February 1st, 2010


[Fanfic] Fairy Findings

Title: Fairy Findings
Author: [info]Julesie-g
Pairing: None
Characters: England (Arthur), America (Alfred), Canada (Matthew) and an unnamed fairy
Rating: G
Warnings: Slight sadness? Fluff?
Summary: Canada's always been the forgotten one. Can advice from a debatably real friend help turn his life around?
Notes: This is my first Hetalia fic so I hope its not too bad ^^


[Fanfics] "The Encounter" and "Responsibility"

Title: The Encounter
Author/Artist: RWQ
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain, England, implications of Spain/Romano
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to history, Pirate!England, Conquistador!Spain, etc.
Summary: Slight AU. Antonio is tired. He doesn’t want to deal with a pirate like Arthur.

( read here in ffnet. )

Title: Responsibility
Author/Artist: RWQ
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China/Japan
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Shonen ai, etc
Summary: He wonders if he can believe his own words, because then, they will not be lies. 

( read here in ffnet )
Boldly- the fading light

[Fanart] Russia

Artist: Remki (me)
Character(s): Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: Blood? Kind of, not really.
Note: Included is the "final" watercolor version and the sketch version. I like the sketch version better, but I thought I'd share both since so much time went in to the watercolor.

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[fanfic] Put on Your Masquerade (1/?)

Title: Put On Your Masquerade (1/?)
Author: grosse_averse
Characters: ...a lot D: - for now, England, Canada, America, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Prussia, Germany, Germania
Rating: Probably PG-13, for some make outs
Summary: The All Hallow's Eve dance is a great way to meet up, break up, make out. Based on a prompt from 52_flavours, and in a previous universe

"Dad, if you do this, I swear I'll disown you."

[FANART] Some Pairings and Hawt Netherland

Fanarts to go ^_^

Title: Napping, Curious, Cheers
Artist: me a.k.a sawamura_sama
Rating: General
Characters: England, Japan, Spain, Romano, Netherland
Warnings: cuteness and hawt-ness (is that even a word ^^; ) 

Go here to view please :)

Thanx a bunch~!!! >w< ♥


my escape

[fic] Lower Half (Ger/Ita + Romano)

"Lower Half"
by exorcistor and shisukoisa
People/pairings: Germany/Italy, Romano
Word count: 260
Genre: humour and... is smut a genre?
Rating: not worksafe
Note: Just a tiny little ficlet written at... late. Purely for fun. Italy has never contemplated much what effect it might have on him and his brother that they are simply half a nation.

“I’mma do you so hard, your brother can feel it.”

-Fanart- START talks

Title: None, really
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Russia, Implied America/Russia. Obama and Medvedev in there too.
Rating: hard PG? o-o;
Warnings: Goofy looking America
Oh god, drawn so quick. Russia and America are currently in talks because, technically, START RAN OUT IN DECEMBER. Fff. Silly and doesn't really make any sense...would anyone want me to actually do something serious with this situation? Fanart/fic wise?

Anime Boston 2010: PANELS CONFIRMED!!!!

Hey there everyone, just letting you all know that two of my three Hetalia panels for Anime Boston have been CONFIRMED! (And right away too!) They will both be on Friday.

The General Audience Panel (Your Vital Regions are Ours...Now What?) is in Ballroom A at 2PM-4PM
The 18+ (Wanna Touch My Florida?) is in 206 Panel 4 at 11PM-12:30AM

I would like to let everyone know that there WILL be door prizes, and everyone coming in gets a small pair of flags (all nations get their respectful flags, all non-nations may take a pair of white flags). There will be additional gifts for anyone coming in as their own fanon nation!! (If you are coming in as a fanon nation and would like your nations flags, let me know so I can make them :) )

These times and locations are subject to change!

I will make another past later on with more details, and additional one if the Hetalia and History panel is confirmed as well. :)

Can't wait to see everyone there!!!
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[linking] monthly february promts for the history-savvy

February is upon us and over at aph_onthisday that means a new list of prompts! If you've been suffering a case of Hetalia writers/artist's block, why not check them out? The community is a laid back fanworks challenge--the only catch it to post your historical work on the day it happened in history! Click here for the February prompts (you can always come up with your own as well--OC tans are more than welcome too) or they're under the LJ cut.

