February 25th, 2010


[fanfiction] Risqué - Memoirs of a Prussian Defence 1/?

Title: Memoirs of a Prussian Defence
Author/Artist: comptine
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Canada and France/UK
Rating: T
Genre: Humour/Romance
Warnings: Gilbert being Gilbert and failing at hockey
Summary: If Gilbert was ever going to write a personal memoir, this is exactly where he would start. With a concerned Canadian standing over him, an angry Brit yelling from the stands and his voice utterly gone.
Author’s Notes: Next in the "Risqué" series 

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america desktop buddy!

Title: desktop mascot
Author/Artist: me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): america
Rating: g
Warnings: boringg

hey guys! i was super bored tonight and spent hours making a desktop mascot, specifically of america!
now its only my first and im still getting used to it, so this is rather horrible xD

but none the less i thought you guys might wanna test him out.
he blinks, throws his arms up, mochi rolls out. if you click him he says, "hey you guys!"

thanks, have fun with him yelling hey you guys, huhu huuuu!

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hi honey. i'm __________.

Fanfic: Stories of Hetalia (Chapter 7: Prussia & Young!Germany)

Title: Stories of Hetalia
thekade (ff.net); look_for_katama (lj)
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
K - T
Gay nations, cursing, some sexiness and implied scenes.
Hetalia one-shots that include my favorite characters, pairings, and scenarios. No chapter limit.


7: Prussia & Young!Germany

Previous Chapters
1: America & England
2: France & Hungary
3: Germany & North Italy
4: Japan & Taiwan
5: Canada & Seychelles
6: America & Ukraine

[QUESTION] Word used in fandom

Hi everybody!

I've been wondering one thing for a long time and I thought maybe someone knows better than me. Especially because I'm a hardcore Sweden x Finland fan.

I keep seeing Sweden saying "めんげえ" (mengee) in doujinshis etc. What does it mean? Su-san uses the Tōhoku dialect, at least should - I DID manage to find "megoi" which means "cute" in Tsuguru dialect (which is type of Tōhoku) but I'm not sure.

Thank you for any suggestions or answers! It's my first post, don't send Prussia to lynch me. :D

EDIT: Thank you for your answer, momo36!
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[Fanfic] Bide Thee, Night

Now that I have had time to re-work this, I'm ready to spread it around.

Title: Bide Thee, Night
Pairing: Norway/Sweden
Rating: T
Warning: Non-graphic references to sex
Summary: Norway contemplates the dissolution of his union with Sweden, and what it will mean for their relationship.
Notes: Final revision of something written about half a year ago and posted elsewhere. Now, I'm still quite pleased with it. (Posting both here and the main Hetalia comm; sorry if you see it twice)

Located at my journal, follow the link to read: Bide Thee, Night
China (twin tails)

[fanart]HetaliRa & random sketches

Title: HetaliRa, RP sketch, Siblings
Author/Artist: Me aru! (also known as Kunogi Midori)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): For HetaliRa: Italy+England, Japan+Lithuania, France+China, Austria+Germany, Russia+Sealand, England+Germany, Finland, Canada+America. For RP sketch: SwedenxFinland + China. For
Siblings: America+Canada+Seychelles and Iceland+Norway
Rating: PG
Maybe the Russia+Sealand part... and odd pairings? I didn't intend to draw incest, ok? Oh, and pretty long images. I hope it's not too heavy for your computer aru~
I just drew what I heard from the Hetalia Radio shows. As for the RP, it's a visual form of the RP with Sweden-kun, Fin-chan and China (me aru!) in Hetalia Files Archives site. The siblings series are all random love aru~

Tagging was so troublesome... too many characters aru~

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hey guysss, hope this is allowed ` D`;;

anyway i was wondering if anyone knew of a APH centered paintchat floating around. I just wanna draw some hetalia with people, but every pchat i go to no one really likes hetalia ` ~`;; i tried to make a takamin but idk how to do those so that was a flop.

but yeah, anyone know of any?

mods can delete if this is not good otl
what was that?

[Meetup] Niagara Falls

When: April 3, 2010
Where: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Who: Hopefully some helpful locals, America, UK, and Hungary

What: Road Trip with America: Niagara Falls edition

Basically, a couple of us are road tripping up from Delaware, USA to Canada for the weekend, and we thought it would be fun to meet fellow Hetalia fans in the area (that's both sides of the border!). So, if you'd like to come and help us be not so horribly touristy (and help America annoy and terrorize Iggy), comment here or send me a PM and we'll if we can arrange something.

