January 22nd, 2010

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[Video] From Y to Y USxUK

Hellooo~ First post woohoo! I've been messing around with Sony Vegas lately and have been making videos and what not. I listened and read the lyrics for miku's song "From Y to Y" and it really fits them if you think about it. And theres tons of englang and america pictures, so i took a shot at it. I'm really happy with how i did this, it's diffrent from other vids i've done.


So, tell me what you think? ^_^; I would really like opinions/crits so i can make better videos.
China (twin tails)

[fanart] Chibi Taiwan

I love to draw & vectored Taiwan. She's so cute~

lj-cut text="Fullview">

Eh, kunogi09midori is me... Kunogi Midori is my artist name. Gah, I think I screwed up making the "lj-cut" I need help... and I planning to make icons out of my works too but I don't know how to do it correctly. (with the numbers and so like most do)

I'm thinking of opening art commissions. Of course, I can't open if nobody wants to buy my art. Do you think it's sellable?

If you have a Minitokyo account please fave if you like my work ^^

[Game Mod] Civ4 Hetalia: Italian TAMASHI!!!

So, I've read a few comic strips involving Lovino and I realized I have yet to give him any text for the Civilization game mod I released a few days ago. So I figured, why not give him some custom dialogue. His harsh, provocative way of speech will be an excellent foil to the friendlier, endearing Feliciano.

I played a game with him as leader of Italy and he managed to piss off 4 people in a couple of turns, 3 of which are his neighbors.

Note the names of his 'worst enemies...'

By the way, Germany killed him a couple of turns later...
RIP Lovino...be glad it wasn't Russia or England who got to you first...

So...I added a few more flavor text for Feliciano as well. Here's a few screenshots.

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Between The Meetings

G'Morning, Community!

Time for another head-canon based question for everyone to ponder about today! We all know that the Nations can't be holed up in meetings all of the time - so what do you think that they do during those precious moments of free-time (that are probably becoming rather rare, considering the state of the world today)?

Personally, this is what I think:

<sub>England: When not visiting America, he plays rugby or football with the rest of the United Kingdom and would play cricket if Australia wasn't such a jerk about winning all of the time. He also isn't allowed to skateboard anymore - Sealand has spoken. He probably listens to music at his house - a lot of the old punk music that he quickly switches over to something more "expected" whenever guests arrive. When America visits, he spends his time trying to chase down a good remedy for a headache and trying to teach the git how to correctly drive and explain why stick-shift is better than automatic any old day.

America: Plays Halo or some other game where he can shoot things with Tony - sometimes Japan comes over with some new prototype game module and lets America test it out (so long as he promises to not get Tony to build an exact replica and sell it before he does). When Canada visits, especially in the winter, they build snow-forts and go cross-country skiing. I think he also owns a couple of dogs and spends his time going to parks to play with them - especially when England's around because it's funny to see him try and control them because he's just so awkward and you really can't get Pirate! with children around. 

Canada: Does all kinds of outdoorsy stuff - like hiking, biking, climbing and hunting - he's been doing this a lot lately, since Parliament hasn't been called into session. Of course, he's attending the rally to get them back in gear - there's only so many times you can venture out into the Canadian Rockies before enough is enough. I also think he likes to secretly dress Kumajirou up in clothes.

France: Goes to other countries to try and pick up chicks - because who can resist a French accent, non?

Germany: Walks his dogs and goes out to get resumes for Prussia so he can get off of his couch and get a place of his own.

S. Italy: Spends his time fighting with stupid tourists and complaining about Spain to anyone within earshot. He also spends all of his time complaining about the government and how stupid his brother is for hanging around the Potato Bastard.

Spain: Sleeps. 

N. Italy: Helps Germany walk his dogs - and by that I mean holds the leash and forgets to hold them back whenever a squirrel runs by and thus ends up being dragged around various parks in Berlin. That, or he spends his time cooking.

Japan: Goes to those Cosplay cafes and reads doujin all day while uploading fanart to DeviantArt or NicoNico</sub>

Whaddya all think?

