February 23rd, 2010

Fan Art

Title: Cow Poke
Author/Artist: bluemoonlune
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, France (slight France/England)
Rating: G
Summary England and France making fun of America's cowboy past.
Artist's Note: Last night I saw some Ice Dancing on TV, and there were maybe four groups that stuck out in my mind. Anyway, so both the English and French dancers were doing a "traditional" dance featuring cowboys.
D8, ???, buuuh?
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[Question] Proxy Buyers?

Hello, Hetalia community! Since my doujinshi addiction has reached critical mass, it was only a matter of time before I posed this question.

So, I want to buy something from YahooJapan Auction and whatnot, but I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. I've looked at a few proxy buyers (mainly Rinkya, Celga, and Shopping Mall Japan), but I'm a bit wary in using a proxy in general. I only want to buy a few doujinshi, and I don't really want to drown in fees and commissions.

So, does anyone have a good proxy they recommend, or any thoughts on the proxies above? Any help is greatly appreciated. <3

As always, mods, delete this if it's not allowed.
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[Fanfic] "Spank America Decent: Remix."

Title: Spank America Decent: Remix
Author: pyrrhiccomedy, djsoliloquy, and wizzard890
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Poland/Lithuania/Lassos, England/France/Blackmail, and Russia/America/Crippling Humiliation
Rating: PG-13. For glitter. And insinuations. And Poland. And England's dexterity.
Summary: In 2005, a nightclub in Moscow hosted an event entitled "Spank America Decent." It was exactly what it sounds like. These are...the mornings after.

(Oh my God, I am becoming that person. The changes are significant enough to warrant another post, I swear.)

[RP] - Astonishing People High (APH) -

 Hello-- non-mod-mun is here on behalf of a newish roleplay community she's a part of to shamelessly promote it, for we're openly welcoming new members, being that we're in dire need of such:

a college AU loosely based on the movie Accepted, wherein the students create their own future-- aside from regular required courses, attendees make and teach their own classes at their whim. The curriculum may be spur-of-the-moment, but the school is most real.

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Hetalia History RP

Hetaera, a historical Hetalia Roleplay.

A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay.  Serious Roleplay where we still remember Hetalia is a parody.    

The description is just what it says above.  

We are looking for almost all characters, except for:
Japan, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Taiwan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Finland, England and Russia.

we are currently not accepting any OC's, because the main Canon characters need to be filled.   If you stay on the forum for a long enough time, we will start accepting more OC's as more canon characters join us.  If you also would liek a notice about when  you want to be notified of OC openings, we can also put you on a list and PM you when OC spots are open.  

Please provide the following to your application form:      

Note: Sensitive Matters may be mentioned insensitively.  Please keep your mind set open and ready for new opinions.

Character you're applying for:   
Detailed history of the country: 
Sample post  : (If you can't think of anything we can provide prompts)
Do you roleplay anywhere else / Do you have a place where we can see your logs or roleplay history?: 

Please PM me, hetaera22 with the application form and/or questions if you are interested and one of our mods will reply to you asap.  (hetaera.friendhood.net/forum.htm )

I Can Has Fanfiction Advertisement??

Hi guys. It would be bundles of unmentionable awesome if you would look/frequent/read/enjoy these fanfictions below. Please be tolerant of the fanfiction.net format. I would LOVE if you would bring your friends. It's bandwagon, people! Everyone loves it, so should you!

Title: Whatever People Say I Am / That's What I'm Not
Author: Canadino (me) / Plasticframed Paintings
Rating: (currently) very chaste, nothing except mutiny being planned!
Pairings: Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy, Denmark/Norway / USUK, Russia/China - human names used, pairings pending
Summary: The era of the second Prohibition is here. There will be those who oppose it. This is their story. Collap between Canadino/PP

Also, I'm sure that not many of you were happy to hear our darling Mattie lost to ALFRED over the weekend in HOCKEY of all things.

Title: It's Not for A Gold, But...
Author: me
Rating: G, but implied anger and violence and insults
Pairings: none, just typical anguish and bromance...with hockey sticks
Summary: Canada loses 5-3 to America. He is not pleased. England has to deal with his overgrown children.

Poland Lithuania Kiss
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[Fanfic] Six Poland/Lithuania fics; G-R

Pairing (all six fics): Poland/Lithuania
Author: daegaer

Thank you to puddingcat for beta-reading them!

Title: For What We Are About To Receive
Rating: PG
Warnings: None needed
Summary: Rather than eat the school food, Poland makes Lithuania a cute lunch; Prussia takes exception.

For What We Are About To Receive

Title: A Private Lunch
Rating: R
Warnings: Teenage sexual activity
Notes: A sequel to For What We Are About To Receive, set several lunchtimes later.

A Private Lunch

Title: Sweet Friendship
Rating: G
Warnings: none needed
Word count: 1349
Summary: Poland and Lithuania have an evening to themselves before an important day.

Sweet Friendship

Title: Forth They Went
Rating: G
Warnings: none needed
Summary: Poland and Lithuania's first Christmas after regaining independence after World War I isn't as simple as they'd hoped.

