January 12th, 2010

Espurr, Pokemon 5
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[Fanfic: Seventy Miles, Uphill, in the Snow]

Title: Seventy Miles, Uphill, in the Snow (or How America Saved Christmas Eve)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Characters/Pairing: France/Canada, America
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Canada has the perfect get-away planned for Christmas Eve, and everything's going great. That is, until their car stalls out over fifty miles from the nearest town in the middle of the Yukon. Now it's up to Canada and France to try and salvage their trip.
Notes: Written for pantstacular as part of the maplesandroses Secret Santa.

( I am too beautiful a gift to the world to waste away in the wilderness! )

[Fanfic] I am Taiwan

Title: 我是台灣 - I am Taiwan
Author/Artist: Hollyrose_Hime or LadyKnightOfHollyrose
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Taiwan, China
Er… PG?
Warnings: None that I can think of 0.o
Summary: China is hosting the Olympics, but will his stubbornness cause him to lose another of his siblings?

Sunlight streamed through the room’s windows, but it did nothing to alleviate the tense silence that had descended upon the room. )

This fic was written for the Christmas exchange at aph_rp_newbs for kuro000xxx who asked for something with China and Taiwan in it... And this is what came out!


Hana no Mizo Shiru- Not So Long Ago

[CALENDARS] Two 2010 calendars

I haven't been very active in the comm or in LJ in general lately; but I'm back again with two calendars for January and February. ^^ I know that it's about two weeks into January, but it's still functional. March is possibly coming soon. =)

Artist: il_mare_luccica
Characters: China, Japan, Spain & Romano
Rating: G
Warnings: A kiss between two men; but then considering the basis of the fandom, I don't think it really matters. XD


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~ Art by ? & azu-tobiiro
~ Textures by bambinainnero, aulxdayz, samelthecamel & ?
~ Brushes by 99mockingbirds & coy-dreamer
~ Please don't hotlink.
~ Credit would be nice, but I won't go guano if you don't do it. ^^
~ These calendars aren't meant to be wallpapers, so unfortunately, I can't resize them for anyone who wants it on their desktop.
~ Comments and constructive criticism make me so happy it's not even funny. [/lame] A March calendar might be coming soon.

selling england one coin figure!

Hey everyone! ^^

I'm looking to sell my One Coin Figure of England. It's in perfect condition, out of the package but still has the box. It would be $20 shipped to anyone in the U.S., add a few more dollars for international shipping. I only accept Paypal.

Hope someone wants him! I bought him a while back and displayed him for a while, but decided I didn't really NEED him. xD
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Carpe Diem [1/?]

Title: Carpe Diem
Author: crimjob  and angel_shin, though I wrote this chapter. We're co-writing, she's doing the next chapter.
Characters: England, America
Rating: PG-13 for now, eventually NC-17
Summary: It's after the end of modern civilization, 1,409 years After the End, to be exact. In a small, tight-knit society, many things can be prevented.... but others can not be avoided. AU steampunk.
Warning:  Eventual UKUS and possibly Ger/Ita, human names, creepster!Ivan, insane inventions.

Fffff, I fail at fake-cutting. The story is here: crimjob.livejournal.com/1443.html

[fanfiction] The Most Incredible, Awesome, Kick-Ass, Foolproof Date Plan Ever 2/6

Title: The Most Incredible, Awesome, Kick-Ass, Foolproof Date Plan Ever 2/6
Author: comptine
Word Count: 2,285
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rated: T
Summary: It was foolproof. He had worked out every plan, every detail and each possible outcome almost guaranteed him Elizaveta's love. Until it was ruined by Gilbert's two cockblocking best friends. Gilbert/ElizavetaAU


[Fanfic] Romancing for Dummies (Prussia) - Chp 1

First chapter of a PruIta fic I have been working on since… forever. It is too long to be posted on LJ in a single go, so I split it in parts and will post them as shorter, separate chapters. Expect updates either every day till the end, or once every two days! Please enjoy!