(no subject)

Title: Morning Cruel
Author: luminousbeat
Characters: France, Belgium, Prussia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Just a little language at the end, nothing more.
Summary: Belgium ends up not alone. She sort of wishes she had.

Sedatives? In my food?

Title: Ringing in the New Year
Author: luminousbeat
Pairings: Spain/England
Rating: G
Warnings: It's fluff-fic. Cutesy. Something I don't even usually try to attempt.
Summary: They say if you kiss someone when the New Year starts, your fate will be entwined with theirs. Yeah, right.

Hung by the ever crafty Francis.
Kurtofsky locker room faceoff
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[fanfic] Reunion

Title: Reunion
Author: me~
Characters/Pairings: US/UK
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: it's short. probably less than 500 words. and cuddles~
Summary: A sort-of kind-of follow-up to sakuratsukikage's brilliant, adorable fic Absence Makes the Heart. (read it read it read it read it read it right now) In celebration of finishing exams~~~

( click the not entirely real cut )

crossposted to usxuk
Gig from Soul Nomad

[Fanfic] Prussia's Almighty Quest 5/5 (Final Chapter)

Title: Prussia's Almighty Quest
Chapter: 5
Author: flamefox324
Ratings: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Germany, Prussia, China/Korea, mentioning or short appearances of Italy, Monoglia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong
Summary: China has sent a mysterious delivery which turned out to be a panda doll to the German's residence, to much of the Germans' surprise. How does a cute panda doll got to do with his revenge plan? Wait and see.

Latest Chapter: http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-5-151327252

Chapter 1:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-1-138125081
Chapter 2:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-2-150522412
Chapter 3:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-3-150525379
Chapter 4:http://flamefox324.deviantart.com/art/Almighty-Prussia-s-Quest-4-150526268


[Fanfiction] The Sea Cook [14/?]

Title: The Sea Cook; or Hetalia's Treasure Island (13/?)
Author/Artist: geministar01 
Characters: All nations, focus on America, Canada and England
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some violence, a bit of blood, and sailors cursing the way they do.
Summary: AU. When a dying sailor leaves them the fabled map to Captain Roma’s Treasure Island, orphaned brothers Alfred and Matthew will have to stick together to survive an adventure full of pirates, new friendships, danger and betrayal.

Chapter Fourteen: In Which the Betrayal is Uncovered by Accident

Previous Chapters found Here

[Event/Meet-up] Tampa, Florida

Hello, all Tampa bay area and Floridians.

The Renaissance Festival is coming up soon and I noticed how it's really easy to have Hetalia cosplays fit the themes they're going to have, mainly the old timey, colonial, or pirate ones.

If there's enough people interested in attending, or are already planning on going, I'm willing to set more details up for a get together on one of the weekends. Depending on what theme would be best will decide which weekend, though. It goes through Feb and into Mar and its 14.97 in advance to get in. The themes that are most fitting are the Italian Carnivale, Wonders of the World, and the Pirate Fest.

So, let me know if you'd be interested!

[Event/Meet up] Anime Day Orlando

Hey guys! It's Turkey here, but anyways just wanted to fill you guys in on a new covention coming up called Anima Day Orlando. For you Floridian Cosplayers and con goers if you've gone to Jacon then you would know that Jacon is now over. However this new convention called Anime Day Orlando is going to start out right were Jacon use to be. It's a one day convention and only 3$ at the front door. Though if you sign up to their website (like many of us did) then you get to go for free! There is a dealers room and a costume contest. (With a Japan deciding to enter which let's not mention I'm sure all of us Hetalia fans would root for her.)

This brings me to my point. We are going to have one big Hetalia meet up/group there. Most likely it will be a group that will be together the whole day. So not eveyrone has to stay with everyone if they wish to. We will probably have a photo shoot, take some videos (Which I will compile together into one big Epic Hetalia con video), and probably be silly at events. Right so if your interested drop us a comment and let us know who you might be coming as~

Here is a list of the countries coming now.

