January 20th, 2010

[Fanfic] I Want to Take You to a... Straight Bar? (2/3)

Title: I Want to Take You to a... Straight Bar? (2/3)
Author: jajasisi 
Characters/Pairings: Denmark/Unnamed female/Sweden
Rating: R for now
Warnings: Oh god oh man oh god I don't even know how this got to be so long and so dark, it was just supposed to be smut. Dark!Denmark, references to triggering material, shamelessness
Summary: Denmark wants to have sex with a woman; Sweden is forced to supervise. Part One

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[fic] A Letter From a Fan

Title: A Letter From a Fan
Author/Artist: irrationalsense 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Stephen King, America
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: As I am not Stephen King, there is no horror.

Summary: Stephen King receives an ...interesting fan letter...

Quote Used: "I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries." - Stephen King


About a month ago, I got tired of Hetalia. To get myself back into the fandom, I found several interesting quotes and challenged myself to write Hetalia fic for each. It was a success.

This is one of the results, now edited. I hope you like it.
saying farewell, Ohana means family

Hetalia Drabbles~!

Characters/Pairing: England/India, England/Prussia, America/Ireland, Russia/China, England/America, Japan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied sexual situations, cursing
Notes: The following prompts were from saying_yes_2010 ; England/India; silk, England/Prussia; drunken shenanigans, America/Ireland; acknowledged and consented substitution sex, Russia/China; calligraphy/writing on bodies, England/America; really sexy kissing with surprised third party watching. I had to go back and edit these like whoa, but over all I think they turned out alright. I hope... Please enjoy!

Saying "yes" is always a good start.
Alucard, Hellsing

[Event] NorCal/SF Valentine's Day Pillow Fight - More Details-ish

Okay, now that I know that some of you are interested in going to the pillow fight, we should plan some more concrete details. These are just suggestions for now, so feel free to comment about something you might want changed.

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Okay, that's it for now I guess. I will post again when it's closer to Valentine's Day. Can't wait to see you there!

[Fanart] The Hetalian Tarot Part 4

Title: The Hetalian Tarot Part 4
Author/Artist: GothicDancer
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Rating: PG
Warnings: Russia kinda looks like he's wearing a Snuggie, and Belarus seems to be auditioning for a role in "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni." There's also Ukraine's chest. Her shirt's open but it's a profile view, and the mature bits are covered. S'okay. Really. :)
Summary: Part 4 of my Hetalian Tarot Cards series. This part contains the cards Death and The Devil.


Part 1: http://GothicDancer.deviantart.com/art/The-Hetalian-Tarot-Part-1-149148037
Part 2: http://GothicDancer.deviantart.com/art/The-Hetalian-Tarot-Part-2-149148859
Part 3: http://gothicdancer.deviantart.com/art/The-Hetalian-Tarot-Part-3-149630478

Kumajiro's true species?

Whilst looking at the (ADORABLE) Canadian Olympic mascots a couple of days ago, I learned that one of them is partially based off the 'Kermode Bear.' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kermode_bear

Does anyone else think that this would be perfect for Kumajiro?

-Unique to Canada (and culturally significant)
-Smaller than a polar bear
-Discovered by a dude named FRANCIS

Mascots: http://www.boingboing.net/_wordpress_wp-content_uploads_2007_11_2010.jpg
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[Fanfic] Thinking Without Thinking

Title: Thinking Without Thinking
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Australia, America, Canada, England, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand, Prussia, Scotland, Wales
Pairings: One-sided America/England; Background Prussia/Canada
Warnings: None
Summary: An Englishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman play a game of five-a-side.
(Sequel to 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' and 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'.)

[Fan art] Nordic hunks and some other Awesome stuff ;D

Title: Art dump
Author/Artist: Me~~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Romano, Liechtenstein and Prussia
Rating: Idk, PG? 8'D
Warnings: a little bit of blood and naked chests >D
My first art post here~ (´n w n`)

Click image for dA:

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[Fic] Pirate UK's in a Tub (1/1)

Title: Pirate UK's In a Tub (1/1)
Author: Amy
Characters/Pairings: England, Spain, Prussia, Romano; Implied -- Spain/Romano
Rating: PG-13 (One bad word)
Disclaimer: Not Mine *sighs*
Warnings: It's Cracky with characters acting OOCish accordingly.
Summary: Spain plots his revenge on England...it doesn't go as planned.

Author's Note: Originally written for a prompt at the kink_meme.
Author's Note #2: This...I don't even know where this came from...I am very sorry if it's made of fail, it's my first real attempt at crack. Please don't take it too seriously...It's also probably too long for its own good it was supposed to be short and silly but they just would not shut up.

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dirty looks

[Video] Demolition Lovers (Russia/America)

Title: Demolition Lovers
Artist: frerardislove 
Characters/Pairings: Russia/America. Short appearances from Lithuania, Japan, and England.
Rating: Pg-13.
Warnings: Blood, guns, kissing.
Summary: Russia wants to show America how much he truly loves him, even if that means they will both die in a barrage of bullets in the desert. They would at least be together and that is all that matters.

(As days fade, and nights grow)

[MEET] in Richmond, VA (updates)

If there is a way to update a previous Livejournal post and everyone who commented know it was updated, PLEASE, let me know. T__T  Otherwise, here is another post to keep those who commented on the previous one up-to-date.  (And I went ahead and commented at people who posted before to let them know.)

As previously stated, my friends and I would like to arrange a Hetalia meet-up/dinner in Richmond, Virginia and we were hoping Hetalia cosplayers and fans near that area would be interested in coming.
I have a tentative date in mind now, so if you want to join us (and we'd love it if you would), keep reading.

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[Vid]Help Haiti

This a fanvideo of Hetalia promoting aid for those struck by tragedy in the recent Port-Au Prince Earthquake. There has been an estimated 200,000 people dead, possilbe even more. With billions worth of damage. They have also been recently hit with a 6.1 aftershock.

They need your help.

Please donate.

(scroll down and you will find a list of nonprofit organizations to donate to)


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[Fanfic] Isolation [4/?]

Title: Isolation
Chapter: 4/?
Author: me
Rating: PG-13...violence. stealing from slaughterhouse-5....
Summary: America has fallen into a depression, but instead of England or Russia or some other nation trying to take over, his own government which has been badly corrupted decides to take its own country hostage. The story is much better than my fail summary

Yes they are dead… And so it goes.”

Link to FF. net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5662905/4/Isolation
Rose Red

[Discussion] Nation's theme songs

A silly and fun topic. ;)

If you had to pick a song for a character to make a grand entrance to, what would it be? For the purposes of this discussion, it CAN'T be a current or former national anthem. The weirder and crackier, the better -- the song just has to somehow remind you of the character or seem strangely apt.

For America, my choice is "America, Fuck Yeah" from Team America: World Police

For Austria, my choice is... Collapse )