February 11th, 2010

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hey guys this is an update for the Sydney march meetup.
Where?: Sydney Australia. Meeting up at town hall train station.
(this map should help if your unsure, http://www.sydneybackpackers.com/location.html )

When?: 6th of march. meet at 10am at town hall train staion. Book in for those who are staying with us overnight at the accommodation which is 2 minutes away.

Whats planned?: We dump our stuff at the accom then we walk up to Pitt street mall. Photos, shopping and randomness planned. Then a late Picnic lunch at Hyde park. more random shiz then sleep over for those staying overnight. BTW our 10 person room is full BUT you can always book your own room~!

what should I bring?: Yourself. maybe a cosplay. food for the picnic. ALSO IF YOUR STAYING OVERNIGHT BRING PHOTO ID TO CHECK IN.

please reply here if you need to ask questions ^^

come and have splendid day folks! I will even make you all some of my famous scones
~<3 england
revo_UK_US, a love undiminished

[selling US/UK plushies] American Revolution America and England


As much as it pains me to do so, I must do it, as my computer went bust and I need cash for repairs. *sobs* So. I'm selling these boys.

They're about five inches tall, clothes nonremovable. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks. They're pretty much one of a kind because I never made any other plushies for this costume.

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If you're interested, please PM me. :D Nope, we're not yet open for commissions, but maybe next week. ♥
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[FANART] How you are my hero

Title: How are you my hero
Author/Artist: Moi~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England and kid!America
Rating: PG
Warnings: SAP, Fail illustrations, angstish? oh and saaaaap ;n;
Summary: Arthur you need to attend more parenting classes

Glasvegas damn you and your awesome songs making me baw even though my parents are still together. Ideally this would be more appropiate around fathers day but then again its not really but yeah.

edit:Oh wow that failed hard >:C have a image and a link instead.

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I ssem to have been suspended the other day, so my account on Youtube "NinjaNutjob" is no longer valid. orz

Instead, please visit my new acc, Grassjaw, available here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrassJaw


On brighter news, this video here is a complete list and preview of every entry in the
*sparkle* Hetalia OTP MEP~WORM! *sparkle*


PLEASE WATCH IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE MEP! IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR ENTRY I DON'T HAVE IT. (However, if you gave yours after the deadline and do not see yours, please contact me.)

...Or, if you just want to see a sneak peek at the amazing quality and hard work everyone's done! The America/Canada ones were especially interesting~

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[Fanfic] Bespoke & [Fanart] It's Football, You Git (US/UK)

Here we go again. For the second day of the usxuk Sweethearts week.

 Title: It's Football, You Git
Genre: Sporty?
Artists: oinkwarrior and her humble slave, twistedsheets10
Pairing(s): America x England
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 


Click here for full image!

Title: Bespoke
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Genre: Romance...er, Sewing crack?
Pairing: America × England
Word count: 1115
Rating: PG-13: SO MUCH FLUFF.
Summary: Thanks to the recession, America does not have a decent suit. No worries, England makes him one.

England never frowns when he sews, America has noted.

Austro-Prussian War

When surfing the internet last night, I came across some tasty information regarding the Austro-Prussian war. Apparently Himaruya is planning on doing a strip for it.

For those of you who don't know what that war was, it was really the tipping point for Prussia becoming the superior German power. The reasoning for this was because Austria was kicked out of the German confederation, and because Austria became Austria-Hungary.

Here is where I read it, (but be warned if you have Internet Explorer or bad virus protection. This site might have a virus)
With so much to say

[Fanfiction] Chapterfic: Highway Cloudbusting | England/USA (1/11)

Title: Highway Cloudbusting -- Part 1 (1/11)
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: England, USA (brief mention of other nations and unnamed American citizens)
Pairing: Eventual England/USA
Rating: PG for this chapter (but fic is NC-17 overall)
Warning: Possible cliches and predictability. Also deals with issues of sexuality and coming out, and may have mildly offensive speech in it. Please note that the opinions of the characters are not necessarily those of the author.
Summary: Sick of politics and business as usual, England decides to indulge a rare moment of spontaneity and go on a roadtrip. He should have known that America would want to tag along. And they both should have known that the trip would set them down a path they couldn't turn away from.
Summary for this chapter: The trip starts, and it takes only two hours for England to regret his decision.

(Please follow the link!)

[ crossposted to hetalia and usxuk ]
American Hero

[Fanfic] Poor Florida...

Title: Poor Florida...
Fandom(s): Axis Powers Hetalia, Metalocalypse
Rating: M, for dirty language, dark humor and weird things happening
Warnings: Dirty mouths and the usual Dethklok-induced chaos aside, there's also some horrible things happening to poor Alfred.
Summary: Done for the APH Kink Meme. It's a crossover with Metalocalypse, specifically the episode "Dethgov." Nathan Explosion has become the governor of Florida. God help us all...

Blacker than the blackest black times infinity...

I really love the idea of APH/Metalocalypse. I need to get around to doing some AMVs soon...

