February 22nd, 2010

*tear*, APH - Ludwig sad

[FIC] APH - Stop, Rewind, Start Again

Title: Stop, Rewind, Start Again
Rating: PG-13 (to R)
Pairings: IvanxGilbert, implied LudwigxGilbert
Wordcount: 4216
Spoilers: Not for Hetalia.
Warnings: darker themes, Ivan.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: Ivan captures Gilbert after WW2 and forms him into the German Democratic Republic.
Notes&Comments: I have no idea how long this took me, but I know that I had too much fun writing creepy Ivan. OTL This is also a kind of warm up to a longer story I had in mind that describe Gilbert's fleeing from the East borders of Germany towards the West, some of it is mentioned here, but I don't know if I will ever get around to write that. ^^;

( Darkness surrounded him when he woke up. )
Antonio  ► Ahahaha (what?)

[Fanfic] Chardons aux lys

Title: Chardons aux lys [1/?]
Characters/Pairings: Scotland, France, England (Scotland/France, some France/Jean d'Arc) mentions of other nations involved in the Italian Wars and other historical figures
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Violence (and disrespect towards the dead)
Summary: War of the Holy League; The Italian Wars. (1513) In which France falls out with the Pope and the dramatic power-shift in Europe leads him to believe he knows exactly what he wants out of it, even if that means the spectacular destruction of his longest alliance.

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34 icons; hetalia + others.

34 icons;
axis powers hetalia;
    → [9] russia and belarus.
    → [4] sweden.
    → [4] chibitalia.
    → [4] hre and chibitalia.
    → [2] holy roman empire.
    → [3] prussia.
    → [1] germany and italy.

    → banners;
    [1] prussia.
    [1] germany and prussia.
    [1] russia and belarus.

also includes gears of war and red vs. blue.

your body blue and walking.

[Fanart] Winter Olympics 2010 opening parade

ah ah!...Jumping on the bandwagon, or not...'cause I've been drawing this for like a week in my spare time, but real life has been really demanding!...but now finally is finished!

Author/Artist:me...cissy-88 on Devart
Character(s) or Pairing(s):China, Russia, England, America, Canada, Italy, Germany, France
Warnings:Germany's colorfulness?..no really..
Summary:are you even reading this?^^

here you go!

WO vancouver 2010

{fanfic} The World, Piece By Piece (1, 2, 3) {Hetalia}

'ello. Here I am, new to LJ, and hoping to catch on quickly (but not expecting too much). In the meantime, here are some of my drabbles as a peace offering.

Titles: 2 a.m., Metaphor, and Sky
Author: thruthosewords
Rating: Nothing above PG.
Character(s): England; America, Japan; Canada, Russia
Pairing(s): N/A
Warning(s): Uh... nothing.
Summary: Some different scenarios of the past that might have been and the future which is still uncertain.
AN: Little bits of nothing that will not even take a minute.


[Fanart] Men's Figure Skating!

Title: Hetalia Men's Figure Skating
Author/Artist: ellianmeir 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Japan and Russia.  No pairings.
Rating: G
Warnings: Spandex  :]
Summary: The countries dressed as their skaters.

I don't post enough.  And by enough I mean "at all".

I know I'm not the first or only person to do something like this, but in honor of the Olympics I have drawn countries as their representative athletes!  And because I love to watch figure skating, I made this a tribute to the men's figure skating medalists and their nations.  ♥

Collapse )
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Another Role-play Request.

Er, yeah. Another one-on-one role-play request, sorry if this is annoying!
This time it's for Male!Mexico/America. I've grown very very fond of this pairing and I need it like air.
If anyone's interested, my msn's o-re-o-cookie@live.com ~
I'm fine with both paragraph, quick type, plot or no plot, and any rating.~
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[Question] eBay Seller

I am particularly curious about an eBay seller called kakalolo12, and I am wondering if anyone had any experience with him/her. A couple of things irk me about them:

1) They sell a lot of Hetalia merchandise, including certain items I've been looking for. The prices seem sound (if they were legit), but a lot of those items I expect to be bought up by now, especially the Mascots.

