March 15th, 2010

[MSPA] Vriska

(potential) Houston Meet

Any fans here live in the Houston, Texas area?

I was wondering, would anyone would be interested in a meet outside of a convention? (I know Kamikazecon and Anime Matsuri are coming up, but I can't go to either of those, unfortunately. D|)

I really don't have any plans set, because one one hand I'm not sure if anyone would want to have one, and on the other I actually live in Sugar Land, so I have no idea where would be a good location inside of Houston. (And I doubt anyone would want to come to boring ol' Sugar Land.) So if anyone wants to plan one with me, just let me know!

Hetalia Visual Novel Project Comm

...This is, uh, kinda the first time I've posted here. And it's super-intimidating, but hopefully, I got this right. parttime_job is much too busy to help me anymore, so yeah @_@

Project England/Igirisu/Iggy/Arthur is the first of a series of Hetalia-based, Ren'Py-powered visual novels. News of this project was first circulated in [info]hetalia_ph by [info]kurohou and friends, but it's long been in the interests of everyone to include the whole world. Because a lot of help is needed.

I'm curious if any of you guys still remember that PROJECT ENGLAND POST, since that's going to be mentioned in this comm from now on (Because your project head is just too shy to post every single time, and doubts the people at her local comm would really care.)

This is the comm. I know it looks like crap at the moment, but that's why I need you guys to help me.

We're starting off with Project Igirisu,by the way (It was kind of obvious)
And we still need a few more VA auditions. Actually, we still need whole lot @_@

Please read this entry for a few more details on what we need.The contest info, however, can be found over here.

And lastly, The Project England Facebook fanpage is over here (I often plug updates and other VN-related links there)


[Fanfiction] Ribbons

Title: Ribbons
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairings: Poland-centric, kinda one-sided LietPol, one-sided LietBela
Rating: M
Warnings: Angst, violence
Summary: Poland stole one of her dresses once, when they were all the USSR. Russia beat him for it when he found out, but Poland didn't care. He thought maybe if he dressed like her, Liet would finally love him.

(All his life, Poland only wanted one thing.)

[Fanfic] "Higher and Higher"

Title: Higher and Higher
Author: pyrrhiccomedy and wizzard890
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia/America, Poland, Lithuania.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 1961 - Russia sends a man into space. America does not.

This is a chapter from The Chosen End, a Russia/America collaboration spanning from 1780 to the present day. You can read all of the fics in this story at the Index.

Jumping Canada
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[Discussion] Local Hetalia Fandom

How big is your local Hetalia fandom?

I currently reside in the provincial capital of Alberta,Canada (No, I do not live in Calgary) and was quite surprised to find Hetalia cosplay during a recent anime festival at my school.  My city isn't on par with other Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver; the festival was a small event, organized by high school students and only lasting a day with little advertising outside the local community.

I never imagined Hetalia to be so popular in our little city.........So, what is the Hetalia community like in your local community? Any unexpected encounters?
★ Let Rome in Tiber melt

[fic] Newburgh

TITLE; Newburgh
AUTHOR; singing_monk @ colortease
CHARACTERS; America, George Washington
SUMMARY; Congress delays in paying the soldiers' wages, and America is drawn into a plot to extract them militarily. Washington himself is forced to step in and head it off to save the young country.

What does he know of the strain of paying for your own supplies when you are going without salary, him with his Virgina house and money?"
Germany facepalm

[Fanvid] My Awesome Video Blog 4

Title: My Awesome Video Blog 4
Authorelanor_gilmor  and kayspace  (also briefly featuring shutupred  as Hungary, and Ravis the Rat~.)
Characters: Prussia, Germany, Hungary
Rating: PG
Warning: Prussia almost swears as much as England.
Summary: 15/03/10. Today I was awesome. West was nagging me to tell you guys that any comments and responses will be replied to, because we're so interactive, blah blah blah. So I did. And there's some cute rat shots too, because I'm just awesome like that.

Note: We update this on Mondays and Wednesdays, although Mondays is usually out takes/left over bits from filming, and OOC, rather than an actual blog.  This week it's a proper update, which is why I'm plugging shamelessly posting.  Also, there are actual trousers involved in this, shock horror.

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[RP Ad] World's Chatroom

Msn/Live-based worlds_chatroom is once again scouting roleplayers!

Everything generally takes place in and around a Greenlandic dorm riddled with pocket-dimensions. There is no set rating and no set storyline, but references to past events spring up on occasion.

Our members are relatively laid-back, friendly, and usually willing to help out. We tend to lapse into character while OOC.

We are currently looking for:
* Ancient Rome
* Hong Kong
* Korea
* Latvia
* Netherlands
* Sweden

The entire list of taken characters can be found here.
More important information is located here.
Read those before applying. Thank you!
X Japan - hide TPed

[Selling] Official Trading Cards + Freebies!

Hello everyone! I have more Hetalia official trading cards for sale. But this time, I really need to sell them all, and because I have lots of extra things, I'll include a freebie if you buy at least 1 card! If you're interested, please take a look!All prices include shipping to anywhere in the world so please don't ask how much shipping is - it's already included in the price! =D

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my escape

[fic] Why Romano is Still a Virgin

Why Romano is Still a Virgin
by exorcistor
People/pairings: Spain/Romano
Word count: around 500
Genre: humour
Rating: barely work-safe?
Note: So, this Friday I told shisukoisa about how the Vatican City is, in fact, not guarded by Italian police or military, but by Swiss Guards, because apparently he didn’t know about this before. It went downhill from there. I can’t apologize enough for this entirely politically incorrect piece of fiction XD
America: Ice-cream

A Brand-Spankin' New RPG!

