March 1st, 2010

Gone like an airplane~

[Fanfic] Fate Isn't All That Mean ; Latvia's Smile

Title: Fate Isn't All That Mean [ Link]
Author: tanya_tsuki
Pairing(s): France/Canada
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slight suggestiveness?
Summary: Written for hetalia_fluff. France had a long day and is
just dreaming of his trip to Canada. Canada decides to surprise him at home.

( Meeting Adjourned. )

Title: Latvia's Smile
Author: tanya_tsuki
Characters/Pairings: Latvia, Estonia. Heavily implied Latvia->Russia, Russia->Lithuania, and Estonia->Latvia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Not the usual happy fluff you'd expect from me?
Summary: Estonia is the one to care for Latvia and isn't quite sure why until one day...

( And then, things changed. )

[fic] Class 4 [5/11]

I apologize for such a delay, but life's gotten in the way. I'm employed now, thankfully, and also taking a number of classes this semester so time for fic writing is very short when you add in me going back to writing some original stuff.

I'm hoping to get at least a chapter a week up here until the first chunk of this story is done. It will eventually be in 3 parts, with three different names, covering pre-,mid-, and post-WWZ. As I still haven't read WWZ all the way through, there'll be a break between part one and part two to give me time to read the book and take notes. I almost want to do this all out of sequence but that's a fic setup for another idea (namely, the Year that Never Was Hetalia-fied).

Once this first chunk is done, I'll be finishing "Suez", and then it'll probably be midterms and I'll drop off the writing plane for a while.

Title: Class Four [5/11]
Chapter Title: 4
Author: luv_blindly
Characters/Pairings: This chapter: Cuba, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein,
Rating: Overall, somewhere between an R and an NC-17, for violence and a bit of sex. This chapter ---T.

Warnings: Gore, violence, kinda depressing but overall pretty awesome. Involves zombies, as anyone familiar with the survival guide should be able to tell by the title.

Overall Summary: It had always been there--that unexplainable scourge--but never like this. Never so widespread, and never ever this severe. [An APH/World War Z crossover]. Technically Alternate Universe, I suppose. I'm not going exactly by the book with WWZ, so there'll be some departures.

Chapter Summary: Cuba finds himself at a crisis once again with his neighbor to the North. Matthieu cannot stem the tide of people bounding for the tundra. The strange plague almost causes Sweden his life.

Previous Chapters: Prologue. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3.Collapse )

Next time: Turkey faces questions he does not think he wants answered, Madrid crumbles, and Africa and the Central and South Americas find they must fend for themselves.

6 more chapters and Class 4 is over. Still not sure of a title for the second chunk of this.

[Fanart] A not so happy record breaking moment

Nope, I'm still not done with olympics art. In fact If I get time this week, I'll be posting more~
Title: Brothers
Artist: McMitters
Rating: G
Characters: America, Canada, Germany
Summery: I get the feeling that despite breaking a world record, America's not to pleased with the final results...

Apparently when he's mad enough, America can 'kol' too...

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[FOR SALE!] ガチャポン!Hetalia Mascot Keychains! and more!


@ USD$ 5 Each. (:

In case you don't see the one you want, another shipment will be coming in over in about 2-3 (?) days . Let me know which you want so i can keep an eye out for you. (:


next shipment: 5 pieces.

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Looking to buy some doujinshi.

I am looking to buy some doujinshi, but see there's a catch... it has to be in either English or french, both of which are practically impossible to find! If you are selling one, or hell if you can speak both English and Japanese and just wanna write the translations in pen of pencil in the speech bubbles next to the original Japanese, i would love to buy it from you! I really enjoy the following pairings and any rating really!

Russia X America
Germany X Prussia

But really any pairing is fine! Thank you all so much!

Other nations - A fictional nations dressing room

othernations_dr is a dressing room based on Hetalia, but reserved for all kinds of not-IRL nations from all kinds of fiction (books, manga, myths, movies, etc). Because why should having a personification be limited to nations that actually exist on Earth?

