February 24th, 2010

Gig from Soul Nomad

[Fancomic] Austria Blames Australia IV

Title: Austria Blames Australia
Author/Artist: flamefox324
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Australia, Austria
Rating: G
Warnings: Extremely safe. Just sketchy and horrible MS Paint drawings. orz
Summary: Our adorable Aussie's adventure continues! After having a talk with England, Australia is off to apologize to Austria for having similar country names. Will he succeed?



Helloooooo there!

From some time ago I was thinking about opening commission slots, but since I don't really feel like drawing OC, I thought: "Well... My fanatism for Hetalia is huge, so I wouldn't mind drawing fanart commissions".

Please check out the samples!
I hope you can get interested *--*;;

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man, you just can't call your soul your own [ 14 icons ]

My first batch of icons! 8D
This is also my first time messing around with HTML, so goofs and repeats and kinks-to-be-worked-out be pardoned. |D ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
There's a Russia icon that needs to get shuffled in here... lordy lordy, what a monster I have created. x u x ;;;;;;;;

Axis Powers Hetalia x 14
D.Gray-man x 16
Kingdom Hearts x ## (to be added soon! lol, I got tired of screwing around with the table generator I was using. > w <)

TEASER! Icon 006 TEASER! Icon 021 TEASER! Icon 015

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[MAD] We've Been Waiting For So Long

Title: We've Been Waiting For So Long
Author/Artist: Nebuneferu
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland, FrancexCanada, slight AmericaxCanada; America, England, France and Canada (and Kumajiro ^_^)
Rating: T
Warnings: Hm.... none really....
Summary: This is a MAD I made based on the first meeting of England and America, and France and Canada, to their situation on present time. And the song and story also expressed America and Canada loneliness and affection towards their former guardians, and how they're "waiting" for them all this time.

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{fic} Some more drabbles

Hey, it is what I do best.

Titles: Lost Scene, Degrees, and Seize The Day
Author: thruthosewords
Rating: Nothing above PG-13
Character(s): China, Japan; France, England, America, Spain, Austria, Russia, Canada (barely), Germany, China, Japan, North Italy; America, Japan.
Pairing(s): In Seize The Day: JpnUSA.
Warning(s): Above each story, if needed.
Summary: Many different scenarios of the past that might have been and the future which is still uncertain.

APH, Finland

Selling 4 Hetalia Coin Figures Bootleg

Hello Hello~!

I'm selling 4 of the Hetalia Coin Figures (Bootlegs) on Ebay and I thought I'd link over with a deal here.

For sale we have

England cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

Germany cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

Romano cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

China cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

That's the links on Ebay, Ignore the prices.

I'm willing to sell all four for $25us which includes shipping
Or each of them seperatly for $5us + $5us shipping
Romano and Germany as a set for $8 + $5shipping

Within Australia (Where I'm from) I'm happy to wave shipping~!
norway, iceland


I suppose I'm pretty late in posting this, aren't I? Based on the (in)famous Coca Cola commercial for the Olympics. Also a de-anon from the kink meme.

Author: sir_blinky
Characters/Pairings: Canada, Sweden,  Denmark, Norway, France, Russia, America, England, a tiny hint of US/UK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, I think. 
Summary: Canada really likes his soda.

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aniki china glasses

[Doujinshi] USxUK for SALE

Good Day My Loves!

USxUK DOUJINSHI: Reverse is now on sale, Please check it out!

ONLY $9.00

Pairing: USxUK
Warning: Bath Together (nekkid-ness)
Language: ENGLISH
Summary: US interrupts UK during his spells and curses him instead. Now he gets to know what it feels like to be in reversed roles when UK was taking care of him--- Except Lil'Arthur is still the hot headed (yet cute) bastard even as a kid.

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[Video] ((USUK)) There

This is my first time posting anything, so please be gentle~?
Edit: I fail at making cuts, so have a link.

Title: ((USUK)) There
Author/Artist: hootlypootly7 ((me))
Characters(s) or Pairing(s): England and Little America
Rating: G

Warnings: Uber cute? :'D
Summary: I was in a USUK mood and decided to make this little animated short. E-Enjoy~ <3 *shot*




  • alumac

A new Hetalia RP group

Mes amis~

I have the utmost honour to announce that a new, magnifique flower has bloomed among many Hetalia RP blossoms!
Indeed, a new group, brandishing the glorious and proud name of "Pink Mochi” has been formed and is officially open for joining!

It’s a roleplay aimed mainly at having fun, interacting with other nations and lots of laughs~ Please do remember, though, that in l'art de l'amour two people need to be willing so if your desired partner doesn’t wish to indulge you, do not push!

