February 13th, 2010

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I'm sorta new here I guess? (it's more like I've been shying away and don't dare to show my face in this community)
So first off, nice to meet you everyone.

  Random sketches
Author/Artist:  Fuu
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  ...lots of country
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  None really (except Francis being badass and sexy)
Summary:  The recent Olympic even got me a bit pumped up, and after watching this coca-cola commercial for the winter Olympic, I was even more inspired to draw a very unoriginal comic strip
Here we go

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Fan count

This may seem random, but I'd like to know everyone's favourite character! I just like seeing what everyone's opinion is and I'm making a journal that needs support on the most loved character.

My personal favourite is Egypt! He's a bro.

Explanations are welcome, as is multiple-choices! Just no bashing, I just want to hear who you like, not who you hate. Thanks!

[Fanfic] Forever & Always

Author: Me
Characters/Pairings: Mangary x Austria
Rating: T for graphic language and some suggestive content. (but it's pretty mild)
Warnings: bar fights and kissing (that's about it)
Summary: Roderich has built an impenetrable wall around his heart, closing it off to everyone including his best friend Elias.  But when Elias suddenly declares his love for Roderich, that wall begins to crumble.  As the stones are broken away piece by piece, Roderich soon learns that love is more than just a word.  One shot.

Roderich’s lone footsteps echoed off the narrow concrete walls of the stairwell as he made his way up to the third floor

FF.net link

[Fic] When In London

Title: When In London
Pairing: America/England
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 2,729
Summary: All America wanted was to see all of London from the top of Big Ben…what was so bad about that? Apparently, he was about to learn more than he’d ever bargained for.

Note: Crazy headcanon ahead, mild (fail) smut, and general crack. Written for the Special Relationship Sweethearts Week, Prompt 2: Fish and Chips, over on the USxUK community.



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Vapor Rub- Oneshot

Title: Vapor Rub
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre: humor/romance
Pairing: USUK
Word Count: 3135
Rating: PG-16
Warnings: spoilers for comic, some naughtiness ^_^
Summary: Day 6 for the USUK Valentine's week challenge: To Be Continued!:  Continuation of the comic strip 'England Catches a Cold.'  "Did you really put a hamburger on my head...?" 
Note:  I had fun with this one, I like doing hurt/comfort every now and then without too much angst!  Enjoy and comment are love!

Read at my Journal: osco-blue-fairy.livejournal.com/27052.html#cutid1

[Fanart] Be My Vawentine, Arfur?

Title: Be My Vawentine, Arfur?
Pairings: Baby America/England
Rating/Warnings: Totally G...unless you count the insane amount of cuteness and horrible coloring scan thanks to my scanner. OTL
Note: Drawn for the Special Relationship Sweethearts Week, Prompt 3: Young Love over on the USxUK community.

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[Fic] In My Arms

Title: In My Arms
Pairing: England/Baby America
Rating: Very very hard…G. Pff, what did you think I was going to say? xD
Word Count: 2,018
Summary: England comforts Baby America during a thunderstorm.
Notes: Written for 2010 Special Relationship Sweethearts Week Prompt 3: Young Love. Inspired by the songs “In My Arms” by Plumb and “Baby Mine” from the movie “Dumbo”. (Yes, I shamelessly got inspired by the England/Baby America FST I made a while back. xD) That being said…beware the suffocatingly sweet fluff. A ton of it.


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[FST] My Love, My Valentine: A USxUK FST

Last one, I swear! :'D

Title: My Love, My Valentine
Rating: G unless you don't like country, contemporary, or Japanese music...
Note: 21 tracks of sweet, fluffy sap for America and England. The cover arts are by [info]technoranma and used with permission. :3 Made for Special Relationship Sweethearts Week 2010 over on the USxUK community.

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prussia :3 found on pb

Hetalia-Con...? (sort of xD for hetalia day o3o) *VA residents*

*is bored and had this idea for a while :T*

Well not exactly a convention, but sort of. I know this is reallyyy earllyyyy. But anyone in the Virginia Beach, VA area (or around it)
want to have Hetalia Day at an actual venue instead of usually in the park? Just let me know and I can book the rooms at the library :)
We can eat, dance, discuss, ETC.(aka fangirl *cough*) so yep it sort of can be a mini one day con dedicated to Hetalia :D

Let me know what you think(^^) I need help organizing~!

Fic: Timeless and Priceless


Title: Timeless and Priceless
Author: slashy_lady
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America and England/AmericaxEngland
Word Count: 2888
Disclaimer: The characters involved in this story do not belong to me, nor do they have any connection to real nation(s). No infringement intended.
Warning: This fic is un-beta-ed and done in a rush so if you find any error in it, beg pardon (and notify me?).
Some Kind of Summary: For America's birthday that year, England gave him something timeless, something priceless.
Note: Written for usxuk's 2010 Special Relationship Sweethearts, Day 6 - To Be Continued


He could not decide if he should be bitter or pleased, sad or happy, annoyed or amused, whenever America invited him to celebrate his birthday.

The link will bring you to my writing journal; cross-posted to usxuk.
Another day to Valentine. Love me?
Germany - Sparta
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[SALE] OFFICIAL PLUSHIES FOR SALE LAST CALL!! (+POSTER/Coasters/ Cellphone straps/One Coin)

Hello, guys!
Getting ready to head back to America shortly and I need all of thse out of here right now or they will be sold to Japanese pawn shops.

I HAVE PLUSHIES FOR SALE, THE LAST OF THEIR KIND IN JAPAN AND THEY WILL NOT BE REMADE AGAIN!!! Also, the money for this goes to me buying the new set of plushies... if i can.
Get them while they're still adorable!

