January 23rd, 2010

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[Fanart] Chibi!Spain/Romano :'D

Title: Chibi!Spain/Romano
Author/Artist: rofflecakes /Genis-Yggdrasill @ DA
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/South Italy
Rating: G ^^
Warnings: None.
Summary: Just a little Spain x Romano doodle I thought i'd share :'D Hope you guys like it~♥

(Link to Deviant Art)

Please be nice ;_; This was done digitally(lol somehow, none my decent drawings IRL don't ever end up online ^^;).
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[Fanfic] ちょや

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Hurt/ Comfort/ Friendship
Rating: T
 Japan (Honda Kiku), England (Arthur Kirkland)
Warnings: Cursing? And insulting of Bad Touch and their people? -- all by England, of course~
Disclaimer: Hetalia belongs to...aw, fuck it, you know...
Summary:Japan finds England in a bar. He is not France; so he takes him home for him. Events occur that almost coerce them into reconciling with their guilt; finally coming to terms with what was lost and what can still be found. EnglandJapan and EnglandAmerica.

(The whole room was transfixed as Arthur raved on; Kiku swore that he saw him foaming at the mouth.)
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Prussia's April Fools Blog: Part 1-4 subbed video

I re-did the clip from the Ore-sama blog I'd posted before. And have added two more parts. The first four are now up on youtube.

This is like a subtitled slideshow, with images from the blog-site and translations of what they say.

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Translation by katsu and I used kld_kms's scripts as a base. Thanks for letting me use them~

Please let me know what you think :3

I hope to do the rest soon!

New link to the Gloria Hetalia site

Too lazy to log out of RP account.

There's a a new link for the Gloria Hetalia site here. There's nothing much at the moment, but they're still planning to continue the project from what I can tell.

Oh, and I have two questions, the first is that can anyone translate the message on the old site for me? The second is that does anyone have that pic of Spain they had on the character page? I was planning on saving it onto my computer, but I forgot to do that.

For those who don't know what Gloria Hetalia is, there's a page about it in the Hetalia wiki.

Edit: Can someone also translate the "Story" page of the site for me too please? Thanks in advance.
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[Video] Cheer up, everyone!

This was dedicated for my friend and anyone that just needs a little cheering up. It makes me think of sweet, sweet summer vacation wich is still a long ways away.. T_T

And if anyone can tell me why i have those black bars on the sides of the video, please tell me. >_< It's really annoying!


♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[new community] Norway

Hello everyone!

After checking the community masterlist, I realised there was no community just for my beloved Norway. Well naturally, I had to fix this. X)

So here we are!

Everyone is welcome! Bring in the Norway love!
The community is under construction, and I am on the lookout for mods. HAVE FOUND A MOD 8D

If this isn't allowed then please say and I'll remove it.


Discussion- Sports and Nations

Sorry if this type of thing has already been discussed.

Alright, we all know sports are very serious business, so which sports would be nation's favourite to play or/and watch? Like their top three? (Because I know a ton of Europe would just rate football/soccer as their favourite XD) You can have team and individual sports...

And if you want, what position would they play in? Like goal keeper or wing?

[FANART] I am Canada

Hey, I'm Caroline, and I'm new to this comm. I obviously have no life, because in the past few days/week I've done a lot of fanart for hetalia after really watching/reading it only two weeks ago. This is just a sample - a rather time-consuming sample, but a sample nonetheless.

Title: I Am Canada
Author/Artist: me (luna-wannabe on dA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada
Rating: PG
Warnings: beer commercial.
Summary: I print screened/traced a Molson Canadian commercial with Canada. It was a lot of fun.
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Guess who's baaaaaack~

Title: England has something to announce, and Girl anancronism
Author/Artist: Lady_rebellion
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, France, Italy,
Germany, and Russia.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Light guro, innuendos, and all around creepy stuff.
Summary: England has something to say to you all, and i've made
my first amv mixed with a slideshow. It's rather bloody~

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[Selling] Gakuen Patch Group Order is GO!

Hey all, haven't posted in a bit. The patch company and I were giving each other the run-around XD

For those seeing this for the first time, I did some mods to the official Gakuen patch render to make it
A) More like the provided art sheets
B) More feasible as a patch (read: Able to fit on a standard pocket)
C) FANCIER *shot*

As a change from last time, the patches will have to be just under 4 inches on the long side, otherwise the text won't show. I'm going with no backing (as oposed to a plastic backing) so they'll be more flexible and you can add your own iron-on backing if you'd like :) If someone has a differing opinion, I'm new to the backing system so just let me know ^.^;

Colors won't be eact, but the'll be close to the example, I believe.

Price: $6 a patch if we can get over 35
Shipping: $2 in a manila envelope mailed first class anywhere in Alfred or Matthew (oh baby)
$5 priority anywhere in Alfred
Message me for shipping anywhere else <3

CLOSED Unless you posted in the first topic!
(Dear lord that was fast XD) 

(Cut to my journal)

[To be selling] Hetalia charms!


