January 15th, 2010


[fanart/fanfic/wallpaper] more Christmas gift art/fic, wallpaper, icons

Title: Mid-January Dump
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/England, US/UK, France/Seychelles, France/Germany, Thailand
Rating: G to PG-13
Warnings: naked male torsos, language, innuendo, angst and fluff (not at the same time)
Summary: The rest of the Christmas gifts I did for various people. 3 wallpapers and some icons using official art. Sorry for the rampant cross-posting.

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[Fanfic] Romancing for Dummies (Prussia) - Chp 2

There's the second chapter I promised. Things start moving!

Author: me.
Characters/Pairings: Prussia/Italy. Mentions of Spain/S.Italy, France/England. Prussia, Italy, France, Spain, Romano, Germany, Austria. Mentioned England and Hungary.
Rating: K+
Warnings: Prussia’s mouth.
Summary: Italy mistakenly believes Prussia’s desire to get into Austria’s pants is love, and proceeds to teach him how to romance Austria up. Prussia goes with the flow, because hey. He really likes Ita.

–––Romancing for Dummies Prussia–––

http://masterfranny.livejournal.com/11789.html#cutid1 (how to behave during a date)

previous chapter here: http://masterfranny.livejournal.com/11383.html#cutid1 (how to compliment your love interest)
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[Fanart] To be fair, I'm only partially responsible for this.

Title: Um...no titles. XD Bloody Nose and AmeIta?
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s):America, AmericaxItaly
Rating: PG-13, bordering on R
Warnings: Happy trail, and naked shoulders for the first
Summary: Two pictures. One of America and Italy being horrifyingly cute and giggly, and a strategically-cut picture of a nekkid America with a bloody nose. Most probably from Germany for that first pic/my last post on here XD

Lol Fake Cut #1

And #2!
Gig from Soul Nomad

[Fanfiction]America's Darkest Shadow 1/? (Prologue 1)

Title: America's Darkest Shadow (undecided title)
Author: flamefox324
Rating: 15+
Warnings: will contain violence, blood, dark characters, angst
Summary: This story tells America's life throughout the historical events. From the last battle of the American Revolution to WWI. He then finally get to ally with England in WWII despite having hatred feelings for the American. But now Alfred is different than he used to be before. But as the WWII progresses through time, something has happened to America that will forever haunt his dreams....
Characters: America, England (for now. Many other characters will make appearances later on the chapters)


Fail prologue chapter is fail. :c
Lucas (Heart)

[deviantART Group] Hetalia-Artists

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to spread the word about a new Hetalia group on deviantART.


#Hetalia-Artists: A group exclusively dedicated to the sharing and promoting of fanart inspired by the popular anime series, Axis Powers Hetalia. Digital and traditional artists are welcome, as are art appreciators!

If you have a deviantART account and enjoy creating or appreciating Hetalia fanart--or both--please consider joining us and help our small community grow.

Thanks for your time! ♥

[Fanart] Springtime Liechtenstein

Title: Spring Liechtenstein
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Liechtenstein
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: And on to spring, and HOPING that it comes soooooooon. I hate winter! This is the first time I've drawn Liechtenstein. It was fun! So, hope you're enjoying the bookmark series, more on the way!


Actual link:  triaelf9.deviantart.com/art/Spring-Liechtenstein-150462652


[MSN RP] Roleplayer needed! ;A;

Ahahahahah...'' This is my first post EVER on LJ so sorry if I'm doing anything wrong...
(plus, my english is bad, sorry'')

I'm the administrator of
MSN-Powers-Hetalia on deviantArt, a MSN-based roleplay group that have been working for 10 months already. We've got about 50 characters (both canon and OCs are allowed), but we lack most of the important ones (especially the Allies and Axis).

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The call is sent to anyone who wants to join, as either a canon or original character. :3 Though, we're sort of in a urge to get those important ones, as we would need some of those for future events. Also, don't be intimidated by the number of members, newcomers are always surprised by out hospitality towards them >3<

A-Anyway! Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope I didn't scared you xD' (people says I'm a scary admin''''' But seriously, I'm quite easy to deal with''')
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! >3<

Fan Art

Title: Prussia's New Years
Author/Artist: bluemoonlune
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria/Hungary/Prussia
Rating: G
Summary: Something done as a follow up to my New Years post How Prussia Spent New Years, and anyway I've been meaning to post this since the January the 1st, but life happens. Enjoy.
Artist's Note: When I started this, I was still practicing using a tablet, which might explain a few things like; why are they in a back ally, why is Hungary rubbing Austria's belly, and why is there a purple building. I like these problems though, because now I can look back on it and say "Hey, remember when my art didn't make complete sense?". Ahh future reminiscence.
Kisara- Cutest game-breaking dragon ever

Hetalia players wanted!

