February 20th, 2010


[Fanart] Mostly Estonia centric art dump, I guess...

Title: A Colorful Artdump
Artist: Me~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Estonia, Romano, Belarus, Prussia, Canadaand a tiny bit of France and America, Estonia/Romano, Estonia/Belarus, Belarus/Estonia/Romano /shot , Prussia/Canada
Rating: PG? Idk ;A;
Warnings: Umm... some sparkling croissants? Kissing? Christmas-y themes?
Summary: Mostly the sketches that I have done at school... and then later on edited on computer.

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Title: Shine 7/? (Previous chapters)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Eventual UK/US, past US/Belarus and on the side France/Seychelles and Austria/Hungary, potentially others
Rating: PG-13/T
Warnings: AU.
Summary: From the kink meme. Arthur Kirkland moved to the USA to escape his tyrannical brothers, but soon finds himself out of work and potentially out of a home. Too proud to ask them for help, he answers a vague ad in the paper asking for a roommate/caretaker. He's heard the inhabitant is a rich, eccentric recluse, thus he's expecting an old man. He gets Alfred Jones instead. Now Arthur's on a mission to find out why his exuberant employer is a recluse.

( Let it shine! )

RP partner[S] ?

Email: cykologist@live.com
MSN: same as above
Timezone: GMT +7 (can RP with every timezone)

Couples I Like: 

Well, I haven't found one I'm totally against yet, but I'm not too favorable of FRxUK
other than that, I like a lot of couples, it's too tiring to list it all :P

Characters I RPed: (I do a lot of Dominant characters, but I can also do submissive as well--always willing to try anything!)


Characters looking to interact with:

Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, The Asean OCs (preferbly Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam...or all, haha), Belarus, America

Specific Storylines or general feelings involved with RPing?: No specific storyline right now, but I'm really eager to find someone to RP a Netherland/Japan with me, or the crack pairing US/Belarus. I have yet to try these two and I am interested. ALSO! Russia/Thai pairing. It's as rare as a four leafed clover, but it's a very sweet pairing if anyone knows the history behind these two--so keep a heads up. Those who have popular pairings like US/UK, US/Can can also contact me ^^ I just want to do more of something new than something I've done quite often you see ^^
Oh and usually I am the dominant character, but I can also play submissive ones as well ^^

Do you smut?:  Yep, Het, Yaoi, Yuri. 3some, 4some....a bit of bondage...I love to try new things. But if you're not into that then I don't mind either ^^

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
I prefer if you contact me through MSN, but if you don't have msn, please comment to ask for my AIM or Yahoo. And when you add me, please notify me where you're contacting me from ^^ also, I'd like it if you already sort of have an idea of what you want to do--but if not, we can spend time planning together as well ^^ 

Let's have fun! Q(^o^Q)!!

lambo OTL

[Fan Art] This.... what is this I don't even... (and an RP ad)

Title: World Status Art Dump and Advertising
Artist: Originalatorian
Summary: An art clusterfuck of what really doesn't go down in World Status
Warnings: Men in dresses, not so weird pairings... Just a huge. Mess. of. DERP Not for the weak-hearted... Also contains abnormally large images. Why? Because I fail at HTML even if I took a class on it.
Characters: Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Romano, Australia, OC!Serbia, Prussia, Russia, America, England

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Fanfic Drabbles, Belarus/America

*steps in shyly* Eh, hello folks...this community is so large...I'm EXTREMELY new, but yesterday I posted some Belarus/America drabbles to knifeburger  and I thought I'd post them here as well, just in case anyone was interested. They were written as part of a song meme, where you put your playlist on shuffle, and started writing a drabble. When the song ends, you stop, and with the new song, write a new drabble. (I cheated a bit though, and worked on them past the song length.

Title: Five Song Drabbles
Author/Artist: snowcoatedblade 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belarus/America, mentions of onesided Belarus/Russia...England makes a brief appearance in one.
Rating: PG-Light R
Warnings/Notes: Unbeta'd. I am still new to this fandom and how it works, I might have made mistakes. (For instance, I had them use "Alfred" and "Natalia" as their names, with the country names being more of a formality type thing...I don't know if that is right or not x_x) Please be gentle, but feel free to correct me! I hope they're still enjoyable! Also, the song and artist I wrote it to are the titles, and beware of a bizarre assortment of those ^_^*
Summary: A drabble mixture of fluff, angst, and pre-smut.