I'm going to be making Hetalia charms to raise some funds for my Hungary cosplay, and to get me to the con that I was planning a Hetalia gathering for. Click the cut for info, please!  ヽ(〃^-^)/

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So I wanted to ask: would anyone here be interested?: It would help me a ton. They'll probably be about $5.
If you are, do let me know what characters you'd be interested in, so I can start playing around with the idea.

Thanks for your time, and I'll see you guys when everything is made! :0

Heta-Plurks Roleplay Still Looking for More Characters

The first Hetalia plurk site is looking for more characters and you should join us. I play Japan there and it's amazing.
Here is the current open character list: http://community.livejournal.com/heta_plurk/866.html
Make sure you reserve your character there.
Apply here: http://community.livejournal.com/heta_plurk/722.html
If you need help creating a Plurk account and how to RP on it read here: http://community.livejournal.com/heta_plurk/1197.html
Join us!
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Cosplay:You Are My Enemy: Prussia and Poland

I'm back with another photoshoot =D

This time you guys get a bit of Poland and Prussia.

These two really don't like each other XD

Here's a teaser, the rest, and older shoots are spread out between our galleries: hunterofhearts.deviantart.com/gallery/ and lindzar.deviantart.com/gallery/ There's a lot, so I didn't want to put up a picture-heavy post ^^;


x-posted to the Hetalia cosplay community :3

edit: Decided to make a note that I'm the Poland :3
My dA is the first one listed, and Prussia's is the second.


[Fanfic] Dusk Run

New to the community. :D And the site in general, actually. Technical troubles are a certainty, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this cut to my journal. ]<

Light romance; introspective
Rating: PG
Warnings: Brief bad language.
Disclaimer: Axis Powers Hetalia ish not mine.
Summary: Germany takes Italy out running. Again. Today he spends more time than usual wondering why the hell he bothers.


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[VID] Tribute to all Characters

After rewatching this again, I realised I missed out Tibet. Gah OTL

But other than him, I think I managed to get everyone in. I EVEN PUT IN BULGARIA, BECAUSE MY BELOVED BULGARIA DOESN'T GET ENOUGH LOVE. DX

Title: [APH] Tribute - All Characters 
Video creator: Me, LeriaCossato
Characters/Pairings: Everyone, but no pairings as such.
Song: Section from 'Wonders of the New World' by Hans Zimmer, from 'The Road to El Dorado'
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Video Tribute to all the Hetalia Characters
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Video: Switzerland's blog


I wanted to have some fun and decided to start a video blog for Switzerland!
This is a small preview only, the real thing will contain much more than that! 
My costume is almost done and I will get my camera repaired very soon ^^;

Please, tell me what you'd like to see in the Switzerland's blog' and comment on this preview if you liked it.

asakiku embrace
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[Fanfic] Trouble with Tribbles

Trouble with Tribbles – Part 1
Author:  lksugui 
Rating: T (male/male relationship suggested)
Genre: Science fiction/Star Trek crossover
Characters/Pairings:  America, Japan, France, China, Kenya, Spain, S. Italy for this part.
Warnings: moderate use of Star Trek jargon. Although I like Star Trek, I’m not a die-hard fan so expect inaccuracies. Also, this is an attempt at humor, so expect NOT flattering portrayal of nation-tans (personally I think I was pretty mild, but who knows...)
Summary:  The USS Enterprise arrives at Deep Space Station K-7. Capitain Alfred F. Jones and his crew are ready for a new adventure, but...

Trouble with Tribbles - Part 1

x-posted at hetaliafic 

[fic] You Either Love It or Hate It

Title: You Either Love It or Hate It
Author/Artist: irrationalsense
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, OCs: Scotland, Wales, Ireland
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Poor use of Scottish dialect/slang and Irish dialect, little England, and Wales's sheep.

Summary: The four brothers of the British Isles must spend at least one day a year where they get along and not try to kill each other. Scotland's hosting this time and he's got a new dish for England to try.

Author's Note: This takes place sometime in the early Middle Ages. The Nations of the British Isles (age they "appear" in human years): Scotland (12), Ireland (10), Wales (7), England (4).

Quote Used: "My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare." - Mike Myers

"What is it?" a young England asked, eying the brown stuff on the earthenware plate suspiciously. He poked it with one of his tiny fingers. "Can you eat this?"


Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
russia, france, turkey, prussia, hungary, austria, romano, the nordics, holland
Rating: pg-13 i guess (but tbh i don't really know)
hints at violence, hints at nudity, but nothing explicit + some genderbend
a loooot of images!

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[Vid] History is epic :D

And so is my video (no, not really). First time posting in this community so be sure to be nice :) and ignore the awkwardness.

Title: History is now.
Author: Little old me
Character/Pairings: Tried to put everyone in , but mostly European nations I guess
Rating: PG, G depending how you rate awesomeness >:)
Warnings: None really.
Summary: A slideshow with very epic music.

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Community Ad

Hello, fellow Hetalians.

After some time, I finally made this community for my selfish self's good you yuri fans!


The community is under construction, and well, maybe we need more trustworthy admins. :3

and actually, I haven't check if such community had exist before...

Join and spread the world some sweet girls love!