Author: me.
Characters/Pairings: Prussia/Italy. Mentions of Spain/S.Italy, France/England. Prussia, Italy, France, Spain, Romano, Germany, Austria. Mentioned England and Hungary.
Rating: K+
Warnings: Prussia’s mouth.
Summary: Italy mistakenly believes Prussia’s desire to get into Austria’s pants is love, and proceeds to teach him how to romance Austria up. Prussia goes with the flow, because hey. He really likes Ita.

http://masterfranny.livejournal.com/11383.html#cutid1 (my journal entry :3)

Drop in a message if you like, it would make me happy ^^
I´m the cutest nation ever - chibi

[Cosplay Germany] The gorgeousness of winter

We were only three people but we had a lot of fun. We met up for a photo shooting in the snow-covered park of Sanssoucci. Yes, that´s the place where Friedrich the Great has built his little castles and a big wonderful park. For more informations about that place you can click here (It´s in English, so don´t be afraid.)

It was cold! We had a snowstorm. Which was perfect for a few pictures but we had the feeling that we will freeze to dead. I didn´t want to get up from the ground anymore as Finland had beat me down. It was more comfortable to lay in the cold but soft snow and watch the grey sky than to get up again, to walk back to the car.

France had found water at this event...because she listened to Russia. XD Nothing serious happened, we tried out a small frozen river, to walk over.France got wet feet as she tried to climb up at the other side. She followed my direction, to bad that there the ice was only half frozen there. ^^; We had luck it was only a small canal and the water wasn´t deep. But the expression France made gave Finland and me a laughing flash. She looked so funny like "What the hell? Why is my face in the snow?"

So, I hope you like our pictures. I´m sure that we will do even more photos as long as the snow is lying around. XD Especially if I get my Sweden outfit done in the next weeks.

The following links will bring you to my DA account, because I have no time to put them up on LJ this week.

Finland - Sweden´s little wife

France - country of love and old history

The Winter War - Finland against Russia

France & Finland - France saw first the potential of the little country.


[game] Finland strip pong

I'm not sure if anyone's posted this yet, but after the massive surge on 4chan Monday, what with all the Hetalia threads, I found this little beauty: http://ruriwo.ifdef.jp/xmas/xmas.html

Basically, it's Tino in his Santa outfit, and you use the ball to strip him. After you remove his Santa clothing, or after a certain level, you get the chance to remove the censoring Hanatamago.

I think the ending may either induce disappointment/lulz. Does anyone know of a sequel? :D

Space theatre

Making an order from toranoana & k-books

I'm planning to make an order from toranoana princess side. Do you want to pick up something from there?
It helps to reduce the cost.

Edit: adding K-Books to the shop list

1. You must be 18 or over if you order R rated doujinshi.
2. Other series allowed.
3. PAYPAL only.

Collapse )ORDER CLOSEDCollapse )

To mod, I'm very sorry if this is not allowed; please delete this post if that's the case. m(_ _)m

[discussion] Hetalia Love MEP OTP list + more

Deadline is 13 days away! I've gotten a ton of entries, but it'd be nice to have more submitted. Sending me a youtube link means I'll have to convert it, which will ruin the quality. D: And please don't forget to send it in the format mentioned in the previous post.

 I'll try to keep everyone up to date with a list of pairings people said they would consider doing/have already done, including any Youtube links I get. The OTP list so far is:

Prussia/Canada- t3hb33
N. Italy/Hungary- minutepassed (LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvvo6Aq4jXY)
US/chibiUK- rainbowblowpops
Russia/America- zelocat (LINK:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPubnHP5fqg )
Sealand/Latvia- lady_rebellion
Japan/Taiwan- princessarahem
Russia/UK- rainbowblowpops
HRE/Chibitalia- lady_kirkland
America/S. Korea-lietinstripes
Spain/France- lietinstripes
America/England- sora_mysterica
UK/Japan- kawaii_fungus
Spain/Romano- meihime-sama
Canada/Iceland- Rabieskatten

And of course, this WORM  project needs an intro and credits song! Here's a few possible ones, but feel free to suggest any.