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All the players are very friendly and welcoming, and the mods are all helpful and active in the comm. During the events twice a month or so, the pace can be a bit high, but as a general rule it's not a difficult game to keep up with. Unfortunately, we recently had quite a lot of drops, leaving our Hetalia cast pretty small, but that's where you guys come in~

We currently have:

and a Belarus and Norway on reserve.

As the Lithuania player there, I'd like to add that a Poland would be especially appreciated. ^_^ And I would be more than happy to beta the application of whoever was interested.
Gilbert Prussia

[Fanart] - China~

Title: China~
[info]watercolourrain / NightmareTease / HetaliaUnlimited
Characters/Pairings: China/ Wang Yao
Warnings: A background done too quickly for its own good >>;;
Notes: Dedicated to my seriously sweet China <3. That's about it :3.

[Click the preview to go on a magical (not really) journey! 8D]

Have a look, please? XD;; <3
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[Fanfic]Almighty Prussia's Quest 4/5

Title: Almighty Prussia's Quest
Author: flamefox324
Chapters: 4/5
Characters: mostly Prussia, China, Germany, and Korea. Quick appearance of Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Mongolia
Ratings: PG-15
Warnings: minor sexual contents and curses
Summary: China feeling, humiliated from answering Prussia's question that he would rather be with Korea, decided to get his revenge. Back at the wonderful land of beer and wursts, both the Germans were minding their own business. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. What will happen next? Will China succeed to get his revenge? And who is behind the door?

Chapter 1:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-1-138125081
Chapter 2:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-2-150522412
Chapter 3:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-3-150525379
Chapter 4:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-4-150526268

~will post these chapters later in fanfiction~

Fanfiction.Net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5442993/1/Prussias_Almighty_Quest

[Fic] Class 4 [4/11] A WWZ/APH crossover

Oh boy it's been a while since I wrote more for this. Apologies for the lateness--I've been somewhat occupied recently.

Also--anyone who can, please donate to Haiti relief efforts. The Red Cross is a good place to donate. And, as always, send your good thoughts/vibes/prayers to those suffering in Haiti, those organizing and running relief efforts, and those who have moved away from Haiti and are distraught because they haven't heard from their loved ones. I know personally, if I had the means and the training, I would be hauling my ass down there to help. Haiti's been in a bad way for a very long time and this horrible tragedy has made things so much worse.

Title: Class Four [4/11]
Chapter Title: 3
Author: luv_blindly
Characters/Pairings: This chapter: The Koreas, China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Tibet, Australia, Seychelles

Rating: Overall, somewhere between an R and an NC-17, for violence and a bit of sex. This chapter ---T.

Warnings: Gore, violence, kinda depressing but overall pretty awesome. Involves zombies, as anyone familiar with the survival guide should be able to tell by the title.

Overall Summary: It had always been there--that unexplainable scourge--but never like this. Never so widespread, and never ever this severe. [An APH/World War Z crossover]. Technically Alternate Universe, I suppose. I'm not going exactly by the book with WWZ, so there'll be some departures.
Chapter Summary: The virus moves south, and the Nations encounter a casualty of their own. Elsewhere, India faces her own crisis, and Australia comes to grips with the scourge much more quickly than the other Nations. Seychelles makes the trek across the ocean, fighting for her life.

NOTE: I'm going with the fantheory that there are two Koreas--Northern and Southern. I'm also going with the supposition that Im Yun Soo is North and his sister (Hyung-soo) is South. I know there's much in canon to disprove this, but this is just a fanstory.

Previous Chapters: Prologue. Chapter 1. Chapter 2.
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OKAY, WHEW. More later--we're just about done the first third of this story (remember, it takes place before, during, and after the zombie war). I think maybe three or four  more chapters and we'll get into the big part of the story. I'm quite excited for what comes after the war, though. That's where all the fun writing is going to lie.
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[final-call] Pre-Ordering Allied Forces Tote Bags


Here is ths final-call for pre-ordering the Allied Forces Tote Bags

Since I will be the one who printing it and my winter's break is almost end, I only have the next 2 weeks are free to printing the bags.

Also I have to order the bags on monday and print them.......