Italy (kanisi_kokoro)
Germany (Friend of kanisi_kokoro)
Turkey (sadiqadnan)
Greece (Friend of sadiqadnan)
Japan (swissinlovehell)
Russia (Friend of sadiqadnan)
Chibitalia (Friend of sadiqadnan)
Spain (Friend of sadiqadnan)
Sealand (Friend of sadiqadnan)
China (Friend of sadiqadnan)
Seychelles (Friend of sadiqadnan)

I think that's it.....XD

Also this con is happening January 30th. So yeah it's next weekend, Saturday! Hope to see you guys there!

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On the Other End of the Bullet - Looking for Role Players


Hi there,
It's my first time posting to the community, and I'd like to share a Hetalia Role Play forum. It's an AU that focuses on the mafia in a 1930s style setting. We've advertised here once before, and we are pretty well established with active members. We are now looking for various key characters that have yet to be taken. So if anyone is interested, please feel free to come by and have a look around! We are rather relaxed and crazy people, so even if you are new to Role Playing we are quite happy to give you a chance. To reserve a character, please follow the links under the cut! We look forward to meeting those who take an interest. Thanks for your time!

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[Filksong Translation] 1868

I wasn't sure if this was in line with protocol, but I've seen some people translating Nanairo no Hetalia Douga and other fanmade songs, so I figured it would be fine. (If not, I'm quite sorry. OTL)
Basically, an enterprising fan on NicoNico Douga wrote a parody of the Vocaloid song 1925 with Hetalia-themed lyrics about the history of Japan. I had some time on my hands so I dashed off a translation of it. My Japanese is not perfect, so it's probably not very good, but oh well.

The translation is available here at my journal.
In a World of my own, Alice

[fanfic] The Guilty Never Leave [2/?]

Title: The Guilty Never Leave [2/?]
Author: Moi~
Rating: PG-13/15 something like that.
Characters: England-centric; America, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Prussia
Warnings: Slightly insane!England, Wonky thought processes.
Summary:Beyond a shattered looking glass, fairytale becomes nightmare, imagination becomes madness, toys become weapons, friend becomes foe, and time is running out... Based off of American McGee's ALICE.

With yet another man-made miracle, this borders on the spiritual. It's time we came to fight.
Useful Pigeon

[Cosplay] Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

Bloody Sunday (1905): January 22, 1905, the Russian Imperial Guard fired into a crowd of unarmed demonstrators who had marched into St. Petersburg to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II. The death toll remains ambigious with reports from 96 to 4,000 killed with a more modern accepted estimate of 1,000.

Title: Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Author/Artist: Cos: Phantomthief, Pics: My schoolmate
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia
Rating: T?
Warnings: Blood, strange use of filters and one seriously effed up teddy bear
Summary: "This is... my fault?"

I wanted to post some pictures for the occassion but it adamantly refused to snow this winter... So instead my photographer and I decided on some scarier "Curl-up-in-the-basement-trauma" type "after" pictures. They turned into Silent Hill... XD;;;

We found one of the... sketchier parts of the campus (read: UNDER MY DORMROOM)...
Let me tell you, the lighting was ridiculous. It was one of those scary yellow fluorescents (and only one)... I followed up on that in PS and basically turned the entire shoot into a Silent Hill ad XD I'll probably think better of it in the morning but for now I think it fits.

(It puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall)
korea mike

[Fanfiction] Princely, Terror, Little Kindnesses

Title: Princely, Terror, Little Kindnesses
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia/Temeraire
Genre(s): Drama/Historical/AU
Character(s)|Pairing(s): Spain, France
Rating/Warning(s): PG, possible educational value
Word Count: 2,344 (total)
Summary: I blame both metallic_sweet  and aliquoten  for this. Hetalia and Temeraire/His Majesty’s Dragon fusion universe. Three drabbles about France and Spain’s relationship from about 1400-1660. With dragons.


Princely - “You adore all manner of creatures but why not dragons?” “I do not hate them, if that is what you are implying,” said Spain, lifting the leopard from his shoulders with no regard for claws. “They are useful beasts in their own fashion.” )


Terror - “But is it not beautiful, flight?” asked France in genuine surprise. “Was it not astounding to see the world beneath you?” )



Little Kindnesses - The hatchling shook itself, fastidiously, and then fixed eyes that looked like two great silver mirrors upon him. Its head went this way and that and the moonstone eyes blinked slowly.  )
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Chicago Hetalia Karaoke REMINDER!

