March 12th, 2010


Love Sick 6

Author: BrownLupine
Character/Pairing: Germany /N. Italy, Prussia, Austria, Hungary
Rating: Not in this chapter XDDD K+????
Warning: loud mouthed supernumeraries, swearing, a long city talk, hints to 1. and 2. ww
Information: Try to find out the translation for the German parts by yourself. If not you can still ask me. *wants teach you some German XD*
Disclaimer: Thankfully for you, it's not mine, but Himaruya's ^^;

[FANART] Ancients

Title: The Ancients (Hetalya)
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Ancient Greece, Celtic Isles, Scandinavia, Roman Empire, Germania, China, Ancient Egypt
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: After reading Angelsaurus's "Outcast", I decided to rip off her designs for the Ancient civilizations and use it as coloring practice.


are y'all tired of me yet? :P

[Fanart] The Hetalian Tarot Part 7

Title: The Hetalian Tarot Part 7
Author/Artist: GothicDancer
Character(s): Mama Greece, Mama Egypt, Rome, Germania, Turkey, Greece, Egypt
Rating: G
Warnings: Mama Greece and Mama Egypt are hot, Rome is, too, and Greece and Egypt are wearing kitty and puppy ears.
Summary: Part 7 of my Hetalian Tarot series. This part contains the cards The Empress, The Emperor, and The Chariot.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

As always, your thoughts and feedback are loved and appreciated!!
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[Oneshot] English Roses (AmericaxEngland)

Hello all. Just a oneshot here, written for sakuratsukikage's birthday!

Title: English Roses [ FF.NET LINK ]
Author/Artist: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland
Rating: PG/K+
Warnings: Nothing. Quite fluffy. Established relationship.
Summary: It was their engagement that had borne the idea in America’s mind. If he was going to bind himself to England, then maybe he should give England a little piece of himself as well, like the older nation did for him every year.

His garden of English roses always bloomed perfectly every year... )

Comments appreciated. Thank you! :)

China's Second Song Preview Translation

(My first post here!)
Well, I never do translation before. I love this song so much at the first time I listened to it, so I tried to translate it. I know well about Chinese, but I don't know well about Japanese. And my English is not that good though. (Then why did you translate! XD)
The lyrics are base on the Chinese lyrics from Nicovideo with check in Japanese, which I'm sure are more accurate than the lyrics on Youtube.
Please feel free to pick up any mistake or make revise!

(Ai-ya, 4000 Years)

Since the dawn of the world
Numerous warriors appear
Their lives overlap
And weave into history

By the side of Changjiang River
There is a caged bird
At the Great Wall
The sun rises again

Indulgently, I begin to think of the old days
Ni hao ma? (How are you?) Pains all over my body
Fresh pastries are done aru

When I awake, my wings are unable to flutter
Being as brave as a lion
The state of Wu-wuo (anatman)
Dye it red everywhere aru

The thing I live on all the time
Is the great river

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[News] Spain's MKC to be made

I believe no one has posted this so...

Rejoice, Boss Spain fans!
Today, Animate has announced on their official Twitter that Spain's Maru Kaite Chikyuu will be included in Hetalia Fan Disc, which will be released on 25 May.

速報アニ!! 5/25発売のDVD【アニメ『ヘタリア Axis Powers』ファンディスク【アニメイト限定版】に付くアニメイト特典のスペシャルCD、新録音「まるかいて地球」の歌をうたうのは、、、スペインに決定アニ!!

I think it means that if you buy the Fan Disc at Animate, you get a special CD with it that has Spain's MKC.

[Fancomic] Maybe you can call it a date

Title: Maybe you can call it a date (complete)
Artist: kanami_yuuta  
Characters/Pairing: USA, UK, France, USAxUK
Rating: pg-13 R for oniisan's imagination
Warning: Franceeeeeeeeee..... France's thoughts.... France's awesomeness... France being bad-drawn.... France drooling... and
(someone is obsessed over oniisan? I wonder who). 
Notes:  Sorry... My drawings are so lame ;-;  and its tiring to colour it

Last part has a lot of oniisan and there's a tiny bit of fruk.... but its not important in the story

Also some of it could be a bit offensive *Sweatdrops*


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[q&a/request] Holy Roman Empire

I am currently working on a cosplay about dear Holy Roman Empire. Can someone point me in the direction of some really good reference pictures?

[And perhaps some tips about making his cloak]

And what color is his outfit suppose to be exactly? Is it completely black or is the robe he wears under a lighter color than his cloak?

Cosplay: PruCan: Bonding

I have returned! This time I come baring pictures from the PruCan photoshoot yesterday :3

I have to admit this pairing is growing on me a bit.

If you like them comment and favorite the originals on our dA accounts! We love the feedback!

Canada= (me)


Here's a teaser, more under the cut and in our galleries (we each have different things in our gallery btw, we rarely do duplicates)

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Some things in the oficial page

according to the official page in this week we have an especial episode:

 "Mobairuanimeito" in one episode of the popular vote won first place
『アメリカの倉庫掃除』が、特別編集版にて登場! 『Cleaning a warehouse in America, appeared in the Special Edition!
一週間の限定配信ですので、お見逃しなく! One-week delivery so limited, do not miss! 

March 12 16:00 to 19 at 16 can watch the special HIGHLIGHT

About the third season

The anime ended "Hetalia World Series" For delivery

第1話の配信は3月26日を予定しております。 The first delivery of the March 26 story we are planning the day.
次週は31~36話の再配信を予定しております。 31-36 We next week is expected to deliver the story again.

matta ne



Update: Hetalia Cosplay Event Pensacola Fl

UPDATE:: Please if you are attending this gathering know that NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED. This event is at a USA Navy Base and they will check your car upon arrival.

Information below for those who were unaware of the event or please check out our community~>

NAS Museum - Pensacola, FL Blue Angels practice & autograph session in Museum
Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Start Time: 8:30 am End Time: 10:00 am

Please visit our community for driving instructions and IMAX ticket prices.

Mascot Figure Group Buy~!

Exciting as this was and could've been... It got a higher bid at the last second. Sorry guys, but no figures for anyone.

This one's still running smoothly, but there aren't any characters left to claim. :/

On the bright side, that's $25 you all still have to spend on other stuff?
America [3]
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Mascot Figure Group Buy: The Series A Set

Because of the good response we had with the Series B set group auction (it is still ongoing, so feel free to make a claim if you see anything you like!), we're going to try to nab the auction for the Series A set, too.

We're going to try something a bit different. Unlike Series B, we're going to do this auction style.
All bids start at $20, and can be risen by $1 increments (of course, you can add more than $1)

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dun, Dun
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Fanfic: Phoenix Hour

Title: Phoenix Hour

Fandom: Hetalia

Characters: America, a bit of England (after a fashion, anyway), some Italy, Japan, Hungary (with a blink-and-you'll-miss it cameo from Prussia), Sweden and Finland

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Possibly some disturbing themes. Human names (which I usually never use or even remember), since it felt appropriate in this particular case. Also, I've been told it's Rather Depressing. 

Summary: The price of immortality can be steep. But it must be paid.

(When Alfred wakes up feeling as tired...)