January 26th, 2010

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Thank yous, updates, and more patches.

First off, I wanted to say thanks to the people who showed up to the Karaoke meet in Chicago. We had a ton of fun and I'm glad I got to hang out with you, and I look forward to doing it again. Right now we're looking at some time around Acen.

And if you said you were coming and didn't tell us you weren't showing up, shame on you.

Also, if you've ordered any of my Hetalia Shirts, I wanted to drop you all a line to letcha know they have all been sent out today if you ordered before January 18th, and if you ordered after Jan 18th, they will be sent out tomorrow.

Lastly, I've had some email inquiries about the Gakuen Hetalia patches. After doing some research, I decided to offer three different versions, since it's rather unclear what it is, exactly, the characters have on their sweaters and blazers, so this way you have a choice. I've got the coat of arms with wings, which is a little larger than 4'' and would actually look pretty spiff on a bag, a coat of arms with no wings which is roughly 4'', and the scrolly "W" which is about the same. I actually think it's a tossup between the last two as to what might be on the sweaters -- it's hard to tell, but I like both. I spent half of today mocking them up by hand from the crappy teeny render in photoshop, so my carpal tunnel thanks you for looking. ;)

Order them here. Gakuen emblems are $5 whole dollah.

As ever, these will be sewn on beige canvas, and as soon as I can get a few made they will be posted on the site. For now they're available to order, I've just got pictures of the blanks up. I'm thinking I might even do something in ~*~*~super fancy~*~*~ metallic gold thread for the scrolled one, just because it looks like it should be ~*~*~super fancy.~*~*~ Check back on the site tomorrow or the day after to see them, or on my deviantART.

That's all from me, kids. If you have any questions about patches, orders, cosplay, the meaning of life, etc, please contact me at orders at kingdom-arts.org, because I don't always see comments here. Peace out!
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[Fanfiction] Sea Bed Fence

Title: Sea Bed Fence

Author/Artist: Fellest
Rating and Warnings: Little violence and slight animal torture -_-
Characters: Australia, England and Aussie state-tans.


For Australia Day. Australia didn't know that a naiton could die, until he met her. Australia remembering the Tasmanian Aboriginies. Guest stars England and Aussie's state-tans.

{{ Can be found here }}

( Sorry, it's in another community cause I'm trying to promote it a bit more ^_^ It's still accessable though! )

{{ Fanfiction link can be found here! }}

[FanArt] LOL italys in suits n aph FF8 crossover

Title: lol, axis powers final fantasy crossover n italian mafia!~  ish LOLOOLOLOLOLLL
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Japan, North n South Italys
Rating: geee
Warnings: None, oh wait, they might be large, so sorry la T-T 
Summary: <( ~_~ )>
Yo check it, preview!  : 

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Fanfiction: New Year's Kiss

 Okay, because I fail at life, I cannot figure out fake cuts, so I'm attaching the link to FF.net.  I am really sorry, but I honestly cannot do it.  I wrote this a while back.  Please let me know what you think.

Title:  New Year's Kiss
Author:  musicalsarelife
Pairings:  FrancexCanada, N. ItalyxGermany, GreeexJapan, USxUK
Rating: Umm, K+, maybe a little higher
Warnings:  Kissing, Drinking, nothing explicit
Summary:  At a New Year's party of the nations, my favorite pairings share a kiss at midnight.

dame 2

[Fanfiction] Blütenfarben

Title: Blütenfarben
Author: [info]satoru_13 
Characters/Pairings: France, Prussia, small appearance by chibi!Germany, mentions of Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: France and Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars; two blind men talking of colours.
Warnings: Historical rants, lack of comprehensible writing, etc.
Words: 954

At my journal:

(flower colours)
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Prussia [Fanart]

 Yeah well....I ALWAYS POST AND GO...I'm too much of a Lurker...i have a feeling I should post more ;-; and maybe even get on more....Anyway I drew Prussia Out of boredom.  I thought it would be nice to post some awesome...even though i did quite a few mistakes ;_; bawwwww


Anyways Enjoy~

Title: Prussia

Author/Artist: Mee
Rating: G
Warnings: alot 'o mistakes



(I had to put up the link because my image was so small otl)


Yeah also I'm still live journal illiterate So...I think I need to learn ;_; bawwww


[Fic] Isolation: [6/?]

Title: Isolation
Author: Me~
Chapter: 6-A technological "breakthrough"
Rating: Overall PG-13 ish? for excessive blood and gore in earlier chapters....
Summary: It’s been fifteen years. Fifteen years since democracy fell, fifteen years since the Capitol burned, fifteen years since a new tyrannical government isolated America and took its people hostage. Fifteen years since Alfred was stolen from the world, forced to turn his back on his countries, his friends, his family. For Arthur, that’s fifteen years too long, so he launches a plan with the other nations to steal him back.

It’s time to go rabbit hunting.

“Oh yea?!” Im Yong Soo called from his place on the ground, “Well, I may be a stupid shit, but you’re a…a…! Well…well… remember what you said, because in a day or two, I’ll have a witty and blistering retort! You’ll be devastated THEN!”

Link to FF. net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5662905/6/Isolation
Esp - Sheep

[fanart] This week's sketch dump

Because I haven't been practicing pencil lately.

Title: Chibimerica
Artist: hime1999
Character(s): USA
Rating: Eeeeeeeeeee
Warning: none
Summary: As the title said.

Collapse )

Title: Sweden
Artist: hime1999
Character(s): Sweden
Rating: Eeeeeeeeeee
Warning: none
Summary: duh.

Collapse )

Title: Kilt
Artist: hime1999
Character(s): UK... or rather, England
Rating: Eee!!!
Warning: none
Summary: Somewhere out there, Scotland is cackling triumphantly.

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[Fanfiction] The Old Train Trick

Title: The Old Train Trick
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack. It seriously can be nothing else.
Characters/Pairings: Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Canada (omake shows Prussia and Sealand) | CanadaxUkraine
Summary: Poland has the ultimate plan to get Canada to notice his undying love for Ukraine! It involves train tracks, ropes, and a very sceptical Lithuania.
Notes: Fill from the kinkmeme, the request was for a moustache-twirling Snidely Whiplash-type ties Ukraine to some train tracks. Canada in full mounty garb comes running to her rescue, yelling "I'LL SAVE YOU". The only other stipulation is that it CANNOT be a dream sequence!

are you waving at the girl behind me?

[Fanfic] "The Six Million Dollar Man"

Title: The Six Million Dollar Man
Author: wizzard890
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, France, England, Russia, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: (X-Files crossover) Wild tales concerning an anthropomorphic personification of a country are decidedly not the concern of the FBI. Unless, of course, you forward your complaint to the office in the basement...