January 25th, 2010

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[Fanart] Give italy a hug? 8D

Title: Italy in a hanatamago outfit
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: Super moe stuff.
Sorry, i'm brain dead right now. XD

All i've been posting is videos so i might aswell post other stuff too. Sooo i did some fanart!

I designed the outfit. I'm not that good at clothing design so bear wtih me. xD



King of Spades

[Vid] Delurking with this...

Author/Artist: Me.
Character(s): A little bit of everyone I suppose.
Rating: G
Warnings: None. Just random.
I just got really bored and decided to mix Hetalia with Psych and this is what I got. The audio was giving me problems and by the time I sorted that out I was too lazy to look for the raws so sorry about that.

Dunno how to use the cuts. Have a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfvRwLeZexo
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[Fanfiction] From the mouths of beasts (and other creatures)

Title: From the mouths of beasts (and other creatures)
Author/Artist: tokei
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China, Japan, SuFin, Canada, England, Pochi, Hanatamago, Kumajirou
Rating: G
Warnings: Use of present tense.
Summary: Nations and interactions with their animals.

China, panda diplomacy

Japan, Pochi, summer nights

Sufin, Hanatamago, winter nights

young!Canada, Kumajirou, 1763

England, the dragon in the attic
Chibi Japan

[Fanfic] Arthur Kirkland and the Escargot of Doom (2/?)

Title: Arthur Kirkland and the Escargot of Doom
Author: Me (complexworld)
Character(s): England, France, America, Canada, mentions of most/all nations
Pairings(s): None as of yet, although I have a few in mind~
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Sexual innuedo and swearing (none in this chapter), human names used but with proper descriptions of characters
Summary: While waiting for America, Arthur gets a surprise visit from Francis who accidentally discovers Arthur's secret world hidden inside the closet, where a cast of oddly familiar creatures and a magical adventure awaits them.

“A dream! It’s all just a dream!” he announced and waved his arms in front of Francis’ face. “Wooooooooh!”
war, tea

[fanfic] Build Up (3/3)

Title: Build Up, Part Three
Author: grosse_averse
Characters: South Italy, Spain, with cameos from the rest of the "students" // for now, one-sided Spamano, because dammit, Spain shouldn't be the only one working hard for this fucking relationship. Also a hint of Netherlands/Spain. Past? Present? Decide.
Rating: PG-13, for Lovino's mouth, of course!
Summary: AU. Lovino's spent so long building up walls, he no longer wants to tear them down for anyone. Except for maybe a certain Spaniard. From a previous universe.

"He's like those grade school kids who pull a girl's pigtails...only, he's not pulling your pigtails, Toni, he's acting like a grumpy toddler."
asakiku embrace
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[Fanfic] Trouble with Tribbles - Part 3

Title: Trouble with Tribbles – Part 3
Rating: T (male/male relationship suggested)
Genre: Science fiction/Star Trek crossover
Characters/Pairings:  America, Japan, England, China, Russia, Prussia, Spain, S. Italy and Kenya for this part.
Warnings: moderate use of Star Trek jargon. Although I like Star Trek, I’m not a die-hard fan so expect inaccuracies. Also, this is an attempt at humor, so expect NOT flattering portrayal of nation-tans (personally I think I was pretty mild, but who knows...)
Summary:  First Officer Kiku Honda finds out some worrying information about the tribbles.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

Trouble with Tribbles - Part 3

[SongFic] Kokoro - Heart

Title: Kokoro - Heart
Author/Artist: kazu_is_awesome --> me~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden, Sealand
Rating:  PG; just to be safe
Warnings: get some tissues... seriously  O.o
Summary: If you know the Vocaloid song "Kokoro" sung by Rin Kagamine, you should know what it's about.
A lonely scientist invented a robot, but something is missing...

Collapse )
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I've still got coasters to sell, so I've lowered the price!

I've got America, Russia, Japan, Germany and Italy! So, in total, 5 coasters. They're in excellent condition, I've just had them stored away in a binder. :)

I'm selling them as a set for $35 including shipping, or separately for $7 shipped each.

Pictures can be posted on request, but I have a feeling most people know what these look like already~

Comment if interested!

[Fanfic] ちょや

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Hurt/ Comfort/ Friendship
Rating: T
 Japan (Honda Kiku)/ England (Arthur Kirkland)/ America (Alfred F. Jones)
Warnings: Cursing? And insulting of Bad Touch and their people? -- all by England, of course~
Disclaimer: Hetalia. It’s not mine ._. I swear –raises hands-
Summary: Japan finds England in a bar. He is not France; so he takes him home for him. Events occur that almost coerce them into reconciling with their guilt; finally coming to terms with what was lost and what can still be found. EnglandJapan and EnglandAmerica.