Hey everyone! I don't have a fancy layout or a fancy banner but what I do have is a hip, new, ultra-cool, slammin' RPG that'll blow your mind to the wizzy whack. And that's a fact, Jack.

Hetalia University, among having a very original name, is a school dedicated to educating, socializing and brainwashing the next generation of countries. That's right. You'll be taking classes like War 101 and How To Keep Your Vital Regions Safe. Just make sure to pick up the required reading from the bookstore. Best Cures for Bad Economies and the Sniffles, Treaties for Dummies or I Am America (and so can you!)

If you'd like to join, follow this link to our board! You may reserve a character here just so long as it's not already on the taken list! (You can also read a better summary of the premise here!)

Feel free to ask any questions! Thanks for taking a look!

[FanFic] How England Got His Groove Back

Title: How England Got His Groove Back
Author: mariposasabrosa
Rating: T
Pairing: Fr/Uk
Time period: After D-Day, WWII
Word count: 1393
Status: Complete one-shot
Summary: Arthur opens up a bit; Francis' web of seduction is quite intricate... Does Arthur really mind getting tangled? Warnings: romanticization of French culture, English literature. Faeries, fantasy and fashion!

Link: "Ça suffit! You're so insulting."

[Fanfiction] Every Generation (2/3)

Title: Every Generation (2/3)
Author/Artist: geministar01
Characters: Canada, America, England, some France and Prussia in later chapters. Surprise guest in this one.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some violence, a bit of blood, psychological issues and drama. No pairings.
Summary: AU – Sequel to Grey Skies Over London. They're home now, but things are not as they should be: Arthur is still delusional, Alfred is still a prisoner, and Matthew is at the end of his rope. Desperate people resort to desperate measures, but what is Matthew willing to do…?

Part Two: MIddle

(Part One: Found Here)

AIM roleplaying anyone?

( ayyyyy, big apologies if notices like this aren't allowed! ;;;; )

hello hello, Hetalia community! C:

To make a long story short, i'm looking for new people to roleplay, and chat with. ~
I'm definitely a chatty fangirl, though, so prepare yourself. * u * ;;

I go on AIM, by the way, honestly because MSN never really did it for me.

So! I am willing to try any character and roleplay most any pairing.
However, my strong suits are definitely;

- Greece ( omgGreece. RP Greece/Japan with me and I will be yours forever. )
- S. Italy ( I am willing to try roleplaying Spain though )
- Vietnam ( France/Vietnam please? )
- Hungary ( Turkey/Hungary please? )
- Liechtenstein
- Sweden
- Belarus
- Lithuania

Again, i'm willing to try most anyone else.
.. .. Except England. ;;;;
So! Please feel free to comment and we can exchange screennames! C:

Question about Hetalia BGM

Hello, I was intrigued for a long time... In Hetalia there are some songs of classical music inserted with the original themes. The theme in episode 33, the parts of Germany's and Spain's café, and when the Germany Simulator, can somebody tell me the name of the author and the title, please? Some days ago I heard that song in the TV and I couldn't stop laughing XDU

And forgive my fail English =_=
Sweden Penis Size
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Doujinshi Sale

Hi guys! As I am moving again, I need to urgently sell my doujinshi. Prices are $10 per book.

Pairings are mainly Nordics, Germans and one SpainRomano

Please have a look at my sales journal here if you are interested.

Thank you!

De-Lurking With Pics From Megacon 2010


Hi everyone! I've never posted here so I hope I'm doing this right. Megagon was an amazing time, and I had a lot of fun meeting you all and seeing your cosplays, I wasn't actually in costume (I was that girl in the purple shirt with like 6 cameras taking pictures...) but I loved seeing all of yours!! Anyway, I'll post some of the pics I managed to take with my own camera, enjoy!

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Catch Me I'm Falling (Faster Than Anyone Should) [1/?] : Next to Normal crossover

Title: Catch Me I'm Falling (Faster Than Anyone Should) [1/?]
Author: euphoria_anger
Fandom: Axis Powers: Hetalia
Pairings: Francis/Arthur, Gilbert/Matthew
Summary: "Catch me I'm falling. Please hear me calling. Catch me before it's too late." Dysfunctional-Family!fic. Some angst. A little humor. Probably not a happy ending.

I've been dying to write something based on n2n for AGES and now that I've finally started it, I'd like to see if it's something you'd like to see more of, so please let me know! :)

You do NOT need to know the musical, though I hope this inspires you to check it out. It's probably the greatest show currently on Broadway. But please, if you do know/look up the show, please don't spoil stuff for people in the comments or anything :)

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Next to Normal OR Axis Powers: Hetalia. I use several lines from the show Next to Normal in this fic (it is based on the show after all with my own little twists). I use ALOT of lines from it in the scenes with Austria. I DID NOT WRITE THEM. Most of it is written by me, but I use several lines from the show.

You need to slow down, son. Take some time for yourself. I'm going to have sex with your father.