Fic: Alfred Franklin Jones Did Not Believe in Love at First Sight


Title: Alfred Franklin Jones Did Not Believe in Love at First Sight
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: PG13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Alfred, Matthew, and Arthur/AlfredxArthur
Word Count: 3030
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warning: This is a high school AU fic where Alfred, Arthur, and Matthew are all sixteen years old. Cliche, I know. This fic is un-beta-ed and done in a rush so if you find any error in it, beg pardon (and notify me?).
Some Kind of Summary: Love at first sight was something that Alfred F. Jones refused to believe in. But then he met Arthur Kirkland and he was forced to rethink his statement (after much denial, of course).
Note: Written for usxuk's 2010 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 4 - Out of This World


Alfred had initially assumed that the day would be nothing-out-of-ordinary, but when Arthur Kirkland, the new transfer student, entered the classroom, he had to correct his previous assumption.

The link will bring you to my writing journal, cross-posted to usxuk.
Any love you want to spare for the fic?

[Fanfic] Red Death

Title: Red Death
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/America
Rating: PG
Warnings: Adult language, vague mention of a sexual relationship, and the majority of the fiction is a discussion of politics, which do not reflect the views of the author.
Summary: Movie night turns into a march down memory lane. References to the movie Private Benjamin.

The air in the room seemed to be sipped through a straw. It didn’t break; it didn’t drop to the floor and shatter...

[Fanfic] Fireworks

Title: Fireworks
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, Canada, Prussia, mentions of many others. FrUk, PruCan, others if you want to see them that way.
Rating: T
Warnings: AU Mention of character death. Human names.
Summary: The fireworks were beautiful, Francis knew. The reason for them wasn't.


yonghwa lips&lt;3

[video] Norwegian Love Song

Title: Norwegian Love Song
Characters: mainly Norway, also Denmark and Iceland
Pairings: Denmark/Norway, Norway/Iceland

I just love this song so I had to make a video with it, especialy since I love Norway so much. I tried my best so the pictures would fit the lyrics and the pace of the song. It has this mysterious feeling to it~

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[fic] Empty Sky

Title: Empty Sky
Author: stalkerbunny
Rating: PG13
Warnings: AU, An innocent kiss between minors. Fade-to-black sex between friends. Setting before, during and after WW2, so mentions of war stuff. Overuse of flashbacks and unlikely plot twists (tm). Also, too many cat similes, for serious. :9
Characters, Pairings: Heracles/Kiku and Alfred/Arthur pre-slash, Heracles/Arthur friendship with benefits Brief appearances by or mentions of Ludwig, Feliciano, That Old Man from Rome *cough*, and Greece's mother. Oh, and Francis. In like, one sentence

Summary: [regular!people AU] Curiosity killed the cat. For one Heracles Karpusi it gave a friend, a loved one, and a fair bit of heartbreak. But what is one life to a cat anyway?

A.N: highlight for Spoiler: All hail hero!Alfred deux ex machina.
And the title is borrowed from a certain song by Bruce Springsteen but you don't need to know that, really.

He felt like he needed a rest from the familiar, a rest even from the open blue sky above him, reminding him of the one he'd lost to it.
♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[VID] Tribute for Japan's Birthday~

Title:  Doesn't really have a title lol. Imma just call it '[APH] Japan.'
Author/Artist: Me, leriacossato 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Japan, Greece x Japan, America x Japan, South Korea x Japan & England x Japan. Does Dark Kiku count as a separate character? >)
Song used: A section of 'Brush on Silk' from 'Memoirs of a Geisha'
Rating: PG-14 (Contains some rather dodgy pictures lolol)
Summary: Little video tribute for Japan on his birthday. I'm also going to make one for Spain's birthday, which is tomorrow.

It seems my lj cut failed epicly so here's a link


Happy Birthday Japan! -fanart-

Title: Another Special Day to spend with you
Artist: meee (kagomedemon)
Pairing: America and Japan
Rating: PG
Summary: Another day for Japan on his birthday, but along with someone special to him <3
Artist comment: okay, so uhm. I had TOTALLY almost forgotten that it was Japan's birthday today, and
so i like totally took out a piece of paper and drew this. Yeah, i know america's head is smaller, yeah, i know 
this sucks, sorry ): But yeah, at least i drew something? XD

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[Fanart] Art Dump

Author/Artist: faycan 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain mainly (I'm feeling sooo patriotic xD), but also Japan, Cameroon, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Italy, Romano, Oc Uruguay,  Oc Chile (Both created by rowein ), Oc Honduras (by makotohayama), Oc Mexico (by yamiandhikari), Oc South Africa (by me)
Rating: PG
Warnings: My English...
Summary: Football. Groups A, E and H from South Africa World cup. Some Spain draws.

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korea mike

[Fanfiction] France/Korea drabbles, second installment

Title: Sweets to the Sweet – Green Tea Cake, Jam Tomorrow (Interlude)
Previous Parts: Part 1
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Genre(s): Romance/Humor/Drama
Character(s)|Pairing(s): France/South Korea, Japan, England
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13, boys kissing and more
Word Count: 2, 301
Summary: Originally a kink meme fill – France and Korea’s current relations and their “Treaty of Friendship,” a relationship told in cookery. Interludes of Japan and South Korea, England and France, in regards to this relationship.


Green Tea Cake - “Food made with love typically is,” said Yong-soo. Kiku looked up sharply to see an unusually dreamy expression in his brother’s eyes.  )

Jam Tomorrow - Sapphires described France’s eyes perfectly, in England’s opinion. They were just as shining, just as brilliant… and just as hard. )