I present you with a list of already taken countries:

England (He is known as Bushybrows, though, so do not hesitate to call him that no matter what he says)
France (aka moi~)
Japan (our beloved mod –blows a kiss-)
North Italy
South Korea
North Korea
Hong Kong

As you can see, there is plenty of places to fill (in more than one way)! However, we have a special request from America considering our future Russia: We would like him to be very much willing to push his pipe into America’s burger (if you know what I mean –wink wink-)

Also, if you’re interested, we need you to write a one-paragraph in-character passage to see if you’re truly our soulmate. We await you with open arms! (Especially me, mon cher~) Come, let me press you against my manly chest!

Application send via email to: pink_mochi@hotmail.com with your country name in the subject. I will read each one of them with all the love~
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[fanfic] come again another day

Title: Come Again Another Day
Author/Artist: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Character(s) or Pairing(s): california ; america ; france ; england ; prussia ; russia ; spain ; mexico ; america/mexico
Rating: pg
Warnings: mild language
Summary: unnerved by her unusual string of cold weather, california interrupts a world meeting.

( “Wait a minute. Did that chick just call America ‘Mom’?” )
hi honey. i&#39;m __________.

[Question] Looking for Some Doujinshi

Hello. :) I am currently hoping to buy my first Hetalia doujinshi. I am looking for any of my favorite pairings below.

France / England
America / England

I'm looking for doujinshi with very light yaoi. The relationships can even be platonic (for example, Big Brother!England and Little Brother!America or France and England being friends).

For France / England, ANGST IS WELCOMED. HIGHLY. Same goes for Germany / N. Italy.

As for any hetero pairings... I was hoping that someone could suggest a doujinshi? As everyone knows, there aren't as many hetero pairings as there are yaoi. I have some favorite pairings, but I'm 1OO% positive there won't be any doujinshi about them. But, I can say that I'm not a fan of Switzerland / Liechtenstein or Prussia / Hungary.

Help me, please? :)
Playah-haters not welcome!

[FIC] Alfred Jones and the Case of the Teenage Girl's Midriff

Title:: Alfred Jones and the Case of the Teenage Girl's Midriff
Author: Mipp
Rating: T for Teen (one naughty word)
Characters/Pairings: America, OC California, Tony, allusions to past America/Mexico
Summary: Writen for the hetalia_kink meme. America, like all dads, has to face the day when his little girl grows up and wants to bare her navel.

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Germany facepalm

[Fanvid] My Awesome Video Blog 1

Title:  My Awesome Video Blog
Authorelanor_gilmor  and kayspace (also featuring shutupred  as Hungary)
Characters: Prussia, Germany, Hungary
Rating: T
Warning: We swear like troopers, and there's some kissing at the end.
Summary: 24/02/10. Today I was awesome. Brother and I went out to get beer. It must have been awesome beer, because I got a bit more drunk than usual. Eventually Elizabeta gave me the rest of the video back though.

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[Live PV] Magnet [Spain x Romano ]

*de-lurks* Oh hi there! First off let my apologize if I'm doing this wrong orz

Title: [Live PV] Magnet [Spain x Romano ]
Author/Artist: Myself and peachandhoney(youtube)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain x Romano
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied sex scene (only bare shoulders are visible) and kissing.
Just as the title says, me and my Spain got together for a filming weekend of awesomeness and this was one of our children. A live action Spamano PV set to the Vocaloid song Magnet. I just had to share it!
Preview Picture

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Gig from Soul Nomad

[Fancomic] Austria Blames Australia V

Title: Austria Blames Australia
Author/Artist: flamefox324
Characters: Australia and Austria (mainly); short appearances of France, Spain, Prussia, England, and Romano.
Rating: G
Warnings: Rough sketches on MS Paint and not a pro at making comics. Oh, and Austria's unbearable hatred on Australia. xD
Summary: Australia finally catches up with Austria and apologizes to him. Will he succeed and become Roddy's friend?


[Fanart] Estonia dump

Title: Estonia birthday dump, various pics
Author/Artist: xxcharyxx (chary9 on DA)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Estonia, some Switzerland, EestixSwitz/SwitzxEesti
Rating: Hmm, nothing really explicit really, suggestiveness yes. Maybe R-15/16? I have no clue.
Warnings: Provocative stripper outfits. yeah. that. oh and male upper body nudity? Atrocious anatomy at points? Mild OOCness? Very old art in points. Pairing most people have never heard off.  HUGE PICS UNDER CUT, uncoloured lineart
Various pictures/sketches of Estonia and some SwitzxEesti  and one doujin page

Because Eesti always needs more loving ;m;
And because I have a lot of  pictures still laying around that I never uploaded. (And it's his birthday and I have nothing else finished)

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In a World of my own, Alice

[fanfic] The Guilty Never Leave [5/?]