Forth They Went

Title: Absent Friend
Rating: G
Warning: none needed
Summary: Lithuania has vanished. Poland goes looking for him.

Absent Friend

Title: Party Time
Rating: G
Warning: none needed
Summary: Lithuania has an unfortunate date for America's New Year's Eve party.

Party Time

[fanart] Artdump!

Title: None, really
Artist: darkheart510
Rating: PG-13 for nudity, I guess?
Genre: general
Pairings/characters(in this order): Bad-touch trio, Spain/Romano, Prussia/Austria, Mochi!America/Mochi!England, Merman!Arthur, GerIta, and another Spain/Romano
Warning: Some nudity, but nothing full frontal

Just a dump of some of the drawings I've done these past six months. And an animation I did of mochi!England and mochi!America.

( To my Journal! )
Kurtofsky locker room faceoff
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[fanfic] Something More Than Men (prologue)

Title: Something More Than Men
Author: me
Characters/Pairings: America, random humans (other nations in later chapters)
Rating: PG ish
Warnings: confusing prose. Gen. Excessive references to/love on John Steinbeck.
Summary: It's 1929, and America's world has begun to crumble all around him. With no ground below his feet, he takes to the comforting movement of the roads, letting them guide him to where he needs to be.

( The sudden silence was a jarring, deafening roar in his ears... )
AustHung 1

[Fanfic] Blood on the Piano Chapters 4 & 5 AustxHung

Title: Blood on the Piano
Author/Artist: Me(stonefang on ff.net)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, N. Italy, S.Italy, Prussia, an OC named Krausse, AustxHung, slight SwitzxLiech, very faint GerIta
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Umm, lame battle scene?  Human names? Slight blood?  That's all.
Summary:The war between Austria and Prussia was well under way and Elizaveta couldn’t just stand by and watch it happen, she had to fight.  So she joins the Austrian army under an alias and, disguised as a man, she aides her country and finds romance as well.
Chapter 4 www.fanfiction.net/s/5680640/4/Blood_on_the_Piano
Chapter 5 www.fanfiction.net/s/5680640/5/Blood_on_the_Piano

[fanfic] Hidden In Your Eyes chapter 1/? USxUK

Title: Hidden In Your Eyes
Author/Artist: Me(Stonefang)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USA, UK, France, Seychelles, Spain, S. Italy, N.Italy, Prussia, Hungary, Austria, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, US/UK, other pairings later on
Rating: PG for swearing
Warnings: Human names and quite possibly terrrible writing skills and OOC characters.  Although I might be too harsh.
Summary:High school AU. Arthur and Alfred have been friends since grade school but when they enter high school everything changes.  Things get awkward between them and England questions their friendship. Can they understand their feelings before it’s too late?


[Fanart] Sorry Canada and Almost Spring!

Title: Sorry Canada and Almost Spring
Artist: *slowly raises hand*
Pairings: Canada/America and Russia/chibiAmerica
Rating: PG (Kid friendly! X3)
Summary: First is a little comic strip of something that happened in the game we totally *cough*crushed*cough* beat Canada in and the second is a barf-cutesy Russia/chibiAmerica pic.

I hope you like them! <3

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russia mikochi

[Flash]/[Fanart] Belated Valentine's for Russia~

Title: Ivan's Valentine
Author/Artist: Me! (Mikochi on DA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, England, America, China, France
Rating: G... PG for the picture?
Warnings: Nothing much I think..? but the fan art might be a bit wtf XDD
Summary: a short interactive flash I did recently and a drawing from a bit more than 2 months ago =3


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hi honey. i&#39;m __________.

Just a Few Questions...

Alright, so I have a few questions that I'm hoping can be answered soon.

1) Anime: In the episode "America's Cleaning Of the Storage", Lithuania and America speak English. Why? Is there a reason for this?

2) Anime: During the German Simulation, Japanese was being spoken on top of English. Is there a reason for this as well?

I'm just really surious about these. Help?

&amp;our little life is rounded with a sleep, we are such stuff as dreams are made on

[linking] the Hetalia Rarepairs Exchange

aph_rarexchange is accepting signups for its inaugural round! The Hetalia Rarepairs Exchange is a fanfic and fanart exchange for rare pairings within the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom. Signups remain open until Sunday, February 28th, assignments go out on March 4th, and posting takes place between April 4th and April 10th. (Anonymous participation is allowed -- check the links below to see how that works!)

More information can be found here.

The signups are here.

I hope you'll consider checking this one out -- it's a great opportunity to give less-exposed pairings a chance to shine.
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[fanfic] den of thieves, chapter one (mafia au)

Title: Den of Thieves ; Chapter One: Coffee
Author/Artist: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America ; Canada ; Lithuania ; Poland ; France ; Hungary ; Hong Kong (mentions of others, other pairings and characters to appear in later chapters)
Rating: G (subject to change)
Warnings: Loose interpretation of history ; strange mafia au.
Summary: [mafia au] Three years after events that rapidly changed the face of power in the underground city, the great crime families once again begin to move. But as the family heads use their underlings like pieces on a chess board, greater forces threaten to shift the balance of power yet again.
Chapter Summary: America and Canada arrive to pick up a package and end up leaving with an informant.