Also! Our monthly challenge is focused on Valentines Day; we would love to see some fanworks posted Feb 14th about the holiday, whether it's how a particular nation celebrates, who they celebrate with, etc.

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We're also looking for historical March prompts (holidays/events/births/etc) that you would love to see as Hetalia fanworks ♥ Lastly, there's an introduction post if you would just like to say hi.

Mods, let me know if this isn't allowed!
Nation Corp - Default

[RP] Nation Corp. An AU Hetalia RP Community

Looking for an ACTIVE Hetalia Log RP to join?
Perhaps one that has events Bi-weekly?
Want a community where people are actively online with a fully supported chat web browser, too?
We have an animation planned too! [Youtube]

Normally I would say, ARE YOU CRAZY!?
But boy, have I got the place for you! *Tips their top hat lightly and twirls their cane.*

Come on down to nationcorp! It's an all inclusive AU Axis Powers Hetalia RP. It is a RP that deals with the world’s history, shrinked into office-sized blocks, buildings, workplaces, and cups of coffee.

We are both canon and fanon friendly, and also will supports het, yaoi, and yuri relationships.
AND we just opened a ton of new slots! (Including CHINA, GERMANY, Ukraine, Sweden Among others!)


Holds and Taken


Basic Plot:Collapse )

So what are you waiting for! Join us today!


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[ART] Delurking with an artdump

Title: A huge (art)dump
Author/Artist: </lj>
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, Russia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Prussia
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: A few comics with my horribly lame humor and too much Russia


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[Linking] Renewed Rating Community!

YOU! Yes you. Have you always wondered what Hetalia character you are? Are those biased personality quizzes just not satisfying that curiosity? Then you should join...


In this community, all you need to do is join, scroll down and read the rules in the about section, copy/paste the application labeled 'THE SURVEY', and fill out all the questions asked! Once it's posted in the community, then normal, average users much like yourself will vote to see who you're stamped as based on how you filled the application. When you get eight votes or two weeks have passed, the character with the most votes wins, and you'll get a pretty stamp to show off to your friends! :3

And after you've been stamped the first time, you can then fill one of our monthly themes just for the fun of it. This month's theme is lovechild.

(I know the community's old and linked to the community masterlist, but it's just been revived from a several month stand still, and we'd love to have new members. o.o)

Seeking any Hetalia players!

YET ANOTHER RP ADVERTISEMENT. But if you're looking for something different, with a plot, and if you are dying to play any of the major nations somewhere, then give us a look! We do not open until February 25th, and Hetalia characters are more than welcomed (and oddly appropriate, considering the premise). More info about us is under the cut:

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Book - to the End

[Fanfic] Arthur Kirkland and the Escargot of Doom (4/?)

Title: Arthur Kirkland and the Escargot of Doom
Author: Me (complexworld)
Character(s): England, France, America, Canada, mentions of most/all nations
Pairings(s): None as of yet, although I have a few in mind~
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Sexual innuedo and swearing, human names used but with proper descriptions of characters
Summary: While waiting for America, Arthur gets a surprise visit from Francis who accidentally discovers Arthur's secret world hidden inside the closet, where a cast of oddly familiar creatures and a magical adventure awaits them.

“This is the Kingdom of Fairchester."


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Hetalia//riding on the wind

turkey or poland roleplayers?

I'm Feliciano in a group of roleplayers on MSN, and we're in need (direly) of a Turkey and a Poland!! If we get those spots filled up, we'd be happy to take in the other Baltics. ;o; (we have a Greece, Liet, and Belarus, but we're not entirely sure if we need a new Russia so if you want that position I'll have to get back to you)

If you're interested please comment and/or send an email to "expanding-balloons" at hotmail.com~
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[Poll] Favourite Characters/Pairings?

I'm not quite sure if this has been done before, but the idea seemed intriguing and just got to me after a while...

