February 3rd, 2010


[ Roleplay ] Mods n' Pods

Hello! I have just put together a Hetalia AU RP forum. Which mean we can do aaannnyyyything. But the thing is. I kinds just did it, so I am in dire need of mods. You can still sign up for a character but if you would also like to be a mod that would be awesome sauce. All characters are open excpet for Russia and they are given out at a first come first serve biases. Reservations will only be given within reason. The site is still a work in progress and feedback is welcome. Thank you and good night!~

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Alucard, Hellsing

SF Valentine's Day Pillow Fight Reminder + Poll

 Hey guys, it's me again! This is a reminder that in about 2 weeks, the San Francisco Valentine's Day Pillow Fight is going to happen! If you have time, come and have fun hitting random people with fluffy pillows!

Meeting Place: Embarcadero BART station (corner of Market St & Main St)

Time: 5:30pm; when we're all gathered, we will walk to the Ferry Building plaza where the fight is taking place. Please be punctual, because the fight starts as soon as the clock strikes 6pm.

Bring: A Hetalia-decorated pillow, or a flag pillowcase of the country of your choice. Pillows should have natural stuffing (cotton, down feathers, etc) so that if a pillow breaks, it doesn't wash down into the bay and harm the marine life.

General Rules: Don't hit anybody without a pillow, and don't hit anybody with a camera.

Other stuff: This is not necessarily a cosplay event since costumes might get ruined during the fight, but you can if you feel up to it. If you ever feel tired during the fight and want to stop, then go wait with a friend at Market St. until others from the group find and join you.

Okay, now for the poll part. Chinese New Year happens to fall on Valentine's Day this year. As a China cosplayer and being Chinese American myself, I would like to celebrate it. I had planned for us to go eat after the fight at a nearby Mediterranean restaurant, but would anyone be interested in going to Chinatown and eating something there? Please keep in mind that Chinatown is about 7 blocks away from the fight, and that we will be traveling around at night.

Where do you want to eat after the pillow fight?

Oasis Grill (Mediterranean food)
Eastern Bakery (Chinese food)
Oh was it? No way.

[Fic] Prussia/S.Italy; Good Luck Moving On

Title: "Good Luck Moving On"
Author: einannanhalling  ( einwritting )
Characters/Pairings: Mainly; Prussia/S.Italy
Length: around 3,000 words?
Rating: PG-13 (thus far)
Warnings: None
Summary: Gilbert's been living with his brother for the last six months, signed up for an anger management class he doesn't need and watching his younger brother get things under control better than he could hope to. After spending a day out job searching an offer from an old friend (Antonio Carriedo) to come and stay at his apartment leads to interesting developments. 

Author's Note: I blame Billy Joel for the title of this. 8| So this pairing came out of left field, but in my head it makes sense- and it's continued to grow on me. Haha! 

Beta'd by; zazzy 

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=My first attempt at Hetalia Fanfiction=

Title: "Reset"
Author: meeeeee
Characters/Pairings: America/Russia. Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov pop in and out as well.
Length: Just under 2,00 words
Rating: very light PG-13, maybe even PG
Warnings: Butchering Russian language, and KISSES.
Summary:Anyone remember the embarrassing moment when, in an attempt to "restart" relations between Washington and Moscow, Secretary Clinton gave the F.M. a button that said "restart" in English, and "overcharge" in Russian? Yea. That was Alfred's Fault.
A/N: Um...first Hetalia fic, ever. Period.


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selling; Hetalia Mascots!

Hey everyone!  The mascots of Greece, Japan and N. Italy are still up for grabs! 
If someone put holds on these three on the last thread, I'm sorry but I need to let these holds go as I need money to fund the shipments of the ones I'm buying to sell here. ;;  I'm most likely gonna get more so don't lose hope! :D I'maproatstalkingauctionssiteslolD:

Greece - 15 shipped
Japan - 15 shipped
Italy - 17 shipped

I apologize if the prices are high but these babies don't come cheap nowadays. D:


Looking for Cosplay Group in Dallas!

Or, you know, in that area.

I live around Southlake, Texas, USA.  (That's around the area of the right lens of America's glasses, haha!)

I'm getting my England costume soon.  And I would really, really like some cosplay friends to talk to, especially if they're going to A-Kon this year! An America to mess with would be especially nice, kthxbai.

More Fan Art

Title: The Origins of Forgetfullness
Author/Artist: bluemoonlune
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada with brief cameos of England, France, Kumajiro, Finland, Russia, Prussia, Italy, Austria, America
Rating: G
Summary: The true story behind Canada's name and why no one can remember him.
Artist's Note: This one is a fossil (about two or three months of not working on it), so some of the drawing is not fully up to speed on my art skills. It's kind of a mixture.
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New England Hetalia Community/ Looking for Boston Cosplayer

If this isn't allowed just delete my failure >.>

Sort of a dual post so I can kill two birds with one stone and not spam this place up.