( You can read them here )

Thank you...and sorry to anyone who saw these already yesterday...*runs back to her corner now*
la belle dame sans merci

[vids] [cosplay] 1940 at Katsucon 2010


Hey all! We performed a skit at this past Katsucon, and it's up on Youtube at last!

Obviously, some credit for this skit goes to the inestimable meltedpeep, whose drawings are seriously the funniest part of the skit--except, perhaps, for France, China, and Russia singing in three-part harmony.

Title: 1940
Personages: In order of audible appearance,
England: puella_nerdii
France: red_mage_jerry
China: byzantienne
Russia: mithrigil
America: akatonbo
Japan: mullenkamp
Rating: PG-13

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Hetalia Movie Title Released: Ginmaku Hetalia - Axis Powers Paint it, White

Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but I just found the title on ANN. According to the article, it's Ginmaku Hetalia - Axis Powers Paint it, White (Shiroku Nure!) or translated,: "Hetalia - Axis Powers on the Silver Screen: Paint it, White."

Link to article:

[vids] APH VALENTINE'S MEP COMPLETE! *parts 1 & 2*

Final post woot! Part 2 finally uploaded! For those who didn't know, The APH OTP MEP is a video project that contains everyone's favourite Hetalia pairings! Think APHell but porn romantic ;D

Since there were so many entries, it was split into two parts, the first uploaded on Youtube on Valentine's day, the second a few days later.

I don't think a lot of people noticed it because of the V-Day dump, and I didn't make a pt. 2 post yet, so here's a complete list of updated links ;D Also, you may see your fanart in some entries, so don't hesitate to claim! Enjoy the amvs!

Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPCZDxvV8ls
Part Two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoFWbgji_tk&feature=channel

Part One: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q02767AS
Part Two: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CU6KWA87

Collapse )Please comment! I'm sure the participants would love to hear your thoughts main comm~!
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Title: Romaheta (doesn't really have a name)
Author/Artist: My wifey (Hayato-kun on DA) she said I could post it :D
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, HRE, Romano, Prussia, Austria, Spain, Germany, Japan
Rating: IDK...PG?
IDK Romaheta spoiler *shrugs*
Summary: ....Romaheta....

I got her addicted to Hetalia way back last year which was a surprise cause she always knows all this stuff first then on Valentine's Day I showed her Romaheta and now shes addicted to that to. :D

My wifey's DA -> http://hayato-kun.deviantart.com/
My wifey's Blog -> http://ameblo.jp/monochro-lovers/
Blog Entry -> http://ameblo.jp/monochro-lovers/entry-10463576223.html

-No matter how many hundreds of years go by, I'll always love you more than anyone in the world....-



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ヘタリア // Joker // V

Coin figures for sale!

Coin figures for sale! All the figures have its own little box and inside, sealed in a plastic bag. Out of nine, six are brand new, all the packaging sealed, one the plastic packet opened but still has it, and two with no plastic packets.

China - brand new (meaning the plastic packet is sealed)
Russia - brand new

Germany - brand new
N Italy (Feliciano) - brand new
Japan - brand new
France - brand new

S Italy (Romano) - plastic packet opened

USA - no plastic packet
UK - no plastic packet

Each at $17 including shipping to worldwide! PayPal's the only payment method... It may take a few days before I send them out once the payment has been processed because I'm quite busy nowadays and I can't make it to the post office everyday before it closes, but I promise I'll send them out as soon as possible. Also, if you want trackable/signed-for shipping, there will be extra fees!

2 Drabblefics and a Prussia FST

Title: At Times of Inebriation
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, France
Rating: G for Gayness
Warnings: A bit gay, complicated words which actually mean copulation
Summary: "It’s those times when Arthur is drunk that Francis can see the truth behind his hard mask- someone who wants and needs love, like everyone else." Drabblefic.