-"Love Game" by Lady Gaga
-"All You Need is Love" by The Beatles
-OR by Starbuck 150 Country project. Watch the tribute here:
-"Love Me, Love me" by Justin Beiber/The Cardigans/ or anyone else who sang the song.

Previous posts are here and here.

*EDIT* Got dates wrong sorry. Deadline's on January 25th.
Michael Caine

[Cosplay] Austro-Hungarian Empire

Title: None
Author: Hungary - mizzsheldon  and Austria to my lovely friend.
Character: Austria and Hungary
Pairing: We have rings, I guess it's implied they're together.
Warning(s): None

My friend's Austria cosplay was finished just in time for Anime LA. Here are some obligatory photos to show our complete selves off.


Both of our cosplays are hand made avec l'amour.

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Hana no Mizo Shiru- Not So Long Ago

[CALENDARS] Three variated calendars

Following the previous two Hetalia calendars that I posted up, here is March! =D I was originally going to wait until I had finished April's to post this up, but this month ended up with three different variations of more or less the same picture and I didn't want to have too big a post. I hope you like them! ^^

Artist: il_mare_luccica
Characters: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
Rating: G
Warnings: None.


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~ Art by シロクマ
~ Textures by bambinainnero
~ Brushes by masterjinn
~ Please don't hotlink.
~ Credit would be nice, but I won't go guano if you don't do it. ^^
~ These calendars aren't meant to be wallpapers, so unfortunately, I can't resize them for anyone who wants it on their desktop.
~ Comments and constructive criticism make my soul all fuzzy. ♥

My Love is only sheathed Sequel

Title: My Love Is Only Sheathed
Author/Artist: Hikari Kame
Character(s) or Pairing(s): JapanxChina
Rating: Teen, slight adult content
Warnings: Angst, dark fic
Summary: China's rocky past with Japan decides to poke its ugly skeletal head out of the closet when Japan gives China a Hello Kitty Ring. Japan has never forgotten his night with China, and China wishes desperately that it had never happened.

Just for the few who want the sequel: fanfiction.net link:


FINAL Sequel: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/6051359.html

[COSPLAY] Sac Anime January 2010- Sunday Hetalia Photoshoot

Hello everyone! This here post is a compilation of all the best photos my France managed to take at Sac Anime January 2010. I myself am the smaller or the two Austrias, and the Russia with the correct wig, along with the black-dressed Belarus are also in my group. I managed to pick the best (in my honest opinion) 112 out of the 1000 something photos France took, so if you're not in here (I tried to get EVERYONE), then either France didn't get you, or I skipped over you accidentally. I also didn't post all 112 here, as that's WAY too much for a LJ post, so I've posted a link to my Photobucket album.

Oh, and please contact me if you went to Sac Anime, as I want to keep in contact with you guys! You were all totally awesome.

Warnings: Massive photoshoot overload

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[Flash game] Asia mini games

Title: Asia mini games
Author/Artist: Inunobaka(me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China,Korea,Japan,Hong-Kong,Taiwan
Rating: E
Warnings: China in underwears?
Summary: We had an advent calender on hetalia_fr, and I did two mini games and a fancomic, in French. Now that I'm allowed to post here, I finished the translation and so... Here. Sorry if it's not good OoO"
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[Cosplayphotos] Snowpics from germany

Hello everybody :3!


Eventhough I planned it a few time sin the last year, I never got to post my cosplayphotography of hetalia cosplayers. So, I will give it a shot now! <3

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FukuJun - smile

Hetalia drinks for sale

Hi everyone! Was able to get my hands on more of them Hetalia drinks. They are up on eBay if anyone is interested. I've got an Allies set (America/UK/France) and an Axis set (Italy/Germany/Japan), as well as individual listings for America, UK, Germany, and Japan. Shipping is a bit high because the drinks weigh a lot, but if you're only after the cans and don't care about the juice, I can ship the cans empty which will significantly reduce shipping costs.

If you're interested, please have a look HERE~! Thanks!

Please note that these are THREE-day listings and payment must be made within TWO days or else shipping may be delayed.