March 6th, 2010


[Papercraft] 'Mato!

Title: 'Mato!
Author/Artist: omgimsuchadork
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France, Prussia, Romano, Spain. Spain/Romano, Spain/tomato.
Rating: G.
Warnings: B&W papercrafts, and there's a kiss under the mistletomato. *is shot for the portmanteau*
Summary: My coworker gave me 'matoes Friday morning. Hetalia papercrafts live on my desk. The following happened because I was bored:

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[67 icons]

67 icons (official + fanart) including
26- America/England
5- China
5- America
2- England
2- Belgium
2- Canada
2- Japan
2- Prussia
3- Germany/Italy
3- Austria/Hungary
2- Greece/Japan
1 of each of the following: Seychelles, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain/Romano, Lithuania/Poland, France/Seychelles, Sweden/Finland, Switzerland+Liechtenstein, US+UK+China, China+Taiwan+Hong Kong, Allies+Axis

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[Fanfic] Arthur Kirkland and the Adventures of the Unicorn Guardians

Title: Arthur Kirkland and the adventures of the Unicorn Guardians. Prologue
Author: abceza123 
Characters/Pairings: Pretty much everyone eventually, but Mainly England, pairingS will be numerous.
Rating: This part is PG.
Summary: AU. Arthur wanted to be a Dragon Rider, however he failed the test of Manliness, so must become a Unicorn Guardian instead. Fortunately it turns out to be the most FUCK AWESOME job ever.
Warning: Copious amounts of unicorns and sparkles.

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[ICONS] Finland

Uhh, Moi! How do you do? This is my first post here since i just usually lurks so I hope I did this right...
So I've ended up making too many of Finland icons today (since he's my waifu most fav character in this series ♥) and I wouldn't able to use all of them myself, so I want to share them with everybody, even though I haven't done it before because I've no confidence of my icon-making skills+no art sense OTL
But yeah, Hope you'll able to enjoy it!



♥ Finland [42]
♥ Hanatamago [1]

Spanish Inquisition

[2 Drabbles] The First Tomato & Go Fish

 Warning: Links lead to different places

Title: The First Tomato
Rating: G
Characters: Spain, Chibi!Romano
Warnings: none
Summery: The tomato that started it all.

Title: Go Fish
Rating PG
Characters: Prussia, France, Spain/Romano
Summery: In which there are playing cards, awesome people, and cursing Italians

lol, fishing 

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Hetaera, a historical Hetalia Roleplay. (

A place for historically themed Hetalia roleplay.  Serious Roleplay where we still remember Hetalia is a parody.    

The description is just what it says above.  

We are looking for almost all characters, except for:
Japan, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, Sweden, Hong Kong, Finland, England, Spain, Germany,  Norway, America, Austria, Hungary and Russia.
In case of two applicants going for the same character, we will compare the applications and pick the better one of the two.

we are currently not accepting any OC's, because the main Canon characters need to be filled.   If you stay on the forum for a long enough time, we will start accepting more OC's as more canon characters join us.  If you also would like a notice about when  you want to be notified of OC openings, we can also put you on a list and PM you when OC spots are open.

Note: Sensitive Matters may be mentioned insensitively.  Please keep your mind set open and ready for new opinions.  
Please provide the following to your application form:      

Character you're applying for:   
Detailed history of the country: 

Sample post  : (If you can't think of anything we can provide prompts)
Do you roleplay anywhere else / Do you have a place where we can see your logs or roleplay history?:  

Please PM me, hetaera22 with any applications or questions if you are interested and one of our mods will reply to you asap.  ( )

[FANFIC] "The Nation's Guide to Winning the Heart of an Austrian"

Title: The Nation's Guide to Winning the Heart of an Austrian
Author: insanityin3d
Characters/Pairing: Austria/Hungary + Prussia
Rating: K+/T (for language only, though)
Summary: Valentine's Competition? Hungary liked the sound of that, especially since she knew how easy it was to win against Prussia.
Warnings: Just fluff. And one naughty word. :3 AND CHOCOLATE. EVERYWHERE. OH GODS. DX
A/N: For sutera over at the valentalia exchange. And yeah, Valentine's Day is long and over with, but the deadline was yesterday, so...that's why. Don't judge. B<

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[Fanfic] Booze Speaking [4/A few]

Chapter: 4
Word Count: 4,700 in this chapter.
Pairings: Uk/Us.
Warnings: Human names used
Rating: Eventual NC-17
Summary: Canada passes a drunk America off to England without warning him that America can be quite the affectionate drunk. England struggles with whether or not to take advantage of this.

( He observed the fair and unmarred skin of Alfred's legs, how his thighs lay across the deep red sheets of Arthur's bed, beckoning to Arthur in their contrast. )

Because I know you all wanted to read these...