Who are the favourite characters/pairings of a certain country?

What I mean by this is, who is the most popular character/pairing in Italy, in Germany, in America, etc. And to see if favourite character and nationality actually have any relation. I'm hoping to compile a list by the end of this project.

Okay, the way this'll be done is simple: Post a comment to this entry, with your favourite character, your favourite pairing, and your nationality. You may also post for someone else - like a friend you know loves a character, but hasn't seen this entry or doesn't have an LJ account.

On the topic of favourite characters and pairings: Please only choose one for each. OT3s are fine. Although, please note that in the end reesult, the order of the pairing may be changed.

On the topic of nationality: I personally have quite a simple family line, but I know some people have very complicated ones. Please put down which nationality you consider yourself to be - i.e. which culture you feel that you were brought up with, is living in, etc. I would really prefer just one, because if you put two down, I will have to file two separate sets of the same characters/pairings into different nationalities, and would scramble the final result somewhat;;;

Please note also: If there are not more than ten people from the same country, I will not be posting the final results of that, as there would not be enough to go on.

My example:

Favourite character: Prussia
Favourite pairing: Russia x Prussia
Nationality: Chinese

(And so it seems to be quite unrelated with mine, but I hope by the end of this it will be clearer.)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and I hope this ends up succeeding.
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[fanfic] recognition

title; Recognition
author; moirae @ heavenisonfire
words; 1250
characters; France ; America ; Vietnam (France/Vietnam)
rating; PG
warnings; n/a
summary; Written for amandier's birthday! During Vietnam's Doi Moi, America tries to convince her to burry the hatchet with France. His plan may work a bit too well.

( He chuckles, remembering all the Allied meetings when France was no where to be found, and England would exclaim his rage that ‘the rest of them were planning, while the frog was out flirting.’ )
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[Flele] Iggy Shell

Title: Iggy Flele Shell
Author/Artist: moi / vaindelled@DA
Character: England
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Here's a skin I made for Flele, which is a mini music player that looks like a chibi character singing on your screen.  There are nine outfits for you to choose from and he would blink and make funny faces.  His arms don't move, sadly, but I hope the outfits kinda make up for it? :3

Download link and instructions are here
I'll give you cookies if you comment/fav after downloading it! <3
[AA] Klavier and Apollo (Sweet)

[Contest + dA] Valentine's Day Contest

Hi, everyone! I wanted to announce that #Hetalia-Artists on deviantART is having a Valentine's Day art contest, running from February 1st to February 28th. You can find more information on the contest HERE. Below is a brief summary of what we're looking for. :3

"Your artwork must be related to Valentine's Day in some way! Whether it's an image of Italy and Germany making a second attempt after their infamous failed date, or a picture of Romano fervently trying to make a homemade Valentine's Day card for Spain, your submission needs to somehow invoke the spirit of the holiday. It's not enough to for the piece to merely be romantic--it has to relate to February the 14th in some way!"

Thanks for your time! ♥


[HELP/QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS] Who is going to Anime Expo 2010?

So as the title says... Who is going to attend anime expo 2010?
my next question is if anyone knows how to enter a masquerade and who is willing to help me fulfill my masquerade idea?
I need a N. Italy, Japan, Germany, England, China, France and America. (why not Russia? well.... I'M GOING TO BE MY RUSSIA)
why I am asking so early? well.... I work and I really want to start planing soon. I have attended before the expo but never been to a masquerade. I suck at online browsing.

and another question.... if you are going to attend... (to everyone attending anime expo and is a hetalia cosplayer)

when and where are going to be the Hetalias' meetings?

sorry of I am posting this and I am so very worried.
♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[FANART] Russia - Communism

Title: APH: Communism
Author/Artist: Me, LeriaCossato
Character: Russia
Rating: PG-14?
Warnings: Contains incredibly slight ideologically sensitive stuff, and a little blood.
Summary: Just a little crappy drawing OTL


Link: http://leriacossato.deviantart.com/art/APH-Art-Trade-Communism-152629760

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