March 2nd, 2010


Meet - Up

I created a new gathering for Hetalia fans living along the Gulf Coast from Mobile, AL to Panama City, FL.
NWFLAPH. North West Florida APH
Considering the amount of historical sites we have and events year round it would be a shame to miss out on meeting other Hetalia fans in our area and having amazing meet-ups!

Please come and join if you are in our area!

Ever heard of the Blue Angels Air Show? There may be a chance coming up soon for us to meet the Pilots and get our pictures with them! I'll post the information shortly.

Thank you!

American Hero Alfred <~~~~ LINK
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[fanfiction] Plain Shadows 1/?

Title: Plain Shadows
Author/Artist: comptine
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/UK but with the whole cast (Scotland and Ireland appearing as OCs)
Rating: T
Genre: Drama/Suspense/Romance
Warnings: Spies, character death and railways blowing up.
Summary: AU. The end of summer nears and the fair city of Paris has fallen. The city trembles before the looming Reich, but Arthur does not. Neither does the double-edged cross, standing strong in a battle where guns and bombs mean nothing and all one can trust are the webs of faith, betrayal and deceit that hold the once-fair city together.
Author’s Notes: Next "big-ish" project. Probably be putting everything else on hold for this one and "Memoirs of a Prussian Defence".

June 4th, 1940 - the greatest of battles are not seen, merely played )
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[Fanfic] Curiosity

>.>; I hope I'm doing this right, seeing as this is the second time I've ever posted here.
... Please don't tear me apart for this.

Title: Curiosity
Author: me, myself, et moi ... alternatively known as usagiasakura 
Characters/Pairings: Nordics (mostly Iceland and Denmark), Atlantis(OC), America, Australia, and a random Prussia
Rating: PG
Warnings: nation names used, inconsistent nicknames, violence against Denmark, possible mischaracterization of Denmark, an OC/references to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, failtastic writing, and licorice.
Summary: Sometimes it's best to leave a strange book right where you found it.

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art spam! :D (OLYMPIC art spam)

Title: a bunch of scribbles
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): A ton...
Rating: ...PG-13 for crossdressing?
Warnings: crossdressing
Summary: Basically all of the olympic costumes I thought were worth some current events



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-------------------------this is a page break---------------------------------------
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 By the way, all of my drawings are done in pen and never take more than 20 minutes to complete. Which is why they turn out like they do and why I could never get a job as an artist of any kind...
and if anyone's interested:

With so much to say

[Fanfiction] Chapterfic: Highway Cloudbusting | England/USA (4/11)

Title: Highway Cloudbusting -- Part 4 (4/11)
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: England, USA, mentions of other nations, unnamed American citizens
Pairing: Eventual England/USA
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter (but fic is NC-17 overall)
Warning: Possible cliches and predictability. Also deals with issues of sexuality and coming out, and may have mildly offensive speech in it. Please note that the opinions of the characters are not necessarily those of the author.
Summary: Sick of politics and business as usual, England decides to indulge a rare moment of spontaneity and go on a roadtrip. He should have known that America would want to tag along. And they both should have known that the trip would set them down a path they couldn't turn away from.
Summary for this chapter:
Notes: LOL so much for getting this chapter up quickly. Sorry for the delay. I'm a bit unsure about this chapter, so I'm curious to hear what you think. Please be gentle, I apologize in advance if it's not that good. Also: /preemptively ducks from tomatoes over the ending of this chpater
Other installments:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

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Text: Bloody hell we&#39;re buggered now

Family Ties [Part 22]

Title: Family Ties
Author/Artist: Me, hellzabeth
Character(s) or Pairing(s): THE WHOLE WORLD Or everyone I could possibly fit in anyway, some France/Scotland, mildly USUK and RusAme, a dash of SuFin, and various others. It's not a shipping fic really. >>
Rating: 18, though some chapters are softer.
Warnings: Holy crap this is long. Guns, blood, violence, politics, everyone getting very confused and England singing.
Summary: Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3.

(Part 22)

(Previous parts.)
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ahh... i've taken a break from the fandom for a while because i've burnt myself out writing so much fic...

i am not sure if this is a request or a question? i guess it can be both!

i have collected a list of kinks from the kink meme and have been very slowly making my way through them. the problem is that my favourites folder crashed and i lost most of my links to the original requests that i have collected. i've been sort of inactive with writing for the kink meme by about the fourth part and i feel that maybe it's time for me to finish all those kinks i've been dying to do.

i am wondering: which is the best community for me to navigate for requests? not fills, but requests. they are fairly old requests mostly from part three and four(maybe five, but i don't remember at all). and i absolutely am lost when it comes to delicious and it starts only at part 4...? :(

if any of you know any of the links to the requests i have listed here i would be delighted if you can just point me in that direction!

