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Westlife)
Pairing: England & America
Summary: Immediately following the American Revolution, two weary nations go their separate ways; England is suffering from the costs of the war as well as the radical changes that it has levelled, while a free America ponders his final exchange with the former colonial power
Features: Angst~also, amateur lip-syncing

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If the response to this and the other USxUK music video is positive, I will be planning two interquels to further cement the story and experiment with a new technique in the process. A teaser for one of these may be found in the cut, and I may be needing assistance from the community on the second interquel; details are also included below the obligatory label

Title: ~Ever Since~ Part 1.5: Across The Atlantic - English Shore
Author: MoonShadow [http://animemp3s.org]
Characters: England with America
Features: Dialogue, and England sappiness XD;

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The second teaser stars France and will likely be my next release, as I would like to take a break from the AmeRisu-ness and collect data for the ~Ever Since~ compilation; teasers are released on a caper and may be edited in the full release, especially since I already plan to add some plucky preamble and cut stray scenes from Blue. More projects starring other characters and pairings are also on the way~

Title: Blue
Author: saplings<
Characters: France with all other nations
Summary: America is bored out of his mind during an Allied meeting and decides to start making fun of France's clothes; the teasing is short-lived though, as France quickly turns the tables and launches another bloodfest
Features: CRACK, and intense lip-syncing

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Fanfic: The Problem with New Year Resolution


Title: The Problem with New Year Resolution
Author: slashy_lady, special thanks to frames_in_aria for editing
Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America and England/AmericaxEngland
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Some Kind of Summary: America thought that New Year Resolution was fine and dandy. But when he made a bet with England on whether he could fuldill his resolution or not, and he happened to forget about said resolution, the 'fine and dandy' meter somehow turned low.
Note: This fic is inspired by one of the prompts that finite_farfalla gave me for my Secret Santa assignment, that is: 'Good reason to learn another language'. I did not choose that prompt for my Secret Santa fic, but it's too good to be wasted, so you have this fic instead.

It was bad enough that he made a bet with England which basically stated that he would do whatever the other wanted if he failed to fulfill his resolution.

The link will bring you to my writing journal; cross-posted to usxuk
Like always, feel free to throw anything.

Two Gift fics. Americanada and Gertalia (I need better icons)

Title:  Remembering Mattie day
Author/Artist: Extremlygirly
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/Canada
Rating: Pg 13 ?
Summary: Al, Matthew secretary thought, was an act of god, but at least her boss got out of the office.
Note: I seriously have other fics I could be writing.... I just need to pimp my work out.  I need to delete SOME files, Might as well give you all some fluff

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Title:  Collar
Author/Artist: Extremlygirly
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy
Rating: Pg 13 for implied things
Summary: Sometimes Even italians can get the signs of love wrong 
Note: Um first emotional story.
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Disscusion- When did the fandom get big?

Firstly, I am sorry if anything is wrong with this post (Or I am not allowed to post such a thing on the main hetalia page). I don't post a lot...

Ok, we all know that Hetalia has a huge fan base. It's massive. But, when do you think it crossed the line from being 'just another normal fan base' to 'huge fan base.'
(ps, I started to go in hetalia early January 2009...)

North Carolinian Hetalians?

Hey I was just wondering if anybody from North Carolina like Hetalia. I know they're a few but not many. I was also wondering maybe we could start a Hetalia Group. So yeah.....
(P.S. Great job to that Hetalia group who attended Ichibancon! I saw you I was that girl in a white jacket,glasses, and a raggedy ponytail.)
You can remove this if this is not allowed.


Dear hetalia.

i'm going to cosplay this year from hetalia at a  con, in april.

I need a wee bit of help though, I was thinking maybe Finland?

The thing is I'm going to bali and a few days and am going to get some cosplay made there....and surgestions?

thanks a bunch everyone!

p.s I'm plump, have short brown hair and brown eyes.....help?
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Four Secret Santa fics

LJ just tweaked out on this entry wicked bad.

Title: Sweet Somethings (for nordic5_xmas)
Pairing: Sweden/Finland physically, Finland/Sweden emotionally
Rating: NC-17 (Sex)
Summary: Sweden receives an unexpected Christmas present.
Here @ 26_shapes

Title: A Drunk Norway is an Honest Norway (pitchhit for nordic5_xmas)
Characters/Pairings: Norway/Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Denmark overhears what all the Nordics really think about him; depression hits him hard, and Norway worries about his friend.
Here @ 26_shapes
(These two are xposted to kalmarunionen)

Title: From Russia With Fun! (for gertalia_santa)
Characters: Germany, N. Italy, Prussia
Rating: G
Summary: Playing Tetris. Turns out, Veneziano is surprisingly good at it when not distracted by hunger.
Here @ 26_shapes

Title: Flowers and Chocolates or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Romanticism (for love_and_tea)
Pairing: England/Japan
Rating: G
Summary: What do you get for a friend you've had for 150 years?
Here @ 26_shapes