Collapse )

We just opened today and so far have a Shire-tan, Morpork-tan and Destiny Islands-tan, and we'd love to see more! And of course, the usual DR rules apply so there can be multiples.
fool itachan

[Cosplay vid + photos] APH at TOF (Teen & Otaku Festival 2010) in HCM city, Vietnam

I did Chibitalia and took part in this event. Our group performed Gintama in Cosplay Group contest and won the first prize ^^~ In Cosplay single our Hong Kong and China got the 3rd place ; A ; It's a pity but we're still happy because we did our best and it was really fun X"D

Bi-chan (as Ore-sama) and me also joined the TOF's singer contest. Bi won the 2nd and I got the 3rd place ^^~

Long talking X"D These are some photos and video clip from yesterday :"D
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The Quest for America's Heart [1/2]

Title: The Quest for America’s Heart [1/2]

Author: openedlocket

Characters/Pairings: fem!England, fem!France, America, USxUK

Rating: PG

Warnings: fem!England, fem!France

Summary: In an attempt to get England to confess her love for America, France makes a bet that she can get America to ask her out in a week’s time. England, in an attempt to hide what she really feels, pretends not to care.  Jealousy, chaos, and random singing ensues.

*Part of the ‘Adventures of Anne Kirkland’ series

When everyone was looking away, she glanced across the table again and saw the sly smile playing on France’s lips. While she was still watching, Jeanne suddenly turned toward America and whispered something into his ear. After a moment, they both looked at her and laughed. England looked away, her cheeks burning. Oh how she hated France at the moment.

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[fanfic] a wind in the door

Title: A Wind in the Door
Author/Artist: moirae @ heavenisonfire
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France ; England ; America ; Russia
Rating: PG
Warnings: mentions of violence, famine, suicide
Summary: De-anoning from the kink meme. In which nations are comforted by normal citizens. Takes place during the Reign of Terror, the Great Fire of London, Black Tuesday, and the Time of Troubles.

( If anyone else could see the shadow of a man stumble and fall to the ground, none of them mentioned it. )


Hey you! Yeah! You! You a Hetalia fan? Of course you are, you're reading this message! Now how about this? Are you currently situated in the great state of Colorado? If the answer is yes, then boy, do I have a deal for you!!

You should go check out this here community, hot off the presses!


A silly request/question

 Was there a Blood Sunday strip for hetalia. I'm pretty sure there was but I can't find it to save my life DX. So if someone could provide for me a link.... (if I'm not completely crazy and there actually ISN'T one XD)

BTW: Asking for a friend doing a research project

[Fanart] Olympic Triumph

Title: Olympic Triumph
Author/Artist: Meeee
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada!
Rating: G
Warnings: Carazy coloring (for me, at least)
Summary: So, I got this great art book today with CRAZY AWESOME coloring in it, so I felt like drawing something.

Then I read that, not only did Canada win gold for the first time on home turf, but Canada also whupped all the other countries' butts to take the highest number of gold metals!

So, I give you the normally forgotten country giving his impression:


I believe that says it all.

(Ps. yes, I know the metals aren't all wierd and wiggly, but I was afraid they'd look like crappy potato chips so I went with the standard metal. Plus, I was going to go crazy with the coloring, so didn't want to go TOO far. Hope the new coloring is ok. Also yes, all 14 metals are there :P )

Click the preview to go to the picture (on deviant art) <-- a new skill I've learned! *is proud*


[Fanfic] The Dream of All People

Title: The Dream of All People
Author/Artist: bubbly_basmati 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Arthur-centric; Francis/Matthew and maybe a little Alfred/Arthur
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: T+
Warnings: Language, human names, probably horrible historical references
Summary: The Frenchman knows that when Arthur seems to be unreachable are the days that the lonely nation wanders about his garden, watering flowers and wondering if his rose bushes will be the next things to want to declare independence from him.
Author's Note: So I've been lurking on this comm for over a year now and I finally decided to post something. I never expected to enter this fandom with something so short, or even about England and America, but I really enjoyed writing this. I'd love some feedback, since I'm very new to writing anything with historical references and anything Hetalia related, and any help will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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[fic] Trust and Deceit

Title: Trust and Deceit
Author/Artist: Zalia Chimera
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/France
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: WW2 Events
Notes: Thanks so much to soodonim and nym_aulth who looked this over for me ^^
Historical Notes: Shortly after the Armistice between France and Germany in 1940, Britain, fearing that the ships would fall into German hands and be used against them, destroyed a French naval contingent, killing around 1,300 people. This caused the severing of diplomatic relations between Britain and Vichy.

Summary: After England destroys France's fleet, the inevitable confrontation occurs.

(The fingers that are fisted in his collar he knows from experience are scarred and strong. )