Title: The Guilty Never Leave [5/?]
Author/Artist: me.
Characters: England-Centric, America, Prussia,
Warnings: Fail!Writing, Slightly-insane!England
Summary: Beyond a shattered looking glass, fairytale becomes nightmare, imagination becomes madness, toys become weapons, friend becomes foe, and time is running out... Based off of American McGee's ALICE.

Yes, we are. We’re cutting close as you stare at the scenery. Truth, we write. Always colorful, cutting and cold.
♕ - entente cordiale [aph]

[VID] Tribute for Estonia's Birthday (Dear God she never stops...)

Title: Estonia Just Wants to Break Free [Fail title is fail]
Author/Artist: Me, leriacossato 
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, mentions of Russia x Estonia and Estonia x Latvia.
Warnings: None.
Song: 'I Want to Break Free' by Queen
Eesti needs more love.
Author Notes: Song used because Estonia wins. No, actually I was struggling to find a suitable song for him. So I put my iTunes on shuffle, and this was the first thing that played. The rest, as they say, is history. I also had a hard time finding Estonia art. It seems people don't draw him enough D:

Link right here!

Anyone wanna join a Hetalia video dance collab? :D

I had this idea flying around in my head for a while 8D;

Anyone interested in doing a video dance collab?
I was thinking we all should dance to Cirno's Perfect Math Class :)

(tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=259SwWfnahc) <-- Please learn the mirrored version^^
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olJfFuNCwqc <--- slowed version for learning convenience!

I can probably edit each person's video individually to make it look like we're dancing side by side. (well like sorta in a row heh)
There will be two groups spilt. One group doing the 'BAKA BAKA' part to the right and the other group to the left.

Due date for video: March 27, 2010 APRIL 10,2010 (or you can send me it earlier which would help me out with editing so muchh XD)

Once we have a good amount of people in on this, I'll split up the two groups and let you know whether if you have to do the"Left Baka Baka" or "Right Baka Baka" move.

So.. I need ONE of EACH Hetalia character :D

(where are you FRANCE? ;A;)

Claimed characters:
Prussia - Me
N. Italy-
Swiss - superhikikomori
Liechtenstein- superhikikomori's sis
Hong Kong- kogetoasty
China - LoveAnime18
Belarus - rebornhayatofan
Germany - Bokimu
Canada - prussianegotist
England - glaceer
Taiwan - kagomedemon
America- scribblefish
Japan - 0ihetalia0
Spain - balni
Poland - 56danielle56
Sealand -
Romano/S.Italy -
Hungary -
Greece - milk_kohi
Turkey - intellectualgod
Seychelles - meshiilpurin
Lithuania - lostfayt
Finland - thefieryone
Chibitalia - lostfayt's friend
Holy Roman Empire -  lostfayt's friend
Russia - tori_hime
S.Korea - sadiqadnan


Alright~ please look at the group I've placed you in^^
(Please record separately [not in a group/duo if you're recording with friends] makes editing easier for me x;)
If you're 'RIGHT BAKA BAKA' At the beginning of each chorus please start the 'Baka Baka' move to the right.
If you're 'LEFT BAKA BAKA' At the beginning of each chorus please start the 'Baka Baka' move to the left.

Please check here(@0:22) to see what I'm talking about :D
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olJfFuNCwqc <--- slowed version for learning convenience!

Upload your video (mediafire, etc [no youtube plz]) and send me the link through a PM~

Group 1  (right baka baka)
12) America- scribblefish
6) China - LoveAnime18
25)Russia - tori_hime
10) England - glaceer
9) Canada - prussianegotist


Group 2 (left baka baka)
1) Prussia - Me
2) N. Italy- kokoro237
8) Germany - Bokimu
13) Japan - 0ihetalia0
17) Romano/S.Italy -
14)Spain - balni


Group 3 (right baka baka)
27) Finland - thefieryone
3) Swiss - superhikikomori
4) Liechtenstein superhikikomori's sis
16) Sealand -
Iceland - kogetoasty


Group 4 (left baka baka)
19) Greece - milk_kohi
20) Turkey - intellectualgod
26) S.Korea - sadiqadnan


Group 5 (left baka baka)
22) Lithuania - lostfayt
15) Poland - 56danielle56
7) Belarus - rebornhayatofan
18)Hungary -


Group 6 (right baka baka)
23) Chibitalia - lostfayt's friend
24) Holy Roman Empire -  lostfayt's friend
21) Seychelles - meshiilpurin
22) Austria - chickcake