(He didn’t even get to finish his sentence when a hand suddenly gripped onto his wrist and pulled him down onto the (rather comfy) bed.

Title: Thank You For Being Born
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Belarus
Rating: G for Gigantic sister love
Warnings: None 
Summary: "Natalia isn’t as insane as she looks, or as everyone thinks she is. She can be as human as anyone- loving her siblings like any sister would." Drabblefic.

(“Brother?” Natalia looks up at Ivan as she speaks, their height difference still being quite large no matter the passing of centuries.  )

Title: In The City Of Wonder - a Prussia FST
Author/Artist: crimsondream13 
Characters: Prussia, a bit of the Bad Trio in there
Rating: PG for Prussia
Warning: ...I can’t count how many words need censoring. And, uh, innuendos.
Note: Don’t worry; even I don’t understand how these songs fit Prussia. Most of these songs are just. Chosen from impulse? A mix of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock etc.


(I’ll beat you in the end and every time you turn around here comes the coming of age)
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Good Misfortune [2/?]

Title: Good Misfortune [2/?]
Author: Melly
Characters/Pairings: France/Canada and US/UK (main), heavily implied Spain/Romano, and hinted Prussia/Hungary. Also featuring Lithuania and Taiwan.
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Violence, alcohol, language, organized crime, and make-outs.
Summary: Mafia AU. All Matthew Williams wanted to do was get through his Friday night shift, but instead, he unwittingly finds himself involved in the affairs of two dangerous and infamous mafia circles. So much for his luck starting to turn around.
A/N: Well, I’m glad everyone seemed to enjoy the intrigue from last part! Things will fall into place in bits and pieces, don’t you worry. Thanks for all the feedback, and enjoy!

Just trust me when I say more is at stake now
is burning after all

[fanfiction] The Most Incredible, Awesome, Kick-Ass, Foolproof Date Plan Ever 6/6

Title: The Most Incredible, Awesome, Kick-Ass, Foolproof Date Plan Ever 6/6
Author: comptine
Genre(s): Romance/Humor
Rated: T
Summary: In which Glibert discovers two things. One: he still hates bears. And two: he hates blood. Antonio/Francis, Elizaveta/Gilbert

I get by with a little help from my friends )
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A Huge Ass Hetalia Fanart Spam By My Wifey

Title: Hetalia stuff...IDK
Author/Artist: My wifey (Hayato-kun on DA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, Italy, Romano, Prussia, Hungary, Austria, Sealand, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Canada, France, HRE, Chibitalia,  China, Kumajirou, Hanatamago, Greece, Gilbird, Hibird (from KHR)
Rating: IDK...PG?
IDK Yaoi...
Summary: I am posting more of my wifey's work :D 

DA pictures from my wifey's DA -> http://hayato-kun.deviantart.com/

Other pictures from my wifey's Blog -> http://ameblo.jp/monochro-lovers/

My wifey's Romaheta doujin -> http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/6204436.html

If you like her work go comment/fav/galleryraep her and tell her that her husbando loves her and told you too :3

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[AMV]Quite randomness,i say.

 So guys i came across some funny hetalia amv's that i found on youtube  and i just had to share them with you guys and see how you react,sooo  here they are:

lj-embed id="3197">

So i'm hoping all of these videos gave you all a good laugh because i know they gave me some.
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You'll break your brain.

Author/Artist: raindiae
Character(s) or Pairing(s): sweden, denmark, spain, prussia, france, netherlands, greece, iceland, italy, romano, estonia, norway, gilbird
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Worst is some nudity, non-graphic! Too much crack - I'm an idiot
Summary: In a nutshell, CRACKFEST '10 and some actual nice arts and doodles thrown in too ALSO SOME COMICS ARE IN HERE



[Fanfic] Drink Up, Baby (Russia/America

First post. Ever. :)

Drink Up, Baby

Author/Artist: Me

Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America, mentions of others; Russia/America

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Semi-insane!America, mentions of frosti tiemz, alcohol.

Summary: It was as dead in the bedroom as the world outside.

Look at the stars, and I'll kiss you again, between the bars

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