Just a reminder that the Chicago area Hetalia karaoke party is tomorrow at LINCOLN KARAOKE. I have booked a reservation based on how many people replied to the last post and said they were coming, so if you plan to show up and you did NOT RSVP, please let me know because we're pretty much maxed out on the small room! The manager is pretty awesome, and is giving us a free bottle of champagne. ;) We have the room from 7 to 9 or 9:30. There will be a $10 cover for everyone who shows up, please don't forget!

There are food and drinks at the karaoke bar, so if you plan on bringing anything, please be discreet about it.

aoi_aka has booked a room at the Mariott, and she's said anyone who's coming from out of town or far away is welcome to stay with her. There has also been talk of more karaoke after, but that will be up to whoever's wanting to continue.

See you tomorrow!
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Fanart~World meeting chaos

Title: Um....The actual title I gave it is lame, so 'World Meeting Chaos'
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): None really
Rating: G
Chaos at a world meeting!

This is actually my 1st real post here! I'm more of a lurker, really.

But anyways, I had to do an assignment where I had to draw 50 characters in a scene, so I thought Hetalia was perfect! I had to dig around for character designs or make up 1 or 2 designs to get 50. (Apologies if I messed up on someone's hair or outfit.)

by me on deviantArt

I hope you all enjoy this. (I'll probably color it one day.) I hope I did this post right. ^_^;
Iggy kiss with fist

Ask England; Absolutely Invincible English Gentleman

Hello~! I've been so very busy recently. X_X So it's been quite a while since I last posted here...or at least it feels like it, anyway.

I was asked so many times to do a video for this song, and I actually got really amped about doing it! So, in my impatience, I've uploaded this version which is...well, I'm not overly happy with it.
Bearing in mind that I work on my own, in my tiny house, with a clapped out old video camera balanced on top of books to make all these videos, so they tend to be rather shoddy-looking. XD;; For this I'm truly sorry! I hope to be able to recruit my friends/cosplay group into helping me out a bit more from now on, and when that happens I shall re-make this video. ON LOCATION!! AND STUFF!! YAY~! ^__^;;; *Is a one-man show. Literally* So yes, hopefully it shall be improved!


Ah hahaha...ahhhh, man. X_X I could really go for some nice video editing software too, instead of Windows. *Might invest one day...and hopefully won't be too lazy to learn*

[Fanart] Comics + Nordic spaaam

Title: Sleep talking England & Nordic stuff
Author/Artist: dinoturtle 
Characters/Pairings: England + America, All the Nordics, Nordic OCs
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mentions of sex, cocks, and oho. Norway showing off his culture.
Summary: England saying nonsense in his sleep. A crotchshot pic of Norway. Most of the Nordic dump was posted at Kalmarunion.

What the hell happened?

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[fanfic] Dans la nécessité, le désir (Part II)

title; Dans la nécessité, le désir (Part 2)
author; moirae @ heavenisonfire
words; 600
characters; Austria ; France (eventual Austria/France)
rating; PG
warnings; n/a
summary; When Louis XIII and his Queen, Anne of Austria, fail to produce an heir, Austria and France take it upon themselves to rectify the situation.

Part I

( “Then enjoy your power while you can. Because as soon as you’re gone, I shall be, too.” )
keeping track, this is my annoyed face
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[fanfic] Real American Heroes

"Real American Heroes", by gisho. America-centric. PG, no warnings. Crossover with "Watchmen", movie-verse, and will make very little sense without having seen it. Approxi. 6500 words.

America likes to claim to be a land of heroes - masked heroes included. America leaves a mark on them, and they leave a mark on America.

Denne er en bilde av en fjord

[Fanfic] War

Title: War
Author: olynthus 
Characters: Norway
Rating: PG; language
Warnings: Um. Language. Little actual!history. Also, Norway is Norway. Something like this has probably already been written before. And I shouldn't write. Ever.
Summary: What is it about war? Whatever it is, Norway is living in the middle of one, and thinks a bit about the past. (WWII)

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