[Lyrics Translation] Marukaite Chikyuu: Lithuania & Poland

This only took me fifteen minutes total, so I thought that I might as well post it
Japanese & Romaji lyrics for Lithuania and Poland (with cultural notes) here
Still open to suggestions and improvements!

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There are likely some mistakes but I tried to stay true to the many implications of the Japanese language, so please help improve this and let me know if corrections are needed
Poland...sounds like Poland when he sings, so I tried staying true to that in translation but I think that I've failed~ | ̄|_

[Lyrics] Lithuania's & Poland's Marukaite Chikyuu's (Kanji/Romaji)

Because I enjoy doing this and I didn't see it anywhere on the comm already, I thought I'd post the lyrics I found for Lithuania's and Poland's MKCs.
It's really quite fun, researching all these different beverages/dishes. Makes me want to try and make them. xD Any native Lithuanians or Poles that wanna jump in and add to/correct my notes, I'm always interested. ♥

EDIT: Translations are HERE! Thank you so much to saplings !! <3

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As per usual, I am not the one who typed these up--I just found them and thought I'd share them. I only organized them, added the romaji, and made some tiny edits. Corrections are always helpful!
Here's where I originally grabbed them from: 
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[fanfic] the first time

Title: The First Time
Author/Artist: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France ; England ; Rome (France/England, mentions of Spain and Italy)
Rating: PG
Warnings: language, subtext
Summary: De-anoning from the kinkmeme. In which the Roman provinces are introduced to Britannia and sparks fly.

( His arms are crossed over his chest, and when he catches Gaul’s eye, his scowl deepens and he sticks out his tongue. )
Rasmus Kaljujärv
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Shamelessly spamming this in here, too..

I somehow didn't post this here as I posted it to binary_genius but now it's here! Even if it's one day late..

Title: Happy 92nd Bday Eesti!
Author/Artist: sonchin 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Estonia
Rating: E
Warnings: none
Summary: a simple card with a lot of meaning
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Can't wait for the Finland-USA -ice-hockey game to start

[Fanart] Happy Belated Birthday, Eduard and Estonia/Romano stuff

Title: A happy belated birthday to Estonia ;A;
Artist: Me~
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Estonia, Romano, Canada, Estonia/Romano and a bit of Estonia/Canada/Romano if you squint I guess
Rating: PG? It is pretty safe ;A;
Warnings: As said it is safe... just a bit of weird colour use?
Summary: Pretty much me experimenting the new colour pencils I got for my own birthday.

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( meet up ) aph meet up in washington dc

aparently i did something wrong n this got deleted so lets try again XD

go here to talk about whats going on ^w^


Time: starts at 1 pm and lasts until we get bored XD
Date: Saturday, March 20th, 2010
Place: Washington DC, We will be meeting at the Smithsonian stop on the metro so we can take some great pictures near the monuments then head over to our "play area" XD
Events: It will be mainly an exclusive tour by America himself, followed by a photo shoot, games, picnic and more

cosplay (hopefully you wore it beforehand XD),
food for picnic (if you’d like - but remember if you don't bring any we would have less food to share),
blanket for picnic (maybe),
positive attitude,
money for the metro (if that's your means of transportation) and/or if you want to buy souvenoirs or something XD,
camera if you want photos rather than wait for us to put it online

We will be walking quite a bit as our very own America shall give us a tour of the Washington dc monuments (only the ones within walking distance), then we shall have our photo shoot, games and picnic

Photo shoot!! That's why you can bring a camera if you want

Games planned so far (feel free to suggest some): the pony game, kagome kagome, kick the can/soccer ball, mother may I and well just about anything can be played XD

For the picnic you are not required to bring food but it is smiled upon (please everyone eat all the food I don’t want to carry any back on the metro XD) if you do decide to bring food, try to bring something from your nation so it'll be different and all

Lol let’s have fun and run around like the freaks we are XD (not to offend, its a joke between a friend and myself)
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[Video] Insanely fast slideshow

Title: The fastest slideshow you'll ever see.
Author/Artist: glaceer (Me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Everyone
Rating: G
Warnings: Super fast image flashing. I warned you. oAo
Summary: Hatsune Miku's song "The disappearance of Hatsune Miku" If you know it, you know what you're in for. 8D; Random video-ness.

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