♥ thank you so much!
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[FANART] Olympics and Hetalia Heaven

Title: Congrats, Olympians 2010 and Hetalia Heaven Series
Author/Artist: Go-devil-dante
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada and Germany. And France, Switzerland, Italy, England
Rating: G (1st pic) and M (other links)
Warnings: some guys in speedos and bare chested
Summary: commemorating the 3 top medal winners in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, 2010
and the others are illustrating the song Rome sings about "in heaven the policemen are english, the lovers are italian, the cooks are french, the bankers are swiss and the mechanics are german"

G rated Olympic pic:

Hetalia heaven pics:


[Question] America x England Drama CD Track 2 (fanMade)?

Hi! I have a little question!
I saw(see) about three month ago in youtube video "America x England Drama CD track 1" it's fan made. But is there a Track 2? I have that Track 1 but I really love to see/hear track two if there is one :> <3
So if anyone have that / know where can I watch it/ know's something about it xD I really wanna know :3 <33

Even the track 1 isn't youtube anymore so I can't so it to you for example.
And sorry my english isn't so good :'D

Thanks anyway~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3<333 <3<333


Seeking an RP partner...

This is my first time posting anywhere, so hopefully I'm doing it correctly. 

I'm looking for an RP partner(s) who is over 18, for a literate and long-term roleplay over AIM (MSN doesn't allow for very long replies, so I don't bother with it for RPing purposes).  Pairings open, I can work with anything--OCs, Cross-overs, "real" people (actors, singers...I confess I've got a soft spot for hockey players myself), whatever/whoever you feel like using, 99% of the time I can work with it.  I only have two squicks, and they're really obscure--again, please, no underage players.

In the Hetalia fandom specifically, I love playing Canada, Germany, France and England.  I've never had a chance to play Russia but I would love to, since he's my favourite character.  I can probably play any of the other characters if you give me some time to look up the nation's background.

Contact me through pm or just directly, I'm a little uncertain about giving my AIM sn out on the board.

[Fanfic] The Two Princes of Russ (1/?)

Title: The Two Princes of Russ
Author: Me! <3
Characters/Pairings: America, Canada
Rating: PG for this one
Warning: It's fantasy and based on a book. Will have pairings later on.
Summary: Brave Alfred dreams of slaying monsters and protecting the kingdom of Russ. Shy Matthew wants to never leave the safety of home. Fate plays out another story when the Gray Death claims Alfred and leaves him fatally ill. To save Alfred, Matthew must set out on a quest for a cure that no one has found before. The clock is ticking!

This is my response to a kink meme so will be posting updates there first.

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[Video] God speed, soldiers.

Title: God speed
Author/Artist: glaceer (Me)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Everyone
Rating: G
Warnings: Very sad ending. Well, for me anyways. xD
Summary: Since my WAR video was so popular, i decided to make another video like it. I added a special ending to it. A tribute to all the soldiers that gave their life in war.

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[video] GREATEST FREAKOUT EVER- ep. 51 parody

You guys all know the "Greatest Freakout" vid right?

Kesese~ Guess there's nothing else to say.

Please watch my APH parody:

Disclaimer: Nope, still not mine. D:

Oh yeah, and please leave a comment here if you find out about my amvs from my posts here...I'll stop posting them here if no one pays attention. Thanks! :D

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[FanFic] Pockets Full Of Condoms

My first entry here... I'm so excited!

Title: Pockets Full Of Condoms
Awesome me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Prussia, France, Spain, S.Italy, Germany, England (no pairings - except you like to interpret)
Crack - and France being France, I guess
Prussia, Spain and France [aka Bad Friends Trio] want to spend a nice evening together, drinking something... However, two of them end up in jail. What the hell happened?
Click the link! For I am too stupid to post it on LJ...
#Hetalia [Italy Bros.] - Remembrance

[fanfic] You Shouldn't Have

Author: Kjersti, the one and only.
Pairing: Germany/N.Italy and maybe France/Germany, if you squint.
Characters:  Germany, S. Italy, Rome, France, with mentions of N. Italy, Spain, and Prussia.
Rating: PG-13...-ish?
Warnings: AU setting, character death, angst, graphic injuries.
Summary: It wasn't the right time to tell him, I knew. It wasn't the best news to give, but somehow, through sheer presence alone, I saw in those pale eyes that he knew he was gone, and he knew I knew, and he knew that no one was going to say it out loud.

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