Titles: Opposite, Passions Run, Connections
Author: thruthosewords
Rating: Nothing above PG-13
Character(s): Germany, North Italy; France, England; America, France, Germany, Canada.
Pairing(s): In Passions Run: FrUK.
Warning(s): Above each story, if needed.
Summary: Many different scenarios of the past that might have been and the future which is still uncertain.
unicorns suck

tinyfics: [Wales, Scotland, England, USA] & [Spain/France]

senator shockwave

[Fanfic] The Boy with the Purple Eyes Capters 1-9/? this is my first post and I'm really sorry if it's not right. If it isn't can some one tell me how to do it correctly?

Title: The Boy with the Purple Eyes
Authors: me, ninjatomomi :)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada (Matthew) and Prussia (Gilbert)
Rating: T
Warnings: Kidnapping
Summary: Gilbert, a veteran homicide detective, is put onto the case of a kidnapping. As the case goes on, more and more is revealed surrounding the victim, entrancing Gilbert. He soon becomes obsessed with the boy he was sent to find, the boy with the purple eyes.

(I hope that the link works, I'm not too good at that too...-.-')

[Fanart] Smooooch Animation + Nordic-On!

Title: Smooooch Animation + Nordic-On!
Artist: Red_Pandemonium/FlyKiwiFly
Character(s) : Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland
Rating: G
Warnings: my fail art.... OTL
Summary: Delurking with more Nordics (includes animation + gender bending)

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Hope you all like my art :3

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[Fanfic] The Patriot

Title: The Patriot
Author: me, hello
Characters/Pairing: Russia, America, Canada, the entire Jeffersonian team, RusAme, Booth/Bones (sort of...)
Rating: T
Warnings: Some graphic descriptions
Summary: Crossover with Bones. It had been a pretty normal day. Until a corpse was found in the Pool of Reflection
Notes: I'm super new to the Bones fandom... so please don't hurt me for inaccuracies, or possibly really bad writing

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APH - Ludwig, my shiny

[AD] Plurk-RPG Hetalia in the World 2.0

Hey you!

Yes, YOU!

Have you ever wondered what kind of shops the nations would open? Did YOU ever dream of opening your own shop or had JUST the right idea of a shop for this ONE particular nation?

Then I am proud to present you plurkxaph_rpg! We have monthly themes and right now it's SHOPS!

Have you ever wanted to buy a book from UK? Or did you want to know what's in the secret room of his shop at the back? Or did you want to buy a car from Germany? A cute little puppy from Denmark? Or even better: Fireworks from their homecountry China? Prussia will be happy to pawn your unwanted items and can show you one or the other gem of his antiques-collection. Or do you need some food supplies? That's great because you can buy the freshest vegetables from the tomato-loving-country Spain! Poland and Lithuania share a pasty shop where you can buy each and every sweet of the world and there's so much more that you can explore!

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If we peaked your interest, please go to plurkxaph_rpg and apply for your character of choice!
Russia #1 (APH)

[MMV] Welcome to the Soldier Side

Title: Welcome to the Soldier Side
Author/Artist: lostxfairytale 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Prussia, Germany, America, England and Japan (mostly)
Rating: T
Warnings: My obsession with timing? Me never being happy with just a slideshow? My perfectionism? lol, besides that some blood and "darker" images.. after all, it's a story about war.
Summary: Because deep inside we all love our Hetalia dark and angsty, y/n <3

"Welcome to the Soldier Side, where there is no one here but me"
Text: Bloody hell we&#39;re buggered now

[Fanfic] The Fifth Horseman

Title: The Fifth Horseman
Authors: hellzabeth and nenamoo
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Kiev Rus (bbRussia), Zhōngguó (Ancient China), the Mongol Empire (plus horde)
Rating: 15
Warnings: Phonetic Mandarin Chinese that we found from the internet. >> Also, people on fire.
Summary: The Mongolian invasions are estimated to have killed half the population of what is today Modern Russia. China, similarly burdened, rides to the unintentional rescue.

(Fake cut to my journal.)
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[QUESTION] Austria's "Pets"?

I'm sure I'm not the first person to notice that there's a lot of art of Austria with Australia's animals--I usually see kangaroos, but now I've seen with kaola As you can see from the last poster's icon.

Now, maybe it's just from the fact that Austria and Australia have names that sound alike, and artists thought "Hey! Let's draw him with them!" I mean, I see it very often I'd say it was almost a meme. But I just want to know if there's any canon connection between Austria and the animals from the land down under. If so or if not so, can someone please explain why he's with them? I'm especially curious about the kangaroos.

It's bothered me for a while, so I thought I'd finally ask.