First off I'm looking to form a Boston area cosplay group (if there is one already please direct me to them). If anyone is interested please let me know <3

Next on my agenda, the New England Hetalia community is looking for more members!  community.livejournal.com/aph_newengland/ (I fail and don't know the coding for a community name)

We're trying to arrange plans for a meet-up at Anime Boston this year. If you're going, or think you might be going join the community to get updates on when and where we're meeting! We're also currently trying to plan a meeting for sometime in April/May, and I would love the input of my fellow New Englanders!

You can expect photoshoots, fun games, and likely yummy baked goods by yours truly.

I'll be happy to answer any and all questions :3

Also no clue what to tag this as, so I'll just do my best? If someone has a better suggestion for tags please let me know?
See you there~

APH - Iggy, :]

[FIC] APH - Untitled

Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Gilbert WeillschmidtxRoderich Edelstein
Wordcount: 1,449
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: curse words, sexual innuendos, crossdressing
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.
Summary: Roderich pays Germany's house a visit and isn't quite prepared for what he finds there.
Notes&Comments: I wrote this for 37_percent as a Secret Santa Gift for ljxtwitteraphrp, but, um, since a lot has happened since then, the exchange never took place. And since I lost too many brain cells writing this, I decided to upload it now. I admit, I could have waited until Valentine's Day, but ah well. I'm being impatient. xD This is also for alikurai.

( Gilbert pouted. )
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(Fanfic) As The Towers Fall

Title: As the Towers Fall
Author/Artist: Layrenn
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada
Rating: K+? [Nothing bad, just 9/11]
Warnings: 9/11-based and human names used.
Summary: Alfred's morning that began with unbearable pain soon became so much worse as his eyes stared up at the smoke-shrouded sky. The World Trade Center was on fire.

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[Fanfiction] Faint

Title: Faint
Author/Artist: myself
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America, GermanyxFrance
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Warnings: Gore, suicide
Summary: Russia plays hero for America when he does something stupid. De-anon'd kink meme stuff, I feel kind of bad de-anoning so early, but that's okay, I think...

("You're going to hold this over my head forever, aren't you.")

Thank you for reading!

[vid + discussion] APH "This Is War" MEP Auditions

Okay main comm, February lovey dovey videos are swell and all, but dammit love isn't like that most of the time. Love is war, with casualties on both sides, vital regions being conquered, and peace treaties that mean shit. 

In honour of that, Finalwolvefantasy and I  are hosting the first APH MEP with a darker theme than usual, not to be confused with my other OTP WORM-ish MEP project.


-Uses the song "This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars
-Has an audition process
-Deadline is February 28th, Midnight Central Europe

More rules and such can be found at the auditions video available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Enr35PZnxWg&feature=sub

The MEP will be posted on April 14th, Black's Day.

Anyone interested in entering?


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[Fanfic] Isolation [8/?]

Title:  Isolation
Author: Me.
Chapter: 8- The truth...
Summary: It’s been fifteen years. Fifteen years since democracy fell, fifteen years since the Capitol burned, fifteen years since a new tyrannical government isolated America and took its people hostage. Fifteen years since Alfred was stolen from the world, forced to turn his back on his countries, his friends, his family. For Arthur, that’s fifteen years too long, so he launches a plan with the other nations to steal him back.

It’s time to go rabbit hunting.

Rating: PG-13-ish? 

FF.net Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5662905/8/Isolation

And then you! You come, and turn everything upside down! You point out the flaws in the system, the reality, the truth! And I hate you for it! Let me live in this fantasy, let me survive in this sick, twisted world!


U-Con at Uconn

Hey there Hetalia!~
It's the ever lovely Toast with a message about an upcoming convention for all you New England cosplayers.
Sorry about the short notice, but I just found out about it myself a day or two ago. It's pretty hush hush, not many people know about it.

Anyways, it's this weekend at the University of Connecticut. The best part is, It's totally free! Talk about super rad, right?
So, I found an America already in the forums and the ever lovely Seychelles will of course be attending. (Hey, that's me guys)

It starts at noon this Friday, February 5th (Gawsh that's tomorrow, way to space Toast xD;; )
Oh here, I'll pimp the link and maybe I'll see some of you there :3


Toast OUT!~

[ Roleplay ]

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A AU Hetalia RolePlay Is Looking For Members!

Almost All Cannon Characters Are Open!

No need to fill out tedious applications! Just reserve your characters with a simple post!

The AU's will be member based decisions. A suggestions will be voted on and the top 3-5 will become topics

The simple AU's are already in place but are subject to change due to user voting

Note: Leave a message on this post if you wish to join, then sign up and post your reservation in the forum.

List of Characters

Reservations For Characters

If this is spamming please nix it.


Title: Forever
Author: luminousbeat
Characters: England and Spain
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Friendship lasts forever, right?

Also posted at 31_days, as this was originally for Febraury 3rd's prompt "the witching hour"

It's late at night (the witching hour they'd call it today, the dim minutes after midnight) and they're still up, whispering above a candle whilst the soldiers sleep around them and the moon's high above, waxing and five days from full.