2) They're in Hong Kong, and this is what worries me. However, most of the items he/she sells don't have bootleg duplicates, at least as far as I've seen. Still, I don't want to take a risk.

Any advice on this would be wonderful.

Beta-reader needed!

Hi! I'm currently writing an APH fanfic, but as English is not my first language, I am a bit unsure of my writing.

Would someone be so kind and agree to check my grammar, spelling, sentences construction and expression?

Thank you in adance! 
Poland laugh

Roleplay Pleadings

Hetalia Players Wanted~!

Hey there! We're on the lookout for more Hetalia players for the multi-fandom roleplay a_facility, as requested by the Poland and Lithuania there. We'd particularly love a Russia, Latvia, or Estonia, but anyone is much love.

a_facility is an asylum based game, psychological thriller based, with both light and dark themes in it, and a settled Hetalia cast currently consisting of a Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Prussia, England and Italy. The game isn't currently restricted, but has an M 15+ rating. Applications open in a few weeks time, so anybody interested would have time to prepare an app.

Profile information of the community is here.

Reservations are here.

(Don't mind the dates and information on the reservation page, it will be updated in a few days)

Any questions, please direct to me on this post! We'd love to see you there~
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[fanfic] Into the Face of the Beguiled (5/?)

Title: Into the Face of the Beguiled (Chapter Five)
Author: grosse_averse, tatterdemalion on ff.net
Characters: in this chapter - America, Canada, France, Prussia, Ukraine, Greece
Rating: probably PG-15 for this chapter, but overall this story will be rated M.
Summary: AU. Alfred and Matthew Jones, expert runaways and orphans, arrive in Amsterdam to make their fortune. There, they find themselves caught up in the world of cabaret, prostitution, money, and murder, and it may be too late to get out.

In which nothing particularly interesting happens
[APH] Belarus

[AMV] Don't Trust Hungary!

Don't Trust Hungary!
Author/Artist: Editor: KintanaChan | Song Artist: 30!h3
Character(s) or Pairing(s): PrussiaxHungary [Hints of AustriaxHungary, VERY MILD PrussiaxLichestein]
Warnings: Swearing. Mild unintentional character bashing [Hungary].
Summary: My first time making a Hetalia vid~ Short one minute fanart video, edited in Sony Vegas. First time posting here, hope I did this right.

(T-t-t-toungues, always pressed to your cheek~)

[Fanfiction] 10 Times America and Russia Tried Dating [1/10]

Title: 10 Times America and Russia Tried Dating
Author: smrtypantz
Characters/Pairing: Russia/America
Rating: PG
Warnings: None~
Summary: Russia and America, due to their bosses instruction, go on monthly "dates". Although the two disagree with the idea in the beginning, they soon learn that perhaps spending time with one another isn't so bad...
Notes: A (late) birthday fic written for my wonderful friend tanya_tsuki <3 It's going to be composed of 10 drabble fics detailing the 10 dates between America and Russia :)

Chapter 1: Monopoly

[Doujinshi recommendation]

Hi there~

I wasn't really interested in Hetalia's doujinshi until recently... And since I'm not really familiar with this side of the fandom, I wanted to know if some of you could suggest me some Circle/mangaka~

Just to give you some tips, I love those characters/pairing :
- Francis x Antonio
- Francis/Antonio/Gilbert
- Alfred x Arthur
- Antonio x Lovino
- Denmark/Sweden/Finland (is there any doujinshi involving one of those... ?)

And I really love those mangaka/circle :
- Micromacro (Yamada Sakurako) (http://mugimugi.org/book/309749/Disce-gaudere./)
- Cocca (http://mugimugi.org/browse/circle/18766/cocca/)
- GunJuice
- Gunblue (http://zeroin.ifdef.jp/f/top.html)
- Neutral (http://neutral.noor.jp/)

R-18 or worksafe are both welcomed ^^ Oh and even some parody with all the characters are good :D
Thanks for any help~