( Rummaging for answers through the pages. )

[fanfiction] That's How You Know: Part Two of Seven


Title: That's How You Know (A Collection of Fics) Part Two of Seven Part One
Pairings: Various. They're surprises. (This part contains France/England, Russia/China, Netherlands/Canada, Prussia/Austria, Switzerland/Leichtenstein)
Rating: All stories range from G-PG.
Warnings: Fluff. Human names used + two fanon names (Lars for Netherlands, Sophie for Liechtenstein)
Summary: A collection of fics based on specific lines from "That's How You Know" from Enchanted as performed by Amy Adams. There are seven parts of this collection.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the song these stories are based off, nor do I own the characters used in these stories. I make no profit from writing these.


France/England - Flight )

Russia/China - Panda Express )

Netherlands/Canada - Two Lips )

Prussia/Austria - Sachertorte )

Turkey/Japan - By Hand )   

Switzerland/Liechtenstein - E-card )

Is there no Turkey/Japan comm? :c

[Fanarts] Mini ArtDump

Title: Mini-Art!Dump
Author/Artist: millesettecento  Or Mille-Settecento @ DeviantArt
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Girl!Axis+Prussia, France, Canada, England, America, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Kumajirou.
Rating: G... pretty much.
Warnings: Genderbending. My skills and lazyness.
Summary: What I've doing this past hmm 5 days or something.
norway, iceland

Fanfiction (sorta) - Revolution

Title: Revolution
Author: sir_blinky
Characters/Pairing: France
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: This is my absolutely first try at songwriting, so it's going to suck.
Summary: Something loosely based on the French Revolution. More of a prequel to the first series I'll be writing, based on an assortment of prompts from this list of tables. It's based on Buffet #1, 82 : Jumbled Truths.

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Gig from Soul Nomad

[Fanfic]The Three Little Nations Chapter 3

Title: Three Little Nations
Author/Artist: flamefox324
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, Canada, France, Tony, Kumajiro
Rating: PG
Warnings: minor insults. No extremely offensive material.
Summary: The houses that the three chibi nations were finally built and Canada, America, and England lived comfortably in them. For awhile, France, the Wolf Nation, has been stalking them for awhile and decided to visit his first victim: Canada.

Hetalia ✒ It&#39;s Romania

A Spamano Fanfic

Title: Cluelessness [1/?]
Author: Chewy Rouyale
Characters: Romano, Spain, Italy, Germany, Prussia, brief appearance of France
Pairings: Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy, one-sided Prussia/Romano, but that's established later
Rating: R-13 for Lovino's/Gilbert's inability to stop cussing
Warnings: Human names, cussing(lots of it), failed attempts at humour, cake, idiocy, and maybe random grammar/ name errors orz
Summary: Lovino hated going to his brother's house. Especially with the potato and tomato bastards there.

 I have absolutely no idea how this became what it is OTL

The summary SUCKS, and is the best my meager brain could come up with. *cries*

( I love me some cake )

[Fanfic] Jump, And I'll Catch You

Title:  Jump, And I'll Catch You 
Author/Artist: Me (which is why it sucked so bad) 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): US x UK
Rating: T
None, really. Maybe a little violence?
Arthur "England" Kirkland, 23, thief. Alfred "America" F. Jones, 19, a young, talented, not to mention naive and idealistic police. What will happen when two such different people's fate clashed together?

God, I really got no idea how to post. It's my first time to actually post something here instead of just looking around o_0"
Anyway, I'd be very happy if you'd take a look at my fic! :D


[Fic] Isolation [14/15]

Title: Isolation
Author: Me
Rating: PG-13 for gore
Chapters: 14/15
Summary: It’s been fifteen years. Fifteen years since democracy fell, fifteen years since the Capitol burned, fifteen years since a new tyrannical government isolated America and took its people hostage. Fifteen years since Alfred was stolen from the world, forced to turn his back on his countries, his friends, his family. For Arthur, that’s fifteen years too long, so he launches a plan with the other nations to steal him back.

It’s time to go rabbit hunting.

Link to FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5662905/14/

Exaggerated Use of "Doitsu" - GerIta Crossword Puzzle

Ciao everyone~! I'm a guest puzzle maker filling in because the usual genius was having writer's block, possibly explaining why you might question the off-ness of the usual puzzles~ So, without further ado, you wonderful-crossword-loving readers of Venezia Times, have fun~!

Before you start, I just wanna let you know that this puzzle is dedicated to a very special friend~
Oh! And there are two or three word phrases in this puzzle, and they are NOT separated by spaces~ 

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[PLUSHIES] Spain! + Commissions

After a bout with some dragons and a bit of a sewing Haitus, I'm back in the nation-making business~

Would you like to see my newest creation? Or perhaps commission me for a particular character? Just follow the cut!

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I've decided to open up commissions to the public instead of making certain characters one at a time. You can find all the information you need at my journal: It's a link! 8D