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More later!

[Fanart] Canada, In Flanders Fields


Title: In Flanders Fields
Author/Artist: sukaijeiku/fighting_wotsit/me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada
Rating: PG-T
Warnings: Barbed wire, use of WW1 symbolic figures, slight amount of blood, hints of mass death.
A take onJohn McCrae's 'In Flanders Fields' pertaining to the loss of Canadian men in WW1
Click the Preview for art.

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[Headcanon Discussion] Valentine's Day and Romance

Since it's Valentine's Day tomorrow...what's your headcanon about the nations and romance? I'm not talking about shipping so much, more like...what do they think is romantic? What's their ideal date? How are they spending Valentine's Day? How do they feel about love/sex/dating/etc? If it's your headcanon and it's in any way related to this topic, talk about it here!

Here's what I've got:

- America thinks the most romantic way to tell someone you love them is to have a plane write it in the sky. He would absolutely melt if someone did that for him, but sadly, most other countries think that's kind of tacky and stupid.

- England is very well versed in the language of flowers, and tends to assume that everyone puts as much thought into it as he does. Someone might send him a yellow carnation because they thought it was a pretty flower, and he'd be hugely hurt because it means 'rejection.'

- Russia has tried to write love poems to the object of his affections before, but he inevitably always loses his nerve and destroys the evidence. He sometimes considers just giving them a book of Pushkin's poetry and marking the love poems that describe how he feels, but he chickens out on that too.

- America firmly thinks that sex should only happen with someone you really love...and he regrets that he lost his virginity to France during his revolution (because they both knew there wasn't much that would piss England off more.) Since then he's pretty serious about saving sex for someone he truly loves. 

Okay, your turn!
Burn is bamf
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[Fanart] A little bit of everything

Haven't posted in a while, so I guess I could gather some of my artwork again

Title: From the Napoleonic age to our days
Author/Artist: wamyne (DA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): N.Italy/S.Italy, Spain/Portugal, England/Japan, England/Portugal, Japan/Portugal, Spain and then some France too, and Finland
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Portugal being terribly OOC on his brother's birthday

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[fanfiction] That's How You Know: Part One of Seven [de-lurking]

Title: That's How You Know (A Collection of Fics) Part One of Seven
Pairings: Various. They're surprises. (This part contains America/England, France/Canada, Russia/Lithuania, Austria/Switzerland, Greece/Japan)
Rating: All stories range from G-PG.
Warnings: Fluff. Human names used.
Summary: A collection of fics based on specific lines from "That's How You Know" from Enchanted as performed by Amy Adams. There are seven parts of this collection.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the song these stories are based off, nor do I own the characters used in these stories. I make no profit from writing these.

This is my first time posting to this comm (I'm quite nervous) as well as using cuts/fake cuts. All links fake cut to my journal. These fics and the ones that follow are specifically for Valentine's Day.

America/England - Screen Saver )

Germany/North Italy - Header )

France/Canada - Grocery List )

Greece/Japan - Cat's Tongue )

Austria/Switzerland - Music Note )

Russia/Lithuania - Letter )
spain cosplay

Does anybody have some official pictures of Romano wearing the gakuen uniform?

I really need help!
My friend and I wanna enter the contest DCM 2010 (translated somthing like "German Cosplay championship")
But we need some official pictures of our Cosplay for the jury as reference.
Well and we wanna cosplay the gakuen version of Spain and Romano.
We have a lot of pictures with spain wearing uniform but no any with Romano.
So pleeeaaase~ help us !
If you have any pictures with Romano wearing this uniform,
please give them to me!
Thank you!

From Romano and Spain with Love♥

hetalia stuff for sale. 8)


selling a bunch of stuff!

Russia One-Coin Figure : 18 shipped
N. Italy One-Coin Figure: 18 shipped
China Marker : 5 shipped
Hetalia Folder: 10 shipped
Hetalia Pencil Board: 7 shipped
or buy both for 15 shipped!

please take these off my hands!  I need money to pay for finances. :c


einsamkeit prussia

[Fanfic] Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit - Die Gedanken Sind Frei

Author/Artist: Peridot Tears
Genre: Romance/ Drama
Rating: T
 Hungary (Elizaveta Héderváry)/ Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt)
Warnings: Sex ._. Really. Oh, and Nazism and ethics.
Disclaimer: Eh...not really, no. What, did you expect me to be a boy?
Summary: Elizaveta Héderváry has but one duty as a spy: seduce Hauptscharführerb Gilbert Beilschmidt; and she would rather jump off a cliff, which both of them would be more than fine with. Unfortunately, Roderich would be more displeased with that than adultery.
Chapter One

(The weather, at least, wanted her to stay Elizaveta Héderváry, Roderich’s wife, despite the divorce papers.)

[APH] Italy/Germany: Smile For Me

(no subject)

Alright, I've got a weird question for you all.

I've been doing the hetalia papercraft designs as of late, and after totalling up all the countries, I realize I'm only missing one- the Netherlands. Since he was drawn after most of these were made, I'm not sure he has a design.

My question is, does anyone have it? I'd love to get it and complete my collection of these. XD Thanks~!
aslkfjdasj Austria

[cosplay] S Italy and Spain Valentine's Date~

The Hetalia crew in Portland, OR had a Valentine's meetup today and Spain (victoriantechno) decided to take S Italy (yagi_san) out on a romantic date~.

Things go about as well for Spain as they usually do.

Click the link to see the rest of the adventure.

More Hetalia (and other fandoms!) shenanigans available at our comm, potatosmashers.