So be hurry to pre-order it before you miss the chance~ the pre-order will be ended on 01/17/10

Because all the tote bags are printed by me, there are a lot of freedoms for you to choose the image that you want on the bag~

if you are interested, you can go to this youtube video to have a clear look~


And you can order the Tote bags in here~ Also you can purchase the T-shirts in there too~


thx everyone~

[linking] New community - APH Rated

Trying to decide which lovely doujin to buy? Bought one and want to share your joy? Follow the purple sparkles!

I've noticed there's a lot of doujin scans and sales posts recently, and I created this community
to help people keep up. Please consider joining and leaving reviews, and hopefully it will become a great resource for fans.
Gone like an airplane~

[Fics] Snookiebear and This Is Why You Listen

Title: Snookiebear [Fanfic.net Link]
Author: tanya_tsuki
Pairing: America/England
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nothing, really. It's after sex, though.
Summary: Written for a prompt at saying_yes_2010. England is totally America's snookiebear, and America just has to let him know.

( What did you call me? )

Title: This Is Why You Listen [Fanfic.net Link]
Author: tanya_tsuki
Characters: England, colonial!America
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Colonial!America had been told time and time again not to enter
England's office. Now he knows why.

( England! Hey England! )

[Selling] 8 Russia doujinshi

I've not sold from my collection in a while...which is why, when packing my entire room into boxes last weekend, I realized I have far too many comics and not enough space to keep them. /cry

So I'd rather these got enjoyed more and go to a better place than a box in the corner of the bonus room, with all my other junk, for who knows how long.

All are Russia-pairing centric-- Russia/America, Russia/Liet, Russia/Prussia, and even a UK/Russia.

I ship internationally as well.

( Married Married Married--unfortunately, I don't have any of that :C )

Also, I'm a little late with those other 2 scans I promised...But they'll be up soon, promise.

MTAC, Baby!

So, as it turns out, I'm going to my first ever con. And it'll be MTAC! And I was wondering who's going too? I'd like to meet up with fellow Hetalians, since I know of none in my area, which is Mississippi.

I also have another question, though. I hope it's accepted because I need help with this desperately.

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[fic] Nine [1/?]

Title: Nine
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, France, Austria, Japan (more later on)
Rating: K
Warnings: AU based on a book which is very dear to the authoress's heart. I will love anyone who guesses the name of this book so much.
Summary: When England's parents die in an accident, he is rather surprised toget taken in by an eccentric enchanter known as Kiku Honda. He and his brother quickly find out, however, that life in a magical castle is hardly what one would expect.


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[ Stock. ] Sky
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[Fanfiction] Tomato-Red

Title: Tomato-Red
Rating: PG (some blood?)
Genre: Angst
Characters/Pairings: Romano, Spain | No pairings
Summary: The reality of Spain's trips away from home hits Romano. Hard.
Notes: Fill from the kinkmeme, the request was for Little Romano realising for the first time just what Spain goes through for him and very emotionally showing him gratitude (Hugging, crying, clinging to him)

Boss? )
war, tea

[fanfic] Build Up (1/?)

Title: Build Up, Part One
Author: grosse_averse
Characters: South Italy, Spain, with cameos from the rest of the "students" // for now, one-sided Spamano, because dammit, Spain shouldn't be the only one working hard for this relationship. Also a hint of Netherlands/Spain later on.
Rating: PG-13, for Lovino's mouth, of course!
Summary: AU. Lovino's spent so long building up walls, he no longer wants to tear them down for anyone. Except for maybe a certain Spaniard. Based on a prompt from 30quotes, and in the Le Lys & La Rose universe.

Prompt: "You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it."

Lovino Vargas didn't hate everybody, actually. They just pissed him off.
{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

Fic: Secession

Title: Secession
Author: ME :D
Rating: T for implied war stuff.
Summary: In the middle of the night, Arthur receives a rude awakening from Alfred, facing a crisis.
Length: 690-something words. Really short, I know. o_o
Notes: UM SO I'VE NEVER WRITTEN FIC FOR THIS FANDOM. And I'm really scared. But I want people to like it! I'm really fascinated by war, but really the big ones with America, especially the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World Wars, etc. A couple of days ago I did a "HEY COME TELL ME WHAT TO WRITE" thing over at my LJ and megkips goes, "Anything Hetalia, bonus points for snarking on, say, recent news" blah blah blah. Well, the Civil War's not recent. ANYWAY HERE IT IS, mainly because I wanted something to parallel the Revolutionary War/Cleaning out the Attic strip.
Can also be found on FF.net.

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